The Best Ways to Learn New Language (13 Ways Backed by Science)

Are you looking for the best ways to learn a language? If yes, this article will provide you with the information you need to know about learning new languages like a pro, through possible means within your disposal.

This exciting article is primarily about language and knowing the best ways to learn a new language. Some people learn a new language because of a new job, a friend, out of interest etc. If this is you, then read on as we have put together the best tips and ways you can learn a new language.

You must know that language learning can be exciting and not frustrating as we may have experienced or assumed. Yes, it is not always easy to learn a new language as it can be overwhelming. 

Merriam-Webster dictionary defined language as the orderly way of passing ideas or feelings using conventionalized sounds, symbols, signals or marks having meaning that is understood. Language is used by people to express their views and emotions towards one another.

You will be happy you read this article as we have discussed some of the most effective neglected tips to learn a new language and why you should even learn a new language in the first place.

Best Ways To Learn New Language

Reasons For Learning A New Language

Just in case you stumbled on this article and you are wondering why you should learn a new language, here are some reasons why you should:

Enhanced travel experience

The ability to communicate fluently with the locals in a new country or community in their own language opens another world for you entirely. You are perceived as one of them hence making your trip more beautiful with the beautiful smiles you may likely receive and the many discounts you may likely get because they are glad you can speak their language.

Increased circle of connections.

Being able to understand a speak a foreign language helps you network in the circle where these people are. It could be online, seminars, conferences or a party. It improves and increases your circle of friends and connections that may be of help later in the future, who knows.

Get you a scholarship.

Yes, I said it. Being able to speak more than one language and a foreign language at that can put you in front when vying for a scholarship position.

Coded conversations

We all speak in code at one point in our lives, either because we don’t want another person other than the person we are talking to understand or just eavesdropping on the other people talking about you in another language. What a pleasant thing. 

Attract foreign currency 

By learning a new language, you will be able to get new international clients in your business. This is because you will be able to network with new people outside your space and sell your product or service to them, especially the ones who may not understand your own language. And no, English is not the most spoken language in the world, Spanish is. 

Makes you Golden

For example, Being the only one who speaks Korean in your French company can make you indispensable especially if work issues may arise that concerns Korea.

It can also help the company save costs by not employing an interpreter.

The ability to speak a foreign language makes it harder for you to be laid off for no reason and the most likely one to be employed in an interview.

Look for jobs outside your current Country

Being able to speak the language of your prospect country while seeking a job there will put you in an advantageous position. It makes you admirable and smart. Continue reading to discover the tips to learn new language.

Best Ways To Learn A New Language

There are a lot of ways to learn a new language but not all the ways are the best. What you will be shown here are ways that have been proven and tested over time, but whatever you choose to do if you are not committed and persistent you will not achieve it, even after reading this. So, make a point of call to commit to your new language goals.

Best Ways To Learn New Language

Below are some of the best ways to learn that new language.

1. Focus on remembering and learning sounds first

One of the best ways to learn a language is to focus on remembering and learning sounds first.

It seems a lot easier to learn a new language as a kid, right? Well, there is an explanation for this. Babies have an extraordinary ability to distinguish all sounds in all languages ​​and remember them quickly. This is how we become native speakers.

However, as we age, we start to lose our amazing ability that allows us to remember and distinguish sounds. For example, adult Japanese students find it difficult to distinguish between the “L” and “R” sounds in English.

Therefore, are there ways through which one can restore the ability to memorize sounds and foreign languages? Science says yes.

First, pay attention to repeating and practising difficult foreign language pronunciation first, rather than putting all effort into mastering grammar and vocabulary. Spend more time listening to the language and practice repletion of phrases and sounds as they are spoken.

If you have the opportunity to get immediate oral feedback (for example, using language learning software), it will greatly improve your performance.

Also, research proves that if you want to master a language faster, you should listen and learn to understand different accents and voices. Listening to a large number of speakers will train your brain and will allow you to transfer this acquired knowledge to the real world in a way that is more.

2. Build character

By building character, I mean commitment, persistence and determination.

Commitment, persistence and determination are like a catalyst in your new language learning journey. Determination gives you a driving force, commitment keeps that driving force and persistence comes in to help when determination and commitment are low on battery.

They help you keep pace and progress evenly as it is very easy to become frustrated or overwhelmed. So, if you are looking at learning a new language, this is the first best way to.

3. Use the “Spaced Repetition” Technique

One of the best ways to learn a language is to use the space repetition technique.

When it comes to language learning skills, spaced repetition is an oldie, but a good one. It can help you remember new words better.

To practice it, you must review every word and phrase you have learned at certain intervals. At first, these should be shorter – it be required of you to review the new word or phrase a few times during a session of practice and then the next day. Once it’s firmly in your mind, you can set aside days or even weeks between revisions without forgetting the learned words.

To better understand this point about best ways to learn new language, the picture below will provide you with a pictoral details of what we have talked about.

best ways to learn new language

4. Have a study plan

You may not have the time or money to pay for a tutor, but then you can teach yourself by creating a study plan.

Even if you are currently employed or a student with a tight schedule, you can learn a new language by creating time and this is actualized by preparing a study plan that shows the time and amount of study work you will do for each day or week and the amount of progress you want to see by the end of a milestone.

5. Study content, not language

Students who choose to study another subject in French rather than taking a general language course have been discovered to perform better on listening tests and were more motivated to learn, according to the results of a study published in the Cambridge Journal.

However, students who are in the standard class performed have been seen to perform better on both reading and writing tests, which means that both methods clearly have merit.

To facilitate your language learning, try to include some content on topics that interest you to enhance your understanding. watch videos, Read articles online, or listen to podcasts to speed things up.

6. Watch a movie

One of the best ways to learn a new language is by seeing a movie in that language. This is practically helpful if you are learning from the comfort of your home.

While you see the movie, you should take note of individual words first, don’t just start off by learning or grabbing sentences (although this will come in later once you are more comfortable), it can make it look complicated and tiresome. 

Write out the words and their meaning, keep a vocabulary of the words. Practice them in your leisure or study time. Do it until you master it. Then gradually start seeing the movies without subtitles and see how you fare.

7. Use an online translation website

You can search for words in the language of your choice and check up the translation up online either on google translate or on any other website of your choice.

You can also use the voice on these platforms to learn how the words sound and are pronounced. This is one of the most neglected tips to learn a new language.

8. Mix old and new words

The human brain always enjoys novelty, but trying to learn many new words at once can become overwhelming. So, to remember new concepts, you should mix them with familiar “old” information.

For example, you could try reading a children’s book in a foreign language you know. The language is simple, and knowing the story already can help you guess the appropriate meaning of new words without making use of a dictionary. Plus, it’s more fun to read children’s books in another language!

9. New friends

One of the oldest, best and highly result-oriented way of learning is through your friends, peer groups or family. If you want to learn a new language, join a community of people who speak the language. It could be a community online or in your neighbourhood.

Attending events or programs with like-minded people in your city where this language may be used helps you learn the right intonation, makes you more comfortable with the language and the culture behind it, improves your speaking ability and makes you happy about your growth. 

One very important thing that we should note is that having friends who speak the language we want to learn is that we will be able to practice freely without being over conscious of our environment or the people therein.

10. Listen to the foreign Radio stations or news channel

Listening to foreign news, music, podcast and the likes is one of the best ways you learn a new language.

Try to see how much you can understand and write out the new words you learnt and then look it out later. This is an incredible way of learning as you can do this on your way to work, school, as you do your chores or run errands.

11. Use Sprint learning to learn a new language

Taking time out to learn a new language can pose as a challenge. If you’re busy, you might want to put off your studies and pack a lot of knowledge into your head every other week. However, it is more effective to study in short sprints every day.

Since the human brain have limited “inbox” space that gets cleared while we sleep, if you choose to study for a few hours at a time, you’ll quickly hit your learning limit.

Learning in small sprints each day and using spaced repetition will give you the best results.

12. Travel

There is nothing like learning a language from the place of its origin, it is a beautiful experience. Visit the country or place where your prospected language is spoken and probably live with a host family that understands the language properly and that also understands your language (for interpretation purposes).

You will learn fast this way as you will be inclined to speak more of your host language. It makes learning the new language fun and easy.

This is one of the best ways of learning a new language.

Also, make friends with the natives there on your stay in the country or community. It makes learning faster too as you may not have an option but to communicate in their native language.

13. Some Languages You Can Learn

Well, if you do not have any language already to learn then the following listed languages may be a great fit for you as they are rewarding and helpful for that trip, networking, job etc.

  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • Arabic
  • English
  • Korean (for BTS lovers)
  • An African language


Remember that learning a new language is no easy task, but it remains extremely rewarding to the speaker/learner, especially in foreign lands. With determination, consistency, and persistence you can do it.

Try out different languages and see if you are not sure about the exact language you would like to learn, once you settle for a language follow the listed steps above on the best ways and tips to learn a new language, and enjoy the adventure. 


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