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Are you in need of the best digital note-taking apps for iPad users that have great features and capabilities? Do you want to have a tactile experience of the organizational features of digital note-taking apps? Taking notes is an age-long tradition. However, the paper and down version of taking notes is GREATLY FADING.

Also, the act of taking notes on paper and then scanning them into an app like Evernote is OUTDATED. While the above approaches have been a saviour in the time being, it no longer applies due to the advancement in technology.

In this article, we have come up with a list of the best Note-taking apps that iPad users can utilize and have the best experience keeping track of their notes.

The right note-taking app will have features such as the use of a quality stylus and a screen protector that mimics paper. iPad users can take advantage of this app to keep a schedule of their notes and plan their lives as well 

Keep in mind that each app is great but your choice of the best will depend on your preference.

Best Note-Taking Apps for iPad

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What are Note-Taking Apps?

If you’ve ever scribbled something down on paper to keep in touch with it later, then you must have been involved in a lot of not taking.

In our world today, it’s almost cumbersome to carry your manual notes up and down. Most say it’s overwhelming and adds to the bag content.

Everyone wants something to make his/her life easier but digital apps have helped compress a slot of the bag content into apps. That’s where Note-taking apps come to play.

Note-Taking Apps are apps that allow you to take notes of important events, discussions, ideas, thoughts, and daily tasks as you would have on pen and paper. Note-Taking Apps are also known as digital note-taking apps. It’s digital because it’s all in your phone.

Are All Digital Note-Taking Apps Free?

Some digital note-taking apps are free while some are paid apps. 

Some work with a subscription while others just want you to download and have a good time keeping go your tasks and schedules.

List of The 6 Best Note-Taking Apps for iPad.

Following the review iPad users have given about digital note-taking apps, we have come up with a list of apps that can help you take notes on your iPad effortlessly.

The list includes; 

#1. Notability

  • Price: $8.99

Notability is one of the best Note-taking apps for iPad users.  Notability is an iPad note-taking app that offers a delightful writing experience.  Why most people love notability is that it’s easy to embed images, annotate PDFs, and even record voice memos.

Also via this app you can sketch and draw illustrations easily. Furthermore, this app does an excellent job in helping you do the things you can’t do on paper such as resizing and moving your drawings.

Also in the notability app are a variety of flexible layouts. The kind that allows you to have a slide or reference material open at the side of the page while you take notes on the other.

Other features of the notability app include the presence of dividers and the ability to export and share your notes, including Google Drive, Dropbox, and AirDrop.

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#2. Noteshelf

  • Price: $9.99

Another app you can take notes with on iPad devices is Noteshelf. Noteshelf is a superb option with great features just like Notability. In fact, Noteshelf used to be the Note-Taking app of choice before the invention of Notability.

In this app, you can annotate PDFs and multitask using the iPad’s split-screen.  Also, this digital note-taking app has the ability to record voice notes to go along with your handwritten notes. Students love this because it helps them recap a lecture or meeting at a later date.

Another great feature of the Noteshelf Note-taking app is the ability to recognize handwriting in 65 different languages. This feature suits users who speak/write multiple languages. Also, students who are taking a language class or learning can use this tool to understand better.

Also, using a digital note-taking app, you can export your notes to iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Evernote. This Evernote feature is missing in Notability. And Evernote is one of the Time Management Apps For Students.

#3. GoodNotes 5

  • Price: $7.99

Users who are looking for the best Note-taking apps can take advantage of GoodNotes 5.  GoodNotes 5 app has everything you need to take notes including the ability to switch between typing and writing. 

Its inbuilt note layouts and templates are superb not to talk of the ability it gives you to import layouts of your own.

Using GoodNotes 5, you can adjust the sensitivity and palm recognition of the pen to match your writing style. With this feature, you can make each faintest touch count. You don’t need to press very hard when writing like me.

Also with GoodNotes 5, you have a feature known as “Presentation Mode”. This feature allows you to turn your iPad into a digital whiteboard. 

Also using AirPlay or a HDMI cable, you can project what you’re writing onto a larger screen while still being able to see the GoodNotes interface on your iPad.  That means you can have a good time during class presentations or pitching a business idea.

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#4. Apple Notes

  • Price: Free

Another app on the list of Best Note-Taking Apps for iPad users is Apple Notes. This is not just one of the best digital note-taking apps for iPad users, it’s also a free Note-taking app. As long as you’re a macOS/iOS user, you get this app for free. 

Through this all, you can type or take notes by hand. Its drawing features are solid, making it easy for users to add sketches and illustrations in their notes.

In addition to the above, Apple Notes has deep integration with iOS. Therefore, if you use iCloud and other Apple devices, you can alternate effortlessly between taking notes on your iPad, iPhone, and Mac.

Besides that, all the things you take note of automatically back up to iCloud.  Also using Siri, you can even create voice notes while you’re on the go.

Really impressive for free stuff!!!

#5. Penultimate

  • Price: Free

Penultimate is a Note-taking app developed by Evernote. This digital note-taking app has all the standard note-taking features in addition to a variety of layouts and the ability to search your handwritten notes with optical character recognition.

For Evernote users, you can simply add Penultimate to your workflow. All you have to do is to sign in to the app with your Evernote account. By doing this, all your notes will automatically sync to the Evernote notebook.

Although its features are not as impressive as Noteshelf and Notability, if you’re looking for free stuff, penultimate does not come at any cost. It’s totally free just like Apple Notes.

#6. Microsoft OneNote

  • Price: Free (with a Microsoft Account)

Last on our list of the best Note-taking apps for iPad users is the Microsoft OneNote. This is one of the most popular Note-taking apps in the world. Almost every Dick and Harry has used Microsoft OneNote either at work or school. 

The Microsoft OneNote iPad app allows you to take handwritten notes either on a blank page or a layout that emulates a sheet of lined paper.

By design, this digital note-taking app setup mimics a physical binder. It allows you to organize your notes by topic.

Why Microsoft OneNote makes it to the list of the best Note-taking apps for iPad users is its variety of multimedia features. 

Using this digital note-taking app, you can type text, insert graphics, and a voice record. Also, it has a feature that allows you to search notes for specific words and view your notes across devices. 

Whether you click save or not, everything you create in OneNote is automatically backed up to OneDrive.

For serious Microsoft app users, OneNote automatically integrates seamlessly into your workflow.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Note-Taking Apps For iPad Users.

What’s The Best Note-taking App For iPad?

There are a variety of digital note-taking apps on the internet today.  However, the best Note-taking app according to user reviews is Noteshelf. However, in the list of digital note-taking apps for iPad users are;

  • Bear.
  • Post-it.
  • Evernote.
  • Notability.
  • Liquid Text.
  • GoodNotes 5.
  • Microsoft OneNote.
  • Nebo: Note-Taking and Annotation.

What is The Best Free App To Take Notes On iPad?

Most of the digital note-taking apps are paid apps.  What this means is that some you have to buy it and some you have to use the app on a paid subscription. But there are some apps iPad users can use for Note-taking that are free.

Some include;

  • CollaNote. 
  • Loose Leaf. 
  • Apple Notes.
  • Notebook by Zoho. 
  • Microsoft OneNote.  

What is The Best App For Taking Notes With Apple Pencils?

iPad users can have a good time taking notes using an Apple pencil. However, not all Note-taking apps allow iPad users to take notes using the Apple pencil.

To enjoy this feature, iPad users need the best note apps for Apple Pencil.  Some of these digital note-taking apps for iPad users that support the use of Apple pencil include;

  • Nebo.
  • Whink.
  • GoodNotes.
  • Notability.
  • Noteshelf
  • PDF Expert.
  • Microsoft OneNote

Are iPads Good For Note-taking?

Yes, iPads are good for Note-taking. 

Basically, any of the current iPads that use the Apple Pencil can be used for note-taking.  Most iPad users think they need the high-end iPad Pro to take notes. But that’s not ideal.

In fact, lower-end iPad Air 3 or the normal iPad 2018 can be used to take notes. Also, there are iPad covers that have good keyboards that allow you to take notes as well.

How much does GoodNotes cost on iPad?

GoodNote 5 costs $7.99 dollars.

Is GoodNotes Better Than OneNote?

The fact is, there is not much difference between the two apps.

Both have similar features such as;

  • You can add pages and move pages around. 
  • Both offer a handy search feature. 
  • Both can search both typed and handwritten notes.

However, being better or best depends on the user’s preference.

Is GoodNotes Worth The Money?

Your $7.99 for purchasing GoodNotes 5 is worth every inch of it. 

Its smart configuration makes it loved by most iPad users. Some of its great features are;

  • Smart organization and customization options.
  • Supports palm rejection, typing and stylus writing.
  • Also, supports PDF annotation.
  • GoodNote 5 is ideal for left-handed users.
  • Also, it can even convert handwritten words into typed text.

Now you can see that somehow, the services you get outweigh the amount you got from the app. 

Is the Apple Pencil Worth It For Note-taking?

For what Apple Pencil does it’s worth the investment. 

For users who do not like typing like me, you can use the Apple pencil and write your note and have the handwriting experience on a notepad.

Is Google Keep Better Than OneNote?

Don’t get it wrong!!!

Google Keep does not perform the same function as OneNote. Both have different features and abilities.

Google Keep allows users to set ‘reminders’ once per note. Also, Google Keep is restricted with its smart features in favour of creating a simpler experience, without the functionalities that have helped Microsoft become so popular.

This is way different from what Microsoft OneNote offers.

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The importance of taking notes cannot be overemphasized. And the fact is that the best Note-taking apps for iPad users have made it a lot easier in this digital fast-paced world.

I believe this article has shown you the exciting options you can explore when it comes to making a choice from the list of digital note-taking apps.

Do you have any questions? Pls, leave a comment in the comment section!!!


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