Best Art And Design Schools in Australia

Where are the Best Art And Design schools in Australia? Sometimes getting a degree is not enough; you need to get a quality degree and to get a quality degree you need to study in a quality School. If you want to get a quality art and Design Degree then some of these best schools in Australia that offer art and design degree programs will do you a lot of good.

In this article we have discussed some of the benefits of studying art and design in Australia, all you need to do is to check out this list of the best art and design schools in Australia and apply to anyone you are interested in.

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Art And Design Schools in Australia

What is Arts & Design?

You think of when you think of different usually think about sketching painting with digital design applications and different visual art forms then you are actually referring to arts and design

Most times I think of this field as a beautiful field of study. Professionals in this discipline are very creative as they can make use of anything and turn it into a beaut.

An artist or a designer has the ability to turn almost everything into an aesthetically work and make it look very fascinating and pleasing to the eye.

Art and Design Degree Program at the schools in Australia

You can turn your interest in art and design into reality by studying in one of the best Art and Design Schools in Australia.

This will mean a dream come true for you as you will not only come out of the world of fantasizing about how beautiful and fascinating artworks look, you will become the architect of these kinds of works, and you will learn arts at the extremity of it.

Australia is a very popular study destination for international students and this is not because of any other thing other than the fact that Australia offers quality education in any field including art and design.

The universities in Australia are ranked among the best universities in the world and if you obtain your art and design degree in one of Australia’s universities or academic institution then you are guaranteed of being marketable and one of the best in your field

Australia has a very good art culture and a home of one of the 21st-century top-performing Arts centre, the Sydney Opera House.

The art colleges and universities on this list at the best in Australia and you get an experiential understanding and knowledge of paintings, interior design, architectural design, ballet, fashion, photography – just about anything that relates to art.

List of the best Art and Design Schools in Australia

Without much further ado we are going to be listing some of the best art and design schools in Australia. As we have mentioned earlier, these schools are top-notch and you’re guaranteed of becoming the best in your field after you have attended any of these institutions

The schools listed below are the best when it comes to art and design in Australia.

If you are looking for a comprehensive list that contains all the dedicated 20 art and schools located in Australia irrespective of their rankings then follow this LINK.


1. RMIT University – #1 on the list of the Asia Pacific’s Best Art and Design Schools in Australia

Who doesn’t want to study at the #1 art and design university in the Asia-Pacific region? Yes, this is the global acknowledgement and recognition that RMIT University has for its art and design courses! 

The school is located in Melbourne, you can use the inspiration of the entire city at will. You can use RMIT’s learning facilities and extensive creative studio settings. Their facilities even include a state-of-the-art media area. There are many courses to choose from, such as game design, fashion, photography, merchandising, animation and visual arts. 

RMIT students have been able to produce world-class artworks under the guidance of university professors and the principles of personal guidance. It is worth mentioning that Janelle Low, a student, went on to become a winner of the national photography portrait size after obtaining a diploma from RMIT in photography and photo imaging. 

The collaboration that occurred between the two researchers at RMIT was duly commissioned by the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV). The 3D printed installation “Floe”, which they produced is now displayed in the NGV Triennial EXTRA project. 

Their achievements are self-evident and show how great your chances of studying at RMIT are. Studying here is a stepping stone towards a career in art and design.

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RMIT University – #1 one the Asia Pacific’s Best Art and Design Schools in Australia

2. University of New South Wales – Leading in Australia Best art and design schools

University of New South Wales is one of the best art and design schools in the world and a leading institution in Australia, the University of South Wales boast the largest art and design community in the country. As a practitioner, researcher, educators and students you would want to be a part of the best art community and I assure you that is one of them. 

The school highlights three main areas which are media, art, and design. These fields offer a variety of study options, such as digital design, advertising, branding, art writing, business, and photojournalism. 

In addition, as one of the best schools for art and design, there are scholarships provided for students to choose from! 

The school’s research in art and design is notably outstanding, especially after a world-class achievement attained by the school in the form of the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) analysis. As a student in this school, you will enjoy prominence as their connections with more than 1,000 industries in the cultural and creative fields will greatly promote your art and design professional profile.

 University of New South Wales – Leading in Australia Best art and design schools

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3. University of Sydney – Museums, Collections, Galleries

The art and design works of the University of Sydney affirm the importance and excellence of this special school. In addition to museums, the university has its own university art collection and university art gallery, this is why the school is considered one of the best art and design schools in Australia. They hold exhibitions and their art collections are collected in various places, including the War Memorial and Sir Herman Black Gallery

Their courses prepare you for the future in the fields of architecture, visual arts, user experience design, effective communication and digital media production. 

Students enjoy the privilege of interacting with industry professionals via guest lectures, work mailing lists, career nights, and even the annual graduation exhibition done by the school. 

In addition, by having the largest library in the southern hemisphere, the University of Sydney offers research and creativity opportunity for its students. 

You will love and reap the benefits of being a student of art and design at this university. The skills you honed here will also enhance your global visibility in the field of work.

University of Sydney – Museums, Collections, Galleries

4. University of Technology Sydney (UTS) – Where Artists and Designers can Thrive

First of all, the University of Technology Sydney is the number one university in the Department of Art and Design in New South Wales. This is based on the 2018 QS subject (art and design) ranking. 

Studying at the University of Technology Sydney means that you are studying in one of the best art and design schools in Australia, and your study here will take you into a whole new world and also expose to different artistic styles, change your perspective, and bring you to a community that is like-minded.

There are many courses for you to choose from. Animation, fashion and textiles, visual communication, product design, and photography are some of the key courses offered by the university. 

The students of this university have also conducted extensive research in the field of art and design. For example, one of the projects “Pleasant Places” used historical photographs of Nauru from the early 20th century in the Australian Public Archives. 

At the University of Technology Sydney, extreme research has been done on the improvement of art and design. Therefore, you can integrate research into your passion field.

University of Technology Sydney (UTS) – Where  Artists and Designers can Thrive

5. University of Melbourne – One of the Best and Oldest Art and Design Schools

The University of Melbourne was ranked as one of the top 20 colleges in the art world by the QS World University Rankings in 2020. Facts have proved that the University of Melbourne is adaptable and progressive, and one of the best art and design schools in Australia. 

As one of the oldest and largest colleges in the university, the Bachelor of Arts is actually the first degree of the university. By organizing interactive projects between other international universities and establishing relationships with the government and other non-governmental organizations, the university makes sure that students are supported.

In fact, the faculty of arts at the college is widely regarded as Australia’s premier art college. The university has more than 9,500 students and offers more than 600 subjects in 40 research fields. 

Some research fields are distributed in various courses, including art management and cultural protection. In addition, their Arts West Gallery has the university’s own various arts and designs. In order to enrich the student experience in Australia, the university regularly organizes exhibitions-the most recent exhibition is “Awaken”. 

This country is very popular for the enthusiasm and tolerance of art and design and its schools, colleges universities and other academic institutions. There is really nothing that can stop you from exploring your talents in art and design.

University of Melbourne – One of the Best and Oldest Art and Design Schools


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