How To Get The Adobe Student Discount: All you need to know

Are you a student that is yet to know about Adobe Creative Cloud, well if you are you have been missing quite a lot? In this article, we are not just going to describe the Adobe Creative Cloud, but how to get the Adobe student discount.

The Adobe Creative Cloud provides fascinating apps for photography, graphic design, videos, and lots more. With these apps, you can automatically design any project or artwork, and turn your vision into reality.

Although the Adobe Creative Cloud is not free, as a student you are eligible for a 65% discount on the full price. So if you depend on Adobe Creative Cloud as a student to do your artwork, design, and even more, then It’s about time you sign up for the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Many more facts about how to get the Adobe student discount will be discussed as we proceed further.

First, let’s find out!

How To Get The Adobe Student Discount

What Is The Adobe Student Discount All About? 

The Adobe Creative Cloud provides amazing apps for students to design projects, artwork, and more. It also helps students who find interest in digital creativity such as photography, graphic design, video, and web design.

The Adobe student discount comes with 65% off the full price for students. With such a rate of discount students in the U.S can save 62% from a price of $52.99 to $19.99 a month.

While for students in the UK the price cuts down from £49.94 to £16.24 a month which is a 67% discount. Also, students in Australia can save 71% off the full price from AU$76.99 to AU$21.99 a month.

The Adobe student discount is also applicable to teachers and educational workers, as they all can get 60% off on all-Apps subscriptions on Adobe Creative Cloud.

The Adobe Creative Cloud collection comprises over 20 or more desktop and mobile apps which include photography, graphic design, video, etc. To be eligible for the Adobe student discount, you have to be at least 13 years and above.

You must be a student of either a University or College, primary or secondary school, or enrolled in a home school. The above-mentioned institution must be accredited, be it private or public institutions. You are also required to show proof of your education part-time or full-time alike. This also includes junior or vocational colleges that offer a degree with at least two years of full-time study.

Some institutions will directly offer Adobe students discount at school shop sites or in-store. Also, note that the Adobe student discount is only valid for the Adobe Creative Cloud all- Apps membership.

The Adobe student discount provides students with an opportunity to explore and develop digital Tech skills, which aids students to nurture intending professions in web design, photography, video, etc. The fun part is, all these are available at a discount which is an amazing offer.

Individuals can also benefit from Adobe student discounts. The truth is, you don’t have to be a full-time student to enjoy this offer. You can enrol in an accredited institution as a part-time student or take night classes.

There is even a better option where you can buy any Adobe accredited courses online that will automatically make you a student.

The Adobe students discount is for the first year only. There is still a discount in the second year with a higher price compared to the first year.

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What Are The Adobe Students Discount Inclusions? 

The Adobe student discount provides 65% off on the full price to get the Creative Cloud all-Apps subscription. The Adobe Creative Cloud has an exquisite collection of 20 or more creative apps, which includes photography, video, graphic design, etc. The Adobe subscription program indicates that you are not in full ownership of the software.

If by any chance you fail to renew your monthly subscription, you will have no access to the app. There are other benefits the system comes with which include frequent updates to the apps and an offer of 100GB of Cloud storage for Adobe Spark, Adobe Fonts, and Adobe Portfolio.

The Adobe Creative Cloud apps also grant t you access to switch between various apps, this is one offer that comes with the all-Apps subscription.  

The Apps on Adobe Creative Cloud include Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, InDesign, Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, Acrobat Pro, Animate, Dreamweaver, Premiere Pro, Premiere Rush, After Effects, Dimension, Audition, InCopy, Media Encoder, Character Animator, Prelude, Fuse and Bridge.

How Can Adobe Check My Student Status? 

Your eligibility for the Adobe student discount depends on your approval as a student. The method Adobe uses to scrutinize your status as a student is via your student email address. If you do not have any email, you will need to acquire one.

Most student email addresses usually end with ac.UK for students in the UK. It may be .edu or .k12 for those in the U.S. Whatever the email address end with is not relevant, the most important aspect should be the authenticity of the email being official.

Once the email address is official from an institution, you are then eligible for the discount  

Also if you do not have a student email, Adobe might request further proof from you in the form of a document issued by your institution. The document must include the following  

  • Your name
  • Name of institution  
  • Current date

Adobe takes records of documents dating back the previous six months as current documents. The documents include  

  • School ID 
  • Report card
  • Transcript tuition bill or statement  

For Home-schooled students, you are to provide  

  • A dated copy of a letter of intent to home-school
  • A current membership ID to a home-school associate
  • A dated proof of purchase of curriculum for the current academic school year.

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The Best Apps In Adobe Creative Cloud  

  • Adobe Photoshop: Adobe Photoshop is software used widely for raster image editing, graphic design, and digital artwork. It also offers 3D modelling and web design.
  • Adobe Lightroom: Adobe Lightroom is a creative mage organization and image manipulation software.
  • Adobe Lightroom Classic: Lightroom classic is a software app used to beautify photos with robust colours.
  • Adobe After Effect: A software app used to create motion graphics and visual effects for films, video, TV, etc.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro: A software app for video editing mostly used by YouTubers.
  • Adobe Premiere Rush: Premiere Rush software is used to create videos, shoot, edit, and share videos.
  • Adobe Illustrator: This is a vector-based graphic software used in scaling artwork, editing, and designing programs.
  • Adobe InDesign: This is a desktop publishing and page layout designing software.
  • Adobe XD: A vector-based user experience design tool for web apps and mobile apps.
  • Adobe Dimension: Adobe Dimension is a 3D rendering and design software.  

How Much Is Adobe Creative Cloud For Students? 

The main focus here is how to get an Adobe student discount which simply implies that Adobe Creative Cloud is not free for students. But how much are you required to pay as a student with the discount included?  

As a student of an accredited institution, you can purchase the Adobe Creative Cloud all-Apps promotional plan for $19.99 per month for the first year. After the first year, the discount price will increase to $29.99 per month from the second year.

Adobe Creative Cloud proving plan for students.

  • Annual plan, monthly payment cost $19.99 per month and $239.88 per year.
  • Prepaid annual plan cost $239.88 per year and $19.99 per month.

The Adobe Creative Cloud all-Apps promotional plan will still be functional after your graduation and even you change your institution. There are still more exciting facts about Adobe Creative Cloud which is, you can use the Adobe Creative Cloud for other commercial projects.  

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Who Is Eligible For Adobe Student Discount?  

Not every student gets to enjoy the Adobe student discount as there are requirements for you to be eligible for it.

So what are the requirements? Your eligibility depends on a few things. You must be 13 years of age or more and meet one of these requirements below.

 University or College 

One of the basic requirements is, you must be a student of an accredited University or College which also includes community junior or vocational college.  

 Primary or Secondary school  

Next, is the primary and secondary. This also requires that you must be a student of an accredited public or private primary or secondary school that provides full-time instructions.


To be part of the Adobe student discount, you can enrol online in one of the Adobe certified courses.

Adobe Discount For Individuals  

Regardless of not being a student to get the 65% discount on Adobe Creative Cloud. You can still get a comfortable 35% on Adobe Creative Cloud. This happens when you pay for a full year, you save 35% off the full price. Also paying full year upfront, Adobe gives you a month of free Adobe stock together with 10 free premium photos.

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Adobe Photoshop Student Discount 

Below are the best Adobe Photoshop student discount  

Get The 60% Adobe Creative Cloud Student Discount (US)

As a student in the U.S, you should get this interesting 60% discount on Adobe Creative Cloud, which comes with full access to Premiere Pro, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

Because of the 60% discount for students, you are paying $19.99 per month and $239.88 per year on prepaid.  

Get The 65% Adobe Creative Cloud Student Discount (UK)

Students in the UK can get a 65% discount on the Adobe Creative Cloud. The price for the first year is £16.24 per month or £196.30 per year. Without the discount, students would be paying £49.94 per month and £596.33 per year on prepaid.

Get The 70% Adobe Creative Cloud Student Discount (Australian)

Here is a higher discount rate better than the likes of the US and UK. An astonishing 70% discount.

The Australian students benefit more, paying AU$21.99 per month or AU$263.87 per year on prepaid.

Get The 61% Adobe Creative Cloud Students Discount At Amazon (US)

You can get the Adobe Creative Cloud for a little bit less via Amazon. Purchasing from Amazon costs $239 per year and you get the same apps such as Photoshop, Lightroom, and Illustrator.

Get The 68% Adobe Creative Cloud Student Discount At Amazon (UK)

For those in the UK, Purchasing the Adobe Creative Cloud via Amazon cost £190.55 per year, which is better than the full price of £596.33.  

Buying from Amazon(UK) is less expensive for students.  

How To Get An Adobe Students Discount

To sign up for the Adobe students and teachers discount is a simple process to follow. To get the Adobe Creative Cloud student discount kindly follow these steps.

  • Go to the tab Students & Teachers then select on the Student & Teacher tab.
  • Next, enter your email address and click the “Continue to Payment” button. To avoid any setbacks, it is highly recommended to use the email address provided by your school as it will make the process easy. If you do not have a school email address, use the same email you made use of when registering for Adobe ID then select “Payment” from the drop-down menu.
  • Click “Continue to verification” after entering your credit card, billing address, phone number.
  • Fill the blanks with the official student or teacher’s paperwork.
  • In this phase, you need to provide more information to Adobe such as ID cards or other official papers and details about our education or teaching. 
  • Next, read T&C before clicking “Agree and Subscribe”.
  • Finally, choose a password and Adobe changes you $19.99 after verifying your information.


With the level of information provided to you on “how to get the Adobe student discount”. And perhaps a better understanding of Adobe Creative Clouds all-Apps has been established.

There are several discount offer allocated to students one of which the Adobe Creative Clouds can be of greater value to access digital artwork into a profession.

Make your vision a reality by using the Adobe Creative Cloud.




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