University of Delaware Acceptance Rate, Admissions, SAT/ACT, Tuition, Ranking

University of Delaware acceptance rate, tuition, rankings, SAT/ACT, GPAs, and other information you need about UD has been discussed in this article including application requirements and process for transfer, and international students.

The University of Delaware is a moderately selective and very competitive institution looking for ambitious and creative applicants from all walks of life.

The Admissions Committee places great emphasis on the choice of high school courses and general academic discipline. But more than a GPA, these grades are earned for core subjects such as English, math, science, history, and languages.

The University of Delaware is happy to provide admission for qualified Delaware residents and other outstate and international students.

While meeting all the academic requirements does not guarantee admission as there are other things the admission committee consider, however, qualified candidates can be admitted to the university without any problems.

Read more to learn everything you need to know about the University of Delaware (UD)’s acceptance rate and admission details.

University of Delaware Acceptance Rate

About the University of Delaware

Founded in 1743, the University of Delaware is a research university. Originally called Allison College, it was renamed Delaware College and in 1921 it was renamed the University of Delaware.

In 2011, the UD opened the School of Law and the School of Health Sciences. About 200 students have been admitted to study law and health science courses.

The university campus opened in 1891 and has a Recitation Hall built by the famous architect Frank Furness. It consists of four faculties and one HRIM department. The campus has an art centre and a music school.

The theatre program began in 2006. In addition, the Department of Foreign Languages ​​and Literature was established in the same year. In 2013, several new residential buildings were built.

In addition, the campus is known for its relaxed learning environment and is close to a pharmacy and many other shops where you can buy whatever a student would need. The residential buildings are in good and in healthy condition. They also have student dining areas.

Is the University of Delaware Right for You?

In addition to knowing the acceptance rates at the University of Delaware, it is also important to know whether or not this school is right for you.

In addition to being the largest educational institution in First State, the University of Delaware (UD or Udel) is also known in the state and nationally as a festive school with an exceptional Greek life.

Offering over 300 programs, this flagship school on a nearly 2,000-acre suburban campus is a great addition to your school’s list.

The University of Delaware is ideal for students who want to earn a degree and enjoy the process. As the most prestigious educational institution in the state, 90% of graduates have completed a bachelor’s degree or continue their studies. Graduates of this school start earning $45,600 a year after leaving the school.

University of Delaware Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate at the University of Delaware is 66%. It ranks fifth in Delaware with the lowest enrollment rate. UDel is a moderately competitive school and if you meet the requirements, there is a good chance of getting in. Last year, 22,209 of the 33,656 applicants were accepted.

The school has very high SAT and ACT admission requirements, and students typically accept applicants who at in the top 27% of test-takers (SAT 1150/1330 and ACT 25/30).

The University of Delaware generally accepts and attracts high school students with a GPA of about 3.78, meaning that A students are generally accepted.

Most accepted students are the ones who graduate from high school occupying the top quarter of all graduating students. Of those who have been admitted into this school about 19% end up attending the school.

How is the Acceptance rate at the University of Delaware (UD) different from other schools around it?

The University of Delaware enrollment rate is 26 percent higher than the national average which is about 56.7 percent.  University acceptance rates of schools around UDel are as follow:

SchoolAcceptance Rate
West Chester University of Pennsylvania75.3%
Villanova University28.2%
Rowan University74.3%
University of Pennsylvania7.7%
Drexel University74.7%

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University of Delaware Admission Requirements

The University of Delaware only accepts more than two-thirds of applicants, and its admission process is somewhat competitive. Most successful applicants have higher than average grades and test scores.

However, the University of Delaware has a holistic admissions process that takes into account factors other than your grade and test score.

A strong application and optional essay answers and eye-catching letters of recommendation can make your application more interesting, including participating in meaningful community services and activities and rigorous course work in high school.

It is also important to note that some majors have additional requirements, such as music and art courses.

SAT requirements and average SAT scores

The University of Delaware generally prefers applicants to be among the top 32 percent on the SAT test. The school is constantly reducing the cumulative SAT score to 1150 on a 1600-point scale, making admission very possible.

The average SAT composite score for accepted freshmen is estimated to be 1240/1600. The University of Delaware ranks No. 1 in Delaware with average combined SAT points and No. 177 nationally.

Competitive SAT scores are critical, as 70% of applicants submit SAT scores to UDel.

Average SAT Score Table

SAT Reading 25th580
SAT Math 25th570
SAT Composite 25th1150
SAT Reading 75th660
SAT Math 75th670
SAT Composite 75th1330
Average SAT Score1240

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ACT Requirements and Average ACT

According to the application data, UDel regularly admits students with an ACT of 25 or higher. Successful applicants typically submit ACT scores found to be among the 22 percent of test-takers nationwide.

Prospective students with an ACT essay of at least 28 should be at the top of the applicants, and students with a score of 30 and above have very competitive opportunities.

The school has the highest ACT average, ranking 1st in Delaware and 172nd in the United States. 25% of applicants submit ACT scores to the UD.

Average ACT Table

ACT Reading 25th24
ACT Math 25th23
ACT Composite 25th25
ACT Reading 75th32
ACT Math 75th29
ACT Composite 75th30
Average ACT Score27

Estimated GPA requirements and average GPA

Applicants must have earned good grades to enter UDel. The University of Delaware’s average GPA for admissions is 3.78 on a scale of 4.0, indicating that mostly, A students are accepted. The school has the highest GPA requirement in Delaware.

If the high school GPA meets these requirements, you have a good chance of getting in, as the UDel acceptance rate is 66%.

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How to apply to the University of Delaware (UD) as a Freshman

The University of Delaware offers about 100 minor and 150 major degrees. Students from different countries apply for more than 140 bachelor’s degree programs at various colleges at the university. Prospective students can apply through one of the application portals mentioned below.

  • You can apply for admission into UD using the Common Application or Coalition Application
  • What is the application fee? $75 (~ 5650 INR)
  • Applicants may submit an ACT or SAT score with their application. These scores are valid for 5 years.
  • Supporting documents: Official and translated transcripts sent directly to the undergraduate students’ office of admission. Together with 2 academic LOR and official test results directly from the testing agency.

University of Delaware Admission Deadlines

The University of Delaware admission process begins in the fall or spring. The table below shows the application times for international students:

Admission TypeDeadlines
Priority for FallJanuary 15
Priority for SpringNovember 1

What is the University of Delaware (UD)’s transfer acceptance rate?

The acceptance rate for transfer students at the University of Delaware is 59.03%. An average of 1,500 transfer students are admitted to the school.

What we have discussed above shows how difficult it is to transfer to UDel.

The University of Delaware has more than 1,500 transfer students as we have already mentioned. More than half of the transfer students are Delaware residents, the rest even from China. Whether you come from anywhere, UDel will turn your enthusiasm to succeed.

As you step into the campus, you will find a smart home where UD’s award-winning faculty is dedicated to developing your ideas.

Whether you are interested in art, science, business, or the humanities, the students and staff are ready to collaborate on projects that impact, expand knowledge, and change the world.

UD requirements for transfer students

  • The minimum school GPA required for transfer applicants is 2.50. Some majors require a higher college GPA and/or special course work.
  • The school require a high school diploma and previous high school studies.
  • Essay is also required from all applicants.
  • There is also a mandatory $75 application fee which is non-refundable.
  • Interview with applicant is open but not required.
  • Application Portal: transfer application

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University of Delaware (UD)’s Admission and Acceptance Rate for International Students

University of Delaware (UD)’s Acceptance Rate for International Students is not official and takes the same process as the general admission.

The admission experts at UD know how to evaluate academic records, transcripts and test results submitted by students from around the world. This is part of what makes applying for a UD so easy. Friendly and knowledgeable staff and a simple application process.

Apply online via UD Online Application .

The school publish their admission decisions continuously, which means that the sooner you apply, the sooner you will know if the University of Delaware can be a part of your future.

The University of Delaware offers a flexible admission process for international students. The faster you apply, the faster you will get a decision. Once you have submitted your complete application, you can receive a decision within two weeks.

At the University of Delaware, you can apply for the fall semester (late August to mid-December) or the spring term (late January to late May). Most freshmen decide to start the fall semester.


  • Applications for the fall semester must be submitted in March.
  • Spring semester applications must be completed by November.

The application process for International Students

1. Fill out the University of Delaware UD Online Application and pay the $75 application fee.

2. Send exam scores/official transcripts of all secondary and post-secondary work to the office for undergraduate students.

3. Submit test results:

  • TOEFL score of 79 iBT or higher **
  • IELTS 6.5 or higher ***

4. Send a letter of recommendation from your academic advisor or teacher.

University of Delaware Tuition Fees and Cost of Attendance

What it will cost to attend UD is based on an estimated student budget including tuition, housing, books/supplies, and personal/other expenses.

Tuition fees for the academic year include full-time study in both the autumn and spring semesters. These budgets are used to provide financial assistance and are published annually.

Actual costs may vary based on accommodation/meal options. See the accommodation or dining section for more information on these options.

Estimated Undergraduate Newark Campus Rates
Semester Costs*DE ResidentNon-Resident
Full Time Tuition (12+ credits)$6,685$17,945
Mandatory Full Time Fees$1,020$1,020
Room & Board (Standard)$7,117$7,117
Semester Total$14,822$26,082
Academic Year Total$29,644$52,164
Indirect Costs$2,800$2,800
Total Cost of Attendance $32,444$54,964

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University of Delaware Rankings

The University of Delaware is ranked the 38th best public school and 93rd among national universities, according to US News.

At the same time, it is Delaware’s most liberal college and the number 3 most diverse college according to Niche.

College Simply also ranks UD as the 35th best public university in the United States and the 1st best value college in Delaware.

Below are additional ranking UDel by other ranking platforms:

  • UD ranks #1 on the list of  Best Public Colleges in Delaware according to College Simply.
  • UD ranks #42 on the list of Top Public Universities in America according to Niche.
  • UD ranks #46 on the list of the Public Colleges according to Forbes.
  • UD ranks #53 on the list of the Best Colleges for Veterans according to US News.
  • UD ranks #58 on the list of the Colleges With the Best Student Life in America according to Niche.
  • UD ranks #76 on the list of the Research Universities according to Forbes.
  • UD ranks #108 on the list of the Top Colleges according to Forbes.
  • UD ranks #125 on the Best Value Schools according to US News.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Admissions and Acceptance of the University of Delaware

Below are some of the quotations students and applicants at UD always ask concerning the acceptance rate and admission at the school

Does the University of Delaware prefer SAT or ACT?

70% of students submit SAT points to the State Department. 25% of applicants submitted their ACT points with their application.

What are my chances of getting into the University of Delaware?

The acceptance rate at UD is 66%. The competition for admission is low and the admission requirements for the university are very high. Check that your grades and scores are sufficient for entry.

What SAT scores are required to get to the University of Delaware?

The average 50% of successful applicants had SAT scores between 1150 and 1330. 70% of students submit SAT points with their application. See if your SAT scores are enough to compete in the admission process.

What ACT points are required to enter the University of Delaware?

An average of 50% of successful applicants have an ACT score of 25-30. 25% of students submitted ACT scores with their application. See if your ACT score are enough to compete for admission positions.

How long should I wait for the University of Delaware admission decision?

In the case of freshmen, the admission department will begin notifying students six to eight weeks after the deadline. For applicants who applied for graduate programs, each academic program has its own application committee with different decision dates.

It is best to contact the specific program office and confirm with the program department when they will release the admission decision. Updates are also available on the status page of your application.

I would like to apply for more than two academic programs. Is it allowed?

The University of Delaware Graduate School allows applicants to apply to several degree programs. However, separate applications must be submitted for each program.

Application materials must also be uploaded separately and a separate application fee. This can be done by clicking the “Create Account” button when submitting a new application.

Can I make changes to my application after I submit my application online?

It cannot be changed after the application has been submitted. However, the following documents may be added: unofficial transcript, essays, written examinations, resume and supplements.

I am an international student, how do I do my interview?

Some graduate programs require an interview. This can be done by phone, in person, via Skype or otherwise. To this end, foreign applicants should contact their specific admission help office. Some programs also interview by invitation, so not everyone will be interviewed.



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