15 Colleges Offering Cheerleading scholarships 2022-2023.

Do you know you can get a scholarship for cheer? Here is a guide on colleges offering cheerleading scholarships for cheerleaders.

What many do not know is far dancing and cheerleading groups in colleges get incentives such as scholarships.

In fact, some of the scholarships available to Cheerleaders are full-ride scholarships. 

However, because Cheerleading is not an NCAA recognised sport, they have less funding. And there is no defined allocation for cheerleader scholarships under NCAA rules. 

Even with these seemingly unfair rules, there are a lot of colleges and universities that provide scholarships to cheerleading and dance teams.

Some are full and others are partial athletic scholarships awarded to cheerleaders. So, if you intend to pursue the cheerleading journey, these scholarships from different colleges will come in handy.

Sit tight and get informed!!!

 Colleges Offering Cheerleading scholarships

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What Do Cheerleaders Do?

Cheerleaders are those graceful artists who perform backflips, basket throws, and pyramids. Their mastery makes these stunts look so easy and smiling while at it.

Via these techniques, they cheer volleyball, football and such games into victory. Although cheerleading is not a recognized sport, they have many fans and great importance.

Common Injuries of Cheerleaders.

Just like any sporting activity, cheerleaders are at risk of injury due to the dangerous manoeuvres they perform. Such include;

  • Fractures.
  • Muscle strains in the hips.
  • Lower back, legs, elbow and shoulder dislocations.

Do Cheerleaders Get Scholarships?

Yes, there are many scholarships available for cheerleaders in different colleges. In fact, it is one of the advantages of cheerleading.

Many schools and colleges provide additional incentives and top-ups to cheerleading and dance teams. Such includes; free clothes, shoes, sporting equipment and scholarships. 

Scholarships here cover book, tuition savings and credit hours applied to their records. However, full-ride cheering scholarships are few although some institutions offer them. 

How Do I Win a Cheerleading Scholarship?

Winning a Cheerleading scholarship goes beyond “wanting to”. This scholarship is only open to top contenders who are intentional about cheerleading scholarships.

To win a scholarship for cheerleaders, here’s what you should do;

  • Join a cheerleading team as early as possible. Those who started in high school have a better chance.
  • Secondly, have strong grades and maintain a good GPA.
  • Also, have outstanding cheer skills, tumbling preferably.
  • In addition, have a cheer video portfolio that demonstrates how food you are in the game.

These criteria should give you an edge over other cheer applicants applying to Colleges Offering Cheerleading scholarships.

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Best Colleges Offering Cheerleading Scholarships.

When it comes to cheerleaders getting scholarships, you don’t have to wait for it to come to you. You have to use your cheer skills to get their attention.

You can do that via two proven ways: 

  • Contact your college cheerleading coach and submit your audition videos.
  • Or you can attend cheerleading clinics and impress them with your greatest cheerleading skills.

However, if these two ways did not yield results, you can take advantage of the cheerleading scholarships offered by colleges such as;

#1. University of Kentucky Cheerleading Scholarship.

The University of Kentucky is one of the Best Colleges for Cheerleading in the USA. In fact, their cheerleading squad is number 1 in UCA with 23 national titles under its belt.

All Blue and White squad cheer members with a GPA of 3.0 for the fall semester earn a small academic grant. 

However, the Blue Squad members who are residents receive full funds for in-state tuition whereas non-residents receive part of the out-of-state expenses. 

For the White cheerleading squad, there are currently no available tuition scholarships. Although they are eligible for a number of scholarships offered by the university. 

Both squads are also eligible for the following scholarships;

  • Bill Blount, Jr. Memorial Endowment.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ralph McCracken, Jr. Cheerleading Scholarship Endowment ($100 to $300).

#2. Concordia University Ann Arbor Cheerleading Scholarships.

Concordia University Ann Arbor cheerleaders receive the Athletic cheer scholarships.

The scholarship comes in various amounts depending on the cheerleader’s skill level, talent, seniority, and other factors.

Interestingly, the Concordia University Ann Arbor Scholarships for cheerleaders is renewable each year. Of course, as long as the student-athlete maintains the eligibility requirements.

Besides the cheerleading scholarship, student-athletes can also apply for academic scholarships and other need-based grants.

#3. University of Minnesota Cheerleading Scholarship.

The University of Minnesota scholarships for cheerleaders are often given to the veteran squad members. Usually, the number of recipients is limited. 

However, new recruits can apply for other scholarships open to aspiring cheerleaders, dancers, and mascots for the Spirit Squad. 

Such scholarships range between $1,000 – $60,000 for 1 to 4 years. Some include;

  • Gold Scholar Award (up to $10,000 for four years) 
  • Presidential Scholarships ($1,000-$10,000 for four years) 
  • Maroon and Gold Leadership Award ($12,000 for four years)
  • Bentson Family Scholarship ($24,000 over four years with preference to Jewish students) 
  • National Scholarship ($1,500-$15,000 for four years).
  • John and Jane Clark Scholarship ($20,000 for four years.
  • Hinman Scholarship ($7,500 for four years).

#4. University of Hawaii Cheerleading Scholarships.

Cheerleaders at the University of Hawaii have access to some scholarships which come as an advantage of being in the cheer squad.

The cheer squad members have access to about 12 – 14 full-tuition scholarships for both in-state and qualified out-of-state cheerleaders.

Besides that, cheer team members can also apply for tuition waivers via the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) scholarships and financial help if they meet the criteria.

The eligibility criteria for WUE is that only residents of  Oregon, Wyoming, California, Alaska, Idaho, North Dakota etc can apply.

#5. University of Delaware Scholarships for Cheerleaders.

Cheerleading team members at the University of Delaware can apply for cheering scholarships. And if you’re living in Delaware, you can collect up to $7,500 in scholarship.

However, know that all scholarships are given based on student-academic and athletic achievement. 

#6. Oklahoma Panhandle State University Scholarships.

Oklahoma Panhandle State University (OPSU) has powerful and graceful cheerleaders. One of the very best in the world.

These graceful cheer squads have some considerable cheering scholarships for in-state and out-of-state students which amounts to about $10,500.

However, you must have a 2.5 GPA and maintain high academic standards to win this scholarship.

#7. Barton Community College – Kansas Cheerleading Scholarships.

Barton Community College is one of the Colleges Offering Cheerleading scholarships. Even cheerleaders are eligible for these sports scholarships. 

Cheerleaders and dancers earn a full tuition and book scholarship each semester. However, out-of-state cheerleaders and dancers receive $500 and a book scholarship for each semester they are on the squad.

Aside from tuition and book scholarships, cheerleaders of the university also receive uniforms and reimburse for travel expenses.

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#8. Belmont University – Tennessee Cheerleading Scholarship.

It’s not out of place to say that Belmont University cheerleaders are pampered as well. Each Belmont Cheerleader receives partial scholarships.

However, the scholarship worth is determined by seniority, academic and athletic achievements. Usually, it ranges between $1,000 and $2,500.

Also, cheer team squads in addition to their partial athletic scholarship receive full assistance for their cheerleading equipment and activities.

#9. Fort Hays State University – Kansas Cheerleading Scholarships.

The Tiger Debs Dance Team and the Fort Hays State University Cheer Squad promotes the university’s athletic programs. They cheer different teams while acting as institution ambassadors.

Cheerleading team members at Fort University receive scholarships for accommodation rebates, tuition and other expenses.

The Dance team members on the other hand receive an $800 grant for on-campus housing. While veteran members receive a minimum of $600.

#10. George Washington University – Washington, D.C. Cheerleading Scholarship.

The coed cheer team, the first ladies dance team, the university mascot (George), and the Colonial Brass make up the George Washington University Spirit Program.

These sets of cheer giants have their tuition and other expenses are taken care of via the scholarships sponsored by the GW Spirit Program.

Usually, the scholarships covers 

  • Post-season tournaments are free to attend.
  • GWU athletic events, front row seats are available.
  • Uniforms, fitness gear, shoes, and travel bags from Adidas and Varsity are all free.
  • Tickets to GWU sporting events are provided free of charge to family and friends.

#11. Indiana Tech University Cheerleading Scholarships.

Athletic scholarships are awarded to all Indiana Tech University Warriors cheerleaders. The amount the recipients receive depends on what the coach says.

Aside from sports scholarships, they can also apply for other scholarships and financial Aids. However, you must be excelling in your academics.

Some of these scholarships in include;

  • Jackie D. & Velma J. Wright Scholarship.
  • The Sarah A. Douglas Memorial Scholarship.
  • Lenore and Bob Armbrust Memorial Scholarship.
  • The Robert J. Swindell “Balanced Man” Scholarship

#12. Louisiana State University Cheerleading Scholarship.

Louisiana State University has two cheerleading teams: the Gold Squad and the Purple Squad both having specific games they cheer at the college.

Both teams receive scholarships that are best referred to as financial service awards. The scholarship worth is determined by seniority, years of involvement and lots more.

However, 2nd-year cheerleaders receive $1,000 per year, 3rd-year members, $1,500 per year and 4th-year members $2,000 per year.

#13. Tarleton State University – Texas Cheerleading Scholarships.

The Tarleton State University offers varieties of scholarships to its cheerleaders. This team of cheer members have won the 2018 NCA National Championship.

Most Tarleton State University cheerleaders are on scholarships. Also, they receive 2 hours of physical education credit. On the other hand, qualified cheerleaders can receive an out-of-state tuition waiver if they qualify.

#14. Texas Tech University Cheerleading Scholarship

Texas Tech University is one of the Colleges Offering Cheerleading scholarships. Such covers

  • Meal plan 
  • Academic tutoring services.
  • $1,000 leadership Scholarship.
  • Paid travel expenses for out-of-town games.
  • Access to a strength and conditioning program.
  • Access to the services of a team doctor and athletic trainer.
  • Paid uniforms, workout gear, and other cheerleading-related accessories 
  • Sponsorship deals for tanning, and other salon services.

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Frequently Asked Questions on College Offering Cheerleading Scholarships.

Can I Get A Scholarship From Cheerleading?

Yes, you get multiple scholarships just by cheerleading in college. Most of these scholarships cover the whole cost of tuition for both in and out-of-state students.

Is it Hard to Get A Full Cheer Scholarship?

The fact is, getting a fully-funded scholarship for actual academic studies is very hard. And for cheerleaders, full scholarships are not common.

The reason is that cheerleading is not a sanctioned sport. Therefore, coaches in these programs do not receive as much funding as in other sports. 

Also, the size of the cheer team is large, the funds may not be big enough to go around.

What College Has The Most Cheerleading Championships?

The best cheerleading college with the most championships is the University of Kentucky. The university has 25 championship titles to its name. 

However, the University of South Florida won the most recent co-ed event in 2021. And Western Kentucky University won the all-girl event.

How Many Colleges Offer Cheerleading Scholarships?

There are 371 colleges offering scholarships to cheerleaders. This award is worth up to $2,500 per year at an average of $202 per cheerleader. 

However, cheerleaders in leadership positions get about $225.

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Scholarships are for everyone including cheerleaders. Go through this piece again and find out the scholarship that fits your educational needs.

However, keep in mind that you must maintain a good academic record to renew these scholarships.

Good luck!!!


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