15 Most Useless Degrees in 2023

The 15 most useless degrees have been highlighted in this article, and when you read it to the end, you will get to know them. Why are they considered useless degrees? Maybe it has something to do with the lack of job opportunities, huge debt, and the rate of unemployment.

Perhaps they are college degrees with no chance of building a career with them. There is no limit on being too careful when making a decision on degrees procured at colleges and universities.

Most Useless Degrees

Which Degrees Are Considered Useful?

Most degrees are considered superior to others, perhaps because of the chances of securing a job or even better, a career. If going through college is worth the stress and effort, then choosing a major to build a profession should be prioritized.

Studying a useful major enhances and solidifies your place in society. Building a career in engineering or medicine provides the best-paying jobs in today’s world. Although it’s not easy getting into majors in engineering and medical fields. A useful degree will set you on the right path to living your dream life after graduation.

To prepare for a better future and increase your chances of employment in this 21st century, obtaining a useful degree is mainly your one-way ticket to success. 

Why Is A Degree Useless?

Well, we are going to discuss the 15 most useless degrees.

The unemployment rate, debt, and lack of opportunity attached to a specific degree make it useless. After graduation and you are yet to secure a job because the subjects of study in your major are in no way related to careers you can pursue. 

Some of these useless degrees are in the easiest majors and it entices students to go for them. Procuring these degrees is expensive which leads many students to take loans just to go through college and in the end, the degree does not secure jobs with a good paycheck. 

Other factors why students choose these useless degrees include increased tuition fees, lack of jobs, and student debt. To avoid these factors, students settle for degrees with fewer job opportunities.

What are the Most Useless Degrees?

We are going to take a scope at the 15 most useless degrees, and why they are considered so. Also, remember that these degrees are useless because of their unemployment rate and lack of yielding lucrative jobs.

1. Computer Science

Procuring a degree in computer science might give you an impression of a successful career right after you graduate. Computer Science degrees are among the most expensive college degrees presently and yet the unemployment rate does not complement the cost.

The unemployment rate associated with computer science degrees includes the major as one of the 15 most useless degrees in college. Despite all this, pursuing a degree in computer science is difficult and tiring with little opportunity of securing a good job. 

Nevertheless, your computer science degree is not all that useless after all, as there are beneficial alternatives. With your college degree in computer science, you can acquire new skills with many free online courses. The free online courses expose you to other STEM disciplines like electro engineering, mechanical engineering, or mathematics. Learning something new outside your specified degree is a bit of an advantage.

  • Unemployment rate: 8.39%
  • Alternative major: Computer and information system: 6.86%

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2. Advertising 

Another useless degree is among the list of 15 most useless degrees in advertising.

Many still believe that advertising is a prestigious degree and they are fast trooping into the major in swollen numbers. If you are presuming to build a future and career with a degree in advertising, you may consider looking at the unemployment stats for the major.

We cannot deny the fact that advertising can be useful in today’s society when you look at the impact of social media and online advertisement. Forms of making an advert are in a wide range from billboards to flyers, vouchers, etc. A degree in advertising is still labeled “useless” and it’s on the list of the top 15.

On the flip side though, advertising can be of great value since businesses rely mainly on advertising to offer services and sell their product. With your degree and experience in advertising, you can provide adequate strategies to businesses on advertising.

Perhaps you can make something different, and profitable out of your advertising degree by taking a few bold steps. Be innovative and plan on a new strategy to gain an advantage. Try something special like social media, or even better search engine optimization to expatiate your reach.

3. Anthropology and Archeology

Next on the list of 15 most useless degrees in Anthropology and Archeology.

Anthropology and archeology are only famous on National Geographic Channel. How many dig sites are left to discover dinosaur fossils? How many dig sites are left in the Great Pyramid of Giza to discover mummies or relics? Not too many actually. 

Despite all these, many are still obtaining degrees in anthropology and archeology. A choice left with little or no chance of getting a dream job. Just possessing a degree with a name and nothing lucrative to show for it. These majors fall into the category of useless degrees to make anything resembling a career out of it.

Advice to anthropologists and archaeologists. If you intend to build anything out of these degrees, consider taking advantage of the internet space. Blogging or setting up a YouTube channel on archaeological content can make something better out of your experience and degree.

For a better shot at jobs, a Master’s degree or a PhD is your best chance.

4. Fashion Design 

Another most useless degree on the list is Fashion design.

The fashion world comprises a large number of fashion designers and the competition is getting intense. This is a result of too many designs and styles in the competition of whose better at designing. The fashion world is running out of innovative ideas for the thrill.

Within a few years, nothing new has emerged from fashion designers, we only witness recycled trends and styles. Building a career in fashion design requires assets and resources and it’s slightly doubtful that a fresh graduate possesses such.

If building a career in fashion design is a top priority for you, consider putting every effort to enhance your portfolio. Become more creative and expatiate your fashion intellect by setting up a fashion blog. 

Take more bold steps, and learn something exception in fashion design. If there is an opportunity to major in Fine Arts, or Graphic Design grab them. 

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5. Tourism and Hospitality

Tourism and hospitality make it to the list also. 

Despite the drop in travel, traveling remains the most popular field. Once travel returns to normal, travel agents and airline firms profit massively. 

Tourism and hospitality graduates can take advantage of the lucrative opportunities provided in the travel industry. Regardless of the profitable opportunity, tourism and hospitality are still considered useless degrees.

6. Communications

Communication covers a wide area of study and it is not a useless degree in all ramifications. However, other degree programs can fill in for jobs requiring degrees in communication. And this makes the college degree a useless one. 

Communication is a natural ability bestowed on humans but, it is obtained as a college degree at a steep price. If you intend to add prestige to your communication degree, improve your profile on social media or build a career in podcasting.

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7. Education 

Next on the list of 15 most useless degrees, is education.

From time immemorial, teaching has never been a factor considered to be too unique or too prestigious. Anyone in their right senses can teach perfectly once they know what to teach. A degree in education is considered a useless one as teachers are not appreciated and their paychecks are small. 

You can accomplish a lot with a degree in education but there are hiccups to encounter. One of the setbacks is the rising unemployment among teachers at private institutions.

Establish your own education business and provide knowledge and skill you think is appropriate. Concentrate on making your social media presence stand firmly.

8. Criminal Justice

Many are inspired to become detectives and investigators after watching TV shows or movies. Actors and actresses in movies paint a different picture of what criminal justice is all about.

However, several law enforcement agencies no longer require recruits to have a bachelor’s degree. This reduces the value of a degree in criminal justice and therefore it is deemed useless.

Get more out of your experience and degree by enrolling in a broad educational program like political science or law school.

9. Creative Writing

Creative writing has never been considered a prestigious degree. It wouldn’t be an extraordinary feat for any individual to become a creative writer, yet it is a degree to obtain in college.

To become a screenwriter or content writer, you are not mandated to have a degree in creative writing. Creativity or writing something creative is not restricted to only those with degrees.

You can get the best out of your creative writing degree in the internet space. Become a blogger with your creative writing skill and if you intend to go back to college, try out degrees such as business or marketing.

10. Theatre Arts

Next on the list of 15 most useless degrees, is theatre arts.

Acting can be portrayed by anyone good at mimicking people. But actors and actresses will tell you that studying theatre art is the gateway to a successful acting career. 

Theatrical arts can be represented in various alternatives. One of them involves establishing a presence on social media or YouTube. Also, you can pursue another hobby while you build your internet profile.

11. Ethnic and Civilization Studies

This is one of the 15 most useless degrees in colleges and universities, and it is almost identical to intercultural and international studies degrees. Nevertheless, companies that exist presently may not regard your ability to involve yourself with a specific population, just for research.

You may decide to transmit your obsession for other cultures into an international relations degree and by so doing, you have a better chance for long-lasting employment.

  • Unemployment rate: 10.84
  • Alternative major: international relations- 8.39

12. Intercultural and International Studies

Sociology covers all form of society and so does sociologists. A degree in sociology is almost identical to intercultural and international studies.

Although the sociology degree is more prestigious and has a better opportunity to captivate the attention of employers than the intercultural and international studies degree.

  • Unemployment rate: 9.93%
  • Alternative major: Scociology-7.66%

13. Fine Art

A degree in Fine Art is arguable the most useless college degree. What else other than graduating with a degree is attached to fine arts? I can’t believe this is a college major. 

Get a better college degree and abandoned the idea of obtaining a degree in this major. If you insist on pursuing a degree in fine art, you might want to look at the unemployment rate.

  • Unemployment rate: 10.90%.
  • Alternative majors: Art and Music Education 

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14. Video and Photographic Arts

With a degree in this major, the opportunity for you to secure a job is pretty much thin. Why? Because there aren’t many available. If you are passionate about cinematography, consider building a career in entrepreneurship with a better business major.

  • Unemployment rate: 11.24%
  • Alternative major: General Business- 6.79%

15. Communication Technology

The last of the 15 most useless degrees on the list is communication technology.

There is a high demand for graduates with degrees in communication technology in Silicon Valley, California.

Managers in the labor market are searching for degrees capable of functioning in various situations. Those in the labor market are more interested in degrees like computer engineering than a degree in communication and technology. Hence communication and technology are useless degrees.

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  • Unemployment rate: 9.40%
  • Alternative major: Computer Engineering 

List of the Most Useful Degrees

Here are college degrees far better than the 15 most useless degrees.

  1. Medicine and surgery 
  2. Biochemistry 
  3. Nursing
  4. Mechanical Engineering 
  5. Software Engineering 
  6. Meteorology
  7. Chemical Engineering 
  8. Biomedical Engineering 
  9. Pharmaceuticals sciences.
  10. Marine Engineering 

Although procuring a degree in the above-mentioned majors is very competitive, it is far more useful to build a career in them. 


If you are concerned about your future and the type of career you want to build for yourself, avoid these 15 most useless degrees when going to college.

There are meaningless with no job opportunities after graduation and it keeps in debt. The useful degrees are far better for a brighter future. Ensure to make the right choices when selecting a major.



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