UCI Acceptance Rate By Major: All you need to know

We have discussed all you need to about the UCI Acceptance Rate By Major and other information that you need to know about UCI Majors.

The state of California is home to some of the biggest enterprises in the world, and also the entertainment hub of the U.S. California has some of the best Universities which attract international students around the world to seek admission into the state’s Universities. 

Although education in California can be quite steep, just be rest assured you will reap the benefits of all your expenditures on getting a degree from one of the UC schools. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the UCI Acceptance Rate By Major, but first, let’s look at the UC system. 

The University of California (UC) is a Public Land-Grant Research University System in California. There are 9 UC Schools, which are UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego, UC Irvine, UC Davies, UC Santa Cruz, UC Riverside and UC Merced.

UCI Acceptance Rate By Major

UCI (university of California Irvine) 

The University of California Irvine (UCI) was founded in 1965 and is located in a serene environment in Orange County, California. By 1996, UCI became the youngest member of the Association of American Universities, and it offers 222-degree programs to more than 37,000 students. 

UCI Acceptance rate 

When talking about the acceptance rate, we actually look at the numbers of applicants from high school that are accepted into a University compared to the entire number o applicants in a year. 

UCI has an acceptance rate of 29% which is low and it indicates how competitive it is to be admitted into UCI. So if you are in high school and your aspiration is to make it to UCI, studying a bit hard looks pretty much below UCI standards.

As a high student, your SAT scores should fall between 1,195 and 1,435 out of 1,600. Your GPA should be on average of 3.97 and 4.25, while your ACT scores should be between 27 and 33 out of 36.

All these scores may seem a bit difficult to attain, but UCI still has a higher acceptance rate than most UC schools, for example, the likes of UC Berkeley which has an acceptance rate of 17.5% and UCLA has 14.3%. 

With the information provided, if you are a student still in high school that intends to study at the prestigious UCI, improve your scores and grades to have a greater chance to be in UCI.  Now let’s look into

  • Requirement forapplication into UCI. 
  • What is the required GPA at UCI?.  
  • What is the required SAT scores at UCI?
  • Programs at UCI
  • Can I benefit UCI financial aid? 
  • UCI Acceptance Rate by Major. 
  • Comparing UCI Acceptance Rate to other UC schools. 
  • Conclusion 

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Requirements for application into UCI 

Applicants who are so eager to make it to UCI are required to use the UC Application portal, which is used by California Public Universities. As a domestic or international student kindly follow these steps for a successful application.

The first thing you should be aware of is an application fee of $70 for residents of the U.S and a fee of $80 for international students.  Secondly, you are required to attach just a copy of your transcript from your high school. Please make sure you do this, as the transcript would be used for reference purposes. 

In the third step, you standardize test scores which in some cases may not be mandatory. You will be also required to indicate the occupation and education level of your parents or guardian, and their income with employers’ details. 

Lastly, your nationality will be required,  just in case, your country has a better diplomatic relationship with the U.S. 

But all these protocols will be for nothing if your grades in high school are below an average if 4.0

UCI is for the brainy students, not just that, your grades have to tell the promising story for your chances to make it to UCI. So my advice to you as a domestic or international student still in high school is, Dare to improve. 

What is the required GPA at UCI? 

With an acceptance rate of 29%, getting into UCI may seem like a difficult task, but most high school students still manage to be amongst the 29% accepted. As an applicant, you are required to have a GPA that ranges from 3.97 to 4.25.

According to UCI statistics, in 2019, 50% of accepted high school applicants, 25% had a GPA between 4.0 and 4.25 and the remaining 25% had a GPA below 4.0. This record shows that the accepted applicant of UCI had grades in A’s. 

As an aspirant who desires to be amongst the accepted applicant, your high school GPA should be at least at an average of 4.0 and above. 

Even as an international student who wants to study in the U.S and your preference is one of the 9 UC schools or perhaps UCI, make your dream a reality by getting good grades in high school. 

What are the required SAT scores at UCI? 

Being a high school aspirant of UCI, your SAT scores are expected to be within the range of 1,195 and 1,435 out of 1,600 to better your chances to be in UCI. 

According to statistics, most UCI accepted applicants are within the top 20% on the national SAT average score.

In UCI statistics, 50% of the accepted applicants on the evidence-based reading and writing section had an SAT score in the range between 600 and 720, 25% scored below 600 and the other 25% hit a score of 700 and above.

Also, 50% of the accepted applicants in the math section had SAT scores between 650 and 790, 25% scored below 650 and the other 25% scored above 790. Although there is no mandatory required SAT score at UCI, an SAT score of 1,310 on average or even above that, will make your chances highly considerable.

Continue reading as you are about discovering UCI Acceptance Rate By Major and other important information.

Programs at UCI 

Here are the Bachelor’s programs and 2019 graduate percentage at UCI. 

Computer Science  8.6%, Biology/biological Science  8.3%, Business/Managerial Economic  7.5%, Social Psychology 6.2%, Public Health 5.4%, Criminology 4.6%, Education 3.9%, Economics 37%.

Political Science and Government 3.3%, Psychology 3.3%, Business Administration and Management 3.3%, Mathematics 3.1%, Mechanical Engineering 2.8%, Sociology 2.6%, Computer Engineering 2.5%, International/Global Studies 2.1%, Chemistry, 1.6%,

Film/Cinema/VideoStudies 1.3%, English Language and Literature 1.3%, Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering 1.3, Pharmaceutical Sciences 1.3%, Research and Experiment Psychology 1.3%, Informatics 1.1%.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering 1.1%, Civil Engineering 1%, Econometrics and QuantitativeEconomics 1%, Art/art Studies 1%, Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronomical /Space Engineering 0.8%, Anthropology 0.8%, Drama and Dramatics/Theater Arts 0.8%, History 0.8%.

Multi /Interdisciplinary Studies 0.9%, Chemical Engineering 0.7%, Modeling, Virtual Environment and Simulation 0.7%,  Human biology 0.7%, Urban Studies/Affairs 0.6%, Computer Software Engineering 0.6%, Geology/Earth Science 0.6%, Neurobiology and Anatomy 0.5%, Nursing Science 0.5%.

Information Resources Management 0.5%, Philosophy 0.5%, Dance 0.4%, Physics 0.4% Journalism 0.4%, Material Engineering 0.3%, Social Science 0.3%, Hispanic -American.

Puerto Rican and Mexican-American /Chicanos Studies 0.2%, Spanish Language and Literature 0.2%,  Biology Teacher  Education 0.2%, Environmental Studies 0.2%, Microbiology and Immunology 0.2%, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 0.2%, Exercise Physiology 0.2%.

Art History, Criticism and Conservation 0.2%, Environmental/environmental health Engineering 0.2%,  Ecology, Evolution, Systematics and Population Biology 0.1%, Cognitive Science 0.1%.

Ethnic, Cultural Minority, Gender and Group Studies 0.1%, Comparative Literature 0.1%, Music Theater 0.1%, Music Performance 0.1%, Easy Asian Studies 0.1%, Music 0.1%, Asian-American Studies 0.1%, Applied Linguistics 0.1%, Japanese Language and Literature 0.1%.

French Language and Literature 0.1%, Chinese Studies <0.1%,  Classic and Classical Languages, Literature and Linguistics <0.1%, Cell/Cellular Biology and History <0.1%, German Studies <0.1%, AfricanAmerican/Black Studies <0.1%, Genetics <0.1%.

European Studies/Civilization <0.1%, Near and Middle Eastern Studies <0.1%, Korean Language and Literature <0.1%,  Religion/Religious studies <0.1%.

Improving my chances of attending UCI

To be accepted into any College or University is dependent on your academic excellence from high school. Some University acceptance rate are high, while some are quite low. 

Let us look at some prestigious universities in the U.S and their acceptance rate. Take Harvard University for example, which is one of the best universities not just in the U.S but around the world. Harvard University has an acceptance rate of 5%. But Harvard is not even the lowest when it comes to acceptance rate, that honour lies with Curtis Institute of Music in Pennsylvania, with an acceptance rate of 4%.

UCI has a higher acceptance rate compared to the above-mentioned Universities. All UCI requires from its aspirant is to make an average GPA of 4.0 and above. By statistics, high school applicants who got accepted onto UCI had a GPA between 4.0 and 4.26.

Your application into UCI can only be competitive when your GPA is within the range of 4.0 upward. 

Can I benefit from UCI financial aid

The most important aspect of receiving an education is financial support. Many international students that arrive in a foreign country always sort out ways to get financial aid, be it loans, grants or scholarships. 

UCI has a standard financial aid package for newly admitted students. The amount for the financial aid is under $24,000 and for the newly admitted international students, 60% of them will benefit from the financial aid that could be in form of grants and Scholarships. 

So if you are an international student that aspires to attend UCI, there is a bit of a financial aid package for you. 

UCI Acceptance rate by major 

The acceptance rate of any University is the number of high school applicants that were accepted, compared to the total high school applicant in a year. The UCI acceptance rate is 29% which implies if 100 high school students applied only 29 of the high school students will be admitted. For you to be among the selected 29 students, your GPA should be 4.0 and above, SAT scores should fall between 1,195 and 1,435.

Despite all these UCI still has a higher acceptance rate compared to some UC schools, such as UC Berkeley and UCLA. 

The UCI acceptance rate by major is actually a list of acceptance by major in the UCI campuses. 

Here are 10 majors at UC Irvine that are easy. 

Majors.           Mid range GPA.                 Admit rate

Majors.                                         Mid-range GPA.       Admit rate
Social Ecology                             3.07-3.63                   24%
Comparative Literature              3.29-3.72                  28%
Global Cultures                            3.31-3.62.                 26%
International  Studies                 3.25-3.71.                  28%
English                                           3.33-3.79.                  34%
History                                           3.33-3.82.                  24%
Philosophy                                     3.36-3.73.                 26%
Psychology and Social behaviour 3.25-3.73.              26%
Public Health Policy                      3.25-3.70.                 31%
Anthropology                                 3.20-3.64.                 26%

Comparing UCI acceptance rate to other UC schools

UC Berkeley           17.6%
UCLA.                       14.3%
UC Irvine.                 29%
UC San Diego          31%
UC Barbara.             36.6%
UC Davies                 38.3%
UC Santa Cruz           65.2%
UC Riverside              66.2%
 UC Merced                84.8%


Getting an education is a valuable achievement in any young person’s life. What is more interesting is getting a degree in one of the prestigious Universities in the world. To be amongst the accepted applicant of any UC school in California requires self-determination and swift preparations.

UCI is one of the standard universities in California, and to become a student of such a great Citadel of learning, your high school academic exploit is your grantee ticket. 

This article has explained all you need to know about the UCI Acceptance Rate By Major and other important information.


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