Your IP Has Been Temporarily Blocked: Unblock your IP

Your IP has been temporarily blocked, and you are looking for ways to unblock it. The tips in this article will help you with that, including the ways you can better understand the problem and solve it.

There must be a reason why your IP address is blocked, and you may have found this to be worrisome because it is preventing you from accessing the Internet as you should.

If you do not use the resource links in the school library, but connect directly to them, your Internet service provider can prevent your computer from accessing the internet and that means that your IP has been blocked.

You may have been trying to login into your favourite site, and instead of the site loading properly and taking you to the homepage or dashboard you’ll see an error screen prompting you or you can’t access the server.

What this means is that you can’t access the webpage because your IP address may be temporarily blocked or you have been banned for a reason.

Although this may cause panic at first, there is no need to worry. Even if your own server is temporarily blocked, it does not mean that it is not working. It may temporarily ignore your request, but it’s still running and taking over the tasks of other visitors to your site.

Your IP Has Been Temporarily Blocked

How to find your IP address

To complicate matters a little bit, your computer has two different IP addresses: a local IP address (internal IP address) and a public IP address (external IP address).

In most cases, all you need to know is the local IP address. If anyone asks for your IP address assume what you are asked to provide is the local IP address.

The good news is that finding your computer’s IP address is easy, and the process is exactly the same no matter what version of Windows you’re using.

How to Find Local IP Address in Windows

  • Click the Start button, type cmd and press Enter.
  • A command line window opens, where you can enter operating system commands.
  • Type “ipconfig” and press Enter.
  • Look for the IPv4 address line above the Subnet mask. If you look up the IP address of your home computer, the IP address looks like this: 192.168.1.###.
find your ip

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Finding local and public IP addresses in a web browser

If you want to know your computer’s external IP address, tracking it down is easy: open a browser and visit

The site displays your public IP address at the top of the page and your local IP address slightly further down the page.

If you IP has been temporarily blocked and you can’t find it The steps above will help you with that.

What is IP blocking?

You can explain IP address blocking to be a scenario where the network configuration service restricts or blocks certain IP addresses.

It is used to block access to the server from a specific location or through a specific route.

Each device connected to the Internet is assigned a unique IP address that allows these devices to communicate with each other.

By using appropriate software on the host site, you can record the user’s IP address and determine the location or route of the user’s connection.

Blocking an IP address on a website prevents intruders or fraudsters from accessing it.

So if you’re getting errors when logging into a website, this may mean that your IP address has been blocked by a firewall.

Firewalls act as filters, allowing servers to differentiate and block any destructive access. It acts as a system that keeps the server secured. When malicious activity violates firewall rules, IP addresses are blocked.

To determine if your IP address is blocked, you should be aware of some reactions, such as pages not responding quickly or displaying a response timeout.

If this problem does not occur then you can try logging in from another network or device, e.g. If you access the website from another device or connection, your IP address is blocked.

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Why is my IP address temporarily blocked?

You may be trying to visit a website that is blocked by your location, or you may have tried to log in too many times, or your IP address meets the conditions for blocking this website, or you have violated the policies guiding websites.

Of course, you may have a question: why have you been blocked?

In particular, there are many reasons why your IP address is blocked. The reasons vary from network to network. But in most cases, the main reasons are:

Multiple login requests

If the user enters an incorrect username/password combination while trying to log in for more than the allowed time (usually 3 attempts), the firewall kicks in and blocks the IP address.

This prevents brute force attacks or attempts to guess the correct login information.

Banning a Country’s IP

It may also be blocked if the IP address is connected from a restricted geographic location or another country that does not grant access. IP addresses can also be blocked in certain countries.

An operation that looks suspicious

IP addresses can also be blocked if there are a few activities are considered suspicious or harmful to the server.

Violating the Rules of a Site

Another reason to block an IP address is that any activity coming from that IP address violates firewall or server rules.

If this happens, the system will block the IP address without hesitation on the basis of security reasons.

Scanning the Ports

Server port scan attempts are identified as a suspicious activity because hackers often use them to detect potential vulnerabilities.

More than one error response codes

In some cases, your IP address may be blocked if you see a series of error pages, such as a series of 403 errors, repeated or repeated 4XX error codes on the client side, and 5XX error codes on the server side.

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How long will the temporarily IP blocked last?

Temporary blocks are the most commonly used function blocks. It usually takes up to 24 hours.

How do you know if your ISP is blocking you?

Try accessing your website using a web browser. This is the easiest way to check if your ISP has blocked your website or use a proxy server to check your website.

How to unblock your IP address in Chrome?

Go to the Security tab, select Restricted websites and click the Websites button. This will display a list of the URLs of the websites flagged in the Restricted Websites section. Select the website and click the Remove button. Then restart Chrome and check if the site is working.

How to unblock IP

At this point, it is important to know that blocking IP addresses depends on the conditions of the web page, so unblocking IP addresses can also vary from web to web.

Some websites may sometimes send you an email after being blocked by a web server, the reason for the block and the first steps to take to unblock it.

Although some will notify you and guarantee that you will have to wait (mostly) 24 hours before the server automatically unblocks you.

If you see such instructions, follow them and wait for your IP address to be revoked.

On the other hand, some sites will not notify you of a block. So if you find yourself in this situation, don’t panic. Just complete a few simple tasks and you’re done.

Find out why you were blocked.

As mentioned earlier, you can be banned for a number of reasons. So try to find out why your IP address is blocked.

You can get this information by looking at the “Site Policies” at the bottom of the page so you know how to unblock your IP address.

Contact customer support.

If you do not receive the information in the Site Policies, you can contact customer service. You can do this in the Contact section.

Ask customer support representatives why you were blocked and the steps you need to take to unblock your IP. Once you get the manual instructions, follow them.

Contact the site owner or board.

One of the effective ways to unlock your IP address is to send an official request to the website owner or administrator.

Ask them to help you understand why your IP address is blocked and what you can do to prevent it.

This can also be done through their Contact Us page.

Use a VPN

If after everything you can’t unlock your IP address, you have no choice but to use a VPN. Yes, there are some secure VPNs that won’t compromise your data. Some of them are even free.


is your IP temporarily blocked? You may be interested to note that the methods we have discussed are not the only way to do this – there are a number of websites out there that will provide you with a step by step instructions on your you can get this done with ease.

However, if the website that blocked you doesn’t have such information, you can unlock your IP address and continue perusing the internet by following the steps above.


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