10 Cheap Universities in Canada to study almost for free

Suppose you have been looking for cheap universities in Canada that will help you save the cost of study and still acquire an accredited degree of high quality. In that case, you need to check out the list of the cheapest universities in Canada that has been listed in this article.

Generally, education in Canada is one of the cheapest for international students. This is evident by the number of international students that troop into Canada every year.

We all know that Canada has some of the top universities globally, and most of the universities are very cheap and affordable for domestic and international students.

As a domestic or international student, it is not out of the blue to think of a cheap University you can attend and still get a quality education, as education these days has become very expensive. There are a few Universities around the world that offer cheap and quality education.

With the cheap Universities in Canada listed in this article, you’ll discover some of Canada’s most affordable universities that offer programs at the graduate and undergraduate levels of studies.

Universities in this article have been divided into undergraduate and Master’s degree levels of studies which means that we’ll first talk about the cheapest universities in Canada for undergraduate studies and cheap universities in Canada for masters degree level of study.

All you need to do is read this article with every bit of carefulness and intent. We will include every important information, including the official university website, so you can visit the school website to check out other information that might be important to you.

Why Study in Canada

Canada is one of the countries in the world that international students find very appealing. This is because of the quality education Canadian universities offer and the fact that most of these universities are almost free and have a good acceptance rate for students.

Below are some of the reasons why students choose to study in Canada. As a prospective postgraduate or undergraduate student, these are some of the reasons why you should choose Canada as your study destination.

Cheap Universities in Canada

It’s affordable.

Everyone knows that Canada is one of the countries that offer quality education at a very affordable price; they have some of the cheap universities for undergraduate and Master’s studies.

Compared to universities in the United States of America and other English-speaking countries, Canada is one of the cheapest places to study.

The positive reputation.

Due to the quality of education, Canadian universities offer, the country has been recognized as one of the best places to study.

Graduates from Canadian universities have been seen to do exploits in their respective fields, irrespective of the fact that universities in Canada are cheap and affordable.

Easy Living

In addition to the cheap universities Canada has to offer, they also offer ease of living as Canada is peaceful. Since it is an English-speaking country, it is easier for international students to adapt to the new environment as quickly as possible.

Cheap Universities in Canada

Cost of Living in Canada for Students

We have said that there are many cheap universities in Canada, and some of them are the cheapest in the world, which does not necessarily mean that every other thing is cheap in Canada.

The cost of living in Canada varies from city to city, there are big cities that are very expensive to live in, but that does not mean that one cannot find a very affordable city in Canada.

Canada has a lot of cities that are very affordable to reside in.

We have prepared a breakdown of the cost of things on average in most cities in Canada to give you a glimpse of what it looks like to live and study in Canada.

  • Pair of Jeans: $72
  • The average cost for doctor visits per month: $93
  • Toothpaste: $2.62
  • Cappuccino: $5.05
  • Internet cost per month: $54
  • Lunch with drink: $18
  • Average monthly rent in a furnished apartment: $1,160
  • Utilities per month: $102
  • Monthly transportation with commercial vehicles: $109
  • Average gym membership fee: $59

What are the requirements to study in Canada?

The basic requirement for the acquisition of a bachelor’s or honours degree is a high school diploma. Also, applicants for a master’s degree must have a bachelor’s degree to be admitted.
A transcript is required and other documents such as work experience and GRE / GMAT results (for Master’s applicants).

Depending on the university, good knowledge of English or French is also required.

Cheap Universities in Canada

Can you study English at Canadian universities?

Yes, most Canadian universities teach in English (although some lectures are in French). For this reason, schools like McGill University need fluency in English through the IELTS, TOEFL, or Cambridge exams.

The same requirements apply to the University of British Columbia, an English admission standard that the foreign applicant must meet.

Cheap Universities in Canada for Bachelor Degrees

If you’re looking for the cheapest options Canada has to offer, you’ve come to the right place. Below are some of the cheap universities in Canada for undergraduate students. This does not necessarily mean the universities in this category are not cheap for graduate programs, it is just that they are cheaper for undergraduate students.

#1. Brandon University

International students at Brandon U are welcome to apply using the university’s international application process. Brandon University claims to have a long and positive relationship with international students and offers face-to-face interactions with faculty and research opportunities not available at major universities.

  • Location: Brandon, Manitoba
  • Tuition: USD 7,203

#2. University of Saint-Boniface

Students can continue their studies to earn a Masters’s degree from the University of Manitoba.
International students at Saint-Boniface should expect to be able to speak some level of French as it is a French university. Some programs also require proficiency in English.

  • Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Tuition: $ 7,482

#3. University of Guelph

International students in Guelph receive special support at the university in applying for a visa, learning the English language, accommodation, and having access to an advisor, especially for international students.

  • Location: Guelph, Ontario
  • Tuition: $ 9,730

#4. Canadian Mennonite University

Foreign students in the country are welcome and are encouraged to apply because of the undeniable variety of experiences and perspectives they can bring with them. International students can choose from over 19 specializations for the undergraduate degree.

  • Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Tuition: $ 10,003

#5. Memorial University of Newfoundland

The university welcomes and encourages domestic and foreign applications. The university offers international students specialized services such as student counselling, and internationalization office, and international student groups.

  • Location: St. Johns, Newfoundland
  • Tuition: $ 11,460

Cheap Universities in Canada for Masters Degree

This part of this article contains some of the cheap universities in Canada for anyone who wants to get a quality education at an affordable tuition.

Below are some of the cheapest universities in Canada for domestic and international students.

#6. Memorial University of Newfoundland

The Memorial University of Newfoundland, also known as Memorial University or MUN, is a public university in St. John’s, Newfoundland, and Labrador with multiple satellite campuses.

Established in September 1925 as a living memorial to Newfoundland and Labrador garbage collectors who died in World War I, Memorial is one of the cheapest universities in Atlantic Canada. The school has appeared twice because it is one of the cheap universities in Canada for undergraduate and masters degree programs

  • Location: St. Johns, Newfoundland
  • Tuition: $ 3,222

#7. University of Northern British Columbia

The University of Northern British Columbia is a small, research-intensive public university in British Columbia, Canada. The main campus is in Prince George, British Columbia. UNBC also has regional locations in northern British Columbia in Prince Rupert, Terrace, Quesnel, and Fort St. John.

The University of Northern British Columbia is one of Canada’s cheapest universities to get a Masters’s degree.

  • Location: Prince George, British Columbia
  • Tuition: $ 3,297

#8. University of Calgary

The University of Calgary is a public research university in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The University of Calgary was founded in 1944 as a branch of the University of Alberta in Calgary, founded in 1908, before being established as a stand-alone autonomous university in 1966. The University of Calgary is one of the cheapest universities in Canada. You can see it in their $ 3,693 tuition fee.

  • Location: Calgary, Alberta
  • Tuition: $ 3,693

#9. Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University is a public research university in British Columbia, Canada, with three campuses: Burnaby, Surrey, and Vancouver.

The university was founded to expand higher education in Canada. It is one of the cheap universities in Canada to get a master’s degree in Canada.

  • Location: Burnaby, British Columbia
  • Tuition: $ 3,743

#10. University of Saskatchewan

When it comes to Masters degrees, this university is one of the cheap universities in Canada.

The University of Saskatchewan is a Canadian public research university founded on March 19, 1907, and located on the east side of the South Saskatchewan River in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

  • Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • Tuition: USD 4,358


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