How to get into an Ivy League School and their Acceptance Rate

Do you want to learn how to get into any of the Ivy League Schools? This article on How to get into an Ivy League School in the Weirdest Way will go a long way to provide you with tips you need to start preparing to get into an ivy league School in time from high school.

This article is vast in a way, as we have also included some of the rankings of the ivy league school list for you.

In a bid to make sure you understand all you need to know about the ivy league schools, we have discussed below what makes an ivy league school.

Most people mistake some schools to be on the official list of the ivy league schools on the basis that those schools are prestigious. But it is important that you note that the Ivy League School group are online 8 in number and are listed below:

Subsequently, we shall be discussing how to get into an ivy league school and rankings of the 8 ivy league schools.

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How to get into an Ivy League School

What makes an Ivy League School?

It is true that these Ivy League universities are prestigious and recognised for their extremely sophisticated calibre of academics and extremely selective admission process, but it is not what Ivy League was all about in the first place.

These 8 Ivy League schools are called Ivy League because they belong to a collegiate athletic conference that boils down to sports and nothing like academics. But since people are now attributing Ivy League to high academic standards they now make the mistake of adding extra for universities that do not belong to the Ivy League schools, but because they have extremely selective admission process and offer high-quality education people see these universities as Ivy League and now think that there are 12 Ivy League universities.

Every single school on the list of the 8 Ivy League schools are prestigious and have a long academic history. For example, Harvard University was founded in 1633, but the Ivy League was formed in 1954 as an athletic conference but today people now attribute Ivy League less to sports and more to academic prestigiousness.

There is this rivalry between the 8 Ivy League Universities; it all started with sports competitions and now it has stemmed to which school offers the best academics and so on.

8 Ivy League Schools you can apply to

Some people think that the what make an ivy league school is how prestigious the schools is, but i believe you have read the upper paragraph where we discussed what actually made these Ivy League schools. If you have not; please scroll up to read it before you procees.

How to get into an ivy league schools discussed in this article apply only to the following universities:

  • Harvard University (Massachusetts)
  • Yale University (Connecticut)
  • Princeton University (New Jersey)
  • Columbia University (New York)
  • Brown University (Rhode Island)
  • Dartmouth College (New Hampshire)
  • University of Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania)
  • Cornell University (New York)

To discover a list of Academic Institutions Around the world follow this link.

How to get into an ivy league school

If you are interested in any of the Ivy League universities, you should read on to learn how to get into an ivy league school with the piece of information below.

How to get into an ivy league school

Follow your passion and develop a skill in it

One of the deans in an Ivy League School by the name of Logan Powell who is in charge of the admissions at Brown University said something that any prospective student who wants to go to an Ivy League school should take note of.

He made it clear that whether or not a student is involved in community Services, athletics, extracurricular activities and so on, do not matter to him, he said that what he needs to know is why a student is doing what they are doing.

If a student has chosen to take part in community service or athletic, he wants to know why a student has chosen to do that and what they have learnt from that experience.

This means that if you are interested in going to any of the Ivy League universities you need to know why you have chosen your passion and make sure you learn something from it as it will help you to stand out.

The skills you’ve learnt from your experience during your involvement in community services, athletic, etc like leadership, discipline, teamwork will be the thing that will set you apart not just because you took part in Those activities.

Be good to get a good recommendation letter

Whether or not you believe it being nice can earn you a place in one of the 12 Ivy League schools.

Generally, universities want students who are good and give back To society, and if you are good at your high school you will be surprised how the recommendation letter from one of your teachers will solidify your spot in any of the 8 Ivy League universities you want to go into.

It was reported that a student gained admission to an Ivy League school. He was recommended by his high school teacher because he was the only student in school who knew the names of all the janitorial staff and he will help teachers with a few tasks including turning off lights in empty rooms and helping to clean up when other students have gone home.

Apply Early

Applying early for anything is generally important, this will give you an early consideration benefit as many reputable institutions follow the first come first serve routine.
You only have early decision Apply for only one Ivy League school, therefore you have to choose carefully.

Write a good Admission Essay

An admission essay is one of the opportunity is given to prospective students to tell the admission officers who they are and you must maximize this opportunity if you are going to be admitted to one of the 12 IV League schools

This is a chance to tell who you are what you have passion for and where you see yourself in few years to come do not go about rain for sizing what is already in your application say something unique to you and not found in any of the documents you have already submitted

Attend an ivy league High School

If there is something like an Ivy League High school that is what you need to attend if you are to find yourself in an Ivy League University

Most elite preparatory High School sends the larger part of their student body to Ivy League Universities.

If you are attending an elite High School, you will stand a better chance of gaining admission to an Ivy League University as you have access to hard classes and sophisticated counsellors who will walk you through the process.

Get professionals to help you

There is no straightforward way to do this. Getting professional help include meeting professors, and teaches to help you; this may not be people in your high school; it can any profession you know that can advise you on what to do.

There are online platforms out there that offer help to students who want to go into elite universities, you can research end get involved with any one of them that suits your needs.

Ivy League Schools Ranked According to their Acceptance Rate for Prospective Applicants

In a bid to help you apply to the least selective Ivy League school we are going to provide a table showing the rankings of the ivy league schools ranked according to their acceptance rate. Make sure you look out for an Ivy League school with the highest acceptance rate.

There are rankings out there of Ivy League schools ranked according to how prestigious they are in general. But the rankings you’re going to see below will see the ivy league universities ranked according to how selective they are when it comes to offering admission to prospective students

All the 8 Ivy League universities including the extra four Wich make up the 12 Ivy League schools are very selective.

There has been a report of these schools having only a 10% acceptance rate or even less. And if you set aside the extra four which are not amongst the official 8 Ivy schools the acceptance rates drop below 6%.

This ivy league school acceptance rate, in general, is extremely very slim and what it means is that if a hundred students should apply for admission in one of these schools only 6 of them would be admitted.

It has also been reported that the 8 IVY League schools acceptance favours students from the northeastern United States of America the more which can be confirmed by a large number of students from this part of America who are studying in most of these universities. If you from this part of the united states of America, you may be favoured by the ivy league school you want to apply to.

Table of the Ivy League Schools Ranked According to acceptance rate

Below is a table where the official 8 Ivy league schools are ranked according to their acceptance rate. Check the position of your prospective Ivy League school:

Admission statistics (Class of 2024)
ApplicantsAdmission rates

Ivy League Schools Ranked by Acceptance Rate

The 8 Ivy League schools ranked according to National Academics

This table will help you discover the ranking of your prospective Ivy league school on national academics before you apply.

When it comes to being prestigious the 8 Ivy League schools has always been ranked amongst the most prestigious universities.

Disregarding the unofficial four Schools which people consider to make up the 12 Ivy League schools, below is a table that shows the 8 Ivy League universities ranked according to National Academics.

As a prospective student of one of these universities, this ranking will help you discover the ranking of the ivy league school you interested in on the basis of National Academics

(in alphabetical order)

Ivy League Schools on the map | The location of each Ivy League School on a map

The location of each of the Ivy League Schools on a map:

The location of each of the Ivy League Schools on a map
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