Step-by-Steps On How to Study Nursing in Korea for International Students 2023

Here’s an article on how international students can become or the process of becoming a nurse by learning how to study nursing programs in Korea in Korean Schools.

Pursuing a degree in a foreign country is a lot fascinating because you get to view things from different viewpoints. Studying in Korea is no different.

Talking about studying nursing in Korea, Korea is among the best countries for such programs.  Generally, nursing students experiencing such programs in Korean schools are prepared with knowledge in various disciplines.

Usually, nursing programs in Korea are taught with due diligence to train students to become nurses that will fit into the medicine and healthcare industry

Therefore in this guide, we bring you a straightforward guide on how to become a nurse in Korea. Below you will find a step-by-step guide on how international students can study nursing in Korea.

Also, we have made a list of the best Korean nursing schools that will equip you with the right skills you need to be a nurse.

Without further ado, welcome aboard!!!

How to Study Nursing in Korea for International Students

Studying in Korea: What is it Like?

Although Korea is not a famous study abroad destination in the world, it is one of the very best picks in Asia. The country always has something fashionable and unorthodox to offer its citizens as well as international students.

From the local cuisine to pop culture, there’s always something exceptional to look out for.  Also, Korea is known to have a low-cost standard of living and excellent technology.

Its weather is ideal and favourable to all making it one of the best places to live and work.  Away from great scenery and nature’s goodness, Korea’s educational system is quite competitive by worldwide criteria.

Most nursing programs in Korea rank in the list of the best in the world. Their high-tech facilities and worldwide collaborations can be rated to also be among one the best.

Its high living standards at low cost and significant investment in education and health services make Korea an ideal place to study nursing and practice as well.

Usually, they have one of the best undergraduate nursing programs. You can be sure to get the best education because Korea is a great terminus for nursing studies.

The state-of-the-art facilities will allow you to practice internationally and get your degree without speaking Korean, as some of her programs are taught in English.

What are the Best Nursing Schools For International Students to Study and Become a Nurse in Korea?

International students seeking to study nursing in Korea need to do so in the best nursing schools. In that regard, we bring you an up-to-date list established on our research on the best Korean nursing schools.

These schools have proven to have a track record of excellence in providing high records when it comes to training students to become nurses in Korea via their nursing programs.

The list includes;

#1. Yonsei University College of Nursing

  • Language of Instruction: English, Korean
  • Available Degrees: Bachelor of Nursing and Postgraduate degrees

#2. Korea University College of Nursing

  • Language of Instruction: Korean
  • Available Degrees: Bachelor of Nursing, Master, PhD

#3. Seoul National University College of Nursing

  • Language of Instruction: English, Korean
  • Available Degrees: Bachelor of Nursing and postgraduate degrees

#4. Catholic University of Korea

  • Language of Instruction: Korean, English
  • Available Degrees: Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Graduate programs

#5. Dankook University

  • Language of Instruction: English, Korean
  • Available Degrees: Bachelor of Nursing, graduate studies in Geriatric Nursing

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What are the Admission Requirements to Apply to Korean Nursing Schools?

When it comes to studying nursing in Korea, the requirements differ by university. Each university has its own admission requirements and eligibility criteria. 

But on a general note, you will need the following documents to apply to become a nurse in Korea in Korean Nursing schools;

  • Study Plan
  • Transcript
  • Statement of Purpose
  • High School diploma 
  • A copy of a valid passport.
  • A complete Application form
  • English or Korean proficiency test results (TOPIK, IELTS)
  • Certificate of enrollment or completion at a Korean language school.

For exact requirements, visit your choice of university’s website and take note of what you need to apply.

7 Steps on How to Study Nursing in Korea For International Students

Now you’re ready to take on this very important step in how to study nursing you need to follow the strategic steps. Running off without direction is one way to have a dissatisfied academic journey in Korea.

The following steps below are necessary steps for how to study Nursing in Korea for international students. Becoming a nurse in Korea following the steps we have documented may be quite different for Korean citizens.

Therefore, we have made this research and put up this article for international students who want to become nurses in Korea. With that being said let’s take a look at the 7 steps you should take to become a Korean nurse;

#1. Know the University Requirements To Become A Nurse in Korea.

Becoming or working as a nurse in Korea requires you to have a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. Most Korean universities offer nursing programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. 

Also, you can get to study either a four-year Bachelor’s, Master’s Program, Master of Science in 4 Courses for Advanced Nurse Practitioner, or a PhD. Program in Nursing in Korea Universities.

To be admitted to any Korean university for a bachelor’s in nursing, here are some of the requirements you must pass;

  • Must have completed high school.
  • Also, applicants should have achievement records and high school activity. 
  • In addition to that, all students must have good marks on Scholastic Aptitude Tests.
  • Also, all applicants must undergo a written test and an interview.
  • Some Universities in Korea will require international students who want to study nursing to present a high school diploma and transcript of records.
  • Also, you need to prove that you can speak the English language by taking an English proficiency test. 
  • Furthermore, you need to take a Korean language competency test. 
  • Also, the parents of all applicants who want to become a nurse in Korea should not be Korean citizens.

#2. Find Out About Korean Nursing Schools.

Now that you have the requirements straightened out, the next is to find out which Korean nursing school is ideal for you.

All you have to do is conduct research on the best nursing schools in Korea. You can take advantage of the Korean nursing schools we have listed above.

In Korea, you can find some nursing schools in the city and some in the rural areas.  Depending on your budget, you can just find one that fits your educational needs.

Before making a choice, ensure that the Korean nursing schools that will make your list should have state-of-the-art facilities and hospital affiliations.

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#3. Learn Korean.

Becoming a nurse in Korea will require you to speak the Korean language.  This is so because international students who have learned to speak the language have an easier life while studying nursing in Korea.

In fact, employers value international student nurses who can speak both English and Korean fluently.

Another reason why you need to learn the Korean language is that only a few courses are taught in English in Korean universities.

Some universities such as Seoul National University require all international students to submit English certification (TEPS, IELTS, TOEFL, TOPIK, AP, or SAT) and a National English/Korean Test Score.

#4. International Students Need to Ready their Money to Study Nursing in Korea.

For international students who want to become a nurse in Korea, keep in mind that the Korean embassy will require you to show evidence of financial ability.

This is crucial to prove that you can take care of all your expenditures such as school tuition bills, food, school supplies, rent, and other personal expenses.

Usually, all these can total up to USD 2,500 per month on average.

#5. Ready Your Documents to Apply.

You have a list of Korean nursing schools and your evidence of financial capability, what’s next?

Get your documents ready to apply. We actually do recommend you prepare your documents early enough. This will help you double-check and ensure all the required documents are valid, comprehensive, and in place.

To know the exact documents to pack, visit the university’s website and find out the lists of all the requirements international students need to study nursing in Korea.

Most of the requirements are school-specific.

#6. Send in Your Application To Different Korean Nursing Schools

As we stated in the part to research different Korean nursing schools, you need to select at least 5.

Next is to send in your applications to these schools. Kindly note that you can only commence your application process if you’ve ascertained your eligibility to apply.

Once you’re eligible, here’s what you can do;

  • Submit of paperwork.
  • Submit document appraisal.
  • Run an interview or an examination.

After all, these, if you’re found on distinction, you will receive an admission letter from the university.

#7. Apply for Student Visa in Korea.

You have just been admitted to study nursing in Korea.  Up next is to apply for a student visa.

Here’s what you need to get a Korean student visa;

  • Complete Application form
  • Passport-size colored photo
  • Receipt for the visa application fee
  • Passport with six months’ validity
  • Visa paperwork from a Korean university CoA or Confirmation of Visa Issuance

With these documents, you can get a Korean student visa in a Korean embassy in your country. However, keep in mind that each country’s prerequisites or documentation may differ.

While getting your visa, you need to show evidence of financial capability.

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Frequently Asked Questions About How to Study Nursing in Korea For International Students

When Should I Apply to Korea to Study Nursing? 

Kindly note that each school has its own specific recruitment dates. Therefore, we recommend that you visit your choice of institution’s website to know when their application is open as well as the deadline.

Once you’ve done that, ensure you apply months ahead of the deadline. But on average, Korean nursing schools admit twice a year, in the spring and the fall.

What’s the Cost of Studying Nursing in Korea?

Depending on the school you’re attending, the cost of becoming a nurse in Korea will differ. Also, the cost greatly depends on the region, year, and kind of academic institution.

On average, the cost of tuition in nursing schools in Korea ranges from USD 4,000 to USD 7,000.

However, Yonsei University has a higher cost of tuition which costs about USD 4,396 each academic year. This includes both the entrance fee and the tuition charge.

How Long Does it Take International Students to Study Nursing in Korea?

Undergraduate nursing programs in Korea take about four years to complete.

However, master’s, and doctorate degrees which are obtainable at most Korean universities and schools take a shorter while.

How Do I Become a Nurse in Korea?

Becoming a nurse in Korea will have you to make a choice of obtaining an Associate degree or becoming a registered nurse at the entry-level.

Or you can choose to study and earn a Bachelor’s degree and go on to postgraduate study with a particular specialization in mind.

With either of these options, international students can study nursing in Korea.

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Following this piece, your journey to becoming a nurse in Korea is made easy.

Kindly visit the school’s website when you’ve made a choice of institution and find out the exact requirements in addition to the general list we made above.

We wish you luck!!!




  1. dear Stay informed Group admin
    this is yasamin habibi. i have nursing bachelor degree from Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and i am a nurse in iran. i want to apply for nursing master in Seoul National University and after graduating i want to work as a nurse in korea.
    can i work as a nurse in korea? and am i eligible to take the KHPLEI with SNU master and iran university bachelor?
    notice to the university which i earned bachelor from doesn’t exist in MOHW approved college list.

    thank you for your assistance

    1. Dear Yasamin Habibi thanks for your comment. The Seoul National University offers what are looking for, but you need to visit the official school website to check out further requirements and what you need to study there as an international student. It is possible to work as a nurse in Korea as foreign nurses can work in Korea after taking the nurse license.

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