How to Get a Student Discount Offer On Paramount Plus

In this article, you will find the necessary and relevant comprehensive information about how to get a student discount on Paramount Plus.

Being a student of either a university or college comes with special offers from most enterprises. They consider your financial status as a student to what you can and cannot afford. One of the special offers and most efficient is a discount.

Currently, Paramount Plus is giving out a special discount offer of 25% off the price on the essential monthly subscription to University and college students.

The Essential monthly subscription on Paramount Plus covers a wide range of entertainment you would love to experience. The fun part is, this offer is valid for four years even if you graduate before the subscription elapses.

 Students presently enrolled at an accredited, Title IV college or university gets to save 25% on the essential plan. The Essential Plan’s full price is $4.99 per month which can also cost $49.99 per year at discount as a result of paying upfront.

However, the student discount offer on Paramount Plus reduces the Essential monthly subscription to a low price of just $3.74 per month. Paying $3.74 per month sums up to $60 in four years.

Verifying your student status is key to enjoying this four-year experience that is inexpensive.

How to Get a Student Discount Offer On Paramount Plus

Knowing More About Paramount Plus Students Discount

Paramount Plus is a regular and looks streaming service that comprises lots of top Tv shows, live TV, and movies. With Paramount Plus streaming service, you have access to movies together with content from Comedy Central, BET, Nickelodeon, CBS, MTV, and the Smithsonian Channel.

The CBS All Access streaming service which was currently upgraded to Paramount Plus has lots of new programs, TV shows, and movies. With CBS All Access you can stream Major of Kingstown and Rugrats Reboot.

The student discount offer on Paramount Plus offers students 25% off the cost of a subscription just by simply verifying your student email address. Once you are verified as a student, you gain access to 25% off your Essential monthly subscription.

Paramount Plus gives you more than 30,000 episodes and exciting thrilling movies. There are also exclusive originals, streaming of live sports such as the NFL on CBS, UEFA Champions League, and the latest breaking news from the CBS News streaming Network.

If you are a high school student, sorry this special offer is only available to college or university students presently enrolled at an accredited, Title IV higher education institution.

How the Student’s Discount Works

To benefit from the Paramount Plus student discount, verifying your status as a student is important. The verification by Paramount plus is executed by a third-party service known as SheerID.

If a student is eager to sign up for the discount they can click here and fill in the required necessary information. The information you are required to provide includes, your first and last name, date of birth, email address, and university or college enrolled in.

Once the above details are provided click on the verify button. After that, the system quickly verifies your status as a student. If your verification is successful continue the signup here and add your payment details to activate your subscription.

In a situation where the signing up is unsuccessful, the student might be required to provide more information which involves uploading documents to show their student status is authentic.

These documents include:

  • School ID with an expiration date
  • School transcript
  • School-issued document confirming First and Last name, school, date of enrollment.

After these documents are provided for proper scrutiny, the students need to wait up to 30 minutes or more before getting an email notification.

These are the very simple steps to secure a student discount offer on Paramount plus. The student’s discount cannot be applied to an existing subscription. Therefore existing subscribers can cancel their current subscription and re-subscribe as a student.

paramount plus student discount

What are the Best Paramount Plus Plan to Choose During Registration?

During the registration process, one of the essential parts is to choose a plan suitable for you. Paramount Plus provides two main plans for its subscribers.

Essential Plan

To successfully register and enjoy the students’ discount offer on Paramount plus, you will need to make a decision on which plan is more suitable. The Paramount Essential Plan comes brings amazing streaming channels at a low price of $4.99 per month. But as a student, you are getting the plan for $3.74.

Local Live CBS channels have been excluded from the Essential Plan, nevertheless, you still get access to NFL on CBS and the prestigious UEFA Champions League via a  separate live feed. You can also get a discount on the essential plan when you pay upfront for a year. The yearly payment costs $49.99.

Premium Plan

Paramount Plus thrills its subscribers with the Premium plan consisting of interesting ads-free channels at the cost of $9.99 per month.

The Premium Plan comes with the Local Live CBS channels for your pleasure.

Streaming of live TV is attached with commercials and promotional breaks also interfere with some TV shows.

The Premium subscription plan has one-month free access and frequent monthly charges of $45  same thing apply to the Essential Plan with charges of $9.99 per month.

Subscribing to the Paramount Plus and Showtime bundle gives you a 38% discount off the normal subscription price. The discount offer is likely to update in due time, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Essential Plan + Showtime

The Essential Plan + Showtime brings exciting streaming channels like the NFL on CBS and UEFA Champions League. This Combo Plan costs $9.99 per month and 99.99 per year. A 16% off for paying a year upfront.

Premium Plan + Showtime

The student discount offer on Paramount plus just got a little more interesting with the Premium Plan + Showtime.

This combo bundle comes with Live CBS stations and the monthly subscription fee is $12.99 and 129.99 per year.  Paying taxes might be included in your subscription.

Upon completion of your registration, you can sign in with your login details to access the Paramount plus app.

How do I Pay for My Paramount  Plus?

To make quick payment of a subscription to Paramount Plus takes a few minutes and it is much easier as various methods of payment are available.

Master Card, PayPal, Visa, American Express and Discover are methods of payments accepted by Paramount Plus.

How does Paramount Plus Verify my Students Status?

On the aspect of verifying your student’s status, please heed the following.

When registering with Paramount Plus, the system requires your person detailed which comprises your name, date of birth and university or college enrolled. Please ensure to insert the following above mentioned details as it appears on your school credentials.

After submission of the details, SheerID attempts to check the authenticity of your students’ status by reconciling your submission to details on their database.

If you are lucky enough and your details are a perfect match to what is available on their database, your verification is confirmed and you can proceed to the payment page to inert your billing details.

In a situation, your verification is unsuccessful,  as the system fails to verify your student’s status. You are required to upload some documents that contain details about you.

FAQ About Paramount Plus Student Discount

Below are some of the questions people ask about the Paramount plus student discount offer. this will help you with further information about this offer and other tips you need to know.

Am I also eligible for a discount with a low-cost essential plan?

Definitely yes, fresh users are eligible to enjoy a 25% student discount that is only available to the Essential Monthly Plan.

Can existing customers use the student discount?

The Paramount Plus main website did not specifically indicate if existing customers are eligible for this offer. From all indications, it seems this offer I available to new and existing customers.

Why was my student discount denied even though my documents show that I’m enrolled to resume school next semester?

It is very much important to know that this special offer is only available to university and college students with authentic proof from SheerID who can get this offer. You can still enjoy your favourite programs on Paramount Plus Irrespective of being a college student or not. But the difference is an exclusion of the student discount offer.

How long does a student discount for Paramount Plus last?

The exquisite Paramount student discount is valid and functional for a time of four years. Even if you graduate before the four years elapses, the validity of the offer still remains.

Can I sign up for a student discount with my mobile app?

Obviously no, the Paramount Plus student discount offer is only accessible with computers and mobile phones web. But streaming of the Paramount Plus program can be accessed with any supported device.

What details do I need, to get the student discount?

To get the Paramount Plus student discount offer,  you need to provide your personal details which include your name, email address, date of birth and name of the school.

Other details needed will be comprehensive details that would be needed by anyone when signing up for the service.


To gain access to the best streaming service is an amazing experience. The student discount offer on Paramount Plus provides this astonishing and unlimited view to students at a 25% discount. And students only pay $3.74 per month for a period of four years.

The basic requirements are not much, and with Paramount Plus adding more payment methods to their system it even gets more interesting.

And heads up, the Paramount Plus student discount offer only applies to students in accredited universities or colleges.




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