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If you have been looking for precise information that explains the application process at Boston University, or you have been wondering when to apply and what academic records should be contained in your application profile. The information in this article clarifies and answers the questions concerning admissions at Boston University.

Boston University is among the earliest private institution in North America. It offers a variety of undergraduate and graduates degree programs in different fields of study.

Since its inception, Boston University has emerged as one of the prestigious private institutions, gaining international recognition as well. Presently, Boston University receives thousands of international applications from over 100 countries.

Many applicants applying to Boston perceive the university as a perfect place to pursue academic excellence for a prospective career in engineering, business, medicine, and law. 

To obtain a degree at Boston University is one thing and getting into the institution is another. The quest to graduate from Boston University begins with the initial task of gaining admission into the institution. Boston has a requirement that all intending applicants must fulfil before they will be admitted into the university.

The requirements for Boston University admission will be uncovered to you just as you read further in the article.

But first, let us find out more about Boston University. 

Boston University Acceptance Rate

About Boston University 

Boston University was initially founded by United Methodist Church in 1839. The university began functioning on a campus located in Newbury, Vermont, and twenty-eight after its establishment, the institution was moved to Boston. 

The main campus of Boston University sits on 169 acres in Boston, Massachusetts. The total enrollment at BU comprises 16,530 undergraduate and 15,932 graduate students enrolled in a semester-based academic calendar.

Boston University offers a collection of undergraduate and graduate degree programs in medicine, engineering, law, business, etc. BU offers its degree programs through 17 schools and colleges across three urban campuses.

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List of Schools and Colleges at Boston University

Below are the 17 schools and colleges at Boston University.

  • College of Arts and Science 
  • College of Communication
  • College of Engineering 
  • College of Fine Arts
  • College of General Studies 
  • Arvind and Chandan Nandlal Kilachand Honors College 
  • College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (Sargent College)
  • Faculty of Computing and Data Science 
  • Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies 
  • Questrom School of Business 
  • School of Hospitality Administration 
  • School of Law 
  • School of Medicine
  • School of Public Health 
  • School of Social Work
  • School of Theology
  • Wheelock College of Education and Human Development

Boston University Rankings 

Here are the state and national rankings of Boston University, according to

National Rankings 

  • #8 Best College for Kinesiology and Physical Therapy in America 
  • #9 Best College Location in America
  • #9 Best College for Criminal Justice in America
  • #10 Best College for Education in America
  • #11 Best College for Design in America 
  • #11 Best Big College in America
  • #12 Most Liberal College in America 
  • #14 Best College for Communications in America 

State Rankings

  • #3 Best College Food in Massachusetts 
  • #3 College with the Best Professor in Massachusetts 
  • #3 Top Party School in Massachusetts 
  • #3 Most Diverse College in Massachusetts 
  • #4 Best College Athletics in Massachusetts 
  • #4 Best College for Business in Massachusetts 
  • #4 Best Greek Life College in Massachusetts 
  • #5 Best College for Psychology in Massachusetts 

Campus Life at Boston University

Boston University has one of the finest campus life for new students. Its campus housing system is designed to accommodate a large number of students, and it also serves as an inspiration for achieving academic goals. 

Student organizations are available on campus for students who are passionate about participating in religious groups, community service, and more.

It’s safe on the Boston University campus. The university’s escort security service ensures the reduction of crime and the risk of exposure to accidents. 

Boston University Acceptance Rate

Boston University has become one of the top private institutions globally. Its recognition spans beyond the borders of the United States, attracting thousands of international students who submit their applications during the BU application cycle. 

Boston University over the past few years receives thousands of applications from domestic and international high school students. Despite receiving so many applications through the years, the acceptance rate at Boston University admits below one-quarter of its overall application. 

The total applicants who applied to Boston University in the last application year hail from the 50 states (including Washington D.C, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S Virgin Islands) and 166 countries. The overall application was 75,778 and Boston University accepted 22.1% of those applications. 

The acceptance rate at Boston University is expected to drop to 14% in the next admission year. 

Early Decision Acceptance Rate at Boston University

Boston University received an overall Early Decision application of 5,659 during the last admission year. According to statistics, half of BU’s latest freshmen were admitted via Early Decision.

Boston University offers Early Decision 1 and Early Decision 2 plans, and their acceptance rate is more flexible than Regular Decision. The projected acceptance rate for Early Decision at Boston University is 26%.

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GPA Requirement

Boston University requires a GPA of 3.71 on average. The newly admitted students at BU had a minimum GPA range of 3.75-3.96.

A high school GPA below this standard reduces the chances of admission into Boston University. BU wants to see you emerge from the top 10% of your graduating class. 

SAT and ACT Requirements

BU requires an SAT score of 1420 on average. 

Here are the stats for SAT scores by section.

 SAT SectionScore Range (25th – 75th Percentile)
Reading and Writing650-720

The average ACT score at BU stands at 32.

Below are the stats for ACT scores at Boston University.

ACTScore Range (25th – 75th Percentile)

First-Year Application Requirement and Process

For a successful application to Boston University, all first-year applicants must provide essential academic records, which enables admissions at BU to evaluate their application profile. 

The application process and requirements are listed below.

Application Options

Boston University accepts the Common Application and QuestBridge Application.

If you are a QuestBridge applicant, you can visit the QuestBridge page on the BU official website.

Program Selection

  • BU demands that you specify the school or college you are applying to 
  • For guidance on program selection, visit the BU official website.


The submission of essays is essential during your application. You are required to submit two essays on the Common Application platform.

Admission to Your Preferred Program

BU considers your application to a specific school or college and at the same, the university may offer you admission to the College of General Studies or other BU program you are qualified for.

If you are interested to apply to the College of Fine Arts or the BU Accelerated Medical Program, BU will consider your application based on the program you applied for. 

Application Fee 

Pay the BU application fee of $80 during your application on the Common Application platform.

Fee waivers are also available and you can review the guidelines for eligibility on the Common Application website, to find out if you are eligible.

Secondary/High School Transcripts 

The official copies of your secondary/high school transcripts must be submitted to BU by your school counsellor or other officials.

If you are enrolled in any international coursework, kindly visit the BU Secondary School Credentials page to find out how to submit official transcripts. 

Here is the recommended secondary/high school curriculum for most programs at Boston University.

SubjectsRecommended Duration
English4 Years
Mathematics (pre-calculus/calculus recommended by BU)3-4 Years
Laboratory Science3-4 Years
History or Social Science3-4 Years
Foreign Language2-4 Years

Please note that BU requires a year of calculus for applicants applying to the Questrom School of Business and College of Engineering.

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Senior Year Grades

If you are applying to BU via Early Decision, your school counsellor will submit your first marking period grades (first quarter or first trimester grades) once they are available.

If you are applying through Regular Decision, your school counsellor should submit your first marking period grades (first quarter or trimester grades) once they are available.

 School Report Form 

Ask your school counsellor to submit the school report form, together with the school counsellor recommendation form. The forms are on the Common Application platform.

Teacher Evaluation

Ask your school teacher to submit the Teacher Evaluation form on the Common Application.

Standardized Test

BU is test-optional for freshman applicants applying for the fall term of 2023 and the spring term of 2024.

Additionally, BU also accepts self-reported test scores and you can submit official scores through the appropriate testing agency or via the self-reported form found on the MyUB portal.

Here are the BU codes to send your official test scores.

  • SAT– 3087
  • ACT- 1794

Please note that the requirements for applying to BU College of Fine Arts or the Accelerated Medical Program are different. Kindly visit BU’s official website to see the requirements for the programs. 

Boston University Acceptance Rate for International Students

Boston University is a household name among global research institutions. It attracts thousands of international students from over 100 countries during its annual application cycle. 

BU has a large student body and the international student are well represented on campus. Applicants from 166 countries applied to Boston University during the last application cycle. 

The acceptance rate for international students at Boston University is estimated at 25%. Despite the selectivity at Boston University for international students, many foreign students are currently enrolled in various undergraduate and graduate programs at BU.

Application Requirements for International Students

International applicants to Boston University must provide these important application materials.

Secondary/High School Records 

The admission committee at Boston University demands the submission of the original or certified copies of our school report obtained in your country.

Kindly visit the Secondary School Credential page on BU’s official website to find out the admission requirements for your home country.

English Proficiency Testing 

If the official language of your country is not English, BU requires that you take an English proficiency test.

Here are the English proficiency exams and the required test scores.

  • TOEFL– Minimum score range 90-100
  • IELTS– Minimum score of 7 or above 
  • Duolingo– Minimum score range 120-130

Center for English Language and Orientation Program

The Center for English Language and Orientation Programs is an initiative that helps international applicants with low TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo test scores.

If your test scores are below the BU average, you can enrol in intensive English courses offered at BU Center for English Language and Orientation Programs. Upon completion of the program and you achieve proficiency in English, you will be admitted into BU.

Copy Data Page Passport 

BU demands that all international students submit a photocopy of the photo/data page of their current passport. The photocopy file can be uploaded through the Common Application or via the MyBU Portal below the “Application Status” page.

It can also be faxed to 617-353-5334. The file should be in a PDF file format

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Documentation for Financial Support

Every international student who intends to study on an F-1 Student Visa or J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa must submit financial documentation. BU strongly recommends that you submit your financial documentation together with your application.

Standardized Testing

Boston University remains test-optional for the fall of 2023 and the spring of 2024. BU SAT and ACT codes are 3087 and 1794.

Merit Scholarship

All freshman international students are qualified to apply for the Trustee Scholarship.

Boston University Acceptance for Transfer Students

Boston University during the last admission cycle received up to 5,164 transfer applications, and 840 of those applications were successful.

In general, the acceptance rate at Boston University for transfer students is approximately 16% which is very selective.

Getting to Boston University as a transfer student is challenging and requires an excellent academic record.

Speaking of which, let us find out the admission requirements for transfer students.

Application Requirement for Transfer Students

The application requirements and process for transfer students are similar to that of freshmen.

Transfer applicants to BU are required to;

  • Apply through the Common Application
  • Select a specific BU school or college during the application
  • Pay the nonrefundable application fee of $80 via the Common Application
  • Fee Waivers are also available to eligible transfer students


All transfer applicants to Boston University are required to submit an essay of not less than 600 words. The essay should explain your reason for transferring to BU and what you so desire to achieve in the Boston community. 

College Transcripts 

During your application to BU, submit official transcripts of coursework completed at a college or university attended. 

Transfer Report

Ask the dean, registrar, or other college officials of the college or university attended to complete and send the transfer report through the Common Application. 

High School Transcript and Proof of Graduation 

BU requires the submission of official copies of your secondary/high school transcript. The transcript should document your graduation from high school.

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Submit Your Course Syllabi 

In other to receive your credit evaluation on time, kindly submit your syllabi once you apply to Boston University.

During your application, upload PDFs to the MyBU Portal on the Application Status page, and include your name and D.O.B at the top of every page.

There are no standardized test score requirements for transfer admission at BU. 

Click the link below to head to the BU official website for more admission requirements for transfer students who want to apply to the College of Fine Arts.

Boston University Freshman Regular Admission Deadline

Application     January 4  
CSS Profile™ and FAFSA     January 4  
Notification Date     Late March  
Enrollment Deposit Due        May 1

Additional Deadline

Accelerated Medical Program  November 15  
Trustee and Presidential ScholarshipsDecember 1  
CFA Prescreening RecordingsDecember 1  

Boston University Tuition and Fees 

Below is the estimated cost of attendance at BU.

Books & Supplies (estimated)$1,000$1,000
Room & Meal Plan (most plans)$0$17,400
Incidentals (estimated)$3,850$2,000
Meals on Campus (estimated)$2,570$0
TOTAL EXPENSES$69,780$82,760

Boston University Contact Address

Frequently Asked Questions about the Acceptance Rate at Boston University 

Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the acceptance rate at Boston University.

What is the average GPA requirement at Boston University?

To be considered for admission at Boston University, you will need an average high school GPA of 3.7. You will need a near distinction academic record to meet the standard at BU.

How hard is it to get into Boston University?

The acceptance rate at Boston University is 22.1%, which is very selective. Boston University’s admission rate is expected to be more selective in the next application year.


With the information provided in this article, we believe to have satisfied the many questions about admissions and acceptance rate at Boston University.

The admission committee at BU is interested in applicants with more than just excellent academic records. If you are applying to Boston University, ensure you meet the academic and non-academic requirements in terms of your essay writing and other personal characteristics. 



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