List of the Best Free Nursing Schools in the World that Charge No Tuition

Are you looking for free nursing schools in the world that offer nursing programs at no tuition charges? Are you searching for the best nursing schools to train you in the nursing profession?

While there are not many options for this, there are quite a handful of options for you. This is why nursing is a very important course in the world. It is one of those professions that will never go out of demand.

Currently, there is a high demand for more nurses, especially in the US and Canada. However, becoming a nurse is quite expensive and the cost of tuition is on the high side. To help students fund their tuition at the barest minimum possible, we bring you a list of schools that charges less tuition for nursing students.

In this guide, we have brought to your fingertips the details of nursing schools that charge no tuition. What this means is that you do not have to pay much for tuition.

While there is no tuition fee attached, some of these schools require to pay a meagre sum for semester dues which stand in for administrative purposes. For those who want to have this reality, kindly note that most of these free nursing schools are situated in Germany and Norway.

This is a huge plus because the standard of living can accommodate a cheap budget unlike in countries like the UK and USA.

With that fact established, let’s run you through the list of nursing schools that charges no tuition.

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Free Nursing Schools that Charges No Tuition

Why Should I Study Nursing?

With the advancement in medical science, life expectancy is also evolving higher.  And the longer people live, the more concerns that come with old age.

Aside from age being a crucial factor in the need for more nurses, there is a general growth in the demand for nurses all over the world. With the rise in demand for healthcare and nursing professionals, nursing becomes one of the prominent professions in need.

That means regardless of when you study nursing, it’s not out of place to say the skill will never go out of the job. Licensed healthcare workers have an abundance of job opportunities. All you need is a degree and experienced training to get there. 

That’s why in this guide we have listed for you free nursing schools that will require no charges on tuition.

What’s the Average Cost of Studying Nursing?

Without mincing words, nursing schools are as costly as medical schools. Basically, the cost of nursing tuition dissuades many individuals that want to join the nursing profession. 

The cost of nursing schools is not specific because different schools have their own tuition price tag on the nursing programs.

However, from research, we found out that you can literally get a nursing degree for free. Free in the sense that you can go through nursing school without paying tuition. All you have to do is seek funding, scholarships, or other forms of financial aid.

Before considering applying for admission into a nursing school, find out if there are scholarships. If there aren’t, you can leverage the free nursing schools we listed below.

Are there Free Nursing Schools that charges No Tuition?

Yes, there are a few schools where students can apply for their nursing programs that do not charge tuition.

But like we have stated, there are just a few of them. And the not-so-good news is that these free nursing schools are hard to find. But if you follow through with this piece, you will find a few of these schools here.

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Top List of Free Nursing Schools that Charges No Tuition

Regardless of where you are in the world, these nursing schools offer nursing programs that are totally free. We have carefully made available the essential information you need to know to study in these free nursing schools.

Here is a list of the top 5;

#1. Hochschule Bremen City University of Applied Sciences (HSB)

  • Location: Germany
  • Program Scope: 8 Semesters 
  • Total Credit: Not Specified
  • Minimum Grade: Not Specified
  • Faculty:  Social Sciences and Media Studies 

Hochschule Bremen City University of Applied Sciences (HSB) is one of the top-rated universities in Germany. The majority of these university programs are taught in German. 

This Often requires prospective students to have sufficient knowledge in German at level C1 (CEFR). However, few courses are taught in English.

Nursing in Hochschule Bremen City University of Applied Sciences (HSB)

Nursing in the HSB is totally free.  It only requires a semester fee. In HSB, there is only one program in nursing. This program competes with other programs offered by other nursing schools in Germany.

By design, this program is a bachelor-level program that equips its student with an academic understanding of theories as well as skills required for a nursing career.

One of the prerequisites of this program is a semester abroad. At the end of this program, nursing students will be able to have a broader horizon and help develop further individuals and professionals.

#2. Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

  • Location: Germany
  • Program Scope: Full-time 
  • Total Credit: 210 credits
  • Minimum Grade: Not Specified
  • Faculty: Department of Nursing and Management 

Hamburg University is one of the 10 Tuition-Free Universities in Germany for International Students. It’s a top-rated German university that offers most of its courses free because it’s a public university. And by rule, all German public universities are tuition-free.

Nursing in Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

Hamburg is one of the free schools in the world where you take a nursing program at no cost. All you have to do is the per semester subsidy of less than EUR 350.

This free nursing school has five programs, 3 at the bachelor’s level while the other 2 at the master’s level.  At Hamburg University, their nursing programs concern both academic learning and vocational training. 

The theory teaches a balance with a lot of practical sessions that prepare future nurses for a career in healthcare and nursing. Also via its joint program, this college instructs students to become better healthcare professionals.

This cooperative program allows students to be taught in two other nursing schools; 

  • Albertinen-Schule Academy of Nursing
  • Academy of Nursing and Pediatric Nursing

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#3. University of Agder

  • Location: Norway 
  • Program Scope: Full-time 
  • Total Credit: 180 credits
  • Minimum Grade: 3.0 in Norwegian (393 hours) and 3.0 in mathematics (224 hours).
  • Faculty: Health and Sports Sciences 

The University of Agder is a public university in Norway with over 19 programs at bachelor’s and master’s levels. As a Norwegian university, most of her courses are taught in Norwegian, only a few courses are taught in English.

Basically, they focus on instructing students to understand hypotheses and think critically. Also, the students here go on practical arrangements to apply theories to real-life practice.  This is why many choose the University of Adger from the list of free nursing schools.

Nursing in the University of Adger

In the University of Adger’s Faculty of Health and Sports Sciences, students can study nursing programs for free. One of the reasons why the University of Agder offers future nurses a chance to study for free is because of the rising demand for nurses and care workers in Norway.

Also, the University of Agder is a public university. As a Norwegian rule of law, education in public universities is free of charge. However, you would have to pay a semester fee for public transportation and other expenses of the student association.

The University of Agder is one of the free nursing schools that ensure job opportunities for their nurses after graduation. Despite that it’s a free-tuition university, they deliver first-class education.

However, keep in mind that the language of instruction at the University of Adger is Norwegian.

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#4. University of Stavanger

  • Location: Norway
  • Program Scope: 3 Years Full-time 
  • Total Credit: 180 credits
  • Minimum Grade: 3 or better in Norwegian (393 hours), 3 or better in mathematics ( 224 hours)
  • Faculty: Department of Health Studies 

Just like the University of Agder, the University of Stavanger is a public university in Norway. Students can run a bachelor’s and master’s program in this college. It’s one of the free nursing schools in the world because it offers nursing programs at no cost.

Since its inception in 2005, this university has held a high standard of research output. It ranks #3 in Norway in 2019 for its research publications per academic staff. 

Also, most of her programs cannot be found in other institutions in Nordic Countries. Such includes a Master in Prehospital Critical Care.

Nursing in the University of Stavanger

The University of Stavanger is one of the free nursing schools in the world. One of their nursing programs is the master’s program in prehospital critical care.

All prehospital care providers receive top-notch academic training so that they can evaluate the knowledge in their field critically. 

Also, this university places high importance on both academics and real-life practice.

Therefore, this is one of the schools that nursing students can take advantage of because its high-quality education is totally free.

#5. The Arctic University of Norway (UiT)

  • Location: Norway
  • Program Scope: Full-time 
  • Total Credit: Not Specified
  • Minimum Grade: Not Specified
  • Faculty: Department of Health and Care Sciences 

Since its inception in 1968, the Arctic University of Norway university has had a strong academic reputation in the world.

It’s usually referenced due to its site as the northernmost university in the world. It continues to grow stronger in population due to its merger with many other outstanding Norwegian universities.

Currently, it has six campuses.

Nursing in The Arctic University of Norway

Nursing programs in the Arctic University of Norway is one of the most applied for because it is one of the schools that offer most courses for free.

Via its Department of Health and Care Sciences, you can take various degree programs, nursing inclusive. Also, there are openings for students who want to go for continuing education programs.

The nursing continuing education programs are for health care professionals that want to develop and improve specific skills.

Nursing programs in this university are solely practical through their hands-on experience internships. The Arctic University of Norway is one of the free nursing schools in the world that accepts just a semester fee of NOK 625.

This fee stands in for student cards, counseling services, class registration, and exams.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Free Nursing Schools In The World

Is Nursing School Free in the UK?

There are no tuition-free universities in the UK. What this invariably means is that Nursing schools are not free in the United Kingdom.

You only stand a chance to pay less if you’re a home or EU student. International and Non-EU students pay higher.

Where Can I Study Nursing for Free?

Majorly you can study most nursing programs for free in Norway and Germany.

This is so because as a rule of law in these countries, their public universities are free which makes them free nursing schools.

What Other Colleges offer Free Nursing Programs?

Other free nursing schools include;

  • Berea College
  • Webb Institute
  • Barclay College
  • Alice Lloyd College
  • College of the Ozarks
  • Deep Springs College
  • City College of San Francisco

Are there Nursing Schools That Pay You to Attend?

I’m so sorry, but that does not happen. There are no nursing schools that will pay you to attend. The best you can get is becoming a nurse for free.

Also, there are some hospital programs that will help those going to nursing school to pay for their education.  However, some of these nursing programs do not pay for the entire cost.

How Can I Become A RN For Free?

To become an RN for free you have to first earn a certificate as a nursing assistant (CNA). Then work as a CNA while attending a CNA to LPN program. 

The CNA program lasts for a couple of months of part-time work. It will help you earn experience in nursing while earning more money than most college-aged jobs pay.


Taking advantage of these free nursing schools will allow you to do nursing programs without charges on tuition.

Keep in mind that the requirements for each school vary, therefore we recommend that you visit the school website for details on that.


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