Does Target Offer Student Discount? All you need to know

Comprehensive and collective information you need to know about the Target student discount offer has been provided in this article.

While making purchases in stores, the customers always lookout for discount offers to enable them to manage and save up some cash. 

One of the enticing strategies by companies to attract more customers is also discounts offers on sales and services. And these enterprises consider giving out more discounts, especially to students.

So if you are a student of a College, University, or High School you are more likely to enjoy the best discount offers as your financial status are been considered.

Target assists students by providing a good discount rate that complements their finances, and this allows students to purchase more items.

Target also has a good history of providing custom discounts to its numerous customer base. However, the student discount offer from Target is a kind gesture and a good step taken by the brand to prove its integrity.

The offer many consider to be the best from a company is a discount and the Target student discount offer creates an interesting economical academic experience for students.

Now let us take a few steps to know about the company “Target”.

Does Target Offer Student Discount

What is Target Corporation?

Target Corporation is an American big-box demanding store chain, with its headquarters located in Minnesota US. According to the S&P500 index, Target is the eighth largest retailer in the United States, and it also has other subsidiaries like Target Canada and Target Australia.

Knowing More About Target Discounts for Student

Target offers students a 15% discount on all full-price items in-store and online. To benefit from this offer first, you need to set up an account on their main website Immediately Your registration is successful locate the setting page and select “Get Verified”. Selecting “Get Verified” requires a valid University email and other documents to verify your status as a student.

After your student’s status is verified and confirmed, you will have access to the Target 15% student discount offer to purchase items online and in-store when shopping. If you have an already existing student verified account, the Target discount automatically applies at checkout. 

Although the Target student discount offer has some limitations as it does not apply to certain items on sales and the ones on promo.

How to Get the Target Student Discount in Stores

You can benefit from the Target student discount by visiting the Target signup page to create an online account. Certain personal information is required from you on the signup page, which includes your first name, surname, email address, phone number, and password. Ensure that your email and phone number provided are frequently functional and you’re in full possession of them.

Hence, from your Target account, click on “Get Verified”, and upload the necessary documentation to validate your status as a student of a recognized institution.

After completion of student status verification, the Target student discount offer of 15% automatically becomes available to you. After shopping, you can display your coupon to the cashier at the counter before making payment for items you purchased.

Can I Get a Student Discount Online At

Target discount for students still applies to online shopping. You can get the 15% student discount while shopping online at their website And for those with an already verified account, the discount automatically applies at checkout. has also created a partnership with UNiDAYS to provide more discounts to students over the age of 16, and they can sign up for UNiDAYS online or via the app.

When a deal is live, you can copy the promotion code from UNiDAYS onto the discount code bar at the checkout, getting up to 20% off on Target optical products.

What Items Can I Purchase With the Target Student Discount?

Although there are some items on sale and on promo the Target student discount offer can purchase. But there is a variety of items to can purchase online and in-store. This wide range of items includes clothing, groceries, shoes, furniture, household essentials, electronics, and many more.

And also students shopping in an Apple mini-store inside Target may be subjected to Apple’s 10% discount instead of Target’s 15%.

The Target student discount offer may not apply to promos like the “buy one get one free” or sales such as clearance, Black Friday, Cyber week, liquidation, and closing down.

The Room Essentials label exclusive to Target is aimed mostly at students’ life, where students can find school supplies from kitchen items to bedding and decor all at affordable prices.

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How Does Target Verify Student Discounts?

Target makes use of SheerID. SheerID is a company with specialities in verifying students’ status, to determine your status and give you discounts.

Providing the necessary basic information is important as they are part of the Target private policy, and SheerID also requires a few personal data as well.

This personal information includes 

  • Full name of the school or college enrolled 
  • Your first and last name as recorded by the school 
  • Date of bate
  • School or personal email address 
  • Occasionally, your unique mobile phone number to receive an authorization code via SMS

If there is a situation where you are asked for hard evidence to prove your status, you will need to take a picture or scan your student ID card, tuition receipt, or class schedule.

Are There Other Ways To Save Money At Target?

The answer to the question is yes, there are alternatives to save money at Target apart from the Target discount offer to a student. One of the major alternatives is to sign up for the college registry.

This works by students curating a wide list of items they need before going to college. By completing this process, the students get an extra 15% discount on whatever is left in the registry on resumption of the school session.

Another great tactic for saving money is by making use of search engines to search for valid promotional codes and coupons. And also installing a voucher catcher via google chrome keeps you at a good level in searching for a discount.

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Why Should Students Get Target Circle?

Even with the regular 15% target student discount offer, you can still apply for coupons that are exclusive to Target Circle members and aimed at College students. So it is a wonderful idea to become a Target Circle Rewards member.

These come with a lot of benefits, which include getting coupons that enable you to save an extra $5 when you spend $20 on a qualifying purchase.

Coupons are only used once, but there are lots of deals and offers provided by the Target Circle membership for students to enjoy and benefit from.

FAQs about Target Student Discount

Q. Does Target offer student discounts?

A: Yes, currently Target is offering discounts to students with verified status as students.

Q. How Much Can I Save With Target Student Discount?

A: As a verified student, you can avail a discount of 15% from Target.

Q. Who is eligible for the Target student discount?

A: A United States student enrolled at a College or University.

Q. What happens to your student discount if you graduated?

A: All company has a different policy, but you can still enjoy availing student discount until a company asks you to re-verify your student profile.

Q. What is the Maximum saving at Target?

A: The Maximum Saving at Target is up to 60% OFF on clearance sales items. You can also make use of the coupon from to save money on your shopping.

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The best deals from companies on sales and services are allocated more to students than individuals. One of the best deals is a special discount offer aimed at the student to ease financial burdens from their shoulders.

Target offers a 15 % student discount to those enrolled at college, universities, and other higher education institutes.

All that is required to benefit from this offer is verification of the student’s status, then you have access to get discounts in-store and online.

Target student discount offer is not the only part of the deal, you can also become a Target Circle member to get more discounts.




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