UC Berkeley Acceptance Rate, Admissions, Tuition, SAT, ACT, Rankings 

This article contains reliable and comprehensive information about the acceptance rate, admissions and application process at UC Berkeley. 

The University of California, Berkeley is one of the best research institutions on the Pacific coast of the United States. Its student body is among the largest, holding over 45,000 undergraduate and graduate students.

UC Berkeley since its establishment in the 19th century has been providing top-quality education and intensive academic research in different fields of study. The reputation established over the years in offering career-building degree programs at all levels of studies places UC Berkeley on the international stage.

Every year, thousands of domestic and international applicants apply to UC Berkeley for a place in one of its schools and colleges. The university admits applicants whose application profile satisfies the standard for academic requirements.

Getting into UC Berkeley is more challenging than most UC schools due to its selective acceptance rate.

If you have been wondering how and when to apply to UC Berkeley or what academic record should your application profile contain, then read this article to find out what admissions at UC Berkeley expects from you. 

UC Berkeley Acceptance Rate

About UC Berkeley

The University of California, Berkeley is a public research institution in Berkeley, California. Established in 1868, UC Berkeley is the oldest institution among the 10 campuses in the University of California school system. 

UC Berkeley began as the University of California in the mid-1800s and was the first land grant university in California. Over the years, UC Berkeley has grown to become one most prestigious research institutions in the world.

Today, UC Berkeley hosts various scientific research institutes such as the space science laboratory and the mathematical science research institute.

UC Berkeley has one of the largest populations of undergraduate and graduate students enrolled across 14 distinctive schools and colleges. Berkeley offers a collection of undergraduate and graduate degree programs in engineering, business, law, natural resources public health, and law. 

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List of Schools and Colleges at UC Berkeley

Below are the schools and colleges at the University of California Berkeley.

  • Haas School of Business
  • College of Chemistry 
  • School of Education 
  • College of Engineering 
  • College of Environmental Design 
  • School of information
  • School of Journalism 
  • School of Law
  • College of Letters and Science
  • The Rausser College of Natural Resources
  • School of Optometry 
  • School of Public Health 
  • School of Social Welfare 

UC Berkeley Rankings 

Here are the state and national rankings of UC Berkeley, according to Niche.com.

National Rankings 

  • #7 Best Colleges fur Architecture in America
  • #8 Top Public University in America 
  • #9 Best Big College in America 
  • #13 Best College for Physics in America 
  • #18 Best College for Environmental Sciences in America

State Rankings

  • #2 Top Public University in California 
  • #3 Best College for Business in California 
  • #3 Best College for Communication in California 
  • #3 Best College for Economics in California 
  • #3 Best Big College in California 
  • #4 Most Liberal College in California

Usnews Rankings

  • #4 Best Global University
  • #6 in Biochemistry and Biology
  • #7 in Civil Engineering 
  • #2 in Chemistry 
  • #3 in Economics and Business 
  • #3 in Space Science

Campus Life at UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley holds one of the largest student bodies, and as expected, it also has enticing programs and services for the best campus life. The Berkeley community is diverse and showcases a rich heritage shared among different ethnicity.

UC Berkeley’s housing system provides the perfect atmosphere for college life, and if you are interested to join any student organization, hundreds of them are available on campus.

Recreational sports are also on campus, and you can take advantage of UC Berkeley fitness classes and outdoor adventures.

It’s safe on campus at UC Berkeley. The university considers your welfare by providing on-campus health services and campus police.

UC Berkeley Acceptance Rate

The University of California, Berkeley has over the past few years received applications in the tens of thousands. In the last three admission cycles, UC Berkeley’s overall applications have exceeded the 50,000 mark.

During the 2019-2020 application year, UC Berkeley received 88,066 applications, admitting 17.6% of that number of applications.

Berkeley recently received 112,854 freshman applications, out of which 16,412 applicants were admitted into various degree programs.

By admitting 16,412 first-year applicants, the acceptance rate at UC Berkeley is 14.5% which is very selective and challenging for many. UC Berkeley’s admission rate allows the university to accept 15 applicants out of every 100.

GPA Requirement at UC Berkeley

The University of California, Berkeley requires a 3.9 GPA on average. To meet this standard, you will need to achieve a near distinction academic record while still in high school.

Here is a GPA overview of freshmen at UC Berkeley.

 GPA Range
Unweighted GPA3.36-4.0
Weighted GPA4.25-4.61

SAT and ACT Requirements

The average SAT score at Berkeley is 1415 on the 1600 SAT scale.

Here are stats for SAT scores at UC Berkeley.

SATScore Range (25th – 75th Percentile)
Reading and Writing650-740

UC Berkeley’s average ACT score is 31.

Below are stats for the 25th and 75th ACT scores. 

ACTScore Range (25th – 75th Percentile)

First-Year Application Requirements

Applying to the University of California, Berkeley requires essential academic records from high school. A proof to show to UC Berkeley that you are academically qualified and eligible for admission.

Average Academic Requirements 

For a successful application to UC Berkeley, you should meet these requirements;

  • Ensure you meet the A-G subject course requirements
  • You must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in A-G courses taken in your 10th and 11th grades. Out-of-state applicants are required to have a minimum GPA of 3.4

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UC Berkeley Selection 

UC Berkeley evaluates your application profile holistically to ascertain if you are academically qualified for admission. 

In other to gain admission into Berkeley, the university assesses your; 

  • Unweighted and weighted UC GPA. Berkeley calculates this by using its approved courses in the 10th and 11th grades.
  • Planned courses in 12th grade
  • The number of college-level courses (Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate) and transferable college courses you have taken so far
  • The level attained in those college courses 
  • The scores of your college-level courses (AP or IB) and SAT exams


The University of California, Berkeley widely evaluates your application to be assured of your candidacy. Berkeley scopes beyond an applicant’s GPA or test scores. The university is more interested in your extracurricular activities, involvement in community service, motivation, leadership, etc. 

Besides taking college-level courses in high school, UC Berkeley wants to see your exuberance in non-academic activities.

You will be at advantage in the admission pool by portraying a good sense of leadership, character, insight, intellect, and initiative.

How to Apply to Berkeley

First-year applicants to UC Berkeley should fill out the UC application, and you can visit Berkeley’s official website for more details on the application process.

Application Fee or Fee Waivers

Pay the nonrefundable application fee of $75. The application fee is $80 for international applicants. 

Application fee waivers are also available for eligible students with financial needs. 

UC Berkeley Admission Process

The admission process at UC Berkeley involves two steps procedure; 

First, you must meet the academic and non-academic requirements for your application to be considered during admission. 

Secondly, no aspect or characteristic assures the admission of an applicant into UC Berkeley. The University of California, Berkeley evaluates all applicants accordingly, and only applicants who meet the UC admission requirements are admitted. 

UC Berkeley Acceptance Rate for International Students

The international students are well represented at UC Berkeley. The last application cycle at Berkeley recorded thousands of applications from international applicants from over 74 countries.

The acceptance rate at UC Berkeley for international students is approximately 9%, which is very selective. 

Despite the selectivity for international students, UC Berkeley has a diverse community that shares a common academic among cohorts.

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Application Requirements for International Applicants

The University of California campuses has an international admission specialist who knows the educational systems in many countries. You should be able to locate an admission specialist that understands your country’s educational system. 

As an international applicant to UC Berkeley you must have;

  • Completed either a two-year A-level program with an average of three academic exams (International Baccalaureate diploma program) or another similar academic coursework. 

English Proficiency

The University of California, Berkeley prioritizes good demonstration in English for all applicants. International applicants who hail from countries where English is not an official language are required to take the English proficiency test. 

International applicants to UC Berkeley can take these tests to show proficiency in English. 

  • TOEFL– Minimum score of 80 or above (100 is preferable) 
  • IELTS- Minimum score of 6.5 or above 
  • Duolingo– Minimum score of 115
  • Three years or more of LOI in English
  • Advanced Placement exams in the English Language and Composition or English Literature and Composition- Minimum score of 3, 4 or 5
  • International Baccalaureate Standard Level exams in English- Minimum score of 6, or 7
  • International Baccalaureate Higher Level exams in English- Minimum score of 5, 6 or 7

Visit UC Berkeley’s official website for more information on financial documentation.

UC Berkeley Acceptance Rate for Transfer Students

 UC Berkeley has received quite a large number of transfer applications from the past admission year. It received 19,074 transfer applications in 2020 and a year later that number increased to 22,212. 

Out of the 22,212 transfer applications, UC Berkeley accepted 4,889, and the acceptance rate for transfer applicants stands at 22.0%.

Application Requirement for Transfer Students

Here are the requirements for transfer students at UC Berkeley.

UC Berkeley Minimum Requirements for Transfer Admission 

The admission requirements for transfer students vary across colleges at the University of California, Berkeley, and likewise majors. 

Berkeley requires academic requirements for transfer admission to be completed by the end of the spring term before your application in the fall term.

For a successful application to UC Berkeley, all transfer applicants are required to;

  • Have completed a general education/breadth requirement
  • Must have completed 60 UC transferable semesters equivalent to 90 UC-transferable quarter units on average
  • Overall average GPA of 3.0 in all transferable coursework at the college level 
  • Provide Lower Division Major Preparation Courses

Holistic Review and Selection 

UC Berkeley reviews transfer applications holistically and ascertains who is academically qualified for admission. 

UC Berkeley evaluates your application profile by reviewing your college-level courses, number of units, major preparation of courses and general education. 

The university is also interested in applicants who possess a good sense of leadership, character, intellect, and responsibility. 

Transfer Applicants with Coursework from 4-Year Institutions

Transfer applicants who have completed UC transferable curriculum at any 4-year institution might be ineligible for admission if they exceed the UC Berkeley unit maximum policy for admission. 

To find out if you have surpassed the unit maximum policy, you need to understand and apply the UC lower-division maximum transfer credit policy. 

The UC lower-division maximum transfer credit limitation policy.

  • UC Berkeley will grant 70 semester equivalent to 105 quarter units to students who completed coursework in the freshman/sophomore (lower division) at any institution.

For Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate examinations, the requirements for exam scores are 3 or above on AP exams. While the exam score for IB (higher level exams) is 5 or above.

The Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate examination scores are accepted as unit credits at UC Berkeley.

UC Berkeley Application Dates/Deadline 

Application availableAugust 1
Apply for financial aid – FAFSA or CA Dream Act applications openOctober 1
Application filing periodNovember 1-30
Application deadlineNovember 30
Berkeley notifies applicants of receipt of applicationEarly December
Online UC Transfer Application Update (TAU) deadlineJanuary 31 (priority)
UC Berkeley mandatory forms deadlineJanuary 31
FAFSA and CA Dream ActMarch 2
Freshman decisions postedEnd of March*
Transfer decisions postedEnd of April*
Freshman deadline to accept an offer of admissionMay 1
Transfer deadline to accept an offer of admissionJune 1
Source https://www.berkeley.edu/

UC Berkeley Tuition and Fees

Below is the estimated cost of attendance at the University of California, Berkeley.

Student Services Fee564.00564.00
Berkeley Campus Fee732.75732.75
Class Pass Fee – Transit95.0095.00
Nonresident Supplemental TuitionN/A14,877.00
Health Insurance Fee1,894.001,894.00
Continuing Student Total$ 9,006.75$ 23,883.75
Document Management Fee207.00207.00
New Student Total$ 9,213.75$ 24,090.75
Source: https://www.berkeley.edu/

Is UC Berkeley a Good School?

The University of California, Berkeley is one of the prestigious public institutions on the Pacific Coast of the U.S. Berkeley is arguably the perfect research institution for students who are interested in engineering, advanced technological research and sciences. 

UC Berkeley community provides an atmosphere that suits the perfect college life for new students.

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UC Berkeley Contact Address

  • School Address:  Berkeley, CA, United States
  • Phone:  +1 510-642-6000

Are there Medical Programs offered at UC Berkeley?

Unfortunately, UC Berkeley does offer any medical programs as there is no medical school or college on Berkeley’s main campus. 

UC Berkeley students are admitted into various medical schools across the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions about Acceptance Rate at UC Berkeley

Below are the frequently asked questions regarding the acceptance rate at UC Berkeley.

What is the minimum GPA to get into UC Berkeley?

The GPA required at UC Berkeley is 3.89 on average. The newly admitted students at Berkeley had an unweighted GPA of 3.86-4.0 and a weighted GPA of 4.25-4.61.

With an average high school GPA of 3.89, you will be at an advantage in the UC Berkeley admission pool.

Is Harvard or UC Berkeley harder to get into? 

When it comes to the acceptance rate, Harvard University is more selective than UC Berkeley. The admission rate at Harvard is 5% while that of Berkeley is 14.5%.

Is Berkeley better than UCLA?

There is always a rivalry between UC Berkeley and UCLA. According to Usnews rankings, UC Berkeley is ranked (22nd) two positions below UCLA (20th) among National Universities.

Is it hard to get into UC Berkeley?

The acceptance rate at UC Berkeley is on a selective standard of admitting 14.5% of its overall applicants. Getting into UC Berkeley will require obtaining the best high school grades and test scores.


The University of California, Berkeley is one of the prominent research institutions established on the foundation to provide education that nurtures potential careers.

The selectivity at UC Berkeley assesses the academic and non-academic qualifications of applicants. With the piece of information provided to you in this article, I presume you already know what to include in your application profile.



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