Best Academic Outreach Programs from Commercial Companies

This article contains viable information on the available best Academic Outreach Programs from Commercial Companies and other important information about available academic opportunities.

There are a variety of academic outreach programs offered by different companies for different purposes, businesses, spheres, researchers, scientists, students etc. Such programs can include local or global community events both online and offline aimed at raising awareness, boosting different skill sets, learning something new, and much more.

Ultimately, academic outreach programs are focused on improving education in institutions, communities, organizations, etc. Such programs offer undeniable benefits to participants depending on their agenda and enable advanced knowledge exchange via access to valuable hard-to-get information and practical skills development.

In this piece, we’ve gathered some examples of academic outreach programs to showcase what they are and how you may take advantage of them.

Best Academic Outreach Programs

EOS Data Analytics Academic Outreach Program

EOS Data Analytics is a company specializing in cutting-edge satellite imagery analytics via its software products, catering to 22 industries. Having vast experience and deep expertise in geospatial data analysis, EOSDA has decided to launch its Academic Outreach Program created with the goal of supporting the academic community participants committed to developing solutions for tackling the most urgent global issues.

The EOSDA Academic Outreach Program is developed for GIS specialists, researchers, scientists, students, NGOs, and companies operating in the field of environment protection. The thought of creating this program sparked due to constant requests the company kept receiving regarding the usage of its products for scientific and research purposes. Therefore, EOSDA decided to start this special program offering participants the opportunity to uncover the possibilities of remote sensing.

The participants will be given access to the company’s two main software solutions — LandViewer and Crop Monitoring. LandViewer is a digital satellite imagery catalogue where users can search, analyze, and download satellite pictures all in one place. And Crop Monitoring is a smart farming tool that works based on advanced satellite data analytics.

The EOS Data Analytics Academic Outreach Program is one of the programs will offer different benefits for single and group categories of participants. The benefits for single participants include:

  • A student will get free access to the company’s tools for a limited time frame with the possibility to extend it later.
  • A scientist will get the same benefits as the student plus the chance to promote their own research via the company’s online events and blog.
  • A researcher will be able to access the company’s tools for free for 1 year (the time frame can be extended later) and promote their own research through the company’s sources.

The benefits for group participants like independent researchers, non-profit organizations, universities, academic researchers, students group, scientific researchers, and groups of scientists get 1-year access to the company’s tools at a discount with the possibility to extend it later and will be able to promote their research via company’s blog and online events.

Hyland Tech Outreach

This company offers different educational programs for learning computer science and boosting technology skills. Here are some of the main educational programs Hyland Tech Outreach provides:

  • Hy-Tech Club. This is a club for high schoolers who are eager to learn to code. The participants will study modern tech concepts and work on their own projects.
  • Hy-Tech Camps. These are designed to present students with various technology topics with the goal of helping them decide on what they enjoy or don’t enjoy doing.
  • Innovation Showdown. This is a team competition that encourages the use of creative thinking in students while trying to come up with innovative approaches to solving real-world issues.
  • Field Trips. The participants will be able to visit Hyland’s campus and see what a career in the IT industry looks like with their own eyes.
  • Hyland Hackathon. This is the opportunity for high schoolers and college students to visit the company’s headquarters in Westlake, Ohio while working on something cool and learning something new.

Adobe Academic Programs

From the professional Creative Cloud software package to the new free Adobe Express offering, Adobe offers teachers and students in elementary and middle grades the world’s best creative tools. Designed specifically for educators and students, Adobe Express for Education is developed for teaching and creating rich learning content. Creative Cloud Express is a package of desktop and browser solutions that empower students to unleash their creativity and master their communication skills. For school users, the Adobe Express for Education offering is free.

The company also offers a University Outreach Program. This is one of the academic outreach programs that offer opportunities for technical communication students from top universities to get free access to Adobe Technical Communication Suite. The company partners with numerous universities within the program, including SDI International University Munich, Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, Conestoga College, and many more.

Therefore, there are numerous opportunities for those who want to uncover new knowledge and skills in different spheres. Educational outreach programs can be a great solution to consider for either learning something entirely new or widening the knowledge and practical implementation of technologies and practices within your industry, business, field of research, etc.

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Digital DNA

Digital DNA has developed a programme called Digital Futures, to enable teens to realize what potential and the opportunities they have available specifically in the digital and tech sectors. More so, it will encourage the participants to contribute to their community. The program will also focus on developing leadership and entrepreneurial skills while exploring career opportunities.


Tech Outreach programme by Kainos is set to encourage the aspirations and achievements of kids and teens with the help of a business education partnership. The programme was developed with the goal to use the enthusiasm and skills of the Kainos team to educate and inspire young people.

Silicon Valley Outreach Program

This program was developed by NPS and the U.S. Commercial Service and enables students to visit Silicon Valley companies, including Palo Alto Networks, SRI International, Juniper Networks, and Ravenswood Solutions. It’s a great opportunity for both students and companies. Students can learn more about the capabilities of Silicon Valley tech companies while the companies can make useful connections with the students for future cooperation.

Tech Scholarships

  • Dell
  • Google
  • Raytheon


The Dell Scholars program “targets low-income, highly motivated” high school students and features a $20,000 scholarship. Beyond financial support, it provides a laptop, credits to buy used textbooks as well as mentorship and support.

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Among other Google scholarships, the Generation Google Scholarship awards $10,000 to college students studying computer science. Winners are also invited to the company’s annual summertime Google Scholars’ Retreat.


High school senior and full-time college students (except seniors) who participated in robotics program FIRST are eligible to apply for one of 40 scholarships worth $1,000 each.

Automotive industry Scholarships

  • Toyota
  • General Motors
  • Chevron
  • BMW
  • Shell


The TeenDrive365 Video Challenge awards scholarship money to new drivers who create multimedia PSAs about safe driving strategies. Prize money ranges from $300 to $15,000 

General Motors

Open to high school and nontraditional students (beyond dealership employees), the GM Women’s Retail Network Drive to Succeed Scholarship ($5,000) was developed for female students studying automotive management and technical fields.


Shell’s competitor partnered with the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) to fund undergraduate and graduate STEM degrees for Indigenous people of North America. The $5,000 scholarships could help pay for the AISES National Conference and may be renewed annually.


The German automaker partnered with the Society of Auto Engineers to award a renewable scholarship of $1,500 per year. Incoming first-year college students with a strong academic record must be pursuing an engineering degree to qualify.


The Shell Associate Scholarship Program gives $2,200 scholarships to aspiring technical or craft associate degree-holders attending approved community colleges. The oil and gas company also has scholarship opportunities for students seeking bachelor’s degrees.

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Food Industry Scholarships

  • McDonald’s
  • Taco Bell
  • Coca-Cola
  • Dr. Pepper


The McDonald’s HACER National Scholarship is meant for high school seniors with Hispanic heritage who have carried at least a 3.0 GPA.

Taco Bell

The Live Mas Scholarship calls for applicants (ages 16 to 24) to submit a 30-second to 2-minute video answering questions about college and career plans. In 2020, the program was slated to write $1 million in checks to 100 winners, with individual awards spanning $5,000 to $25,000.


The Coca-Cola Scholars Program Scholarship distributed $72 million to 6,300 high-achieving high school seniors. Coca-Cola’s other scholarship opportunities are awarded through Phi Theta Kappa.

Dr. Pepper

The soft drink company’s Tuition Giveaway program asks its applicants (ages 18 to 24) to upload a video about how they’ll change the world. The 2020 program was set to award prizes of $100,000 (five), $25,000 (five) and $2,500 (10).


Besides helping to fund college for its employees and their families, the BURGER KING℠ Scholars program helps high school seniors (with at least a 2.5 GPA) foot the bill for higher education. It sent out $4 million to 3,000 students in 2019.

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