32 Questions to Ask a Potential Roommate for College

This article contains information on 32 questions to ask a potential roommate for college.

These questions are well researched and when you asked these questions you will definitely know the kind of person your potential roommate is and whether or not you will be able to live with them.

As a student, if you are to move to another city, state or country for college, there is the tendency that you will need a college roommate to help with paying the rent, avoid loneliness and so on.

Also, there are colleges that require that students must have roommates in the college dorms and if that is the case for you, you need to know the best questions ask a potential roommate for college so that you will lay a good foundation for a harmonious stay with your potential roommate(s).

An average student would think that they can stay with anyone, they may think that they are compatible with anyone, but that is not the case.

The truth is that no one can live reasonable with everyone, because people come from different places and are informed by different ideologies and to live with such people, you need to ask some important questions to get to know them and avoid negative unforeseen circumstances.

Some students may also think that since they are to live in the college dorm, that the college will find them a great roommate that will be a good match for them, but this is not always the case as colleges can randomly merge certain students together that may end being a wrong move.

To avoid potential catastrophe Stay Informed Group have put together some of the best questions to ask a potential roommate for college.

These questions will help you understand whether or not your potential roommate is going to be a good match or just a mistake that should be avoided.

Questions to Ask a Potential Roommate for College

Importance of Questions to Ask a Potential Roommate for College

We understand that asking a stranger questions can be daunting and you may think that you interrogating them, but it is better to go ahead and ask these questions as they can make a world of difference.

These questions to ask a potential roommate for college will help you settle down with the right person and avoid the chaos that may arise from having a roommate is incompatible

Your college experience can become more stressful when push comes to shove. As a student, the most important thing you need is peace of mind and you can – a calm mind, and a space where you can study and relax.

And that is why you need to ask your potential roommate some questions that will help you ascertain if the both of you are compatible.

Asking these questions does not necessarily mean that you are going to be looking for a new best friend, but it is just to be sure that you and your potential roommate are on the same page when it comes to some sensitive areas such as parties, privacy, noise, cleanliness and more.

If you are staying in a college dorm it is important that you request that the college authorities allow you to ask questions to a potential roommate for college as this will help you spot and prevent future situations that may pose as threats to your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

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Kind of questions to ask a potential roommate for college?

In general, all the questions you are to ask your potential roommate should be questions that allow you to ascertain your compatibility with the person.

You can ask a question about how they want their ideal environment to look and what kind of arrangements would suit their interest.

Also, you can ask them whether they will be asking will be having people over frequently, how clean they would want their space to be and they view food as community property.

If you are not going to stay in a college dorm, but off-campus – since you are going to be splitting the accommodation bills you can also ask your potential roommate questions that has something to do with their finance and employment.

Knowing about their finances and employment will help you understand if your potential roommate is capable of meeting expectations with respect to the bills that may arise in the future and avoid problems that could have been avoided.

However, it is important that you don’t go out of line. There are questions that should not be asked as these questions to ask a potential roommate for college are just to know to establish a foundation for understanding and not an interrogation.

Some questions are highly personal and should not be asked personal questions will have nothing to do with whether or not a person is going to be a compatible roommate.

There are questions that are perceived to go against the Fair Housing Act, and they should not be asked as if you ask questions that go against the aforementioned act, they may be perceived to be inappropriate.

32 Questions to Ask a Potential Roommate for College

We have put together some questions that were fully researched to guide you ask the right questions and get the information you need in a bid to choose the right roommate.

These questions will be divided into two for students living off-campus and those living in college dorms.

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Note: For the questions listed for students living in college dorms; we want to mention that the questions we have listed for potential roommates in dorms applies not only to students in dorms, the questions also apply to the general scenarios.

In a situation where you are off-campus, the following questions should be asked to set things straight:

  1. Is what you make enough to support your part of the rent and bill?
  2. If along the way you lose your job, how will you make sure that you can handle your share of all costs?
  3. What do you think of overnight guests?
  4. Speaking of housework, how do you envisage dealing with shared spaces? For example, do you want a formal, rotating schedule?
  5. Where do you think that the thermostat should be set?
  6. Do you drink or smoke? Do you have the intention of doing this when you are in the apartment/house?
  7. Do you work from home?
  8. Would you rather share the responsibility of cooking/eating or take care of yourself?
  9. How do you like to spend time after school/work?
  10. Are you going to stay for a whole year, or just during the school period?
  11. Is there a time when it was impossible to make rent?


Questions to ask a potential roommate in college living in dorms will somehow be tailored to those living in college dorms, but that does necessarily mean that they are not applicable to those off-campus.

The college dorms usually make students share tight spaces and there are some questions that fit this scenario.

The questions below will help for college dorm occupants, and they are also generally applicable for other scenarios, not only for roommates in college dorms.

  1. What is your major?
  2. What is your class schedule?
  3. Do you participate in any clubs, sports or extracurricular activities?
  4. Are you working now? Do you plan to continue working during school?
  5. Do you see yourself as someone who likes waking early/early riser or a night owl?
  6. Do you need total darkness to fall asleep? Do you need light in the room?
  7. In order to sleep well, do you need to turn on the TV or radio?
  8. Do you intend to bring any large items that can be shared, such as a TV or mini-fridge, we might not want double?
  9. What are you willing to share? What are you unwilling to share?
  10. Do you want to coordinate the decoration of our dormitory, or are you more willing to personalize your share of space?
  11. Have you had a roommate before? What is the experience for you?
  12. What is your opinion on chores? Do you have any thoughts on how to share them?
  13. How clean does the space need to be to make you feel comfortable?
  14. How do you feel about guests?
  15. Are you going to go home during the holidays or at the weekend?
  16. How do you like to study? Do you want to stay in the room, or do you plan to use other spaces, such as the library? If you study in a room, do you need room to be completely quiet?
  17. Do you have any allergies that I need to pay attention to – to ensure that I do not bring these allergens into our shared space?
  18. Speaking of living with others, is there anything wrong with you?
  19. What are your kinds of music?
  20. Are there hobbies that you will be f=doing in the room?
  21. If we have a disagreement, which method do you think is best to resolve it?


The 32 Questions to Ask a Potential Roommate for College discussed in this article will serve as a guide in your selection of roommate(s) so that you you enjoy a peaceful stay in college.

This is very important as if you choose the wrong roommate, it will be the being of many other unfortunate circumstances.


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