20 Ways How to Overcome Challenges of Life

This article has information on the ways how to overcome challenges of life and other tips that will help you live a happy life.

Life is an adventure is filled with good, bad, and even the ugly. One day you may feel like you’ve figured it all out. Then, after a while, you will suddenly feel like you have been thrown a curveball.

These kinds of feelings are not privy to you. Everyone has to face their own set of challenges. Understanding how to overcome these challenges will help you stay focused and calm under pressure.

We choose different ways we prefer to handle our challenges in life. However, when the going gets tough, there are some good tips and tricks to follow. Choose from the list below!

We have at Stay Informed Group have decided to put this list together through research and experience to help people out there learn and understand ways how they overcome the challenges life throws at them.

Without much further ado let us go into the ways how to overcome challenges of life!

ways how to overcome challenges of life

10 Ways to Overcome Life’s Challenges

Below we will be listing and discussing some of the most effective ways to overcome the challenges life throws at you in the most effective ways.

Know you’re not alone

Everyone in this world has their own lows. Some people may handle or even hide it in a way that you cannot notice it. But the fact remains, no matter what you’re going through, there are other people going through it too. you’re not alone.

This is the point where reaching out to your community is quite important. Talk about how you feel and express your deep concerns as it relates to all the situations of your life.

Make a plan

It is obvious you cannot tell what is going to happen in the future, but should not stop you from planning ahead.

Understand the patterns you have seen reoccur in your life and see your unique challenges. Evaluate the best outcomes and develop a plan for how to achieve them.

If you work in a place and you can foresee the reoccurrence of specific kinds of challenges you might face, you can plan ahead. The same is true for school students. For example, if the challenge is time management, then out yourself through learning planning for calendar management.

Get help

This is one of the effective ways how to overcome challenges of life. Understand that you are not alone, so you can ask for help. There is no need to be ashamed to go out there and ask for help professionally or traditionally. Whether you choose to rely on a loved one, a stranger, a mentor, or a friend, there is always someone who wants to help go through life challenges and ultimately succeed.

Receive support

Being able to ask for help is one step to other many steps – as there are other steps.  You have to be open-minded and willing to accept the supports that are being offered to you. The people helping you really care about you. Be willing to accept help when needed.

Help others

Another one of the ways how to overcome challenges of life is to help others. The old adage says: “What you throw at people is what comes back to you.” If you’ve gone through a difficult time that has afforded you the required experience and you know anyone who is going through a similarly difficult period, be sure to help! When you help others it helps them and also helps you too, and makes you feel happy about yourself too.

Think big

Because of the fear of failure, and even the fear of making a decision, it’s easy to allow yourself to think small.

But in order to be able to do great things in life, you have to be willing to take risks. Always think and dream big in the face of any challenges that may arise.

In this way, you will achieve more than you can imagine. Do yourself and do not let your negative thoughts get in your way. Thoughts are nothing, just observe them and let them pass.

Feel how you feel

Feeling how you feel is one of the most effective ways how to overcome challenges of life. If you hide your feelings, that will may not necessarily make them go away. Instead, thoughts that have feelings attached to them become trapped energies that can even impact your health in a negative way when they are not handled in the right way.

What you need to do is allow those feelings to not fight them, observe that they are there. You can do this through meditation which makes you stay in the moment and understand how you are feeling. Or, if you want to write about your feelings, writing can be a healing and cathartic experience.

 As you feel and share how you feel with others, this may afford you the ability to see your situation in a new light. This exercise can direct your mind to the right place where you can come up with appropriate solutions and overcome pressing challenges.

Work smart, not hard

Generally speaking, there is more than one way to accomplish something. However, there is always only one best way or the perfect way to do it. To work smarter, not harder, start by doing backwards work.

Get your goals outlined and defined. Then, plan the route of how to get to your desired destination. Do your research and see how others came before you did. Count your own skills and ideas to see how you can do better. Then, stick to the path that works for you and get to work!

Positive attitude

The thoughts you allow to tamper with your emotion becomes your reality. It is possible to train your mind to start thinking positively.

This is one of the ways how to overcome challenges of life that takes time and practice. It starts with mental awareness which you can achieve through awareness. You can achieve mental awareness through different kinds of activities like doing things that keep your mind in the present moment and meditation.

When you become good at acknowledging the thoughts that go through your mind and letting them pass – this will afford you the ability to stop negative thoughts.

Don’t give up

When challenges come up\ as they will always do, whether it’s a big school test or a forthcoming running race, do not run from the challenge. Perseverance is a very effective key to overcoming challenges.

Giving up deprives you of overcoming the challenge of learning from it. Overcome challenges by seeking support, feeling how you feel, and making plans to overcome them through conscious steps.

All the ways how to overcome challenges of life requires that you practice them constantly and never give up.

Four Steps to Overcoming Challenges

Want to try a technique for overcoming a challenge the Buddha once taught? These four-step ways can be of help in a very effective way.

These are some of the other steps on the ways how to overcome challenges of life.

Practice gratitude:

Ultimately, we live permanently in our comfort zones. Therefore, when something new happens or emerges, we may find it difficult to deal with it.

By making gratitude a constant practice, you can redefine your definition of the challenge. You will also be happier in your present moment.

Accept and let go:

Accept where you have found yourself and what you have – this is one of the ways how to overcome challenges of life.

This is your life, right now. Although it is temporary, when you accept it stress, anxiety, and fear will be eradicated in a gradual way. Meditation is one of the most effective ways to learn and practice acceptance.

Observe and decide:

When a particular challenge comes your way, move away from your feelings to make a plan. While accepting and allowing yourself to feel how whatever emotion you are feeling at the moment, you want to be as objective as possible when deciding how to act.

Face your fears and take action:

When you take actions, you have taken the biggest steps to overcome your challenges. Chances are that a large part of anything you face feels like a challenge because there is this underlying fear.

Try to identify and define what you are afraid of in this situation. You can then take action to lessen that fear.

Some of Other Tips and Ways How to Overcome Challenges of Life

We want to be as broad as possible that we ting the tips and pieces of information below on ways how to overcome challenges of life can be of help also when you proactive them with the ones we have already discussed in this article.

Don’t make decisions when you’re angry or frustrated.

An equally important thing you should know is never to make a decision when you are in your downtime, and not really your best. Decisions made when angry and when frustrated can create more serious problems beyond your current challenges.

Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Look at yourself with the kindness of your heart and make sure to keep reminding yourself of this. Challenges bring out the best and worst of us, and most of the time, people will not always be there for us, especially if you’re in love with the latter. At that time, we can only rely on ourselves, not on others. Be your good friend and a good partner for yourself

Celebrate the small steps you take.

Even if you face bigger obstacles, don’t hesitate to celebrate your little victories. You can put your guard down and remind yourself occasionally to be happy. After that, you will be better and stronger.

Be alone with silence and treasure.

No, you’re not going to solve your problem by drowning in alcohol and soaking up the noise of parties and entertainment.

Sometimes we find answers to life’s problems by embracing silence. Because in stillness we can enjoy stillness, and in stillness, we find true wisdom.

Take refuge in good food and great company.

Take a break from the more serious work of overcoming those daunting obstacles. In fact, looking for refuge in the things you love is something you should do, like doing and eating your favourite meals with you’re the people that love you, maybe the best and most soothing remedy.


This article on ways how to overcome challenges of life is just to help you.

Learning and understanding how to tackle challenges take time, perseverance and an attitude of positivity. Hard times can happen no matter what your life situation is.

But with the help of the right mindset and constant practice of some of the things discussed in this article, you’ll be in a better position to be able to overcome these challenges every time and grow along the way!


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