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Have you heard about a notebook that makes physical and digital note-taking easier? If you haven’t, then you need to know about Rocketbook Everlast. We have discussed the Rocketbook Everlast Review and other important things you need to know.

What’s Rocketbook Everlast?

Before we offer you this information about this app that helps you take notes physically and digitally.

But there is something you need to know, and you will find it in this Rocketbook Everlast Review.

We are in a digital and fast-paced world where almost every problem can be solved in the digital space. We have the Best Note-Taking Apps that makes note-taking no more tasking.

Also, there are Top 10 Writing Apps For Android users. In fact, there are also 21+ Time Management Apps For Students.

All these are to make life easier for students and all humans at large.

Wondering why I’m saying that?

Rocketbook Everlast is one of those apps. But unlike most apps that are solely digital, Rocketbook Everlast is both a physical and digital note-taking app.

Since the traditional paper notebooks do not offer the ease of organization as digital note-taking systems and such other inconveniences that come with it,   Rocketbook Everlast offers the best of both worlds.

Such an incredible app!!

In this article, we have summed up all you need to know about this app, and how to get it for yourself and enjoy the goodness it brings.

Sit tight and get informed!!!

Rocketbook Everlast review

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What Is the Rocketbook Everlast?

Asides from the tip of the iceberg we have given you about this incredible application, here are detailed information about Rocketbook Everlast.

Rocketbook Everlast was discovered by Thomas, and since its discovery, Thomas no longer subscribes to other note-taking apps or methods.

Rocketbook Everlast is a digital and at the same time a physical notebook that is used for Note-taking. 

Thomas, the developer has put this application through many paces and found it superior to competing notebooks. 

That is why till today, it is his everyday note-taking app. 

Many features make Rocketbook a great option for many people, especially those who want to write with their hands and at the same time read from a digitized notebook.

What Are The Types of Rocketbook Everlast?

One of the most important things to discuss in this Rocketbook Everlast review is the sizes!

Rocketbook comes in sizes. Basically, there are three sizes of Rocketbook available for users.

The size of each notebook is determined by the number of pages it has and the length and breadth.

The 3 available sizes of Rocketbook includes;

  • Mini — 3.5 in x 5.5 in (8.9 cm x 12.7 cm), 48 pages
  • Letter — 8.5 in x 11 in (21.6 cm x 27.9 cm), 32 pages
  • Executive — 6 in x 8.8 in (15.2 cm x 22.3 cm), 36 pages

Majorly, students use the letter-size Rocketbook because it offers the most space for taking notes and drawing diagrams.

Besides the size of the Rocketbook, these notebooks have two paper options: dot grid or lined.

The dot grids are pretty subtle but if you want something that looks like the “traditional” notebook, then you may want to get the lined paper.

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What Are The Features of Rocketbook Everlast?

Because this app is not the regular kind of note-taking app, many people wonder what makes it so different from such a thing.

The Rocketbook has three main features that make it stand out from the competition. These outstanding features include;

  • It’s ability to erase text.
  • Ability of its users to digitize Rocketbook notes
  • Lastly, the Rocketbook offers a quality writing experience. 

#1. The Rocketbook Is Erasable

How many note-taking apps do you know that can erase a text? 

I bet none.

One of the most outstanding features of you will in this Rocketbook Everlast Review is its ability to erase text. This is the main selling point of Rocketbook. 

How does that work?

When you’re done writing on the page using ink, you can use a damp cloth to erase the text. 

Unlike traditional books, this is impossible unless you use an eraser. But for Rocketbook, a damp cloth is all you need to get the text off the page.

And by doing so, you can reuse the notebook an infinite number of times.

What Makes Rocketbook Everlast Erasable? 

Rocketbook is erasable not because of the kind of notebook but because writing on the note is done with a special pen known as the Frixion pen.

By writing with a Frixion pen on the notebook, you can erase it anytime you want using a damp cloth.

The Frixion pen is a special pen whose ink is compatible with the Rocketbook’s surface. Just like temporary markers, it can be wiped off.

#2. How to Digitize Rocketbook Notes

One of the features you need to know in this Rocketbook Everlast review is the ability of its users to digitize the note.

If being erasable is all that makes Rocketbook notes unique, then it is synonymous with whiteboard markers. In fact, there are many other erasable notebooks on the market.

The ability of Rocketbook notes to be digitized is a plus. Digitizing Rocketbook notes is very easy.

To be able to digitize a note using Rocketbook, you have to use the Rocketbook QR codes and 7 special icons which you can find at the bottom of each page. 

Unlike in other notebooks where you have to go through the cumbersome process of using a scanner app and your phone camera to be able to digitize a note, Rocketbook does that easily. 

Steps on How To Digitize Rocketbook Notes

  • Download App And Set The Rocketbook icons: When you download the Rocketbook app, you have to set different destinations for each of Rocketbook icons. This allows you to choose from Dropbox, Google Drive or Evernote. It all depends on your preference.
  • Choose Rocketbook Scan Destination: Once you scan on Rocketbook,you will need to save the file. So this step allows you to choose a particular folder or notebook based on the icon where the scan will save. For example, you can set each icon to refer to or save to a different Evernote notebook. Once you digitize a note, it saves automatically in the right location without extra steps.
  • Choose PDF Or JPEG Format For Scans: incredibly, Rocketbook Everlast allows you to save your notes as either a PDF or JPEG. The PDF option even lets you bundle multiple pages of notes into one document that you can easily refer to later. Not many Note-taking apps do that.
  • Choose Evernote Notebook Destination: Once the above two steps are set, the next step is to mark the icon of the destination. Once marked, scan the page with the Rocketbook app and it saves.
  • Check off icon in Rocketbook: At this point, your notes have been automatically saved to the folder you’ve chosen. You do not require any additional app to do so. Just check the folder for the note. You can identify this using the Rocketbook icon you saved it with.

Following these steps, you can turn your handwritten notes into digital notes.

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#3. Writing on Rocketbook.

The Rocketbook Everlast writing experience as many users review it to be is incredible.

Besides the fact that Rocketbook excels at digitization and easy erasing of your notes, it also offers users a great writing experience. 

The writing experience on the Rocketbook app is much better than writing on an iPad with the Apple Pencil.

Some say it is better than writing on any kind of tablet using a stylus Pen

From our research, we rate the writing experience on Rocketbook about 90% as good as writing on normal notebook paper.

What Makes Writing Good On Rocketbook Everlast?

Majorly, 3 factors make the writing experience on Rocketbook simply amazing as it would have been on regular paper.

  • The nature of the Frixion pen.
  • The glossy texture of the paper.
  • Also, the quality of ink in the Frixion pen.

The Frixion pen

To write on Rocketbook, you need to use the Frixion pen. By design, the Frixion pen won’t give you the same consistently dark line as the normal high-quality writing pen does. 

With constant practice, you can produce those consistent dark lines on the note.

The Glossy Texture Paper

One of the reasons why Rocketbook is erasable is not just the kind of pen but the nature of the paper.

The paper’s glossy texture makes it possible to erase the ink. 

However, because it’s glossy, it lacks the kind of grip and precision that you get when writing on regular paper. This nature somehow discovers users of Rocketbook.

The Ink

By design, the ink used in the Frixion pen takes approximately 10 seconds to dry up. Although this is great, it can cause smudging. 

If you mistakenly brush your arm or hand over the page before the ink dries, it’s going to look messy.

How Long Does The Frixion Pen Ink Lasts?

Aside from the risk of smudging, the ink used in the Frixion pen does not last long when compared to the normal pens. 

Basically, how long this Frixion pen ink lasts depends on how much you use them and what you’re writing.

Shading will wear out the pen faster. 

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How Much Does a Frixion Pen Cost?

The cost of a Frixion pen will differ based on your region or location of residence.

Generally, 3 packs of Frixion pens cost about $5 if you’re purchasing it new.

However, if you’re replacing it, it wouldn’t cost that much!!

What is the Cost of Rocketbook Everlast?

Just so you know on the first read, Rocketbook costs more than most notebooks. 

With its amazing unique features, the price goes way up a little more than what the normal prices of notebooks are. 

Unlike the $2 notebooks you get from Walmart or Target, the lowest price of Rocketbook is 8 times more.

While Rocketbook is more expensive than a basic notebook as we stated above, its cost is comparable to the price of other premium notebooks such as the Moleskine.

Here is the breakdown for the Rocketbook Everlast:

  • Mini — $16
  • Executive and Letter — $30 – $35

Since you can reuse Rocketbook many times over, it’s worth the price.

Is the Rocketbook Everlast Worth It?

Yes, many times over, Rocketbook is worth its cost. 

In fact, it is our top notebook recommendation for anyone who likes the experience of writing in a notebook but still wants to keep their notes digitally organized.

Is Rocketbook Everlast The Same As Rocketbook Wave?

No Rocketbook Everlast is not the same as Rocketbook Wave. Although similar, they gave great differences.

While the Everlast lets you erase your notes with a damp cloth, the Rocketbook Wave allows you to erase notes by putting the entire notebook in the microwave.

It’s like warming the writings away in a microwave.

Rocketbook Wave allows you to only erase the Wave around 5 times. After that, you’ll need to get a new one. 

But you can use Rocketbook Everlast till you’re tired of it. 

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In this Rocketbook Everlast Review, you will understand that the writing experience on Rocketbook is phenomenal.

Its ability to digitize notes makes it a premium app on the internet. 

Also, its reusability makes it worth any amount you spent to get it. 

For this reason, we recommend the Rocketbook Everlast. 

Hope this article gives you the information you seek about this unique notebook.


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