Northwestern Engineering Ranking, Acceptance Rate, SAT Scores and Tuition in 2020

Northwestern Engineering Ranking seems to be one of the perpetually topping rankings in the USA Engineering. In bid to offer the needed information by students who are in searching for it as it regards to the engineering aspect of the Northwestern University. Stay Informed Group have research and we are poised to provide information about the Northwestern Engineering Acceptance Rate, courses, research and SAT scores.

Northwestern Engineering Ranking

List of Northwestern Engineering Courses:

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Manufacturing And Design Engineering
  • Materials Science And Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

The content will answer questions regarding the northwestern university in the following areas:

  • What is the Northwestern Engineering Ranking?
  • What is the Northwestern Engineering Acceptance Rate?
  • What is the Northwestern Engineering Research?
  • What is the Northwestern Engineering SAT Scores?
  • What is the Northwest Engineering Address?
  • What is the Northwest Engineering Tuition Fee?
  • What is the Northwest Engineering Application Link

As stated. This article was drafted in bid to provide answers concerning the Northwestern University Engineering.

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Northwestern University Engineering

Northwestern Engineering

Obtaining a degree in engineering is one thing and being recognized as a sophisticated engineer is another thing altogether.

Where a student obtained his or her engineering is degree is considered to be as important as the engineering degree itself. And down through the years  Northwestern University Engineering school and Applied Science is one of the world’s most recognized.

The Northwestern Engineering Ranking is considered always constantly amongst the best owing to it’s excellent delivering of engineering Programs. The Northwestern Engineering Acceptance rate is also something to look out for before applying to study in this institution, because it determines your chances of being accepted.

There are a good number of Northwestern Engineering Courses and disciplines obtainable.

North Western Engineering courses covers a reasonable wide range of Engineering disciplines, Most of it’s engineering classes, including the Engineering graduate courses are being held in the Technological Institute which was built in 1942. Students generally refer to this Technological Institute as “Tech.”

The Northwestern Engineering School has affiliations with a wide range of companies such as Ford, and many world recognized automobile companies that are ready to employ the students immediately after graduation to start practicing what they have learnt in the institution.

Northwestern Engineering Ranking

The Northwestern engineering ranking is different from the general northwestern university ranking.

There are many things to be considered when ranking, which was considered before this ranks were made official.

Northwestern Engineering graduate school, and it’s performances in other courses were also taking into consideration.

  • Northwestern Engineering courses ranks 11 in the US.
  • Northwestern university as a whole ranks 37 in the US and 43 in the world.

Ranking Details

  • The Best Engineering School in Illinois
  • The Best Engineering School in The Midwest
  • Ranked #11 Engineering School in USA
  • The Best Electrical Engineering School
  • The Best Mechanical Engineering School
  • The Best Engineering Physics School
  • The Best Engineering Technology School
  • The Best Engineering Management School
  • The Best Industrial Engineering School
  • The Best Materials Engineering School
  • The Best Computer Engineering School
  • The Best Civil Engineering School
  • The Best Environmental Engineering School
  • The Best Chemical Engineering School
  • The Best Biomedical Engineering School
  • The Best General Engineering School

The State of Illinois Rankings

  • The Best Mechanical Engineering School
  • The Best Industrial Engineering School
  • The Best Engineering Physics School
  • The Best Engineering Technology School
  • The Best Engineering Management School
  • The Best General Engineering School
  • The Best Materials Engineering School
  • The Best Environmental Engineering School
  • The Best Biomedical Engineering School
  • The Best Civil Engineering School
  • The Best Computer Engineering School
  • The Second Best Electrical Engineering School
  • The Second Best Chemical Engineering School

The Midwest Regional Rankings

  • The Best Engineering Technology School
  • The Second Best Industrial Engineering School
  • Ranked #4 Engineering Management School
  • Ranked #5 Materials Engineering School
  • Ranked #5 Computer Engineering School
  • Ranked #6 Environmental Engineering School
  • Ranked #7 Civil Engineering School
  • Ranked #9 Engineering Physics School
  • Ranked #9 Mechanical Engineering School
  • Ranked #10 General Engineering School
  • Ranked #10 Chemical Engineering School
  • Ranked #11 Biomedical Engineering School
  • Ranked #12 Electrical Engineering School

Northwestern Engineering Acceptance Rate

The Northwestern Engineering acceptance rate used to be 6% on average. But for or the 2018 admission year it was stated that Northwestern received 4,058 applicants, a 6% increase in the number received the previous year.

As usual, applicants who come earlier will fill about half all the entering class, which will total about 1,925 students.

It was stated by, that the Northwestern Engineering acceptance rate was 10.7% in 2018, this implies that they only accepted 3,371 of the 37,255 students who applied.

The Early Decision admission rate was 35%, this policy is extended across the Northwest University in total, and the applicants accepted in the early round filled 55% of all the engineering class.

More than 90 percent of all applicants were in top 10% of the class is graduating.

As for test scores: the average 50% of accepted students scored between 1440-1540 on the SAT & 32-34 on ACT. 67% of accepted students also intended to merge two or more fields of study. 12% of matriculating students are seen to be Hispanic or Latinx, 19% are Asian, 10% are black, and 10% are international students.

Considering the mode of admission down through the years, Northwestern Engineering acceptance rate is 13%.

Note: Early applicants are given more attention, and they stand a better chance of being offered an admission.

Northwestern  Engineering SAT Scores

Here are things to know if you want to submit SAT scores to Northwestern Engineering School:

Northwestern engineering are open to the acceptance of SAT or ACT scores, students are allowed to submit both if they want. You can also report your scores by yourself, but you are required to submit the official scores when accepted into the institution. You are allowed to report your highest scores on each section in all of your test dates.

For most programs SAT subject tests are optional and required for the Honors Program in Integrated Science Program and Medical Education.The Essay component if the SAT is optional.

What do you  really need to score for a good chance of getting in?

It has been discovered that the average SAT score of admitted students is an impressive 1510. For a better understanding of your chances, here are the percentage:

  • The 25th percentile for Northwestern Engineering SAT scores is 1420.
  • The 75th percentile for Northwestern  Engineering SAT scores is 1560.

What does this mean?

This implies that if you score a 1420 or less, you will be below average to applicants who score higher. But if you score 1560 or higher then you are above average.

So if you want the best chance of getting accepted, then you will want to score 1560 or even higher

The percentiles for all SAT section:

SectionAverage25th Percentile75th Percentile

Northwestern Engineering ACT Scores

If you planning to submit ACT scores to Northwestern Engineering School:

It is important that you self-report your highest composite test score in overall – that is from one particular test sitting.

The Writing test is optional.

The 25th percentile for Northwestern Engineering ACT scores is 32.

The 7th percentile for Northwestern Engineering ACT scores is 34.

This implies that a 32 or a lower score will place you below the average compared to other applicants who score higher while a 34 or higher score will place you above the average compare to students who score lower

That said, it’s advisable to continue taking the SAT until you crack the 34. It’s just a tall order, but we know you can do it.

A Rundown

ACT Section25th Percentile75th Percentile

The Northwestern Engineering Tuition

North western Engineering undergraduate tuition

Tuition                                                         $18,040/quarter*
Associated Student Government (ASG) Activity Fee $64/quarter
Athletic Events Fee                                       $55/year
Undergraduate Student Health Fee               $67/quarter
NU-SHIP Annual Premiumvaries by coverage period (see below)
Room and Board                                              $16,626/year (estimated)
Books and Supplies                                         $1,605/year (estimated)
Personal Expenses                             $1,850/year (estimated)
Transportation                                    varies
APPROXIMATE TOTAL                             $75,753/year

Northwestern Engineering grad tuition fees is undisclosed.

Northwestern Engineering Courses

The Northwestern Engineering Courses are offered in the best possible and simplest way. Students who obtained their engineering degree from this institution are considered a force to recon with with in the field of engineering. There are many engineering degree courses offered by this institution. Students are left with a wide range of options to choose from.

Applied Mathematics

You’ll learn and understand how to apply mathematical ideas, modeling, including techniques to solving problems that arise in the engineering and science fields.

Biomedical Engineering

You’ll learn and understand to apply the engineering techniques you’ve learnt to the analysis of biological systems, in providing coherence and integration of biology and engineering.

Chemical Engineering

You’ll solve problems in practical form that has to do with chemistry and biochemistry, and the composition and constituents or structure of materials.

Civil Engineering

Learn to plan, build, and also learn how to operate the public infrastructure, encompassing roads, airports, tunnels, bridges, water supplies, and power related facilities.

Computer Engineering

Know the design and engineering of the computer hardware and its software. This area of study deals with computer engineering, including computer science, electrical engineering etc.

Computer Science

Challenge the challenges posed by the globe of ubiquitous, networked, interactive multimedia computing etc.

Electrical Engineering

Learn how to investigate the development and the application of electronic and technologies in optics for generating, processing information and communicating.

Environmental Engineering

Learn to develop and how to apply scientific and sound technological knowledge in eliminating or reducing environmental problems.

Industrial Engineering

Learn the design, analysis, execution, operation, and enhancement of systems, that brings society’s most important goods and services.

Manufacturing And Design Engineering

You’ll learn to integrate design and sound manufacturing processes, into a sophisticated system, including all parts of product realization, cutting from product design and across manufacturing technologies and its operations.

Materials Science And Engineering

Learn the building of high-technology small and big materials, with concentration on the scientific reasons, how and why materials show the Characteristics they do.

Mechanical Engineering

Study in a very classified and diversifying field that encompasses areas such as the robotics you wonder about, including the biological molecular machines, systems (MEMS), microelectromechanical, nanotechnology, product design, and manufacturing via the help of a computer.

Integrated Engineering Studies

You can develop an intuitive engineering degree program of your choice to explore a divers disciplinary fields of study beyond the current and available academic boundaries.

Northwestern University Address

2145 Sheridan Rd,
Evanston, IL 60208

Northwestern Engineering Official Website and Application Link


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