How to Fix Google Classroom stream Disappeared Problem

Are you having a Google classroom session, and you discovered that the Google classroom stream has disappeared? Do not panic as the Stay Informed Group has considered a necessity to provide information that would help you fix this Google classroom stream disappeared problem as quick as possible.

As the pandemic has shown no sign of coming to an end just yet, it is important that people are provided with the technical know-how to stay alive online. And we hope that the information here on how to fix Google classroom stream disappeared problem will be of benefit to you.

How to Fix Google Classroom stream Disappeared Problem

How to fix the Google Classroom Stream Disappeared Problem

Recently, several users have complained that their Google Classroom posts were not in the news. The Google Classroom Feed is the web app’s notification panel, where teachers can post information about new assignments, discussions, and announcements.

The stream is essential as it keeps students informed of the latest developments in their classrooms. Recently, however, streaming seems to be disappearing for some users. Here is a list of possible solutions that you can try if you are affected by this error.

Step by Step on how to fix the Google classroom Stream disappeared problem:

We have tried to explain this process in a way that you will understand. We believe that after you have gone through this process you will be to fix the stream disappeared problem with ease.

Good luck!

Activate the Inspect menu

One possible solution to the Google Classroom stream disappeared, which seems to have worked for some users, is to enable the “Inspect” menu on the webpage. The inspect function is normally used to read the written code of the website. In this case, however, it appears to be bringing the Google Classroom feedback.

Go to the classroom where the show disappeared and right-click on an empty part of the show. A drop-down menu should appear under the cursor. Click the “Inspect” option.

Click “Inspect” to open a window with the webpage code on the right side of the screen. This should also result in the show appearing again. You can now close the code box by clicking the Close button in the top right corner of the control panel.

How to fix Google Classroom stream disappeared problem
How to fix the Google Classroom stream disappeared problem using the activate inspect menu

Maximize window or restore the down

If the above method didn’t work, you could try it. This method appears to have worked for multiple Google classroom users. While it’s not a permanent solution, it does appear to be coming back to power for some time.

If your browser window isn’t maximized, maximize it. Changing the window size will draw the entire screen, and you may be able to watch the stream again.

If your browser window is already maximized, click the Restore button (between the Minimize button and the Close button) to create a full-size window. It also redraws the screen elements that bring the footage back.

How to fix Google Classroom stream disappeared problem

Activate the comment field

Several users have found this useful in solving the Google Classroom stream disappeared problem. If your broadcast is no longer available, click the comment field and write something (e.g. a new post).

It is not necessary to publish it. Now scroll down the page. Hope you should see your feed. You can delete what you wrote in the comment field.

Several users are relying on this workaround. When the feed goes away, just write a new post and scroll through it. You need to scroll down the page for the solution to work. Just creating a new post doesn’t work!

Change display mode

You can change the way Google classroom news displays a condensed version of articles or all of the details for each article. You can also hide all notifications from your broadcast. Changing the display mode served as a workaround to restore a missing class stream.

To change the viewing mode in a bid to solve the Google Classroom stream disappeared problem, go to the Google classroom where the show disappeared and click the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen.

This will open your class settings. On the General tab, scroll to Classwork on What’s New. Change the mode to a different one (except “Hide notifications”).
For example, if the selected mode is set to “Show attachments and details”, change it to “Show condensed notifications” and vice versa.

Click Save in the top right corner, and you should see the feed return. You can go back and change any settings you want to keep.

How to fix Google Classroom stream disappeared problem

Use the mobile app

The Google Classroom mobile app does not appear to be affected by this issue. Users claim that they can see their missing feed when they log in with the mobile app.
Until Google sends out an official patch, you can use the Google Classroom

use app to fix stream disappeared

Google Classroom Stream Disappeared – What seems to be the issue?

The problem with user transfer missing seems to be a Google bug. The problem seems to arise when the top ten messages are work items in the classroom. This includes homework, additions or questions.

To report the problem, go to your Google Classroom and click the little question mark in the lower-left corner of the screen. Select the “Report a problem or request a function” option. You can now send your problem to Google with a screenshot.

Has the stream been deleted?

No, news items are not deleted. While users are understandably concerned that all of their posts have been deleted, the truth is that they are just hidden. With the above fixes, you can try to get the show or log into the Google Classroom mobile app to view your show.

Google is aware of the problem and is working to fix it. There is currently no official solution to the missing feed issue in Google Classrooms.


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