20 Scholarships for people who have lost a parent

Are your parents late? Or you are being raised alone by a single parent and you seek scholarships for people who have lost a parent? If so, this article is tailored to sate your needs.

We will help you get all the answers that you need as we have made the necessary research to answer all your questions.

The Death of a loved one especially a parent can be very distressing. It is a very painful experience that can be both traumatic and demoralizing. An experience no one would wish for but its inevitability is certain in some cases.

The loss of a loved one affects a child or an adult emotionally, physically, psychologically, and even mentally.

Most students who have been in this particular situation end up becoming dropouts because of the lack of funds to continue their education.

This is because parents are often sole providers for their offspring and in the absence of funding stashed away or help from relatives or the government, it becomes impossible for the affected child to proceed.

We understand how destabilizing this unfortunate circumstance can be and sympathize with you if such has befallen you.

This article is a harbinger of good news as we have presented in easy ways how to further your education in the absence of your parents.

In this very article, you will discover a very helpful list of these scholarships that will be of help.

It doesn’t matter which parent you’ve lost, it can be either your father or mother or both. The scholarships listed here do not have preferences and will also be of help to single parents seeking funding for their children’s college fees.

Scholarships for people who have lost a parent

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Can one get a scholarship for losing a parent?

The answer is a big yes!

Some are yet to discover that there are scholarships available for people who have no parents. However, these scholarships are readily available as there are a huge number of people with either a single parent or those who lost both parents.

Owing to statistics conducted on the general public, there has been a gross increment in the number of children who live in single-parent households.

And to help curb the heavy financial burden of training the children from infancy through college, a plethora of scholarships have also been made available for such children.

Are there Scholarships for having a single parent?

The answer to this very question is yes!

A clear statistics record shows that more than 15% of the university or college population in the United States of America is accounted for by many students from single-parent families as of 2012. Sadly, there has not been a significant decrease in this population.

A lot of low-income families are the ones who would benefit the most if their children are able to obtain a college degree that will open doors for better opportunities. Unfortunately, most of these families do not even have enough to feed, erasing the dream of attending college.

This is why these scholarships are made available as they bring a levelling ground between the low-class income families and those who can cater properly for their children.

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How much is the single parent Scholarship worth?

The amount for these scholarships varies a lot but some are very much within the range of $100 to $10000. This is because some of these scholarships are funded by different individuals who are charitable and want to effect a change.

Can one apply for scholarships for people who have lost a parent if one’s parent is still alive?

The answer to this question is No!

The number one criteria for obtaining scholarships such as this is if one’s parents are dead. Some schools may accept students who have a single parent, provided that this child’s parent is deemed unable to cater for the fees of the child.

This should not be a discouraging feat for you if a scholarship is what you are looking for, as we have prepared many other articles that will point you in the right direction on our website. Feel free to take a tour

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Are there Scholarships for losing a parent?

There are various scholarships available to students who have lost a parent and cannot cater for them. We have prepared and listed these articles below, do continue for more information.

Scholarships for people who have lost a parent

These are the lists of scholarships for students who lost their parents.

  • Educational Benefits for Chidren of Deceased Veterans and others
  • Dependent Children Scholarship program
  • Rezvan Foundation Scholarship
  • Beat the Odds Scholarship program
  • American Police Hall of Fame Educational Scholarship
  • SFM Foundation Scholarship
  • Ava’s Grace Foundation Scholarship
  • AFP&CC Scholarship
  • Kids’ Chance Scholarships
  • Mary Ellen locher Foundation Scholarship
  • Families of Freedom Scholarship Program
  • American Legion Legacy Scholarship
  • James F. Byrnes Scholarships
  • W.H. “Howie” McClenan Scholarship
  • Aretta J. Graham Scholarship
  • MedEvac Foundation International Children’s Scholarship
  • LNESC Emergency Scholarship fund
  • Regis L. Mullen Accident Injury Scholarship
  • Heroes Tribute Scholarship Program
  • Mississippi Law Enforcement Officers & Firemen Scholarship

The detailed information about the aforementioned scholarships is given below

Scholarships for People who have lost a parent 2021

Scholarships for people who have lost a parent
Scholarships for people who have lost a parent

1.Educational Benefits for Children of Deceased Veterans and others;

This is one of the notable scholarships for people who have lost a parent. It is sponsored by the Delaware Department of education and is strictly available to only residents of Delaware state who are between the ages of 16 and 24, whose parents are proven residents of the state at their time of death. Other factors also include being missing in action or being held as a prisoner of war.

The scholarships are intended to cater to the educational funding of the children in their care, which encompasses their tuition fees at the colleges they get accepted into.

There is however more information with regards to this scholarship which can be obtained from their website below.

The deadline of the scholarship which is due 6-8 weeks before the resumption of classes should be taken note of so as to act accordingly.

2. Dependent Children Scholarship Program

This is Sponsored by the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation and provides genuine assistance to children of the State’s Fireman, Enforcement officers, Emergency medical service technicians who lost their lives or became disabled while active on their duties.

It is however applicable to only residents of the state of Tennessee and so children who are dependent on the late officers working in the aforementioned categories are only eligible to e recipients of this scholarship if their parents were residents and must have been on duty during the time of the incident.

The worth of the scholarship varies, however it is usually given to a full-time undergraduate student of very eligible Institutions in the state of Tennessee.

The deadline is on the 15th of the month of July for the year 2021. Please do refer to the application link below for more information.

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3.Rezvan Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship program was founded, owned, and sponsored by the renowned Dr Ehsan Rezvan to honour his late father’s legacy. It is very notable and actively supports the academic endeavours of students who are exceptionally talented but are unfortunately removed from their parent’s homes or have experienced the devastating loss of one or both parents.

The recipients of this scholarship are entitled to ongoing mentorships and scholarship funding for their full tuition accumulating up to $100000 for the duration of four years.

The Eligibility like the others is also residence-dependent as only the residents of California who are high school seniors are to apply, provided that they have a minimum of 3.5GPA.

The student applying for this scholarship should either be a minor in foster care, an adopted minor or must have lost a parent or both.

Please do check out the application link below for more important information.

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4. Beat the Odds Scholarship Program

This scholarship program is sponsored to target exceptional or outstanding young people who are conquering adversity and set back by demonstrating academic excellence while giving back to their various communities.

It is sponsored by the Children’s Defense Fund of New York(CDF-NY) Beat the Odds(R). The program is usually conducted manually through a very competitive assessment process, which allows the distinguished sponsors to select qualified or well-deserving high school sophomores from the city of New York who is eligible for admission into the CDF-NY Beat the Odd Program.

One important requirement is that the intending applicants must be in possession of a minimum GPA of 3.0.

The scholarship is worth about 4000 thousand US dollars in cash. You can also discover more information about the scholarship program by clicking on the link below

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5. American Police Hall of Fame Educational Scholarship

This scholarship is open to all high school seniors and current students of a college who are surviving children of a law enforcement officer who lost his/her life in the line of duty. It is sponsored by the American Police Hall of Fame.

The scholarships cover the period of four years where the recipients are entitled to the sum of 1500 US dollars each of the four years. We will also refer you to the application link for more information.

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More Easily Accessible Scholarships for people who have lost a parent

This part of this article contains scholarships that can be easily accessed by people who have lost a parent. Therefore, if you are in this category and you were not able to access the scholarships above. You can try the ones below as they are easier to get.

6. SFM Foundation Scholarships for People Who Have Lost a Parent

It is a known fact that accidents occur every day in human life. Some are life-threatening while others may eventually lead to loss of life. Many workers are killed or terribly injured in a work-related accident during the course and scope of employment in their various states.

It is however impossible to ignore that these workers who were involved in such unfortunate hazards may have families and those dependent on them who they cannot provide for in the capacity that they used to before.

These children who are dependent on these workers are only liable to be accepted if they are from the state of Minnesota. The Scholarship spans up to 10000 US dollars. Please do refer to the link below for more information.

7. Ava’s Grace Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship program is aimed at targeting children being raised by single parents. It also gives opportunities to children who have had their dreams and lives altered negatively by the actions of others. The scholarship is worth about 3000 to 5000US dollars in cash and applies to residents of Missouri.

It is a program held annually which has been changing lives as many have successful recipients of the aid.

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8. AFP & CC Scholarships for People who have lost a parent

This particular scholarship has changed many lives and it is sponsored by the American Federation of Police and Concerned Citizens (AFP & CC)annually.

The scholarship is only open to Incoming and current college students who are surviving children of any law enforcement officer killed in the line of duty. The scholarship amounts up to 1000US dollars and is paid annually for up to 4 years.

9.Kids’ Chance Scholarship

This particular scholarship targets young people under 25 years of age in different states across the nation. The scholarship is awarded by its sponsors (Kids’ Chance of America) to students within the aforementioned age bracket who were raised in a single-parent household after one of the custodial parents of the affected children must have lost their lives in a work-related accident.

The scholarship aims at helping the recipients by targeting the time when their academic takes off and supports their dreams, thereby reducing drastically the financial burden. It is worth about 2800 US dollars.

Do well to visit their websites for more information.

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10. Mary Ellen Locher Foundation for people who have lost a parent

The story behind this foundation is an inspiring one as the foundation itself was created in honour of a virtuous woman and mother who fought breast cancer for 20 years before being claimed by death in the year 2005. She died at the age of 45.

The scholarship though borne out of misery has gone ahead to inspire and encourage children who have lost a parent to the gruesome killer cancer.

It is important to note that one is only eligible to apply when these factors are taken into consideration. The intending applicant is expected to be living in a 50-radius of Chattanooga in the state of Tennessee and must be an undergraduate who has been accepted in an accredited undergraduate program with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5.

11.Families of Freedom Scholarship Program

The 9/11 terrorist attack is one that shook the whole country and led to the loss of many lives. This scholarship for people who have lost a parent in this case only applies to dependent children, spouses, and domestic partners of the 9/11 terrorist attack.

These victims include World Trade Center ad Pentagon workers including visitors, and visitors, Airplane crew and Passengers, Relief workers such as firefighters, Emergency Medical Personnel, and Law Enforcement personnel who were actively involved in the rescue efforts.

Please do well to refer to the link below for more information.

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12. James F. Byrnes Scholarships for People who have lost a Parent.

This scholarship program under a foundation was created by a philanthropist called James F. Byrne who served passionately in public service.

The foundation is targeted to provide scholarships worth about #3250 US dollars for up 25 young men and women in the state of South Carolina who have lost either a parent or two to the cold hands of death.

13. W.H. “Howie” McClennann Scholarship for people who have lost a parent

The Scholarship is sponsored by the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF). The scholarship is given out annually and is worth about 2500 US dollars. It is applicable to sons, daughters or legally adopted children of firefighters who lost their lives in the line of duty.

The candidates who are eligible must have in notion to attend an accredited higher learning institution of their choice during the fall.

It is also required of applicants to provide two letters of recommendation, a brief 200-word statement with detailed reasons furthering their education. It is also important to note that the applicants must have a financial need in a single-parent household, with an outstanding demonstration of academic achievement.

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14. Aretha J.Graham Scholarship

The intending applicants of this scholarship must be able to demonstrate a need for finance to be deemed eligible for this award.

There is a scale of preference in the order as to which the students are given the scholarships.

It is important to take note that students who are orphaned by the loss of either one or both parents would be considered first before those who live in a single-parent household.

This particular scholarship is sponsored by the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, College of ACEs to its students.

15. MedEvac Foundation International Children’s Scholarship

This scholarship is solely sponsored by MedEvac Foundation International. It is worth up to 5000US dollars and is open to students who are former dependents of ground medical transport crew members or the counterpart which is the air medical transport crew members who were either seriously injure or lost their lives during an air medical accident.

However, it is important to note that the applicants of this scholarship should be given admission into accredited cooled or enrolled in a university or vocational-technical school.

16.LNESC Emergency Scholarship Fund

This scholarship fund is not just available to students who have lost their parents, fortunately, there are a number of factors that can make you eligible for it. These factors are economic hardships include;

  • Burglary of fire
  • Loss of a job
  • Unforeseen natural disasters like Flood
  • Drastic change in family income
  • Pending eviction or home foreclosure

The scholarship is also solely sponsored b LULAC National Education Service Centers, Inc. | Macy’s LNESC Emergency Scholarship Fund.

The scholarship is worth up to 500US dollars but applies to students who have been enrolled in accredited universities or colleges and residents of the states listed below who have scored a GPA of 3.0.

The States include:

  • Ohio
  • New York
  • New Mexico
  • Texas
  • Florida
  • California
  • Missouri

17.American legion Legacy Scholarship for people who have lost a parent

Sponsored yearly by the American Legion, this particular scholarship program can offer up to a large sum of about 37000 US dollars which is given to cater for tuition fees, textbooks, other important academic materials, and other living expenses of students who are eligible recipients.

The scholarship is however meant for legally adopted or biological children of the Armed Services members who lost their lives on active duty on or after the 9/11 terrorist attack. Furthermore, it is expected that the said students are high school seniors and graduates who are already prepared and enrolling into accredited universities or colleges at their undergraduate level in America.

It is also a known fact that the recipients of this scholarship are entitled to up to 1.1 million US dollars provided that they are Military Children.

Scholarship Worth: Military children receive up to $1.1 million from this scholarship program.

18. Regis. L. Mullen Accident Injury Scholarship

This is another scholarship that is aimed at sponsoring annually with the sum of 2500 US dollars for college-bound high school seniors or an undergraduate or even a graduate who has been enrolled in a university or college. But lost the family member who they wholly depended on. It could also be awarded if the said family member was heavily injured or disabled due to an accident or disaster.

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19.Heroes Tribute Scholarship Program

Serving the country in the capacity of marines and Navy Corpsmen can be life-threatening. However,r even at the loss of life, the sponsors of this particular scholarship program have made provisions available for the special funding for the children of Marines and Navy Corpsmen who were badly injured or fallen on active duty.

The Scholarship ensures that these children are able to obtain their college education at the right time no matter their present age.

A large sum of about 7500 US dollars is granted annually for up to four years as of 20 years ago, there may be variations now.

20. Mississipi Law Enforceent Officers & Firemen Scholarship

This scholarship program is sponsored by the Mississippi State Office Financial Aid (MSOFA). It ensures that full-time students who undergraduates at any of the state-supported tertiary institutions such as (public) colleges or universities are eligible to apply.

The eligible applicants are however mandated to be either a spouse of any state of Mississippi law enforcement officer or a dependent child who is under the age of 23, a volunteer firefighter or even a a full-time firefighter who suffered life-threatening injuries or wounds or became permanently disabled whilst serving in their capacities on active duty.

A whooping sum of about 40 million US dollars is mapped out annually for the program.

The intending applicants are encouraged to explore the site to learn more about the other state aid programs which include MTAG, MESG and Help.

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I hope you found this article helpful in your sojourn, please do well to leave comments should you require more information.

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