List of the Best Songs About Change and Transformation

When there is a need for change at any level and whoever or whatever it may concern, you can find songs about change and transformation that will be an inspiration through the transition. This is because music is part of human history and it is always used to go through social, economic and personal change.

However, songs about change do not always mean that change is necessary. Sometimes there are just changes in our lives and they seem to be everywhere. You may suddenly develop strong feelings for someone or the relationship may change in some way.

songs about the change

List of the best Songs about Change

  • “Imagine” by John Lennon
  • Peter Gabriel’s Salisbury Hill
  • 100 Years by Five For Fighting
  • Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson
  • Change by Taylor Swift
  • Change the World” by Eric Clapton
  • Change by Christina Aguilera
  • Wind of Change by Scorpions
  • That’s How You Change The World by Newsboys
  • Blind Melon’s “Change”.
  • What About Now by Daughtry
  • Everything Has Changed by Taylor Swift feat. Ed Sheeran
  • Closing Time by Semisonic
  • Changes by 2pac
  • Stronger by Britney Spears
  • Graduation (Friends Forever) by Vitamin C
  • Wide Awake by Katy Perry
  • Bob Marley’s Redemption Song
  • Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson
  • A Change Is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke

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Life is full of changes, but in many cases, it is not easy to deal with. Music is a great way to process our emotions, it can help us see how we really feel.

When you’re struggling with change, you can play these songs of change for inspiration.

This is where the magic of music is evident as there are many different songs of all kinds of variations. That being said, the following songs are some of the best and most famous songs that inspire or reflect the change.

“Imagine” by John Lennon

There is hardly anyone on earth who is not familiar with John Lennon’s “Imagine” thanks to its opening melody and epic chorus. Lennon sang about an imaginary world that had changed so much that land, greed, hunger, religion, and property were all abolished. While this may sound idealistic to some, Lennon was fully aware of that when he admitted in this song that he could be called a dreamer.

Peter Gabriel’s Salisbury Hill

Peter Gabriel wrote this song when his career stalled. He decides that he needs to change his life. He knew that even if he were to set off on his own and act alone, he had to try. His career needed a new direction, and his songs were a reminder that if you’re struggling to make tough decisions, you can get through them. Change can be hard, but we have to keep trying. Thanks to his efforts, many people listened to his music again and his career was revived.

100 Years by Five For Fighting

The lyrics of the song suggest that life is short and we should enjoy our time. Don’t get stuck in the past, move on to the next stage in your life, accept the changes and move on. This song has inspired many to make bucket lists and experience life as much as possible. Thanks to this song, people started living life to the fullest and enjoying their time here. Others are inspired to make memories with loved ones and be more present in general.

Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson

In this musical appeal to humanity, superstar pop star Michael Jackson asks listeners to change their negative lifestyle and first examine their own flaws, which he compares to “looking in the mirror.” The transparent theme of the song is that change in the world is necessary, but it starts with everyone.

This is one of the best and most meaningful songs about change and transformation

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Change by Taylor Swift

Taylor is known for her songs about breakups, revenge and taking over the world with her catchy music. Still, her writing is captivating, with meaningful lyrics that inspire truth and love without giving up who you are and what you believe.

The song is open to many interpretations, but Taylor says she was inspired to write it when she was signed to a small record label in Nashville. She wondered if she still had a fighting chance. However, She quit the day after winning the Horizon Award, and the song is held up as proof that you should embrace change when you need it. Even if something seems impossible, it doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance.

Change the World” by Eric Clapton

This R&B-influenced acoustic pop song by Eric Clapton is about a man who wants to change the world and show his lover his passion for her. While the song itself is often a love song, its underlying theme is how powerless people often feel as individuals when they want to make big changes on a global scale.

Change by Christina Aguilera

Christina’s music never ceases to inspire or solve riddles. The song “Change” is one of the best songs about change and transformation that reminds us that we are not free yet and that we must embrace change, accept the fact that it will come whether people want it to or not and that we can only deal with the situation we face.

Freedom is something that many people take for granted, and in this song, she sings about freedom not being achieved by the minds of men.

Wind of Change by Scorpions

Few songs about change are as tied to a certain era as this scorpion power rock ballad. the song was written about the end of the Cold War and how many people at the time hoped it would bring positive changes to the world. The phrase “I follow the Moskva to Gorky Park and listen to the wind of change” is a direct reference to both Gorky Park and the Moscow River Russia.

That’s How You Change The World by Newsboys

Everyone thinks about change and even wishes for it at some point in their lives. We have experiences that break our hearts. However, small actions can make a big difference in people’s lives. This song shows that you can help people change the world, no matter how small your act. By embracing change, you can inspire others to change the world.

The song shows different issues that need to be addressed and people look at it as if they are seeing poverty for the first time. Little by little, the video shows that people are starting to understand what’s going on and want to make the necessary changes. If everyone is willing to pay a small change, the world will improve astronomically and human kindness will radiate from the inside out.

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Blind Melon’s “Change”

Written by the late Blind Melon frontman Shannon Hong, this is one of the best songs about change and transformation. Change is about recognizing the moments in life when you need to make a change. When everything looks bleak and your survival depends on it, something drastic has to change. Hoon sings,in the songs encouraged people to keep dreaming even when their deepest thought seems to have broken. This is in a bid to tell listeners to transform and change the way they think and embrace positive thinking.

What About Now by Daughtry

Daughtry has been a popular choice for decades, his songs feature soulful croons and great messages. Does anyone remember “home”? The band is charming but they have a good message for people and “What About Now” is no exception.

Another song that can have multiple interpretations, most people think that the song will save relationships. Others think it’s about the need to change the world. Either way, the song cries out for change and asks, what about today?

In the song the question what about now?” was repeated often in a bid to establish that things have to change and people have to open up to it and not be afraid. It’s urgent, and while the song never feels like it’s gone too far, it tells you that times are changing and accelerating at the same time.

Everything Has Changed by Taylor Swift feat. Ed Sheeran

This heavy acoustic duet is one of the songs about change that describes a moment when someone realizes that they have strong feelings for someone else. As Swift sings “All I know is a simple name,” she reveals that her new love is someone she just met. Saying that he does not know this person very well, but “everything has changed” means that after meeting this person, she sees life differently.

Closing Time by Semisonic

This is a very popular song. The song has a catchy melody and meaningful lyrics, we’ve all been humming this song from time to time. No matter what you face, when you decide to step out and embrace change, it can be scary, painful, and sometimes very emotional. But only by overcoming your pain can your new dreams become clear. This song stands out among the best songs about pain.

This is a difficult thing to learn because pain is not easily overcome and it is an emotionally draining process. But when you succeed, you take a step in the right direction and ensure a better future for yourself.

Changes by 2pac

Despite being released two years after his death, 2pac Changes became a huge success, serving as an anthem for the oppressed or voiceless around the world. Set against a piano score of “The Way It Is” by Bruce Hornsby and “The Range”, the lyrics speak of the lack of change in social reform and address oppression, racism, social injustice, poverty and war.

Stronger by Britney Spears

If you’ve seen the video for the song, it starts with Britney walking up to a guy and he sees another girl draped over him. Instead of going crazy, she said “whatever” and walked over to him. Throughout the song, she clarifies that she is fuller and richer.

Divorce can be a big life change and it can be scary if you find yourself in such a situation, but by coping with the change you can move on and become a better person.

It’s a powerful anthem for women, and the video features Britney kicking chairs, riding in the rain and dancing like there’s no tomorrow. This has inspired many women to trust their beliefs more, learn to let go better and understand what they want and need for themselves. This is one of the songs about change that can inspire any woman.

Graduation (Friends Forever) by Vitamin C

Everyone who graduated from high school in the late 90s and early 2000s knows this song well. The song is one of the songs about the future that is about the last days of high school and all the life changes that come with it. It’s about cherishing the memories of the past while looking to the future and recognizing that changes in life can be both good and bad.

Wide Awake by Katy Perry

If you’ve experienced pain in your life and need a song to help you move on, add this song to your playlist. Katie wrote this song during a difficult time in her life and it shows how we can experience both happiness and extreme pain, but we have to let go of the situation and move on.

Throughout the song, she talks about how she lives such a sweet life before she falls back to the ground and hits the concrete. She felt overwhelmed and decided not to stay there anymore, the found her inner strength and sings, Now she is fully awake and knows everything.

Bob Marley’s Redemption Song

One of Bob Marley’s most memorable songs from his collection of socially significant songs is “Redemption Song”, in part because of its beautiful melody. A song about people moving forward and overcoming oppression.

Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson

In life, we can stick to a career and want to pursue something new. We may fear it and not want to disrupt the status quo or take risks. But the truth is, if we do that, we stop and live the same boring days over and over again. Over time, this can make you feel sad about your life, and the feeling of sadness can overwhelm you. You shouldn’t let this happen to you.

The song is an important step that will change your life. It may be a terrible thing that you have never done, but if you do nothing, nothing will happen. If you try something, it may be the best thing that can happen to your life. Maybe not, but at least you know you have the guts to try.

A Change Is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke

When Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come” was released shortly after his death in 1964 at the height of the civil rights movement, Sam Cooke had already established himself as a popular singer-songwriter.

This song is one of the best songs about change that will encourage you to hold on as a positive change comes.


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