Easiest Universities in Korea to Get Into Highest Acceptance Rate 2023

Are you looking for the universities in Korea with the highest acceptance rate? One of the very first considerations for any student willing to study in any school is to find out what the acceptance rate is; this list will help you with a comprehensive list of the easiest universities in Korea to get into.

Schools with high acceptance rate are easier to get into while those with low acceptance rate is as hard as cracking a nut.

What does a high acceptance rate mean?

Why should I consider Korean universities with high acceptance rates?

Most students who intend to study in Korea always seek to study in any of the Best Universities in Korea for International Students.

However, most of these schools are world-class institutions and because they are top-rated, their acceptance rate is usually low.

With this low acceptance, only a few applicants get admission into these schools.

Following this assertion, to get accepted into any Korean university, it’s ideal you have a good academic record.

To boost your chances, apply to the universities with a high acceptance rate in Korea.

As we stated, schools with high acceptance rates are easier to get into. Students stand a better chance of getting admission into such schools in Korea and anywhere in the world.

Below, you will find a detailed list we put together based on research on the list of universities in Korea with the highest acceptance rate.

In a bid to grant you easy access, we have also included the links of each university to get you straight to their website.

All you have to do is simply click on the links underneath each school to find out more at the school’s website.

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Universities in Korea with the Highest Acceptance Rate

Is Korea A Good Study Destination?

Studying in Korea is absolutely a beautiful experience as compared with many other study abroad destinations. 

Korea is the dream of most foreign students, especially those who love to watch a lot of Korean movies staring Leemiho.

Most international students say they travel to Korea because of its culture and ecstasies.

Besides that, Korea is a beautiful and energetic country with promising and easy-to-access citizens who flow well with foreigners.

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Different Types of Universities in Korea

Korea is blessed with a lot of public and private universities that focus on academics and vocational institutions. Some of the largest types of universities in South Korea are mentioned below:

  • Research Universities: Research universities are some of the most universities that are prestigious in Korea and are divided into three distinct categories, namely:
    • Public universities: These type of universities in Korea are funded by the country’s federal government.
    • Local universities: These type of universities in Korea are supported and funded by the country’s local government.
    • Private universities: These universities are supported by the country’s Private Education Foundation.
  • Industrial Universities: Korea’s industrial universities is another type of university that offers students more vocational training programs in addition to a bachelor’s degree. Tuition is almost always cheaper than a research university.
  • Junior Colleges: it is the responsibility of the Junior Colleges to offer technical education and many degree programs lasting 2-3 years. Junior College offers students courses in early childhood education, nursing, agriculture, engineering, home economics and business administration.
  • Universities of Education: These universities specialize in educating teacher, offering mainly four-year degrees.
  • Cyber/Online Universities: These universities offer mostly online degrees and are becoming popular day by day since their inception in 2004. Bachelor’s and other forms of Associate’s degrees are among the most popular degrees offered by Korea Cyber/Online Universities.

How Much Does It Cost To Study in Korea?

Basically, an undergraduate studying in any of the Korean public universities pays about US$2,000 – US$4,500 per semester.

However, in a private university in Korea, undergraduate tuition costs about $7,000 per semester.

On the flip side, humanities undergraduate courses cost less while medical-related courses cost higher. 

How Can I Study in South Korea for Free?

Just like most students want to find out How to Study in Canada for Free, students who want to go to Korea ask the exact question.

To study in Korea for free, you have to get a scholarship. 

Can I Study in Korea Without Knowing the Korean Language?

Yes, you can.

First, some Korean schools offer English-taught courses.

However, if you want to harmonize with the Korean culture, here’s what you can do: simply learn their English style of speaking.

Requirements for studying in Korea

Whether you plan to study at a world-class university in Korea after the age of 12 or after graduation, you will need to complete certain entry requirements. The following are the main requirements for international students to study in Korea:

Educational Qualifications:

Korean undergraduate program, candidates need to complete 10+2, ie 12 years of academic studies (primary and secondary), for postgraduate programs, you need a bachelor’s degree as a requirement to apply for a master’s program and a southern Ph.D.

Language Proficiency Test

If you are to apply for a program in Korea taught in English, you must provide a TOEFL score, while for a Korean-taught program, you will need to take the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) and submit subject scores with your application.

In addition, you must submit a Letter of Recommendation (LOR), Statement of Purpose (SOP), CV, etc.

Top 10 Universities in Korea 

Universities in Korea Times Higher Education RankingQS World Universities Ranking (2022)
Seoul National University6036
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)9641
Sungkyunkwan University10197
Pohang University of Science and Technology  (Postech)15181
Korea University16774
Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology176212
Yonsei University18779
Kyung Hee University251264

Are there Universities in Korea That Allows Students Not to speak Korean?

Yes, some universities in Korea offer English-taught programs.

Some of them include;

  • Ajou University
  • Yonsei University 
  • Sogang University
  • Kyung Hee University
  • Seoul National University 
  • Sungkyunkwan University 
  • SolBridge International School of Business
  • Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Seoul Campus 

15 Universities in Korea with Highest Acceptance Rates

Here’s a list of the universities in Korea with the highest acceptance rate;

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#1. Hoseo University

  • Acceptance Rate:  55%
  • Tuition Cost: Not Specified
  • Location: Asan, South Korea

Hoseo University is a private university that has a very high acceptance rate.

Since its inception in 1978, this Christian university still holds the reins for being the first school in Korea to set up a graduate school for venture businesses.

Hoseo focuses on encouraging students to be creative and dutiful via pragmatic education in addition to spiritual guidance. 

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#2. Handong Global University

  • Acceptance Rate:  60%
  • Tuition Cost: Not Specified
  • Location: Pohang, Korea.

Handong Global University is a private Christian-centered university with one of the highest acceptance rates in Korea.

At Handong, her curriculum aims at providing its students with the tools and education to aid them to compete and lead on an international level. 

Although it is in Pohang, it is also within the reach of Gyeongju City.

Also, 40% of the lectures are taught in English and 22% of its faculty are foreigners.

#3. Inje University

  • Acceptance Rate: 70%
  • Tuition Cost: Not Specified
  • Location: Gimhae, South Korea.

Well, if you want to save the world, there is no better school to learn from other than Inje University.

Inje believed that through the powers of love and virtue the world would be saved.

Also, IU seeks to protect the health of the environment and the value of human life.

In 2015, the Korean Ministry of Education recognized Inje as the best institute for the Leading University for International Cooperation Program.

This we could see through the quality of education foreign students access in Inje.

#4. Mokpo National University

  • Acceptance Rate: 70%
  • Tuition Cost: Not Specified
  • Location: Mt. Seungdal, Mokpo, South Korea

Mokpo National University is one of the universities that has one of the highest acceptance rates in Korea.

Also, MNU collaborates with prestigious overseas universities to give outstanding education to residents and international students.

Also, they set up programs aimed at producing leaders who can lead and succeed in international society.

#5. Kookmin University

  • Acceptance Rate: 80%
  • Tuition Cost: Not Specified
  • Location: Seoul, South Korea

Kookmin University is the first private university to be put up after WW2.

Out of its 18,100 student population, over 1,800 are international students.

Also, Kookmin is known to have a highly conducive learning environment and state-of-the-art multimedia facilities.

Even with this, it has one of the highest acceptance rates in our list of Korean universities.

#6. Sun Moon University

  • Acceptance Rate:  90%
  • Tuition Cost: Not Specified
  • Location: Korea

Last on our list of universities in Korea with the highest acceptance rate is Sun Moon University. 

Sun Moon University is a global university with the highest proportion of international students.

And interestingly, regardless of your background or country of residence, Sun Moon University will welcome you with open arms. 

#7. Kyung Hee University

  • Acceptance Rate: 50%
  • Tuition Cost: $7,000 per year.
  • Location: 

Kyung Hee University is one of the universities in Korea with the highest acceptance rate.

This is one of Korea’s universities that is known to have ‘global eminence’ in addition to 434 partnerships with sister universities for study abroad programs.

Besides good academics, Kyung Hee’s campus is home to many tourist attractions.

#8. Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU)

  • Acceptance Rate: 45%
  • Tuition Cost: 4.557 million KRW
  • Location: Seoul and Suwon, South Korea

Sungkyunkwan University has an impressive six centuries of history.  

SKKU runs two specialized campuses in Seoul and Suwon.

Some major courses in SKKU are natural sciences and solid humanities.

Also, SKKU has a reputation for producing well-rounded and premiere graduates who are highly sought by many high-profile employers. 

In QS World University Rankings 2019, SKKU ranks in the 100th spot worldwide.

Also, know that Samsung and Hyundai fund a great deal of SKKU’s R&D projects.

#9. Ajou University

  • Acceptance Rate: 50%
  • Tuition Cost: Not Specified
  • Location: Suwon, South Korea

If you want to study in one of the best engineering universities in Korea then Ajou is it and to add to the tops, they have the highest acceptance rate 

Although a young school, Ajou has soaring achievements of Ajou University that have placed it on the map as one of the top 100 universities under 50 years old.

Also, every year, Ajou welcomes about 750 international students.

#10. Keimyung University

  • Acceptance Rate: 55%
  • Tuition Cost: Not Specified
  • Location: Daegu, Korea

Keimyung University is one of the universities with the highest acceptance rate in Korea.

Also, this school has over 24,300 students of which many of them are international students.

Furthermore, they have an academic network and international programs that foreign students can avail.

At the moment, Keimyung University has partnered with 262 universities and organizations from over 49 countries.

#11. Ewha Womans University

  • Acceptance Rate: 9.5%
  • Tuition Cost: $6000 per year
  • Location: Seoul, South Korea

Ewha Woman’s University is the largest female educational institution in the world.

Since its establishment in 1886, “Ewha” which stands for “Pear Blossoms” has been welcoming female international students from all countries.

Through its Ewha Global Empowerment Program, the university empowers women imbibing in them the tool to become effective and respected leaders in both public and non-government sectors.

#12. Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

  • Acceptance Rate: 35%
  • Tuition Cost: KRW3,433,000
  • Location: Daejeon, South Korea.

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology is Korea’s first research-oriented science and engineering institution.

KAIST was set up to meet Korea’s demand for elite S&T human resources.

Besides being one of the Korean universities with the highest acceptance rate, KAIST has a huge attraction called the carillon.

Carillion is a bell held up by zig-zagging pillars of red, blue, and green. 

Basically, it rings 3 times a day, helping busy students keep time.

#13. Korea University

  • Acceptance Rate: 25%
  • Tuition Cost: US$6,500 per year.
  • Location: South Korea

Korea University is one of the most reputable and oldest institutions in Korea. 

Also, KU is an elite alongside Seoul National University and Yonsei University.

Even though you can equate it as an Ivy League university, Korea University is one of the universities in Korea with the highest acceptance rate.

#14. Seoul National University

  • Acceptance Rate: 30%
  • Tuition Cost: 6.33 million KRW
  • Location: Southern Seoul, South Korea.

In the list of SKY universities, Seoul National University is listed.

It’s the first national university in Korea.

Also, its stunning architecture is a huge attraction that exposes its students to Korea’s traditions and natural beauty.

Furthermore, 10% of SNU students are international students and many SNU courses are taught in English.

#15. Yonsei University

  • Acceptance Rate: 35%
  • Tuition: $8,200 per year
  • Location: Seoul, South Korea.

Yonsei University came about as a merger between Yunhi College and Severance Union Medical College in 1957.

Basically, this college believes and upholds the 3 C’s: Creativity, Connectivity, and Christianity.

Therefore, with this mantra, they contribute to society and the nation by fulfilling the basic mandates of universities in education and research.

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How to apply to Korean universities?

If studying in Korea at any of the universities with the highest acceptance rate is your dream, it is important that you know that the process of the application process is determined by your chosen semester.

Additionally, all the academic institutions in South Korea have in their requirements that students who want to apply to the university should do that through the direct university online application route. Here are some general documents that students are required to present as they submit their application:

  • Correctly filled application form
  • Letter of Recommendation [LOR]
  • Proof of Korean or English proficiency (depending on the program applied for)
  • Past transcripts/academic records
  • Statement of Purpose [SOP]
  • photocopy of passport
  • Copy of student visa
  • Medical Declaration

Popular Scholarships

As Korea focuses on bringing up the number of international students and helping those who are financially unstable, a good number of scholarships and other financial awards are given to students.

So, if you are interested in studying at a university in South Korea, here are some scholarships you can consider applying to:

  • Korean Government Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Yonsei University Undergraduate Program Scholarship
  • Global Korean Scholarship
  • GKS for ASEAN South countries
  • Korean Government Scholarship Program
  • Seoul National University Graduate and Undergraduate Scholarships
  • Korea University Graduate and Undergraduate Scholarships
  • GIST Scholarship
  • UST Scholarship

Frequently Asked Questions About Korean Universities with the Highest Acceptance Rate

Is Korea Safe For International Students?

No country has a guarantee of safety.

However, Korea is an extremely safe destination for students. 

Is it Hard To Get into Korean Universities?

Without mincing words, Korean Universities are very hard for Korean students to get admissions. 

However, to get into any of the Korean universities, you need to be at the top 1% of all the students.

Therefore, If it could be that hard for Koreans, international students are no exception.

However, there’s nothing an expert’s advice cannot fix. 

Get the right scores and requirements and you’re in.


I hope this article on universities in Korea with the highest acceptance rates was helpful. 

Visit the school’s website for more details.

Good luck!!!


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