25 Highest Paid Home Care Agency | All you need to know

As a caregiver, working for one of the highest paid home care agency is an aspiration to accomplish.

Being a caregiver is a very humane profession to obtain. Caregiving is applicable to everyone Irrespective of age, background or gender.

Caregivers, on the other hand, manage the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of other people through a home care agency.  Home care is supportive care or health care service provided by a qualified professional caregiver in the homes of patients or clients.

This article will give you more detailed and comprehensive information concerning highest paid home care agency and other important careers available in this niche.

Highest Paid Home Care Agency

What is a Home Care Agency?

Home care agencies are registered and licensed businesses where caregivers are employed and sent to residents of individuals to provide in-home services. Services provided by these caregivers can be medical or non-medical depending on the physical or mental state of their client.

Home care professionals, such as nurses specialize in providing medical assistance to patients that may have suffered from some medical condition.

These nurses aid patients with long-term medical conditions or illnesses by providing adequate home care service.  Most people undergo anxiety and trauma after certain occurrences of horrible events in their lives. Some suffer from the state of always feeling distressed and insecure in their homes.

Home caregivers provide a solution to such people in their homes, by restoring normalcy to their state of mind. Senior citizens require home care services more, because of various medical conditions associated with ageing such as dementia, stroke etc.  

How to Set Up a Home Care Agency (non-medical) 3 simple steps

We will be talking about the highest paid home care agency, but if you are interested in setting up a home agency, then you need to read up on the few points we have discussed below – they will help you set up a profitable non-medical home agency.

1.  Structure Your Home Care Agency

One major step in establishing a successful non-medical home care agency is, acquiring a suitable name for your intending home care agency. Once your company name is chosen and the necessary paperwork is provided, your business will be incorporated and issued a license to operate.

An Employer Identification Number (EIN) will also be issued to you as well for proper recognition of your business. EIN is only used for tax administration related purposes.

Next, is to organize your business plan, deliberate on services you would like to offer, which includes your client, business structure etc.

2.  Staffing Your Home Care Agency  

Establishing a home care agency is one thing, and staffing it is another major step in expanding the services provided, and making yours one of the highest paid home care agency.

As a business owner, having many caregivers expands your company’s services and create room for more profits. So keeping a large number of qualified staff keeps your business afloat.

Most home care business owners usually choose to have a small staff of caregivers, and by doing so, the business owners also function as caregivers to their clients.

In some cases, upcoming business owners of home care agencies find it difficult to employ or retain staff, as they intend to make a profit from a developing enterprise. Hiring and retaining staff may dent their finances.  

3.  Market and Grow Your Home Care Agency  

After acquiring the necessary and basic steps to initiate your business as a home care owner. The next ideal step is to start attracting the best client to your business.

Also to increase your profits and solidify the success and achievement of your business for a longer period, you should consider marketing your home care agency as it contributes to your business growth.

Marketing your home care agency can be accomplished in two ways, Brand and local marketing.  

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Brand Marketing

Brand marketing is a form of digital marketing that involves setting up a website and creating active social media channels.

This high level of marketing elevates your business as a brand and gives a good reputation to intending clients. As a business owner that aspires to excel in his enterprise, creating a blog on your website to showcase the special skills of your caregivers adds more exciting features to your business.

Local Marketing

Local marketing provides more advertising to communities about a particular business. Being a business owner of a home care agency, there are a few steps to take in creating awareness for your business in a community, and making your agency one of the highest paid home care agency. 

  • Often attend a community event and introduce your business to potential clients.
  • Create social media ads campaigning to attract local clients.
  • Collaborate with local hospitals, medical centres and nursing homes.

What Makes a Home Care Agency Reliable and Trustworthy?  

Becoming a senior citizen makes some daily domestic activities a bit difficult. As an individual gets older, they require some aid and assistance as their entire body becomes weary. As a result of becoming a senior citizens, most of these older persons are sent o nursing homes or provided a home care service.

Home care agencies render the best and most necessary services by providing qualified caregivers to the elderly. Most professional caregivers search for the highest paid home care agency that is suitable for them.

The primary duty of caregivers is to aid patients in their daily routine or other home care nursing services required of them.

Most people may want to find the best home care agency that is reliable and trustworthy. So let’s find some features that make a home care agency to be reliable and trustworthy.  

Safety of Clients

An individual’s safety is always a priority to acknowledge. So if a family is ensuring the care of their loved ones to your home care agency, they need to be assured their loved ones are in safe hands.

The caregiver should make a client feel comfortable, safe, and relaxed. Agencies should guarantee the safety of clients in their care and instruct their staff to uphold food conduct. Caregivers should give prescription medication to clients at appropriate hours.  

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Excellent Caregiving Skill 

A home care agency is rated highly, not just for being one of the highest paid home care agency, but also by the level of professionalism shown by the staff. The caregivers provide the best care and medication to clients based on the skill and knowledge acquired from the agency.

A home care agency that trains its staff properly with good conduct is preferred over agencies employing caregivers based on academic qualifications.  

Proper Caregiver Screening Process 

Home care agencies should conduct a background inspection of their employees on all aspects. This should be done, to avoid employing persons with a criminal record or mental health crisis.

Furthermore, caregivers should display a great level of happiness, honesty and also a little sense of humour to lighten the client’s mood.

A caregiver’s years of experience classifies their capacity to perform in handling and treating specific problems.  

Prompt Communication Services  

The best home care agencies are registered to keep close communication with their clients and also keep a daily record of visits to clients. An agency should provide an adequate report and conduct check-ups at regular intervals for their clients. 

 The Medicare Factor  

 Medicare is a significant and important aspect of home care as it is a source of payment.

Medicare Advantage plans offer an alternative way to receive medical benefits. Although Medicare does not pay for any non-medical home care, be it independent caregiver or home care agency.

In a case where an individual is home-bound after surgery, Medicare might pay for their health care service at home.

To benefit from Medicare paying for your home care services, the agency assigned to you must possess a Medicare certificate.

A home-bound patient who receives home care services from agencies without a Medicare certificate will pay the cost from their own finances.  

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Is Home Care Agency a Profitable Enterprise?

Setting up a home care agency can be demanding and stressful, but in the long run, it’s profitable. Setting a highest paid home care agency can attract the best-qualified caregiver to your business.

By statistics, top home care businesses can generate $1 million or more. Home care agencies widely provide home care services to the elderly and individuals in need of health care support. According to Franchise Business Revision, about 90% of home care business owners enjoy their business operation.  

Best States to Start a Home Care Agency

If you are interested in starting one of the best highest paid home care agency you need to consider the stets where you will situate it. Below are some of the best places.


Located in the western region of the U.S, with an estimated 39.51 million as its population. California was once considered as one of the youngest states, but currently, the Golden State senior citizen population is estimated to be 8.4 million in the coming decades.

The elderly population in California is growing more rapidly than the national average rate. The number of senior citizens in the state is expected to double by 2040.

Home care average cost in California is $4,600 per month and $55,000 per year. Comparing these figures with the average cost of nursing homes in the state which is about $125,000 per year.

The Home Care Services Consumer Protection Act in California requires an agency to be licensed in protecting patients who allow caregivers into their homes.


The southern U.S state of Oklahoma has an estimated 800,000 senior citizens in the state which represent 20% of Oklahoma’s entire population.

This figure is expected to reach over 37% in a few decades. 200,000 out of the 800,000 elderly in Oklahoma stay alone, which makes home care agencies in the state to be highly needed.

Home care for senior citizens in the state cost $4,200 per month, which is lower on the national average scale of $50,400 per year. While average nursing home costs $60,000 per year. The Oklahoma State Department of Health requires licensing for agencies and senior communities.  

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The south-central U.S of Texas has over 3.8 million residents over the age of 65, which represent about 25% of the state’s entire population.

That number is expected to rise to 12 million in a few decades. Home care services in Texas can cost an average of $48,000 per year, while the average cost for a semiprivate room in a nursing home is $57,000.

Currently Right at Home is one of the highest paid home care agency in Texas. All agencies and live-in facilities in Texas are licensed and certified by the Department of Health and Human Services.


The Midwest state of Missouri in the U.S has over a million and a half senior citizens, a number expected to grow by another half a million in five years.

Missouri has an average home care cost of $4,200 per month, $50,400 per year. $60,000 is the average cost for a semiprivate nursing home.

All agencies in the state are licensed and certified by The Missouri Department of Health &Senior Services.


In Kansas, $48,000 is the average cost of home care services per year, while a semi-private room in nursing homes settles for $67,000 per year. Licensing, certifying and inspection of home care agencies and facilities in Kansas is conducted by The Kansas Department of Health and Environment Bureau of Health Facility Regulations.


Virginia has a population of 7.7 million, of which 12% are over the age of 65. This shows that almost a million senior citizens live in Virginia and the rate is expected to grow in the next decade.

Agencies in Virginia are lower than the national average with $48,000 per year or $2,000 per month, while a semi-private room in nursing homes costs $82,000.

Licensing and certifications of agencies, conducting an inspection to ensure state laws are upheld, is granted and conducted by The Virginia Department of Health Office of Licensure and Certification.


The senior citizens in Alaska are estimated to be 77,206 out of the 736,081 entire population. Home care services in Alaska cost $5,434 per month which is higher than the national average. Midnight Sun Home Care happens to be one of the highest paid home care agency in Alaska. 


The western region state of Nevada has an entire population of 3.08 million, of which 15% are over 65 years. Home care agencies in Nevada cost $4,290 per month.  


The state of Colorado has an entire population of 5.7million of which 743,527 are senior citizens. This accounts for 13% of the state’s population. Home care services cost $4,957 per month.


The U.S state of Arizona has a population of 7.27 million, and the elderly accounts for 17% of the population. Home care services cost an average of $4,767 per month.  

10 Highest Paid Home Care Agency 

Now we have come to the most important part of this content as we are going to list some of the highest paid home care agencies.

#1. Home Watch Caregivers  

Ranked as one of the highest paying home care agencies. Caregivers at Home Watch Caregivers earn $17.67 per hour and $23,103 as average annual pay.  

#2. Maxim Healthcare Services

At Maxim Healthcare Services caregivers earns $10.89 as hourly wages and $21,910 annual pay. The average working hours daily is 6 to 8 hours.  

#3. Visiting Angels

Caregivers at Visiting Angels earn $11.33 on average hourly, and if caregivers work for up to 4 hours daily in a week, they can earn more than $31,502 as a yearly home health aid income. Visiting Angels are rated as one of the best home care agency.   

#4. Synergy Home Care

With an average of $11.03 hourly wages, Synergy Homecare is one of the highest paying agencies. The annual income for caregivers is $18,542 per year for 32-hour weekly service.  

#5. Senior Helpers

Caregivers at Senior Helpers earn $11.07 per hour on average. Working 26 hours per week can earn you $21,157 per year.  

#6. Right at Home

Also rated as one of the highest paid home care agency, Right at home pays $10.71 per hour to caregivers and also pays  $20,749 per year. To earn such an amount caregivers are required to work 37 hours weekly.  

#7. Interim Healthcare

At Interim Healthcare, $10.68 is the hourly wages of caregivers and $26,087 as the annual income, after 46 working hours weekly.  

#8. Bayada Home Healthcare

Bayada Home Healthcare pays caregivers $10.59 hourly. Caregivers can earn #23,992 annual compensation when they work 43 hours weekly.  

#9. Help at Home  

Help at Home is one of many high paying agencies with an average hourly wage of $10.46.Working 36 hours weekly earns caregivers $19,887 annually.  

#10. Comfort Keepers  

Caregivers’ hourly wages at Comfort Keepers is $10.20, while annual pay is $19,353 per year. This paycheck comes with 36 working hours weekly.  

20 Highest Paying Home Healthcare Jobs 

Getting the best home healthcare care jobs can earn you an average annual salary of

$145,500. And the aim still remains working for one the highest paid home care agency you can find. 

Home Health Speech Therapist  

Home health speech therapist provides one on one care to patients, to help them manage or treat language and communication difficulties. Salary range $107,000 – $145,500 annually.  

Director of Operation Home Health  

The home health director of operation is responsible for ensuring good staffing, recruiting qualified job candidates etc. Salary range $76,000-$130,000 annually.  

Home Health Occupational Therapist

A home health occupational therapist provides health care in homes of patients or other residents. Salary range $85,500-$125,000 annually.  

RN House Supervisor  

The primary duty of an RN house supervisor is to handle patient care, complete clerical work and make administrative decisions. Salary range $71,000-$111,500 annually, making it a highest paid home care agency.

Home Health Administrator

The duty of a home health administrator is to provide medical care and services to people in need of help in their homes. Salary range $61,00-$96,000 annually.  

Home Health Physical Therapist Assistant  

Visiting patients at homes to perform different duties is the responsibility of a home health physical therapist assistant, as directed by a physical therapist. Salary range $63,500-$95,000 annually.  

Home Health Care Respiratory Therapist  

Home health care respiratory therapist provides care to patients battling chronic respiratory illness. Salary range $45,000-$93,500 annually.  

In House CRA (Clinical Research Associate)  

The responsibility of in house (CRA) is to provide assistance to lead researchers to conduct clinical trials. Salary range $50,000-$80,000 annually.  

Home Health Nurse  

Home health nurses in home card agent, oversees home-bound patients care. These homebound patients include the elderly, disabled or patients recovering from trauma. Salary range $51,000-$80,000 annually. Making it a highest paid home care agency.

Home Healthcare Case Manager  

The duty of the home health care case manager is to provide hands-on patient care and coordinate the services of other physicians etc. Salary range $30,500-$67,500 annually.  

Hospice Home Health Aide  

Hospice home health aid is responsible to assist medical professionals in providing care for patients. Salary range $25,500-$63,500 annually.  

Live-in Companion  

Live-in companion lives and works in residence of clients. Salary range $23,500-$57,000 annually.  

Rehabilitation Counselor 

The primary duty of a rehabilitation counsellor in-home care agency is to help rehabilitate people with disability. Salary range $31,500-$52,000 annually. Making it a highest paid home care agency. 

Home Health Billing Specialist  

Working for doctors’ offices and medical practices on collection and claim is the primary duty of a Home health billing specialist. Salary range $36,000-$51,500 annually.  

Live-in Caregiver  

Live-in caregivers reside in patients’ homes, help them with the daily routine task. Salary range $22,500-$42,000 annually.  

Home Visitor  

Working with a child’s family to ensure the home environment is supporting the child’s education is the duty of a home visitor. Salary range $26,000-$38000 annually.  

Home Care Scheduler   

The home care scheduler manages and coordinates patients visits. They play an important role in-home care agencies.  Salary range $25,000-$34,500 annually.  

Home Caregiver  

Home caregivers especially assist patients to live independently. Salary range $21,000$33,000 annually.  

Home Support Worker  

Home support worker provides home-bound health care and assistance to patients in stable condition. Salary range $23,000-$33,000 annually.  

Home Health CNA (certified nursing assistant)  

The primary duty of home health CNA is to assist home-bound patients’ care. Salary range $22,000-$32,000 annually.  


A home care agency is an important institution for providing care for senior citizens and individuals battling different mental or physical challenges.

There are different stages and occurrences in life that tends to make us vulnerable. Home care agency may be a lucrative enterprise, and professional caregivers lookout for the highest paid home care agency, but most importantly, this agency provides some sort of redemption through caregivers’ services. 


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