20 Storybooks Online for Children

If you have been searching for the best storybooks for your kids, check out our list of online books for children.

The developing stages of humans require the necessary skill to learn. How do you teach your kids to read and what are they interested in?

When a child is bored or tired of watching TV all day, an exciting story could be all they need to be entertained. Kids love and enjoy bedtime stories, but what they also love is a good story they find interesting.

An interesting story with moral values and good lessons can help a child develop emotionally and intellectually. A child can learn a lot from a good storybook, so the best storybooks must be read to them.

Reading a storybook to a child can help in so many ways you can’t imagine. They can quickly learn how to read, develop basic language skills, develop positive imaginations, and more.

In this guide, we will show you the best storybooks for children that you can purchase online and why reading is important for kids.

Storybooks Online for Children

Why Do Kids Need Books?

An interesting book can be a powerful tool for the mind. There are different types of books out there and we all know the positive effect a good book can contribute.

Books develop an emotional connection between an adult and a kid. When an adult reads an interesting book to a kid, there is a strong connection between the two.

Besides that, books develop and nourish the imagination of kids. They see the possibility of existing in a world of wonder.

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Why Reading is Important for Kids?

Reading is a nurturing culture that every kid needs to adopt. Any parent who wants his or her kid to develop intellectually and emotionally should often read storybooks to the kid.

Telling stories, engaging in conversations, and singing can help your child in ways you can’t imagine. A child can learn so much more when you read and share a story with them.

Reading can help your child understand words and languages and also develop early literacy skills. The best time to learn how to pronounce words is in the early stages of childhood. Reading storybooks to your kids will teach them more about pronunciation.

Another contributing factor to sharing stories with your kids is that it helps develop the child’s ability to concentrate. When children love a story you share with them, they will always concentrate then whenever you want to tell that story again.

Reading and sharing interesting stories with children can positively influence their way of thinking and understanding of how things work.

The Best 20 Online Storybooks for Children

You can find the best storybooks for your kids online. These storybooks can be purchased online and they are the best for children from age two.

Check out our list of the best storybooks for kids.

#1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Author: Eric Carle

Age: Two years and above

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a children’s picture book written by Eric Carle. The book talks about a newborn caterpillar that is very hungry. Because the caterpillar is very hungry, he eats almost everything he sees.

He ate cupcakes, lollipops and whatever he could find as food. After eating different foods, the caterpillar had a stomach ache.

As the caterpillar ate so much food, he became fatter and bigger. One day the caterpillar became a beautiful butterfly and had several colours on its wings. Colours on the wing include green, purple, yellow, orange, and cherry pie colours.

In this book, the concept of metamorphosis was introduced by the author Eric Carle. It’s introduced in a manner that kids will easily understand.

#2. Charlotte’s Web

Author: E.B White

Age: Five years and above

Charlotte’s Web is one the best storybooks online for children.

The story involves a little girl and her father who want to kill a pig she likes and wants to keep as a pet. The little girl’s name is Fern. She convinces her father not to kill the pig.

Fern will go on to become friends with the pig and even name it Wilbur. Wilbur (the pig) is sent to live in another barn. The barn belongs to Fern’s Uncle named Zuckermans. Each day, Fern visits her uncle’s barn to spend time with Wilbur.

Wilbur feels lonely on days Fern did not visit. This was because the other animals in the barn isolated themselves from Wilbur. The pig had no friends in Zuckerman’s barn.

One day, Wilbur found a spider named Charlotte. Wilbur was happy he found a friend, but the news came in when the pig thought everything was going well.

There was already a plan to kill Wilbur for the next Christmas dinner. However, the spider hatched a plan that will make Fern’s uncle leave Wilbur with the other animals forever.

This storybook shows the importance of friendship, and love and how we should treat those we call friends.

#3. The Cat in the Hat

Author: Dr Seuss

Age: Four years and above

The Cat in the Hat tells the story of two bored kids. On a particularly rainy day, two kids were bored just sitting at home doing nothing. The cat in the hat walks in and what followed was chaos.

The cat was ordered to pack up and leave by the boys. They had enough of the cat’s trouble and it was time they kick it out.

When the cat learned it was time to leave, it felt remorseful. The expression was written all over the cat’s body.

#4. Goodnight Good Dog

Author: Mary Lyn Ray

Age: Four years and above

Goodnight Good Dog is one of the perfect bedtime stories to tell kids.

The book tells the story of a dog that is not ready to sleep at night. The dog understands when its night time. He sees the night sky and lamp, but what he thinks about is the time he spends playing on the field.

During the nighttime, the dog thinks about things he hears during the day. He decides to walk through the house and he falls asleep. He can’t wait for the next day to get back to playing on the field again.

#5. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Author: Roald Dahl

Age: Six years and above

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is one of the best storybooks online for children.

The book tells the story of a kid named Charlie Bucket. Charlie Bucket is a good kid from a very poor family. One day, Charlie wins a lottery ticket to visit the chocolate factory of Willy Wonka.

Willy Wonka is a famous businessman who owns a chocolate factory. His factory produces the best chocolate candies and kids loved to have them. 

Five golden tickets were distributed to the public for five kids to find them. Five kids found the tickets, but none of them was as good as Charlie Bucket.

A boy named Augustus Gloop was greedy and he fell into a river of chocolate. Another boy named Violet Beauregarde is blown up into a giant blueberry because he tried to grab a stick of chewing gum.

Verruca Salt and Mile Teavee got what they deserve and only Charlie Bucket was rewarded by Willy Wonker.

#6. The Story About Ping

Author: Marjorie Flack

Age: Five years and above

This book tells the story of a little duck who lived on a nice riverboat on the Yangtze River. 

Ping loves his family as well as his master. Ping does not want to be the last duck to board the riverboat, because being the last to board is considered irresponsible.

When Ping discovered that he was going to be last in the line, he sets out for an adventure. He went on a journey on the Yangtze and discovered a different world of life in his quest.

The Story about Ping teaches the importance of family and obedience.

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#7. Green Eggs and Ham

Author: Dr Seuss

Age: Four years and above

The Green Eggs and Ham is a storybook that talks about an anonymous character and a character named Sam-I-am.

In the book, Sam-I-am harasses the anonymous character to eat a dish of green eggs and ham. However, the anonymous character refuses to eat the green eggs and ham. The anonymous character keeps saying “I don’t like green eggs and ham.

Sam-I-am will not give up and keep following the anonymous character. After persuading the anonymous character, he decides to taste the green eggs and ham. The unnamed character liked the green eggs and ham after tasting them.

This story teaches kids the importance of trying new things.

#8. The Story of Ferdinand

Author: Munro Leaf

Age: Three years and above

The Story of Ferdinand is one of the best online storybooks for children.

It talks about a young bull named Ferdinand who does not like head-butting with other young bulls. Rather he prefers sitting down under a cork tree and smelling the flowers.

Ferdinand grew up to become a very large bull. One day, men from Madrid came to the pasture to select a bull for a bullfight. Ferdinand was stung by a bumblebee and runs ferociously.

After seeing Ferdinand run, the men from Madrid renamed him “Ferdinand the Fierce”. They took Ferdinand to Madrid and he never liked it there. Ferdinand was returned to the pasture where he smells flowers.

#9. The Ugly Duckling

Author: Hans Christian Anderson

Age: Six years and above

The Ugly Duckling is a storybook written by Hans Christian Anderson. The story is about an ugly tiny duckling.

In the story, a little ugly duckling is born and he is ostracized by other ducks. One day, the ugly little duckling transformed into a beautiful swan and joins a flock of swans swimming in the lake.

The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Anderson is a story that teaches children that looks is not everything.

#10. The Gruffalo

Author: Julia Donaldson

Age: Three years and above

The Gruffalo is one of the interesting storybooks for children available online.

It is a rhyming story about a mouse and a monster in his imagination. The mouse decides to go for a walk in a forest full of dangerous predators. To avoid being killed by the predators, the mouse makes up a story about a monster named Gruffalo.

He escapes from a snake, an owl and a fox after telling his frightening story.

#11. The Jungle Book

Author: Rudyard Kipling

Age: Eight years and above

The Jungle Book is an interesting story that involves a boy named Mowgli.

Mowgli is a man-cub who is lost from his parent and raised by a pack of wolves. Other animals in the jungle saw Mowgli as a human and a threat to the jungle. Mowgli is also friends with a bear named Baloo and a panther named Bagheera.

#12. Winnie the Pooh

Author: A.A Milne

Age: Four years and above

Winnie the Pooh is a friendly bear that lives in the forestland of Hundred Acre Wood. He loves honey and is friends with a tiger, an owl, a rabbit, a donkey, and a piglet.

This is one of the best online storybooks for children and it shows the kindness and bravery of Winnie the Pooh toward his friends.

#13. The Snowy Day

Author: Ezra Jack Keats

Age: Two years and above

The Snowy Day is a story about a poor young boy. One morning, the poor young boy wakes up to a world filled with freshly fallen snow and he goes exploring.

#14. When I Was Young in the Mountain

Author: Cynthia Rylant

Age: Four years and above

This is the story about the author’s childhood in the Appalachian Mountains. Cynthia Rylant tells the story of her childhood and how she lived with her grandparents in the mountains.

#15. The Rainbow Fish

Author: Marcus Pfister

Age: Three years and above

The Rainbow Fish is an interesting story about a shiny fish with beautiful scales.

One day, a little fish asked the Rainbow Fish to share his beautiful scales with him, but the Rainbow Fish refuse. The little fish was upset and decides not to play with the Rainbow Fish again.

An octopus advises the Rainbow Fish to share his beautiful scales with other fishes and he did just that. The Rainbow Fish was happy after sharing his beautiful scales with others.

This is one of the interesting online storybooks that teach children the importance of sharing things with friends.

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#16. The BFG

Author: Ronald Dahl

Age: Six years and above

The Big Friendly Giant (BFG) is an interesting story about an orphan girl named Sophie and a giant.

One night, Sophie was awake and as she look out the window, she saw a giant blowing something into the window of houses around. When the giant saw Sophie, he took her to his cave, to a place called giant country.

#17. We’re Going on Bear Hunt

Author: Michael Rosen

Age: Two years and above

This is a story about five kids and their dogs. The kids and the dog went on a bear hunt and encountered several obstacles

They had to go through a long grass, a mud land, a thick forest, and a snowstorm before entering the bear’s cave.

#18. The Adventure of Pinocchio

Author: Carlo Collodi

Age: Six years and above

The Adventure of Pinocchio tells the story of an Italian carpenter named Master Antonio. He finds a pinewood block and wanted to use it to his make a table.

When he started carving the pinewood, to his surprise the log shout out. Master Antonio gives the talking log to his neighbour who is a puppeteer.

#19. The Gingerbread Man

Author: Catherine McCafferty

Age: Three years and above

This is a story about an old woman who bakes gingerbread for her family. One day, after baking her gingerbreads, the old woman opens her oven to get the gingerbreads out, and then one of them runs away.

The gingerbread man is chased by the little old man and other animals. The gingerbread man got to the river but decides to turn back because he cannot swim.

#20. The Tortoise and the Hare

Author: Janet Stevens

Age: Three years and above

The Tortoise and the Hare is one of the interesting storybooks for children and it’s available online. It’s a story about a hare who always taunts a slow tortoise.

When the hare challenged the tortoise to a race, he was surprised to see the slow tortoise cross the finish line. What happened was the hare underestimated the slow tortoise and decides to take a nap in the middle of the race.


Now you know the best storybooks online for children, you can get these books on Amazon. 

An interesting storybook can improve a child’s ability to read and understand a language.



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