Nestle Nutrition Institute Fellowship 2020

Nestle Nutrition Institute fellowship and scholarships is offered by Nestle. If you are a young professional, then you may consider applying for this opportunity. The nutrition fellowships offered by the Nestlé Nutrition Institute helps young health field related professionals from all developing countries of the world to have access to postgraduate training via leading institutions of the world. Since 1981, about 600 doctors, including scientists have all benefited from the fellowships and grants offered by this platform.

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 Nestle Nutrition Institute Fellowship

Why the Nestle Nutrition Institute Fellowship?

The nutritional fellowship opportunity provided by the Nestlé Nutrition Institute give young health professionals in developing countries access to postgraduate education through leading institutions. Since 1981, more than 500 doctors and scientists have benefited from this clinical fellowships, scholarships and grants.

Brief Nestle Nutrition Institute Fellowship Description

Nestle Nutrition Institute fellowships is offered for only Masters, and PhD degree students in the field or related fields of mother and child health, Young women’s health, and nutrition. You can apply to this scholarship through the application link that would be made available at the bottom of this content.

The deadline required for you to stop sending your application for the the Nestle Nutrition Institute Fellowships is on the 31 Aug 2020.

This scholarship is sponsored by The Nestle Nutrition Institute.

The worth of this scholarship is considered to be Partial Funding where an offer of 40,000 CHF is on the table for the students.

Host Platform

The company’s origins date back to the 1860s. Two distinct Swiss enterprises were founded that later form the core of Nestle.

In the succeeding years, the two competing enterprises rapidly expanded their businesses throughout in Europe and United States of America and they’ve extended their hands to offering opportunities to the community by offering Scholarships which includes Nestle Nutrition Institute Fellowship. In 1866, Charles Page a US consul to Switzerland and George Page, brothers who were from Lee County, Illinois, in United State of America, founded the Anglo-Swiss Milk, (Condensed) Company situated in Cham, Switzerland. Their number one British operation was launched at Chippenham, Wiltshire, in the year 1873. To concise the story of this company and how the Nestle Nutrition Institute Fellowship was founded. Nestle was the missing co-operation that was needed to solve the specific problem of removing all water from milk. Nestle has evolved down through the years and they’ve grown into nothing less than bigger.

And to give back To The Society they have decided to be offering Nestle Nutrition Institute Fellowship

Eligible Study Level/Field

The Fellowship opportunity is offered to applicants for any postgraduate research training in fields related to mother and child health and nutrition.

Eligible Group

This is an international Fellowship opportunity is open to domestic and international students of all nationalities.

General Eligibility Requirements

  • The students applying for the fellowships should have postgraduate qualifications.
  • The applicants should be enrolled of had something to do with a clinical or academic institution.
  • The candidate who have beforehand left their home country at the time of applying for This Scholarships  or who have stayed beyond than 12 months outside their birth country for the past 3 years prior to the application are consider ineligible.

Scholarship Benefits

The winning applicants of Nestle Nutrition Institute Fellowships will receive 40,000 CHF for 12 months

Application Guidelines

The applicants for the fellowships should submit an application that best describe their interest in the fellowship.

The students should also submit a CV, two letters of recommendation, one from the host and the one from the institution where the applicants is working, and an official letter stating their willingness to return to their home country after study.

The students should also submit a clear plan for the intended activity and its results, including their training level details.

Application Closing Date

The final date to apply for is 31st August 2020

Scholarship Link

Application Link

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