Best Fashion and Design Schools in Nigeria

The best fashion and design schools in Nigeria will be discussed extensively in this article as well as their various locations.

Fashion and design are ingrained in our everyday lives as dressing is essentially a major part of humanity. These clothes which do not only cover our nudity can also make us look presentable, smart and exquisite depending on the very occasion it suits.

Cotton, silk, wool, fur and other products used in making clothes are very vital but more importantly, the skilled people who are able to convert these materials into clothes should be appreciated.

Honing such vital skills is very paramount and lucrative, this is because of the increasing presence and competition in the Nigerian fashion world and the strong presence of the best fashion and design schools in Nigeria.

The evolution of fashion and design is one that is profound. Its very growth is significant, as it has moved from being allowed for just women who had their way with needle and thread, weaving clothes for their babes and mending torn clothes for their husbands, to be seen as a lucrative craft worthy of studying in academic institutions.

This very craft requires raw innovation and creativity with the ever-changing trend in society.

If you would want to be a force in the fashion and designing world, this article is for you as it describes extensively the best fashion and design schools in Nigeria and their various locations.

Best Fashion and Design Schools in Nigeria

What is fashion and design?

Before we get into the best fashion and design schools in Nigeria, it is very important that we discuss what fashion and design entail.

Fashion design can be designed as the very art of infusing design, beauty and artistic impact to various clothing and accessories. This craft is influenced by so many things which include; Seasons, culture, events etc.

Who is a fashion designer?

A fashion designer is a person who creates a particular look of garments and their other aspects. He or she is simply one who designs various clothes and accessories with distinct looks for customers.

How can one become a fashion designer?

Fashion and designing are very lucrative and but it also requires stealth, creativity, and business knowledge. Below are the five ways to become a fashion designer.

5 Steps to follow in order to become a fashion designer

Below, we have discussed some of the steps one can follow to become a fashion designer. these steps will help any prospective fashion designer understand the route to achieve their goal.

Step 1. Complete a degree program

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Pave the way to your dream career.

  1. Discover your talent and career; This is important because it helps you carve out a niche where you can excel. You can get a degree in the course
  2. Garner more experience in your through practice. You can always create original designs and also important facts from older designers through internships
  3. Educate yourself on fashion business by getting acquainted with all that happens in the business(Fashion) world.
  4. Create an attractive portfolio for yourself by taking extra courses and other attachments to fashion houses that can boost your resume and know how.
  5. Always be in the know of recent trends in fashion. This is very vital because the niche is often dependent on certain in vogue. It is important to have up to date magazines, brochures that reveal the recent trends.

The best fashion and design schools in Nigeria and their location

This is a well-compiled list that will provide will a comprehensive list of the best fashion and design schools in Nigeria and where they are located.

Some of the schools on this are not necessarily dedicated institutions that are exclusive to fashion and design but includes institutions and platforms that offer fashion and design degree and courses for interested students.

The best fashion and design schools in Nigeria to be considered by an aspirant include:

Best Fashion and Design Schools in Nigeria

1. Addurah House of Creation

This fashion house is located in Jibowu, Lagos state, and is known for its creativity and customer satisfaction. They also provide intensive training on various aspects of fashion and designing which include; pattern making, crafts, dressmaking, garment production, etc.

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2. Tiffany Amber Fashion School

This is one of the most renowned best fashion and design schools in Nigeria , also located in Lagos state and owned by the very creative Folake Coker. This brand was established in 1998 and has been consistently making waves for over 23 years.

Having been featured on very designated and prestigious institutions such as Vogue, CNN etc. It would be considered the most suitable place for an aspiring young designer to learn.

The fashion school can be regarded as one of the best fashion schools in Nigeria because of the various achievements accrued over the years which include dressing various celebrities. They are currently located at 15, Ologun Agbaje Street, Victoria Island, Lagos State.

3. Rhoda Michael Fashion Academy

Distinction is the attribute that separates real talent from the fold and this fashion academy is simply the best place to acquire training in the fashion and design world.

Located in Ikeja, Lagos state, this academy does not only teach the raw art of creativity and designing patterns, sewing, colour manipulation, it also teaches how to properly manage a fashion business which is a necessary skill required to survive in the market.

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4. Martwayne Fashion School

Situated in Lagos state, this particular fashion school not only grooms aspiring fashion designers with the necessary training to unravel and improve their talent.

They not only breed these aspirants in the practical aspects of fashion designing such as sewing they also educate them on the relevant business sides. This school is one of the best fashion and design schools in Nigeria which was was founded by Tope Williams-Adewunmi, who is a fashion mogul and trained economists.

5. Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria(FADAN)

This prestigious association for fashion designers is a well-recognized body that was established in the year 1989 by the Federal Ministry of trade and corporate affairs.

This association has grown considerably over the years and is spread out throughout the country in order to encourage citizens with fashion and design enthusiasm to get schooled in the art.
It is located in Surulere, Lagos State.

6. Rosegabriel Institute

This institute is also situated in Lagos and is regarded as one of the best fashion schools in Nigeria. Despite their versatility which spreads across catering, event planning, etc.

Rosegabriel institute also maintains a high standard when it comes to educating its trainees on the art of fashion and designing, textile designing, and creativity.

The best fashion and design schools in Portharcourt, Nigeria

We at Stay Informed Group have decided to organise this article in a way that one will benefit well from it. We decided to list the best fashion and design schools in Portharcourt, as it is one of the well-known cities in the country.

1. Ifeuju fashion and beauty

This school is situated in the city of Port Harcourt, River state. Known for creativity and following the trends, this institution grooms its trainees to become a force to reckon with in the fashion world.

2. Fezu Couture Fashion and Design Training Institute

Also situated in Port Harcourt FEZU Couture is a prestigious fashion and design institute and one of the best fashion and design schools in Nigeria. The institute professionally grooms young designers irrespective of their gender in order to help them succeed in the fashion world. The school was established in the year 2006 but formally registered as a company 11 years later.

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3. Entrepreneurial Development Initiative

The EDI is a private organization that also offers an opportunity for trainees to learn fashion and designing amongst other vital entrepreneurial courses, relevant to the business aspect of fashion and designing. It is also located in Portharcourt in Rivers state Nigeria.

4.Evette Institute of Catering, Hotel Management & Fashion Design

This is a very popular fashion school known for its excellence and distinguished methods of training aspiring young designers. At the end of the training, the students are offered a diploma certificate as a means of certification.

The best fashion and design schools in Nigeria (FCT)?

Abuja is the capital city of Nigerian and one of the best in the country – in this city, you will find some of the best fashion design schools in Nigeria.

Below are some of them:

1. Jerusha school of fashion and Aesthetics

Situated in Gwarimpa, Abuja this institute of fashion and design is remarkable in its methodology of training aspiring designers in fashion and designing. They train these aspirants with practical and required courses such as pattern drafting, pattern grading, styling and fashion, fashion illustration, etc

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2. Ella Bernard Fashion and Design School

This is also one of the best fashion and design schools in Nigeria. It is located in the federal capital territory Abuja and is known for the top-notch designers which they churn out of the institute. Their fees are very much affordable and their courses range from sewing, textile designs, illustrations, etc.

3. Mo’ Fashions Training School

Mo’ Fashions Training School is a highly prestigious fashion school in Abuja, Nigeria. It is known for its highly reputable standard in training courses in fashion illustration and designing, accessories, and cultural wares.

This school is one of best fashion and design schools in Nigeria, and also one of the few schools that makes provision for accommodation for its trainees. The availability of these well-equipped facilities removes the limitation imposed on distance for aspirants who reside in different parts of the country.

4. Fashion Academy Abuja

Often regarded by many as the most reputable private vocational best fashion and design school in Abuja, this school also clinches a title as one of the best schools in Nigeria easily.

This is because the trainees are grouped exceptionally well to administer their imagination and creativity in the very art of fashion designing. They also have in their employment some of the top-notch teachers who instruct these trainees and guide them accordingly.

It is however located in the federal capital territory of Nigeria.

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What You Should Know About Fashion and Design and the Best Schools in Nigeria

As earlier implied at the beginning of this article, Fashion and design have grown considerably over the years and is now considered worthy of career development.

This course is mostly sought out by aspirants because of its lucrative and self-employment attributes.

As most students would prefer learning from fashion houses and institutes, this does not mean that the course is not readily available and studied in universities. Although few, some universities in Nigeria offer fashion and design as a course and offers a certification in the form of a degree.

The university aspirants of fashion and design also go through the same admission processes as those of other courses and are required to possess some certifications or necessary requirements.

We have discussed some of the best fashion and design schools in Nigeria, subsequently we shall be discussing the requirements of these institution and more.

Requirements for studying fashion and design in Nigerian universities

Enrolling on the university to study fashions and design gives you an important advantage over your counterparts because of the acquisition of a bachelor’s degree which is regarded highly in the country.

Below are the necessary requirements to gain admission to study fashion and design in the university

  1. The foremost requirement is the O’level certification which requires passing a combination of important subjects in either WASSCE(West African secondary school certificate examination) or NECO( National examination council) examinations.

These subjects require a compulsory pass for the aspirant to be considered and they include.

  • English language and Mathematics (compulsory)
  • Home Economics and Technical drawing (compulsory) and any other four subjects below
  • Fine arts and Chemistry
  • Home Management
  • Clothing and textiles
  • Chemistry and Agricultural Science.
  • Biology

2. The second requirement for the best fashion and design schools in Nigeria would be to write and pass the JAMB( Joint Admission and Matriculation Board) examinations and reach the required cut off mark in order to be considered for admission. It is required of the aspirant to pass the compulsory subjects which are English language and Mathematics together with two to three other important subjects required

3. For those already studying fashion-related courses in the polytechnics who would want to enrol into a university in order to finish their course, a direct application regarded as direct entry is required where the aspirants are mandated to enrol with their O’level requirements and statement of results. There are often in many universities a stipulated or required C.GPA needed to be admitted.

Below are the institutions in Nigeria that offer fashion and design as a course and their locations.

Subsequently, we shall be listing some of the overall best fashion and design schools in Nigeria and the places where they are situated.

The University of Abuja

This school was established on the 1st of January, 1988 and is the only university where the fashion and design course is currently being offered. The required courses are well taught and the skills of the young aspirants are honed properly with a degree in fashion and design conferred to the graduates at the end of their academic years.

Polytechnics that offer fashion and design courses in Nigeria

The best fashion and design schools in Nigeria cannot be fully mentioned if polytechnics are not included. There are also however various polytechnics that offer this course and they are listed in no particular order below:

  1. Delta Polytechnic
  2. Yaba College of Technology
  3. The federal Polytechnic of Oko, Anambra state
  4. Institute of Management technology Enugu.
  5. Kano state Polytechnic
  6. Jigawa state institute of information technology
  7. Kaduna Polytechnic
  8. Auchi Polytechnic
  9. Kalac christal Polytechnic
  10. Benue state polytechnic.


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