The Ohio State University Acceptance Rate, Admissions, Tuition, SAT/ACT, Rankings 

This article contains comprehensive information about the acceptance rate at the Ohio State University and it holistically discusses the admission process at the university. 

The Ohio State University is a research institution that has been in existence since the 19th century, and it’s considered one of the top public schools in the United States. 

Each year, thousands of domestic and international applicants apply to the Ohio State University. The applicants prepare and submit their academic records to admissions at Ohio State for a place in the university.

Ohio State admitted applicants who met its application requirements and were academically qualified to get into degree programs offered at the university.

If you are an intending applicant of Ohio State and you have been wondering about the university’s admission procedure. What Ohio State expects from you as an applicant? What academic records should be in your application profile?

The information in this article provides answers to the aforementioned.

The Ohio State University Acceptance Rate

About Ohio State University

The Ohio State University is a public research institution in Columbus, Ohio. The university is among the oldest institutions in the University System of Ohio and one of the earliest in the United States.

The university’s main campus in Columbus sits on 1,665 acres, with other campuses in Lima, Marion, Mansfield, Newark, and Wooster.

Ohio State functions on a semester-based academic calendar, and as of the fall of 2021, it has a total enrollment of 67,772 undergraduate and graduate students.

The Ohio State University is also one of the heavy spenders in academic research. Its estimated research expenditures stand at $1.236 billion and $581 million in federal research expenditures.

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List of Schools and Colleges at the Ohio State University

  • Austin E. Knowlton School of Architecture
  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • Fisher College of Business
  • College of Dentistry 
  • College of Education and Human Ecology 
  • College of Engineering 
  • School of Environmental and Natural Resources
  • College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences

Graduate Schools

  • The John Glenn College of Public Affairs 
  • Michael E. Moritz College of Law
  • College of Medicine 
  • College of Nursing 
  • College of Optometry 
  • College of Pharmacy
  • College of Public Health 
  • College of Social Work
  • College of Veterinary

The Ohio State University Ranking

Below are the state and national rankings of the Ohio State University, according to

National Rankings

  • #9 Best College Athletics in America
  • #11 Best College for Agricultural Sciences in America 
  • #13 Colleges with the Best Student Life in America 
  • #15 Best Colleges for Accounting and Finance in American
  • #20 Best Colleges for Students Athletes in America 
  • #20 Best Colleges for Communication in America
  • #21 Best Colleges for Criminal Justice in America
  • #21 Best Colleges for Sports Management in America

State Rankings

  • #1 Colleges with the Best Student Life in Ohio 
  • #1 Best College Campuses in Ohio 
  • #1 Best Colleges for Student Athletes in Ohio 
  • #1 Best College Athletics in Ohio 
  • #1 Best Colleges for Business in Ohio 
  • #1 Best Colleges for Psychology in Ohio 
  • #1 Best Colleges for Communication in Ohio 
  • #1 Top Public Universities in Ohio 

Campus Life at the Ohio State University

Ohio State campus life offers an excellent experience to the existing and newly admitted students. The university residence halls are designed to accommodate a large body of students, and it also serves as an inspiration for academic success for many.

The Ohio State community is diverse and enriched with a heritage of over 150 years.

At Ohio State, you will find support, counselling, and services that will expose and expatiate your knowledge as a freshman at Ohio State University. 

There are also recreational sports on-campus, and you can get involved with any you are passionate about.

The Ohio State University Acceptance Rate

The Ohio State University has one of the largest students body among public universities in the United States. It has over 67,000 undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled on different campuses across the state of Ohio.

In the last application year, the Ohio State University received 53,598 applications from domestic and international applicants. The university admitted 63% of those applications into various degree programs.

The acceptance rate at the Ohio State University from previous admission cycles has been less selective, admitting half of its overall applicants on average.

Currently, the acceptance rate at the Ohio State University is 53.7%, which is moderately selective. The admit rate at Ohio State allows the university to accept 54 applicants out of every 100.

By statistics, the acceptance rate at the Ohio State University is a margin lower than the national average for colleges and universities in the United States.

GPA Requirements at Ohio State

The Ohio State University has no minimum requirement for high school GPA or class rank. 

However, those who were admitted to the university in the previous admission years had an average GPA of 3.62-3.7.

If your high school GPA is up to 3.8, you will be at an advantage during the Ohio State admission process.

SAT and ACT Requirements

Ohio State University currently has no average requirements for SAT or ACT scores.

The applicants who applied to the Ohio State University had an average SAT range of 1250-1460, with an average ACT of 28-32.

Here is what your SAT and ACT scores should look like.

SAT SectionScore Range
Reading and Writing600-690
Total Score1250-1460
ACTScore Range
Composite Score28-32

Newly Admitted Students’ Standardized Test Scores Overview

Below are the performances of the newly admitted students on standardized test scores.


  • 50% of the new students had SAT scores between 1250-1420
  • 25% had scores below 1270 
  • 25% had scores above 1420


  • 50% of the new students had an ACT score between 27 and 32
  • 25% scored less than 27
  • 25% scored more than 32 

Application Requirement and Procedure

For a successful application to the Ohio State University, you are required to provide essential application materials and follow due process to apply.

First-Year Application Requirement

Here are the application requirements and procedures for first-year applicants.

Step 1. Test Early 

If you are submitting your standardized test scores to Ohio State, you should submit them through the appropriate testing agency.

The university strongly recommends the submission of your standardized test scores by your application deadline. 

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Step 2. Observe the Deadline

Ohio State must receive your application with all required material included by midnight on November 1st.

If you want to enrol in concentrations in the College of Engineering, Morrill Scholarship Programs and Honors and Scholars Programs, Ohio State recommends you meet the 1st of November deadline.

Important Dates


Spring 2023Autumn 2023
Application deadline
Deadline for all required application materials.
Nov. 1, 2022Early action: Nov. 1, 2022
Regular decision: Feb. 1, 2023
The priority date for financial aid
Financial aid step-by-step.
Feb. 1, 2022Feb. 1, 2023
Acceptance fee deadlineSee your Acceptance Fee NotificationMay 1, 2023

Step 3. Submit Your Application

The Ohio State University accepts the Common Application for admission to its main campus.

Step 4. Submit the Required Materials

The required academic material to submit to Ohio State University includes your;

Official Secondary/High School Transcripts

Ask your school counsellor to submit your secondary/high school transcript, including the course schedule in your senior year.

Official Standardized (SAT/ACT) Scores 

The Ohio State University is test-optional for the 2022-2023 application year. 

However, if you have test scores and want to submit them to Ohio State, you should send them through the appropriate testing agency.

Teacher/Counselor Recommendation

Although not required, you should ask your school counsellor or teacher to submit two letters of recommendation via the Common Application.

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Acceptance Rate at the Ohio State University for International Students

There is no specific acceptance rate at the Ohio State University for international students. However, Ohio State has a diverse community with over 6,000 international students representing more than 100 countries.

Application Procedures for International Applicants 

The Ohio State University has a similar application procedure for domestic and international applicants. 

As an international applicant, your application process at Ohio State begins with these simple steps;

Step 1. Test Early

  • All international applicants must submit their test scores through the appropriate testing agency.
  • Ohio State requires the submission of your standardized test scores by your application deadline.

Step 2. Know the Deadline

  • If you meet the Ohio State Early Action deadline, you will get an admission decision response before the end of January. You should consider meeting the November 1st deadline if you want to study in concentrations in the College of Engineering and Honors and Scholars Programs.
  • If you are applying in Regular Decision, Ohio State recommends the submission of your complete application by midnight on February 1st. Submitting your application in February enables Ohio State to consider your application on time, and you should expect your admission decision by the end of March.

Step 3. Apply

Apply through the Common Application (acceptable to the Columbus campus).

Step 4. Submit the Required Academic Materials

  • Ohio State requires that you submit your academic records and letter of recommendation from your school teacher or counsellor. 
Official School Transcripts
  • Your secondary/high school transcripts, documents, or official copies of examination certificates should be sent to admissions at Ohio State. The certificate should contain coursework from 9th through 12th grade.
Recommendation Letter
  • The teacher/counsellor recommendation letter is not required at Ohio State but, if available, it should be submitted online through the Common Application platform. 

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English Proficiency Testing

International applicants from countries where English is not an official language are required to submit English proficiency test scores. 

The test scores must be sent to Ohio State by your testing agency.

Here are the required test scores that demonstrate proficiency in English.

  • TOEFL- internet-based or internet-based Home Edition: Minimum score of 79 or above
  • IELTS or IELTS Indicator: Minimum score of 6.5 or above
  • Duolingo: Minimum score of 105 or above 
  • English Section ACT: Minimum score of 21 or above 
  • Reading Test SAT: Minimum score of 27 or above

Acceptance Rate at the Ohio State University for Transfer Students

The acceptance rate at the Ohio State University for transfer students is estimated at 84%. According to statistics, Ohio State received 46,800 transfer applications in the previous admission year. 

The university accepted up to 39,000 of those applications which accounted for an admit rate of 84%.

Application Requirements and Procedures for Transfer Applicants

Transfer applicants to the Ohio State University should not apply if;

  • They have previously attended the Ohio State University and want to transfer to another Ohio State campus. 
  • They want to take a class and transfer credits to another college or university
  • They have not enrolled in a college or university after graduating from secondary/high school

Steps for transfer application

All transfer applicants to Ohio State can apply to the university by following these simple steps.

Step 1. Know the Deadline at Ohio State 

Transfer applicants should visit the Ohio State University official website to find out the application deadline for spring, summer, and autumn. 

Step 2. Know the enrollment criteria for your concentration

Most schools and colleges at Ohio State have requirements for average GPA, prerequisite coursework and an audition. Your application profile may be evaluated for enrollment into your intending concentration. 

Step 3. Apply to Ohio State 

Provide the necessary application materials and submit your application to Ohio State. 

During your application, you will pay a non-refundable application fee of $60. 

Fee waivers are also available for eligible students.

Step 4. Submit your application materials 

The colleges or universities you attended should send your official transcript to Ohio State. If you have also taken coursework at the college level while still in high school, you can include the transcript in your materials.

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Additional requirements and transfer credit

Transfer applicants with fewer than 30 semesters (45 quarter) hours during their application are required to submit high school transcripts. The transcripts should be submitted electronically to Ohio State by the school officials. 

The Ohio State University will accept course credits taken at a regionally accredited institution.

The Ohio State University Tuition and Fee

      Semester             Annual
Ohio undergraduate (Columbus, new)*          $5,968               $11,936
Ohio undergraduate (Regional, new)**           $4,281                $8,562
Nonresident undergraduate (Columbus, new)*         $17,509               $35,018
Ohio graduate (Columbus, new)*           $6,212               $12,425
Nonresident graduate (Columbus, new)*          $19,188               $38,377
Typical annual cost, all fees***                $29,022

Contact Address of the Ohio State University

  • School Address: 281 W Lane Ave, Columbus, OH 43210, United States
  • Phone:  +1 614-292-6446

Frequently Asked Questions about the Acceptance Rate at the Ohio State University

Below are the frequently asked questions regarding the acceptance rate at the Ohio State University.

What GPA is required to get into Ohio State?

Currently, there is no minimum GPA requirement at the Ohio State University. Freshmen who were admitted into Ohio State in the previous admission year had an average GPA range of 3.62-3.78.

However, a GPA of 3.8 or above will get you into any degree program at Ohio State.

How hard is it to get into Ohio State University?

The acceptance rate at the Ohio State University is 53.7% which is moderately selective. An admission into Ohio State may be more or less selective, depending on the academic records in your application profile.

Can I get into Ohio State with a minimum GPA of 2.5?

With a GPA of 2.5, it will be difficult to get into the Ohio State University. The latest freshman at Ohio State had an average GPA of 3.62 and above during the last admission cycle. 

For your application to be considered during admission, you will need a GPA of 3.60 or above.


The Ohio State University is one of the earliest and most prominent public research institutions in the United States.

Since its inception in the 19th century, the university has provided top-quality education and intensive research to a multitude of inquisitive students. 

If you consider Ohio State a first-choice university, then you should prepare your application materials for the next application date.



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