15+ Best Esthetician Schools in New York City

In this article, we have extensively talked about esthetician schools in New York City and we have also included colleges that offer beauty programs.

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Have you been searching for beauty schools in New York or do you specifically want to locate an esthetician institution in the New York City area? Then read this article to the end and probably, one of the esthetician colleges listed may not be too far from where you live.

Let us be the guide in your quest of searching for institutions that offer programs in esthetics.

Arguably, New York is one of the places on earth where your career brings you to the spotlight. And with a career in esthetics, you should be assured of your chances of getting employed or setting up your own business. let us imagine what an esthetician stands to achieve in the Big Apple.

We already know that estheticians are licensed and trained professionals in esthetics. They provide cosmetic skin treatment to clients and advise them on the best cosmetic products that compliment their skin tone. Other than that, estheticians do not perform advanced skin treatments.

Esthetician schools in new york city including colleges that offer decorative beauty programs strictly adhere to the required duration of 600 hours of study. completing the class is a step further to obtain a license.

Now let’s take a deeper scope on esthetics.

Best Esthetician Schools in New York City

Who is An Esthetician? 

An esthetician is an individual with expertise in cosmetic skin treatments and total skin beautification. Estheticians perform skin treatments such as waxing, exfoliation, chemical peels, micro-needling, etc.

As trained experts in esthetics, estheticians will perform facials, apply makeup, and advise clients on the best cosmetic product to use. 

What is The Job of An Esthetician? 

The job of an esthetician is mainly to analyze and beautify the skin. Apart from that, they can also;

  • Lecture individuals on makeup application
  • Advise client’s on the best cosmetic products for their skin
  • Provide facials, waxing, micro-needling, and body treatment 
  • Accommodate and welcome client’s in a polite manner

An esthetician’s ultimate goal is to rejuvenate the wrinkled skin of their clients with the necessary skincare products.

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Restricted Skin Treatment for Estheticians

Estheticians are specialists in skin beautification and not medical professionals. For this reason, they cannot;

  • Administer Botox
  • Perform treatment on superficial layers of the skin
  • Diagnose a client with a skin condition
  • Prescribe medications
  • Propose or offer skin treatment to clients

Beauty Schools Near Me

If you have been searching for beauty schools closer to your area and you are finding it a bit difficult to locate one.

You can search on Google by typing in the keyword “Beauty Schools Near Me” to locate the nearest esthetician institution. 

However, if you’re a resident of the Big Apple you might want to stick around to find out if the esthetician schools in New York City listed in this article are the closest to you.

Requirements for Becoming a Licensed Esthetician in New York City

There are requirements in New York for esthetician licensure. Each state in the U.S has its requirements for licensure and that of New York is not any different.

To obtain an esthetician license, it is highly recommended that you follow these steps sequentially.

Complete an Accredited Program in Esthetics 

The early stages of becoming a licensed esthetician in New York have to be completing an accredited program in esthetics. 

For licensure as an esthetician, you must complete a minimum of 600 hours of study in a Division of Licensing Services accredited program. The program curriculum must include courses in makeup artistry facials, hair removal with other technical skills.

Some of the courses included in an esthetician program are;

  • Makeup techniques 
  • Electricity and machines 
  • Superfluous hair
  • Facial and body procedure 
  • Bacteriology 
  • Safety and health

These are most of the courses attached to a program’s curriculum at beauty colleges in New York City. 

Submit an Esthetics License Application

The next step in your pursuit to become a licensed esthetician is the submission of an esthetics license application.

Once you have completed an accredited esthetician program, you become eligible and must complete the esthetics license application. The simplest method to apply for the license is through an online application as recommended by the Division of Licensing Services.

Additional requirements to obtain the license include;

  • Being over 17 years of age to be eligible for licensure 
  • Pay a $40 application fee
  • All estheticians must go through a physical by a medical practitioner.

Register For the Licensure Exams

A step further to obtaining your license as an esthetician include registering for an online account with NYS License Center. If you are not registered with NYS License Center, you can head to this registration site and click “I Need a NY.gov ID”.

The written and practical exams both cost $15 and payments are made online. After registration, you will receive notifications on exam confirmations, regarding exam location, time, and dates.

Take the Written and Practical Esthetician Examinations

To sit for the esthetician written exam, you must;

  • Provide a government-issued ID with a photo
  • You must have a copy of your examination confirmation 
  • You must score a minimum of 75%.

Attending one of the top esthetician schools in New York City is not a guarantee for licensure. If you want to become a licensed esthetician in New York, you must write and pass the relevant examinations.(Opens in a new browser tab)

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15+ Best Esthetician Schools in New York City

Here are the best esthetician institutions in New York City, including colleges and beauty programs offered at each school.

1. Aesthetic Science Institute School of Appearance Enhancement 

  • Tuition: $7,600
  • Kit Cost: $1,000
  • School Address: 922 Troy Schenectady Rd Latham, NY 12110

Aesthetic Science Institute offers a wide range of courses in esthetics. The institution is one of the esthetician schools in New York that offers online courses in esthetics. 

The graduation rate 

The graduation and licensure rates are 96% and 100% respectively. If you are enrolled at Aesthetic Science Institute, you will acquire technical skills in esthetics offered by a team of professional instructors. 

Some of the advanced classes offered at this esthetician school include CIDESCO Postgraduate Program, Nail Design Series, Dual Microdermabrasion Chemical Peel, Dermaplaning, Eyelash Extension, Microcurrent, Laser Hair Removal, etc.

Besides offering these advanced classes, Aesthetics Science Institute also has affordable tuition that entices students. 

If you have been searching for the best esthetician colleges in New York City, perhaps Aesthetics Science Institute meets your required standards in a beauty school.

Be a part of this esthetician school by visiting the institution’s official website via the link below.

2. Atelier Esthétique Institute of Esthetics

  • Tuition: $7,500
  • Kit Cost: $1,000
  • School Address: 226 West 26th Street, 7th floor, New York, NY 10001

Atelier Institute is one of the top beauty schools located in New York City and they offer esthetic courses that are less expensive.

The advanced esthetic courses offered at Atelier Institute include Aromatherapy, Brazilian Waxing, Chemical Peels, Spa Management, Laser Hair Removal, Microdermabrasion, and Microcurrent Technology.

If you want to enrol at Atelier Institute or want to find out more about their advanced courses, you can visit the school’s official website via the link below.

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3. Career School of New York

  • Tuition: $4,520
  • Kit Cost: $450
  • School Address: 350 ST. MARKS PL STATEN ISLAND, NY 10301

Career School of New York offers lots of courses in both cosmetology and esthetics. They offer training courses in esthetics, and you will acquire technical skills in makeup artistry. To graduate from this esthetician school, you must complete the 600-hour program in esthetics.

The esthetician colleges in New York City are focused on providing state-of-the-art esthetic education to the students and Career School is not excluded. 

Students who graduated from the Career School of New York are prepared for state licensing exams and can start up their careers as licensed estheticians. 

If you are interested in the 12-month esthetics program offered at Career School of New York, you can get more information on the institution’s official website.

4. Christine Valmy International School

  • Tuition: $9,265
  • Kit Cost: $685
  • School Address: 1501 Broadway, Suite 700, New York, NY 10036

When we are talking about esthetician schools in New York City and the beauty programs offered, it will be incomplete without Christine Valmy International School. 

Students enrolled at Christine Valmy International receive top-level technical training in skincare with business insight to build a successful career in esthetics. 

If you want the opportunity to work in med-spas or dermatologist offices, you can find out more about the esthetics courses offered at Christine Valmy International by visiting the institution’s website. 

5. New York School of Esthetics

  • Tuition: $7,375
  • Kit Cost: $1,300
  • School Address:  239 Central Avenue, 3rd Floor, White Plains, N.Y. 10606

New York School of Esthetics offers an esthetician program with a curriculum that tends to prepare students for a reputable career in esthetics.

As one of the top esthetician schools in New York City, the institution provides a conducive learning atmosphere aimed at grooming the students into the elite of estheticians. 

The program is also designed to prepare students for state licensing exams. 

Get more information about esthetics programs offered in the New York School Of Esthetics by visiting the college’s website. 

6. New York Institute of Beauty 

  • Tuition: $8,695
  • Kit Cost: $300
  • School Address:  11 Oval Drive, Suite #180, Islandia, NY 11749

New York Institute of Beauty offers a variety of esthetics courses and advanced education.

The courses offered at this esthetician school include Waxing, Advanced Esthetics, Nail Specialty, Esthetics, and Beauty Essentials Makearguably esthetician program offered at the New York Institute of Beauty is designed to prepare students for entry-level jobs and state licensing exams. The program also incorporates practical training in professional makeup, and skin disorders.

New York Institute of Beauty is arguably one of the best esthetician institutions in New York City, and if you want to get more information about the institution’s esthetic programs, kindly visit their website via the link below. 

7. Arrojo Cosmetology School

  • Tuition: $8,900
  • Kit Cost: Not Available
  • School Address: 56 KING ST.NEW YORK, NY 10014

One of the important aspects of attending a beauty school is acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge in esthetics.

Arrojo Cosmetology School offers an esthetician program that accommodates and prepares students for the state licensing exams and career jobs. The program is designed to offer top-notch technical training in skincare through its student salon and spa.

Once you graduate from this, you automatically become a specialist in waxing, facials, and makeup application. 

Go through one of the best beauty schools in New York City by enrolling at Arrojo Cosmetology School. Find out more about the esthetics program offered at Arrojo Cosmetology by visiting the institution’s website.

8. Beckowits School

  • Tuition: $10,450
  • Kit Cost: Not Available
  • School Address: 107-25 METROPOLITAN AVENUE FOREST HILLS, NY 11375

Esthetician institutions in New York City including colleges offering beauty programs have a standard duration for students to complete a program.

Beckowits School is not excluded from the standard duration and it offers an esthetic program that covers the required 600 hours. Out of that number of hours in the program, 207 are strictly for theory and 393 are for practical hours.

If you are interested to learn about makeup, hair removal, and facials, from a team of professional instructors. Get in touch with Beckowits today.

9. Aveda Institute New York

  • Tuition: $10,995
  • Kit Cost: Not Available
  • School Address:  233 Spring Street, New York, NY 10013

If you are searching for an esthetician school or top colleges that offer beauty programs in New York City, Aveda Institute is the perfect place to explore. 

At Aveda Institute New York, you will learn technical skills in waxing, facials, makeup application, and body treatments.

Get more details about esthetician programs at Aveda by visiting the institution’s website via the link below. 

10. American Beauty Institute

  • Tuition: Not Available 
  • Kit Cost: Not Available
  • School Address: 30 W. 32nd Street 4th Fl., New York, NY 10001

American Beauty Institute is one of the best and most diverse beauty schools in New York City. 

The esthetic programs offered at American Beauty Institute are available in English, Korean, and Chinese.

This program is more suitable for international students, and if you are one, you are just a click away from getting more information about this esthetic program.

11. Capri New York 

  • Tuition: $14,100
  • Kit Cost: Not Available 
  • School Address:  251 West Route 59, Nanuet, NY 10954

Among esthetician colleges in New York City, Capri makes it to the list. 

Capri offers an esthetic and makeup program aimed at grooming students into becoming specialists in facials, makeup applications, and body treatments.

If you want to enroll in this program which prepares you for state licensing exams, get more details by visiting the school’s official website.

12. Dermalogica Academy

  • Tuition: $10,100
  • Kit Cost: $900
  • School Address: 140 W 22nd Street New York, NY 10011-2420

If you are searching for beauty programs at esthetician colleges in New York City, perhaps you should consider Dermalogica Academy.

Students enrolled at Dermalogica Academy acquire state-of-the-art technical skills in esthetics that sets them on a path to entry-level jobs.

13. Beval International Beauty School

  • Tuition:  Not Available
  • Kit Cost: Not Available
  • School Address: 985 Church St Baldwin, NY 11510

Beval International School is one of the small-sized esthetician schools in New York City, that offers a variety of beauty programs.

Some of the programs offered at Beval International include Esthetics, Cosmetology, Waxing, Natural Hair Styling, Nail Specialist, and Advanced Certificate Courses.

If you want to enroll in the small classes and technical training in esthetics at Beval International Beauty School. Kindly click the link below to head to the school’s official website. 

14. Long Island Nail and Skincare Institute

  • Tuition: $8,995
  • Kit Cost: $500 
  • School Address: 3709 HEMPSTEAD TURNPIKE LEVITTOWN, NY 11756

In this list of esthetician schools and beauty programs offered at various colleges in New York City comes Long Island Nail and Skin Care Institute.

The esthetic program offered at Long Island is designed to inculcate technical skills in makeup, bacteriology, and facial treatment. 

You will get more information about esthetics programs at Long Island when you visit their official website.

15. John Paolo’s Xtreme Beauty Institute

  • Tuition: $9,300
  • Kit Cost: $250
  • School Address: 2144 Doubleday Ave (8,490.97 km) 12020 Ballston Spa, NY, US

John Paolo’s Xtreme Beauty Institute makes it to the list of esthetician schools in New York City, based on the beauty programs offered at the institution.

Students enrolled at John Paolo’s receive technical training from a team of professionals to nurture their careers as estheticians.

16. Continental School of Beauty 

  • Tuition: $8,050
  • Kit Cost: $4,075
  • School Address: 2803 Brewerton RdMattydale, NY 13211

We are still on the esthetician schools in New York City and out of all colleges offering beauty programs, Continental School of Beauty makes it to the list. 

Continental School of Beauty offers an affordable esthetic program that entices lots of students to enroll at the institution. 

Upon graduating from this program, you will be a specialist in facials, waxing, and body procedures. 

Find out about this program by visiting the official website of Continental School of Beauty.

Top 10 Highest Paying Cities in New York For Estheticians

CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
New York City$45,847$3,821$882$22.04
East Meadow$38,444$3,204$739$18.48
Source: https://www.ziprecruiter.com/

Best Related Licensed Esthetician Jobs That Pay Well

Job TitleAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
RN Aesthetician$76,852$6,404$1,478$36.95
Remote Licensed Esthetician$72,137$6,011$1,387$34.68
Work From Home Licensed Esthetician$71,848$5,987$1,382$34.54
Lead Esthetician$69,043$5,754$1,328$33.19
Work From Home Esthetician$66,965$5,580$1,288$32.19
Source: https://www.ziprecruiter.com/


New York is one of the best places in the world you ought to start up any career and more especially one in esthetics.

We have extensively provided the information you need about esthetician schools including colleges that offer various beauty programs. To earn a license as an esthetician, the sequential steps must be filled accordingly.



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