The University of Oxford Acceptance Rate in 2022 | A Comprehensive Guide

Wondering what the acceptance rate of undergraduate and graduates at the University of Oxford is for international students?

Do you want to apply to the University of Oxford but don’t know if you stand a chance?

Do you want to know what the odds are of applying to Oxford?

Are you part of those wondering if Oxford University accepts American students?

Are you in doubt I’d Oxford is a good place to study in the UK?

If you want to study in the UK, Oxford University is a good place to study.

Oxford has one of the straightforward admission processes. The only dwindling factor is its acceptance rate.

It’s worth considering what your chances are getting into Oxford so you can make the right decision about University of Oxford admission and its processes,

This writing will educate you extensively on the Oxford University acceptance rate for undergraduate, graduate, Oxford law acceptance rate, and other requirements.

Sit tight and get informed!!!

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Overview of Oxford University

  • Location: England
  • Research Output: Very High.
  • Date of Establishment: Not Known. 
  • Number of International Students: one-third of the student population.
  • Number of International Countries Represented: 150 countries

Oxford University is one of the Ivy League Schools popularly known as Oxford.

Although it’s date of establishment is not known, records show that the university can be traced back to 1096.

This history makes it the oldest university in the English-speaking world and the second oldest university in the world.

Oxford University gained preminece from 1167 when Henry II forbade England citizens from visiting the University of Paris. 

Attached to this university are various institutions such as the 38 constituent colleges, 30 universities, halls and departments organized in four departments. 

Eaxv college controls its own members and has its own structures and activities.

Talking about the educational status quo of the university, Oxford offers one of the best courses in the world, especially at undergraduate levels.

Every year, Oxford University receives over 20,000 applications for just 3,250 seats each year.

This invariably means that the University of Oxford acceptance rate is very low.

What You Should Know Before Applying To Oxford University?

Applying to Oxford as an international student requires you to roll up your sleeves in many angles.

For most international students it’s hard to tell what is expected of them to stand a chance to get into the university of oxford.

Here we have made it clear some of the things you should expect applying and getting admission into Oxford University as an international student.

Here is what to expect;

#1. You Need To Meet A Certain Requirement Before Submitting Your Application.

Unlike American universities, Oxford university needs you to meet a certain requirement before allowing you to submit an application.

This is not reading your application!! 

If you do not meet the requirements, your application will be returned. 

This they have upheld over the years.

#2. Applying To Oxford Means Not Applying To Cambridge University.

It’s normal for students to apply to more than one university. 

However, when it comes to Oxford, you can apply to any other University along with Oxford besides Cambridge University.

You get to only apply to Oxford or Cambridge, not both. 

#3. You Must Be An A-level Student.

You need to be a little extra to beat the University of Oxford acceptance rate.

Many students who apply to Oxford are A-level students.

However, the university accepts a whole range of other equivalent UK and international qualifications. 

#4. You Need to Meet Specific Subject Requirements.

Students who want to study in Oxford must meet specific subject requirements for some courses, especially sciences.

Therefore before you apply, you need to check the requirements for your course.

If your qualification is not listed you will need to undertake further study if you wish to apply. 

Getting into Oxford can be a pain in the ass but that’s what you have to go through to become part of the college that has a track record of excellence and years of expertise.

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What Are The Requirements To Get Into Oxford?

Just like any other university getting into Oxford requires you to meet the requirements and be eligible before you apply.

Here are some of the requirements to apply to the university of Oxford;

A full degree would usually require 

  • 360 points: 120 at level 1 (equivalent to the first year of a degree at a conventional university), 120 at level 2 and 120 at level 3. 
  • Also, you need to have completed or be studying for, at least 120 points at level 1, inappropriate subjects.

What is the Acceptance Rate of the University of Oxford?

The acceptance rate at Oxford depends on factors such as your programme level and the Oxford college tour applying to.

Categorically, a Google search review shows that Oxford University has an acceptance rate of 17.5%.

That means out of every 100 applications, only 18 students get admitted into Oxford.

About the acceptance rate, we have given you an overview at what the acceptance rate is depending on what you’re applying for in Oxford.

Undergraduate Acceptance Rate at University of Oxford.

Oxford receives a lot of undergraduate applications, usually seven times the offer the school offers.

Here’s what the undergraduate acceptance rate at Oxford looks like between 2014–2018.

YearApplication ReceivedEstimated Number of Students to Gain AdmissionNumber of Students Admitted
Undergraduate Acceptance Rate at University of Oxford

University of Oxford Law Acceptance Rate?

Most of the Highest Paid Lawyers In The World trained at the University of Oxford Law School.

Oxford’s Faculty of Law has a history of over 800 years of teaching and writing law for undergraduate and graduate students.

Also, Oxford’s Faculty of Law has the largest doctoral program in Law in England. 

It’s prestige and high regard makes it one of the Universities With The Lowest Acceptance Rate.

Oxford’s law school has an acceptance rate of 8%. 

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University of Oxford Business School Acceptance Rate?

The University of Oxford business school is one of the Best Business Schools in the World

There is no record of acceptance rate at Oxford’s business school. However, from the class size we made a deduction that Oxford’s business school acceptance rate is less than 3%.

On the average, the 2019-20 class has just 329 students from 64 nationalities and 95% are international students.

University of Oxford Graduate Acceptance Rate.

Graduate studies at Oxford is classified into two main categories: 

  • Research  graduate programs
  • Taught graduate programs

Students who participate in research programs meet regularly and are under academic supervision.

Also, they often attend courses, seminars and lecturers on specific research skills.

Taught programs on the other hand usually involve a range of core and optional courses and the submission of a dissertation.

Oxford receives 8,887 applications for graduate research degrees and 17,057 applications for graduate taught degrees.

Ph.D. Acceptance Rate at the University of Oxford.

Ph.D. Acceptance Rate at the University of Oxford is not specific.

However, from the detailed explanation above, you can know how the school admits for the Ph.D. program.

What is the University of Oxford International Acceptance Rate?

Oxford university has over 150 countries represented within its walls. 

In fact it’s one of the universities in the world that has the most represented number of students.

At Oxford, 17% of her undergraduates are international citizens. That means your only 17 international students are accepted out of 100 applications.

Keep in mind that Oxford is always open to welcome applications from international students.

What is the University of Oxford US Acceptance rate?

Although getting into Oxford is generally a hard task for all students both international and English citizens.

However, it is easier for other nationalities to make it into Oxford than for Americans.

On average Oxford has about a 17% admission rate, but for Americans, it is well under 9%. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About the University of Oxford Acceptance Rate

What Is The Ideal CGPA To Get Into Oxford?

Like we have carefully stated, Oxford University is not just any kind of school. 

Majorly only the academically excellent students make it past the admission committee at Oxford.

Being academically sound to get into Oxford, you’ll need to have a minimum GPA requirement of 3.7 on the 4.0 scale.

Some departments require you to have a lower CGPA of 3.5.

Is Oxford University Hard To Get Into?

Without mincing words, getting into Oxford is like getting into Harvard: pretty a very hard venture. 

However, Mike Nicholson, the university’s head of undergraduate admissions says “Getting in is hard, but perhaps not as hard as people think”.

In other words, getting into Oxford university is possible despite the acceptance rate.

All you need is a guide and the right documents as well as a portfolio that says “I’m the Best fit for Oxford”

Does Oxford Accept American Students?

Yes, Oxford University accepts American students however, the chances are very slim compared to other international students.

Does Oxford Accept Transfer Students?

The University of Oxford does not accept transferred students, so if you want to study to get a full degree at the University of Oxford, you must start the course from the beginning.

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If you’re willing to study in the UK, Oxford University should be the first choice of school on your list. 

Oxford has a long history of excellence that keeps making more international students come to England.

However, to apply to this prestigious school you need to be two steps ahead by knowing what the University of Oxford acceptance rate is and how to make yourself the best candidate on their list.


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