20 Best Free Live TV Streaming Sites

This article gives an insight into the best free live TV streaming sites, the necessary information needed to know more about free live streaming sites.

Free live streaming sites provide an exciting experience for viewers to enjoy their favourite TV programs from movies, TV shows, Sports, Documentaries, News, and lots more.

The best streaming sites have been shown to be more useful in producing a certain amount of entertainment, despite most of these streaming sites being removed or on the verge of removal from functioning on the internet.

But with these free live streaming sites, you can get a fascinating experience to explore TV programs without taking any cash out of your pocket.

With free live TV apps such as Pluto, YuppTv, Hulu, Twitch, and more, you are bound to endless entertainment. Although these apps are not in comparison with the likes of Disney Plus or Netflix, showing blockbuster movies and the latest TV shows, you can still enjoy a certain level of entertainment at no cost.

For the sports enthusiast, there are free live TV streaming sports sites like UStream and Stream2Watch got you covered.

Best Free Live TV Streaming Sites

What are the Best free Streaming Sites?

There is no competition between these free live TV streaming sites and the classic Disney Plus or Netflix. As a result of being free at no cost, the free live TV streaming sites do not stream high-quality originals or the latest TV shows.

Every free live streaming sites are ads-supported and play from a range of 30 to 60 seconds showing different commercials.

Most free streaming sites offer live channels for viewing live sporting events. The free live sporting channels could be ESPN USA, NBA TV, NFL Network, Sky Sports, BT Sports, etc.

On Peacock Free, you get access to 13,000 hours of content from NBC Universal stable brands. For more live channels, Sling Free and Pluto TV are one of the best free live streaming sites and the same applies to Roku Channel’s new live guide.

You can stream some newer movies on Vudu, while Crackle, IMDb TV, and Tubi have original content together with some on-demand movies and TV shows.

Simple Guide to Free Live TV Streaming 

If you desire to set up free live TV streaming, there are a few tasks your need to complete.

Capitalize on acquiring live recording equipment to engage in professional audio and video filming as it tends to improve your live stream quality.

Securing the best live streaming recording equipment guarantees the level of professional-grade video content you can create.

To get the best quality out of any video, a high-quality camera with an HDMI connection is recommended. Also, get the best audio recording equipment, as the quality of the live streaming video depends on it. 

Select the best encoding software to differentiate between recording and live streaming, as most cameras are only designed to record rather than to live stream.

Encoding changes videos from a format of recording and storage to transmission over the web.

Another important step to setting up free live TV streaming is a strong and reliable internet connection. Streaming of live videos needs the best internet connection that is fast to avoid unnecessary hiccups during a live stream. To make the best high-quality videos streaming live to viewers, get the best internet connection or even a better Wi-Fi on standby. 

The internet connection has a few minimum upload speed requirements regarding video quality. So if you want to upload a video with a higher quality ensure your internet connection is fast enough.

Next, select a platform with specialities in streaming solutions to help improve your live streaming content.

20 Best Free Live TV Streaming Sites

Below are the best free live streaming sites. All you need to do is read to the end and get informed to be able to make a coherent decision.

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#1. Peacock

NBC’s Peacock TV is a huge free live TV streaming site with more than an incredible 13,000 hours of streaming content non-stop. You can find interesting TV shows like Friday Night Light, 30 Rock, Cheers Parenthood, Battlestar Galactica, The Office, Recreation, and Parks. Movies are not excluded as you can also get to watch movies like Harry Potter, Jurrasic Park, and lots more.

There is no requirement to enter your credit card details on Peacock Free, although you will have to watch ads while streaming a video. Most of the ads are commercial ads for Peacock Premium, and Peacock Premium comes with more interesting programming and originals. 

#2. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is one of the diverse free live streaming sites with a nice collection of on-demand movies and TV shows. Viewers on Pluto TV can browse channels in a grid, identical to the cable TV guide. The diverse Pluto TV provides channels such as BET HER, TV Land Drama, MTV’s Jersey Shore, and VH1’sVH1’s I Love Reality. Other major channels include Fox Sports and CNN, but these channels are not on actual live broadcasts like you would watch on normal Cable TV.

Pluto TV has a simple and neat interface, all you need is to switch between live and on-demand content. The ads are always there which might be considered time-wasting but recall you are on a free live TV streaming site.


IMDb TV is a free live TV app from Amazon. IMDbTV is a wonderful and elegant resource for a wide collection of movies, bringing various types of movies to viewers. 

The channels on IMDb TV come automatically on Fire TVs and Fire TV sticks. Accessing the IMDb TV via the Amazon Prime Video App can be possible on a different device.

IMDb TV has a thrilling library of free on-demand content and a wide collection of interesting TV shows from Desperate Housewives to Heroes, Schitts Creek, Lost, and many more. 

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#4 Tubi

Consider Tubi as a free version of Netflix with over 20,000 on-demand movies and TV shows to thrill its viewers. Tubi is a free live streaming site owned by Fox Corporation and they are currently in partnership with more than 250 providers. These providers include the likes of Paramount, MGM, Lionsgate, etc. Most on-demand movies at Tubi are Terminator, Kill Bill, The Craft Foxvatcher, etc. 

#5 Crackle 

Crackle is a free live TV app owned by Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment. Crackle has lots of on-demand movies and TV shows with original programming included which makes Crackle outstanding from the rest on the list. Crackles do not require registration, but an account can be created that enables you to add favourites and save progress while watching a movie. 

Crackle is or of the best free live TV streaming site because of its further involvement with originals featuring top Hollywood actors.

#6 Vudu 

Vudu is one of the exciting free live TV apps that will give you access to over 10,000 movies. Owned by Walmart, Vudu is a digital marketplace for purchasing the latest movies and TV shows. To access Vudu, you will be required to sign up for an account or if you have a Walmart account it’s also valid for signing up. 

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#7 Sling Free 

Sling Free is among the best live TV streaming sites. With a price of 30 per month, you get up to 50+ channels. Currently Sling free gave out a free area with live and on-demand content. 

#8 Time4TV.stream 

Time4tv.stream is a free live streaming site with channels where you can watch TV shows, Sports, Entertainment, News, and many more. You can even access the UK, and US channels, with the likes of WWE Network, NBA TV, ESPN, BT Sports, NFL Network, and lots more. 

Time4tv.stream is also a free live TV streaming sports site with over 65+ sports channels to explore. Time4tv.stream also has Hindi channels like Sony Network etc. 

#9 Stream2Watch 

Stream2Watch is a free live TV streaming sports site that provides sports channels to sports enthusiasts. Sports channels from the US, UK, Canada, Italy, Spain, and Russia are all available for you to access and stream your favourite sports from various locations around the globe. You can watch NFL Network, ESPN, BT Sports, and more. 

#10 Xumo

Xumo is another great free live streaming site with live and on-demand content. Xumo requires no registration, and it comes with many smart TV brands together with over 190 channels. 

Xumo channels include top brands like the popular NBC News, TMZ, Funny or Die, and Fox sports 

Xumo also has a gride-type experience identical to that of Cable TV. And Xumo has some of the on-demand movies such as 21Jump Street and lots more. 

#11 UStream

UStream is among the finest free live streaming site with over 200 channels comprising both Sports and kids channels. With this free live TV streaming site, you can catch your favourite sports on ESPN, NFL Network, BT Sports, Eurosports, Sky Sports, MU TV, NBA TV, and TNS. Disney Jr is also available for the kids to enjoy. 

UStream is a free live TV streaming sports site with more sporting channels than any other. 


USTVGO is a free live streaming site that is more popular in the US. It provides viewers around the world the opportunity to watch live TV from a US television program. 

USTVGO offers more than 80 Premium live TV channels from Cartoon Network, ESPN, ABC Showtime, CNN, Disney, Fox, HBO, Discovery, and more. 

#13 123Tv 

Rated among the best free live TV streaming site. 123TV is mostly outstanding as a result of its special feature of no registration and disruption of ads or pop-ups.

Once you are on the site to stream your favourite channel, click the play button and enjoy your streaming. 123TV channels are diverse from sports channels to movies, news, kids, entertainment, TV shows, etc. Heads up, most channels are only available to those in the UK, and US.

#14 TVPlayer 

TVPlayer is also among the finest free live TV streaming site. TVPlayer has over 80+ live streaming TV channels and it’s mostly free to watch. The free live streaming site has a version that requires payment of $9 per month. 

If you select the Paid Memberships, TVPlayer gives you access to more extra channels. 

#15 OK Live TV

OK Live TV is among the interesting free live TV app. With a large number of streaming links that grant unlimited access to your best TV programs. 

OK Live TV requires no payment for a subscription and no hidden plans. 

#16 Airy TV 

Airy TV is among the prestigious free live TV streaming site with over 100 TV channels. These channels frequently stream exciting programs you would love to view.

The Airy TV free live TV app also comes in handy to stream your best TV shows and more. 

#17 Distro TV 

Distro TV is also among the best free live TV streaming site currently. Distro TV has a lot of TV channels up for selection for best TV shows. There is also an app for Distro TV that can be downloaded at no cost. 

#18 Squid TV 

Squid TV is a fine free live TV streaming site currently existing today with a built-in electronic program guide. 

Squid TV is easy to navigate and can be used generally. The streaming sites also have lots of channels available to viewers. 

#19 MX Player

MX Player is one of the top-ranked free live TV streaming sites currently existing. 

MX Player is a next-level OTT platform that will assist viewers to enjoy a certain number of Movies, Web Series, Originals, TV Shows, and Live TV all at no cost. 

#20 TV Catchup 

Last but not the least, TV Catchup is also a great free live TV streaming site. You can catch exciting channels like CNN, BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, and more on TV Catchup.

TV Catchup free live TV app is also available and can be downloaded on a smartphone. 


The internet has made a lot then impossible tasks possible. Today we are able to view live events and favourite TV programs through mobile devices.

Unlimited access to Movies, TV shows, documentaries, News, Sports, and more all come in handy with free live TV streaming sites. This economical free live streaming site provides exciting TV channels for viewers at little or no cost at all.

With the necessary step, one can easily set up a live streaming site with the appropriate equipment in place.


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