Wake Forest University Acceptance Rate, SAT/ACT, Tuition, Rankings

The acceptance rate at Wake Forest University has been discussed in this article, including vital information about the admission process and requirements for domestic, transfer and international students.

You will also find information about the tuition, and rankings of WFU.

While most colleges and universities in the United States have similar checklists for freshman admission requirements, there are always some subtle differences to keep in mind for high school seniors who want to beat their chances of getting into Wake Forest.

As mentioned, getting into this school takes more than just good grades and standardized test scores. Students must be able to demonstrate that they want to be active and productive in the student body and on campus.

Just as colleges have to make tough decisions about the students they accept, students also have to make tough decisions about which school they end up attending.

Wake Forest University Acceptance Rate

About Wake Forest University

Founded in 1834, Wake Forest University is a private liberal arts university. Although it is small, it has the resources of a larger institution.

Students choose Wake Forest over other comparable schools for a number of reasons, including small class sizes, scope and availability of study abroad programs, the strength of academic programs (especially accounting and other pre-professional programs), and commitment to community service as shown in its 700-strong volunteer army.

Other factors, such as personalized instruction and Atlantic Coast Athletic Conference affiliation, also make Wake Forest stand out. In 1996, Wake Forest University launched a comprehensive program to improve higher education. This program enables the wider use of information technology at the university.

All first-year students receive an IBM ThinkPad upon arrival on campus, which allows students to quickly and easily access the university’s complex computer network from almost anywhere on campus, including classrooms and residence halls.

Many other features of the program include the introduction of freshman workshops, the recruitment of faculty, and new scholarships.

The 340-acre campus in Winston-Salem is adjacent to the 150-acre Reynolds Gardens and features many renovated Georgian buildings.

Wake Forest University Acceptance Rate

Wake Forest University acceptance rate is 32%. It ranks 5th in North Carolina and 97th nationally with the lowest rate of admission. Wake Forest is a highly competitive school, and qualified applicants have a low chance of admission. Last year, 3,825 out of 11,959 applicants were accepted.

Most of the prospective students who apply to the university are in the top ten of high school. 38% of the students who end up getting accepted end up attending the school.

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How Wake Forest University Acceptance Rate Compare to the School Around it.

Wake Forest University acceptance rate is 32% and it is 92 percent lower than the national average acceptance rate of about 56.7 percent for all colleges.

Below is a list of some of the universities around the WFU and their acceptance rate.

SchoolAcceptance Rate
Winston-Salem State University67.6%
University of North Carolina School of the Arts28.9%
High Point University74.6%
Guilford College75.0%
Greensboro College77.1%

Admission Requirements Wake Forest University

Wake Forest is a selective institution, admitting less than half of its applicants each year. About three-quarters of the college’s last class of freshmen were in the top ten of their graduating class.

According to the admissions officers, the most important factors in the selection process are the applicant’s character, high school performance, class rank and essay.

Other important factors for admission are the candidate’s extracurricular activities, interviews, letters of recommendation and abilities.

The school may also consider state residency, a student’s alumni relations, ethnicity, geographic location, religious affiliation or allegiance, standardized test scores, if first-generation college student, volunteer work and interest level.

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What average ACT/SAT scores and GPA do you need?

We’ve briefly discussed the acceptance rate at Wake Forest University and how selective the school is, but here at Stay Informed Group, we want to ensure that students have all the information they need to be able to prepare well prior to their application.

To do this, knowledge is often the most important tool at your disposal. So, let’s cover everything you need to know about SAT, ACT, and GPA expectations when applying to Wake Forest.

On the SAT, the 25th percentile is 1310 and the 75th percentile is 1470. This means that if your score is 1310, getting into Wake Forest will be a tough battle, and your score will work against you.

On the other hand, if you score around 1470, you will be completely in a world of your own at Wake Forest and your application will definitely be taken very seriously.

The ACT 25% passing score is 29 and the 75% score is 33. Like the 25% score on the SAT, if you get a 29, your score is below average and will be difficult to be used to enter school. If you get a score of 33 or more, you look good compared to other applicants because your score is above average.

Finally, students admitted to Wake Forest tend to do well in high school in terms of GPA. In fact, students at Wake Forest have an average GPA of 3.9 out of an ideal 4.0.

If you’re wondering how to improve your GPA, one of the most rewarding ways to do this is to enrol in AP classes or honours classes with a weighted GPA. This means that if you get an A in an AP or Honors class, your GPA is actually greater than a 4.0!

What are the application requirements?

When applying to Wake Forest University, there are a few things you must submit in order to be considered. This includes:

  • Application fee is $85.00.
  • High school graduation report form
  • Teacher’s recommendation form
  • Official high/secondary school transcript
  • SAT/ACT scores (only if you wish to submit)
  • Official TOEFL or IELTS score report (for international students)
  • Confidential financial information form (for international students)

Wake Forest University  Application Deadlines

Early Decision INovember 15
Early Decision IIJanuary 1
Regular DecisionJanuary 1

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What is Wake Forest University looking for?

Wake Forest University is looking for intellectually curious and motivated students, as evidenced by their open course curriculum option, where students can create their own courses curriculum under the guidance of an instructor.

As one of the first schools to adopt an optional testing policy (the university began offering optional testing in 2008), Wake Forest prioritizes factors such as extracurricular involvement and diversity over raw data. While your studies and courses are undoubtedly important, WFU also wants to see students contribute outside the classroom.

“Applicants must provide evidence of maturity and achievement, as well as evidence of character and motivation to learn,” Wake Forest said, noting that “high school curriculum and classroom performance combined with student writing, extracurricular activities, and evidence of character and aptitude are paramount admission criteria.”

Wake Forest University Acceptance Rate for International Students and Admission

There is no official acceptance rate for international students at Wake Forest University.

The admission of international students is considered in the way that if domestic students are considered – just that international students will need to submit additional documents such as proof of English language proficiency and more.

International student status is based on citizenship, not where you went to school or lived permanently. If you need a Wake Forest-sponsored visa during your studies, you are considered an international student.

If you are an international student attending a US high school, please provide the additional information requested by international applicants.

This additional information is not required if you are a US citizen studying abroad. Students who receive a permanent resident card are considered US citizens and apply as one and not as international students.

Application Process for International Student

International students are to apply just as any other student. International students can also use the Early Decision or Regular Decision. Early Decision is a mandatory enrollment agreement if you are accepted. Before submitting, review the application checklist to ensure your application is complete.

Special information for international students:

  • International applicants must pay an application fee of $85.
  • An official Transcript is required from each attended high school, college or university. The evaluation of applications requires at least a four-year course of study. These records should contain information about courses completed and grades received. If necessary, the texts must be translated into English and attached with the original.
  • All international students whose first language is not English must take the TOEFL, IELTS or Duolingo tests. Official score reports must be sent from the testing platform directly to Wake Forest.
  • Wake Forest University does not require applicants to submit SAT or ACT scores on their application for admission. If you decide to submit scores, score reports must be submitted directly from the testing platform.
  • Confidential Financial Information for International Applicants [PDF] required. Remember to include tax forms, employer applications, bank statements or other documents that you send to verify the household’s assets. Your application will not be considered if WFU does not receive this official document.
  • Testing Information
Wake Forest CEEB: 5885
Wake Forest CEEB: 5885
Wake Forest Code: 3168

Wake forest university transfer acceptance rate and Admissions

At Wake Forest, 0.25% of students are transfer students, so you’re not alone.

Wake Forest University transfer acceptance rate is 5.26%, which means that the process is very competitive.

To easily transfer to Wake Forest, you must have a current GPA of at least 3.85 – ideally a GPA of around 4.0. In addition, you must submit standardized test results.

Wake Forest University accepts applications from transfer students, and the number of accepted transfer students varies by semester based on current enrolment. In general, a larger number of students are admitted in the fall semester than in the spring semester.

Applying to transfer to Wake Forest University

In order for your application to be processed, you must provide the following information:

  • $85 application fee (non-refundable)
  • Statements from all attended universities
  • Dean’s statement to transfer students from each college [PDF]; the Transfer College Report from the Common Application can also be used to confirm an academic record.
  • Last high school transcript
  • TOEFL/IELTS/Duolingo (international students only)
  • Submitting standardized test (SAT or ACT) results is optional.

Transfer students are eligible to participate in all need-based aid programs, except for international students. Merit-based scholarships are not available for transfer students. For more information about our need-based financial aid programs, visit the WFU financial aid website.

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Tuition and how much it cost to attend WFU

The average annual cost of attendance for full-time study at Wake Forest University is $83,324 and is available to all students regardless of where they live.

This fee includes $62,128in tuition, $10,448 in room and board, $1,500 in books and supplies, and $1,632 in personal expenses.

Wake Forest University’s out-of-state tuition is $62,128, the same as for North Carolina residents.

Tuition & Fees (Base)$62,128
Housing (standard double room)$10,448
Books and Supplies$1,500
Personal expenses$1,632
Fed Direct Loan Avg Fee$66
New Student Orientation Fee$270
TOTAL (Estimated):$83,324

Wake Forest University Rankings

For 26 years, Wake Forest University has consistently ranked in the top 30 in the nation’s higher education category.

As in previous years, Wake Forest is among the top 25 national universities on the Best Value list. The list is based on academic quality and, if necessary, the participation costs of students receiving financial support. The university is also ranked 29th in the Best undergraduate ranking in terms of teaching.

This year’s guide highlights the low student-to-staff ratio (11 to 1) and small class sizes that characterize Wake Forest’s academic experience. Half of Wake Forest’s undergraduate classes have fewer than 20 students, and just 1 percent of Wake Forest’s classes have more than 50 students, the lowest among the top 30 schools.

Wake Forest’s bachelor’s degree program is ranked 41st.

The Wake Forest Accounting Program (No. 36) and Study Abroad Program (No. 33) also scored highly in rankings focused on popular programs.



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