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If you have been searching for the best student deals at Apple, Apple student discount & codes, Apple coupon codes, and more.

A compilation of the latest information regarding all Apple special deals and discounts for students and educators will be discussed in this article.

The Apple product has a more prestigious remark than any other electronic product globally. Presently, iPhones are often used by celebrities and people of top social classes.

Why? Well, let’s find out.

Apple is best in manufacturing devices, from laptops, tablets, phones, and other accessories. Products made by Apple are durable, reliable, and elegant.

Although Apple products can be quite steep to purchase and sometimes exceeds students’ budgets.

But, if you are a student on a fixed budget to purchase electronic devices at Apple, there is exciting news that tends to cut down on your estimated expenses.

Currently, Apple is giving out a 10% discount to students, parents of students, and educators. You can purchase Apple gadgets such as MacBooks, iPads, and more, all at a discounted rate.

Truly, it is no doubt that more discounts and special offers from enterprises get allocated to students, so take advantage of this offer and save up as you go through college.

Apple Student Discount
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About Apple

Apple Inc is an American-owned multinational technology that specializes in electronics, software, and online services.

The company is the largest information technology by revenue and it’s leading the innovation for top quality devices in the market.

Apple was first established as Apple Computer Company in 1976 by Starve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. The company’s products, such as iPhone, Macbook, iPad, AirPods, and lots more are available online and in-store.

With its headquarters located in Cupertino, California, and over 518 retail stores, 272 in the entire U.S and another 246 scattered around the globe.

Apple is the second-largest mobile phone manufacturer, the world’s most valuable company, the fourth-largest personal computer vendor by unit, and the largest information technology company by revenue of $365.8 billion in 2021.

Now, let us find out more about Apple student discounts & codes

How to Get a Student Discount on Apple Products

Apple offers its products to students at a discounted price.

Students, both old and newly admitted into tertiary institutions can get a 10% discount on Apple products. The discount is also available to parents of students, teachers of all grade levels, home teachers of all grade levels, and staff at schools.

The Apple Education store is assigned for the student discount where purchases are made at a discounted rate.

Via the Apple Education Store, students, parents of students, school staff, and educators can save up money when shopping at Apple. Classic Apple devices like MacBook, iPad and iMac Pro desktop can all be purchased with a couple of hundreds of dollars to save.

It would be nice to own an Apple device without putting a dent in your student-planned budget. Visit the official Apple website, locate the Apple Education Store and enjoy the 10% student discount.

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How to get an Apple student discount with UNiDAYS

As a student, you can verify your status with UNiDAYS to benefit from the Apple student discount.

Here are a few simple steps to kindly follow for a successful verification with UNiDAYS

  • Visit Apple to head to the Apple Education Store page
  • Click on Get Verified with UNiDAYS
  • Follow the steps to sign in to UNiDAYS or register if you are yet to own an account
  • Navigate to the Education Store and you will get to see student prices

After a successful verification with UNiDAYS, you can proceed to enjoy your 10% student discount at Apple.

For the newly admitted students, you don’t have to miss out on this offer. Contact an Apple Specialist that can verify your status via an official acceptance letter and grant you access to the student savings.

To get a discount offer as a student is economically friendly. Always be on alert to stay updated on new special offers.

Other ways students can save at Apple

  • Visit here for up to date sales and deals
  • You can follow Apple on social media, as Apple frequently gives special deals to its followers on its social media pages.
  • Visit here to check Amazon for Apple products. With Amazon you can get Apple products at discounted prices and Prime members can get free shipping
  • Visit here to head to eBay. Most used Apple products are sold on eBay

Who Is Eligible For the Apple Educational Discount?

We still promise to give every detail about Apple Student Discount & Codes. But let us find out who gets this amazing 10% discount offer from Apple.

Since the discount is offered by Apple, many questions are asked to know if the discount is for every student.

The ongoing Apple student discount is for students enrolled in a college or university. The offer is also applicable to parents of students, teachers at all grade levels, home teachers at all grade levels, and staff at schools.

The Apple student discount is off-limit to high school students and strictly for college or university only.

When shopping, parents of students are not allowed to purchase discounted items for themselves as they can only purchase items for their children in tertiary institutions.

The Education discount is also for individuals who presently work at any public or private K-12 school.

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Apple Coupon Codes

Head to Forbes to get Apple promo codes and save on the latest technology.

Currently, there are thirty-four active Apple promo codes and coupons.

  • Save $100 off Macbooks, desktops, iPads, and lots more
  • 20% off AppleCare+ with the student discount
  • Up to 5% cashback when making a payment with Apple Card
  • Chose iPhone for up to $1000 off
  • Get up to $900 off iPhones with these carrier deals
  • Save $100 off iPad Pro 12.9
  • From $129 and upward 
  • $235 back in trade-in credit on the series 7 Apple watch
  • The latest iPad starts at 329
  • As low as $99 for an Apple pencil
  • Nike x Apple Watch for $399
  • Apple Watch Series 3foras low as $199
  • 3% cashback for store credit card members
  • Customize your Apple Watch from $449
  • Refurbished iPhone for up to $350
  • Trade-in your old iPhone for up to $650 off a new iPhone
  • iPads for up to $580 off with trade-in
  • Try Apple Music free for 3 months 
  • iPhone 13 starts at $29.19 per month
  • Up to $270 off refurbished MacBooks and desktops 
  • Up to $2,720 off MacBooks, iMacs, and Macs with trade-in
  • Apple Watch Series 7 starts at $399
  • Designer Apple Watch bands from $319.99
  • The new iPad Pro starts at $799
  • Apple computers from $1299
  • Apple AirTag for $29
  • Smart folios, keyboard folios, and more iPad accessories from $79
  • HomePod mini for $99
  • 2 hours delivery on in-stock products for as low as $9
  • Apple TV + free for 3 months when you buy an Apple device
  • 6-months of Apple Music free with any AirPods or Beats headphones purchase 
  • Free Apple TV + with the Apple Music student plan
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Limited Time: $100 gift card with select purchases
  • iPhone 13 cases from $49
  • $100-$150 off refurbished MacBooks
  • 12% off the Apple AirPods Pro
  • Apple Card holiday bonus: 6% cashback on everything 
  • 5% off electronics with a new store credit card- limited time only
  • Order Soon: Free 2 hour delivery on holiday orders
  • Free delivery on all items 
  • Military Discount: Active personnel and veterans get 10% off

Get the promo and coupon codes to purchase your preferred Apple devices with them.

Who Is Eligible To Purchase Items from the Apple Education Store?

The Apple Education Store is available to students and a few educators. 

To specifically identify those eligible for the Apple student discount program to purchase items in the Apple Education store.

  • Newly admitted and old students of colleges or universities are eligible to purchase items on the Apple Education Store once their student status is verified.
  • Faculty or staff at colleges and universities are also entitled to this offer
  • Teachers at all grade levels are eligible for the offer 
  • Home school teachers at all grade levels get to benefit from the offer 
  • Parents of students enrolled at tertiary institutions can purchase items for their children in school

The Apple student discount & codes tend to ease spending on purchasing the finest electronic gadgets and accessories. 

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How to Sign up For a Student Membership Discount for Apple Music.

To sign up for the student membership discount for Apple Music visit the official Apple website to get started. The student membership on Apple Music offers a 50% discount to full-time enrolled students of tertiary institutions.

The effect of this discount reduces the monthly cost of Apple Music membership in the UK from £9.99 to £ 4.99 and $9.99 to $4.99 in the U.S.

To be eligible for this discount, you are required to prove that you are enrolled at a recognized university or college.

The Apple student membership discount is one of many special offers attached with the Apple student discount & codes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Apple Student Discount & Codes

Below are the frequently asked questions about Apple student discounts.

Can all students get student discounts at Apple?

The Apple student discount is only available to students in colleges and universities. Both newly admired and old students, as well as parents purchasing Apple products for their children in colleges and universities, are all eligible for the discount.

Are any items excluded from the Apple student discount?

As you access the Apple student discount program, every item in the Apple Education Store is included. Although you may discover that the discount is better on some items than others.

What discount will I get on the Apple Store for Education?

There are available discounts on the Apple Education Store for Mac computers, iMac, MacBook Pro, iPad, and Mac mini. There is no discount for other Apple products.

Does Apple have promo codes?

Apple rarely offers promo codes. However, there are several ways to save on the latest Apple devices which are free shipping, student discounts, purchasing refurbished Apple devices, and trading in your old device to get credit.

Does Apple have free shipping?

Shipping is free on all orders which includes free next-day shipping and free two-day shipping based on items that you are purchasing.


Apple products are world-class electronic devices with a good reputation for durability and elegance.

The iconic multinational technology company provides top electronic devices like the iPhone, MacBook, iPads, and more online and in-store globally.

Apple students discount & codes is an economical scheme to ease spending on students and educators at the tertiary level.

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