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If you have been looking for updated information about the Amazon scholarship for students in 2022, then this article will help you with all the vital information including the Amazon Student scholarship 2022 deadline, application Guidelines, and whether or not the scholarship is open to international students.

Many people have been asking and making a consistent inquiry about Amazon’s scholarship for students. Most of them have been getting peripheral information about the scholarship.

But this article will offer you a piece of holistic and concise information about the Amazon student scholarship 2021 and how to apply for it

If you are a sceptic wondering whether the scholarship is true or not, think no more as Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world, and offering a $5000 scholarship to students would not shake their finance or even have the minutest of scratches on their financial stability.

Therefore you need to remove every bit of scepticism and apply for the Amazon student scholarship program and stand a chance of winning yourself a free $5000 to help offset your college tuition fees and other financial intensive materials in school that has always given you sleepless nights.

Amazon Student scholarship program

What About Amazon scholarship for international students?

I personally have discovered that there is a trending search on Google about Amazon scholarship for international students this has to lead me to explain that Amazon scholarship is not an international scholarship and it is only open for students who are citizens of the United States of America.

Therefore if you are an international student and you are thinking of applying for the scholarship program I would suggest you don’t, because it would be a waste of time as Amazon scholarship for international students does not exist.

if you are looking for international scholarships you can see a good number of on our International Scholarship Archives

Brief Amazon Scholarship 2022 Description

As said by the director of student programs at Amazon Ripley McDonald, the Amazon scholarship is a scholarship that was initiated by Amazon company to encourage students who have shown leadership skills in an extraordinary way and students who are innovative in their thoughts.

Students who make up their mind to apply for the scholarship will be considered based on academic excellence with respect to their GPA, including the way they have gotten involved in community development and their leadership experiences.

Applicants would also need to complete an essay during the final stages of the Amazon scholarship application.

The Amazon student scholarship program 2021 is not necessarily a philanthropic or charity disposition by Amazon. It is a way of discovering the brightest of students who are consistently doing well in academics in the United States of America and help such students to become ambassadors of Amazon.

We all know that there’s something like Amazon student prime, a discounted component of the expensive Amazon Prime.

The scholarship offered by the company for students is a way of increasing subscriptions in the Amazon student prime which is the companies student’s prime subscription.

This scholarship can be considered to be a merit-based scholarship and 50 undergraduate students in the United States of America will receive 5000 dollars that are spendable on tuition fees and $500 which you can spend on textbooks at

The Amazon scholarship for undergraduate students in the United States of America is open to students who are in their undergraduate studies or students who are entering college.

Amazon Scholarship for Students

Host platform

The Amazon’s Student Scholarship is awarded and hosted in the United States.

Eligible Study Level/Field

The Amazon Student Scholarship is an undergraduate scholarship open to studies in the United States. It is a domestic and not an international student scholarship. It is open for students in any discipline

These scholarships are available to students whose discipline is enrolled in an accredited college or university course for 2 or 4 years. American students looking for a scholarship can apply for the Amazon Student.

Eligible Group

The Amazon scholarship is not a scholarship for international students. Therefore the scholarship is open to students who are a citizen of the united states of America.

General Eligibility Requirements for the Amazon Students Scholarship Program

  • Applicants must be US citizens studying in the US.
  • Potential applicants must be Amazon Student members.
  • It must be students taking full-time courses at a nonprofit college or university in the United States beginning or continuing in the fall of 2022. Classes can be in any discipline within an accredited non-profit college or university.
  • Students can apply before entering college this year.

Guidelines for Applying for the Amazon Scholarship Program 2022

Interested students should write an essay about Amazon and its business, what it means to them, its different business models and the benefits end-users get by buying from Amazon. The format of the essay depends on the candidate, which highlights the reasons for choosing Amazon.

Applicants can review pricing policies, sales channels, and coverage, great product line, expedited delivery, sales support, flexible payment methods, or other compelling reasons why many customers shop on Amazon every year. Have it at the back of your mind that Amazon’s business model now offers a lot more products than books.

Applications for scholarships will be examined by the AMZ Expert Council, whose criteria will be creative and interesting answers as well as the search for the expected degree of clarity and the developed reflection on thought.

Amazon Student Scholarship Benefits

Amazon Student rewards 50 full-time students with $5,000 for tuition and $500 for textbooks

Application deadline for Amazon scholarships

As of this writing, the acceptance of applications for the Amazon Scholarship 2022 has not yet started. We will notify you as soon as the application has started.

You can apply for the scholarship program for undergraduate students in the US via the plication link below.


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