Explore Top 9 GIFs to Mp4 Converters | Best converter for GIF to Mp4

Discover a converter among the 9 GIFs to Mp4 Converters that you make use of right now and convert gif to mp4 with ease and without losing the quality of your file.

Nowadays most people are searching for the best GIF to video converter to play GIF files on their media player. To make this happen, it’s crucial a GIF file must be converted into an MP4 file which is likely the most widespread format.

Moreover, many people like to share MP4 videos on social media networks, therefore, you need to get the best GIF file to Mp4 converters that work best for such conversions. There are a numberless of tools spread on the internet so it is difficult to choose one of them here we introduced the 9 best GIF to Mp4 converter sources that let you turn GIF into MP4 without reducing the quality of the file. 

Remember That!

When it comes to converting GIF animated or static image file conversion, you have to seek a tool that does not impact the quality of the resultant file. This is where you have to attain GIF to MP4 converter by theonlineconverter.com that provided you with high-quality Mp4 files from uploaded GIFs.

GIF to Mp4 converter


Zamzar is a conversion application that is specifically designed to convert from one format to another. It is equally used to convert GIFs to MP4 files with the assistance of an online GIF to MP4 converter. Some of the other file formats that you can convert your MP4 file by using Zamzar are 3GPP2 Multimedia, 3GPP Multimedia, AC3 Audio files, as well as other advanced Audio files.

Steps to convert files with Zamzar:

Step 1:

● First of all, input the location of the specific GIF file you want to convert to MP4, or enter the URL into the field provided.

Step 2:

● Once the completion of the inputting process, select the output file to MP4 by clicking the “Convert files to” button.

Step 3:

● Input the email address to which the converted file will be sent, and begin to convert by clicking on the “Download.’ This will only take a few minutes to be completed.

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Among other converters available for a GIF to video converter online, the FileZigZag is an ideal choice for the conversion of GIF to an MP4 file format. The process is just as simple and easy as you need to upload your GIF file and ensure you select MP4 from the converting list provided. Check the details below.

Steps to convert files with FileZigZag:

Step 1:

● Go to the ZigZag on the internet, and input the GIF file that you want to be converted to MP4 through simple mouse clicks on the “select” button of this GIF to Mp4 converter

Step 2:

● Select the output file type for the already converted file and after that choose MP4 format as your output file from the provided drop-down list.

Step 3:

● Input the email address through which the new MP4 file will be received. Begin to do the file conversion, all you need to os click on the “Convert” button. If you are successful in this process, you will be able to view the progress in the already completed progress bar.


This tool is the free and best source for converting one file to another compatible file format. As the name shows that it is loaded with an online GIF to video converter and you can transform more than one GIF file into Mp4 videos while keeping the quality high. Here now you can easily convert static or animated frames of GIF files into a single MP4 video file with the help of this GIF to MP4 converter. Additionally, you can also get quality conversions for various file types like images, audios, videos, documents, PDFs, and more under processing.

Steps to convert files with theonlineconverter:

Step 1:

● Enter URL, drag & drop, or just upload the GIF file that you want to change into MP4 with this online GIF to Mp4 converter

Step 2:

● Hit a “Convert” button to export gif as mp4

Step 3:

● Press a “Download” button and then save GIF as MP4 video file on your desired location


The Ezgift is another good source of GIF to Mp4 converter for suitable changing video from GIF files to MP4. It can be used to convert your uploaded videos or the Video URL in a more convenient and simple way. The process of how you can use this Gif to video converter to change your GIF file to MP4 is provided below.

Steps to convert files with Ezgift:

Step 1:

● Firstly, you have to upload GIF files (static or frames) from your computer system into the Ezgift to carry out the conversion. The next you need to do is to click “Choose File” to access the GIF image or video that has been converted to your preferred MP4 format. It is still possible to achieve the same result when you use the GIF to video converter.

Step 2:

● Hit the “Convert to MP4” icon, and the GIF to Mp4 converter will output your converted MP4 format with extreme quality. In this regard, you can always convert your GIF to an MP4 format quickly.

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The ConverterLite is one of the best GIF to Mp4 converter sources that lets you to change GIFs into MP4 files, and is the best option while researching for a GIF to video converter download online. It is specifically designed to help in converting not only videos but also audio file formats. This converter does not take up much storage space in your device, and you can get it downloaded to your Windows or Mac without taking up much space.

Steps to convert files with ConverterLite:

Step 1:

● Input the GIF file into the ConverterLite program. You can do this through two methods, which are through the use of the file URL or through the drag and drop method.

Step 2:

● After uploading the files, choose your output file format, which should be MP4 in this case.

Step 3:

● Begin the file export by clicking the “Start” button. You only need to exercise little patience for the process to finish transforming before you can download the MP4 files to your device.


CloudConvert is another software for conversions, you can always find a GIF to MP4 converter online with it. This tool is evenly good in converting your GIF file format to MP4 without losing file quality. Following are the steps to get your GIF converted to MP4 file format by using the CloudConvert file converter.

Steps to convert files with CloudConvert  

Step 1:

  • Go to the CloudConvert site on the internet online, and then input your GIF files by clicking the “Select Files” bar, choose the GIF file you want to convert from your computer document.

Step 2:

  • Once picking the GIF file, you are planning to convert, select the drop-down list and click “MP4” amidst the video type, and set it up as your convert format.

Step 3:

  • Switch on the “Start Convert” to start converting, and the complete progress will be displayed on the screen. When the conversion process is completed, you can download the file converted.

Filmora Video Editor:

This software is well-known for video file format conversions and it is best to convert GIF to MP4 online. Besides being a good GIF to MP4 converter, it also works for editing the video and can also be used for some unique effects to video.

Steps to convert files with Filmora Video Editor:

Step 1:

  • Open the Filmora app on your computer and import the GIF file by clicking on the “Import” button, after that select the GIF you want to convert. Importing the GIF file can equally be done through a simple drag-and-drop method or uploaded the file.

Step 2:

  • Select MP4 as the output file format, and start exporting the file by clicking the “convert” button. With this software, you can turn GIF into MP4 within the shortest time.


The AVC also known as Any Video Converter and is an amazing choice while looking for a free good GIF to MP4 converter. With this video file converter, you can convert GIF video files to MP4 online irrespective of whether the video hosting website still maintains the file quality. This converter comes with a built-in DVD compatible with different mobile devices, such as the FFMPEG. So, it is best if you want to learn how to convert a GIF to MP4 online.

Steps to convert files with AVC

Step 1:

  • Hit the “Add Video (s)” icon to input your GIF file single or multiples into the converter.

Step 2:

  • Select your output format, which is MP4, from the top drop-down menu to convert your GIF files to MP4.

Step 3:

  • When the process is completed, hit the “Convert” button to begin the conversion. At the end of the process, you can download the MP4 files instantly.

GIF Cracker:

The GIF Cracker is an excellent program when there is a need to convert GIF files to MP4 online. This is important because it will help you to get the outfit in a highly compatible format for many devices.

Steps to convert files with GIF Cracker:

Step 1:

  • Select your GIF photo or video ready to be converted to MP4.

Step 2:

  • Set up your conversion option with this GIF to MP4 converter.

Step 3:

  • Choose the “Start Conversion” option to turn gif into mp4 immediately.
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