10 Best Audition Monologues for Actors: All you need to know

In this article, we have discussed the best audition monologues for actors and lots more.

It’s quite understandable that a list of monologues for actors will never be perfect or suitable. It’s unwise to audition for characters you don’t like performing, as every actor or actress needs to fit the monologues.

The monologue must fit the actor, and the actor should also fit the monologue. If the monologue does not suit you and you hate performing it, it’s of no use learning it.

We will have listed the best audition monologues for actors in this guide. But before we get to that, let us find out what makes a good monologue.

Best Audition Monologues for Actors

What Makes a Good Audition Monologue?

A good audition monologue is all about;

An Actual Monologue

A good monologue is not just a dialogue put together to eliminate the other character’s line. It’s way more than that for actors.

Your best choice is to choose a piece that vocalizes and presents a single character’s thoughts. You want the character’s thoughts spoken to the audience without interruption. It’s better to have a connection with the people rather than present something out of context.


It’s highly advisable not to bore the audience with a prolonged performance. Although it’s tempting to extend your monologue time, it’s also important to showcase your talent within an appropriate time.

Yes, you want to show your talent, but you should stick with performing for a minute or two. Remember you want to impress the audience with your performance and not otherwise.

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If you want to thrill your audience, select a monologue that takes place at the moment. The audience will appreciate your performance more if you choose a monologue that happens in the moment rather than one that shares a memory.

Engage your audience with a real story that creates an atmosphere of connection with a real person. Your audience wants something more interesting rather than listening to a villain origin story.

Acting Forward

Monologue auditions are tests designed to weigh your skills and talents. Through monologue auditions, you can showcase your acting skills, like your ability to emote, characterization, and speech cadence.

In my opinion, I’ll suggest you be the best version of yourself. Concentrate on the action of the monologue rather than the action of your movement. This will be beneficial to you in more ways than you imagined.


A good monologue should not be too emotional and sorrowful. It should create a strong emotional connection with the audience. Whether it’s through romance, humour, or melancholy, there should always be a strong emotional connection with your audience.

10 Best Audition Monologues for Actors

Here, we are going to look at the best audition monologues for actors. This is our list of the best ten audition monologues for actors.

#1. Measure for Measure by William Shakespeare- Act 3, Scene 1

We are all familiar with the fine works of William Shakespeare. Measure for measure is one of the plays written by William Shakespeare in the 15th century.

Any young actor will be interested in the character of Claudio in this William Shakespeare’s play. In the play, Claudio has an interesting monologue addressed to his beloved sister.

Claudio was previously arrested for his lewd behaviour. His sister tells him to take his own life rather than commit this abominable act of forcing her to give up her virginity. He (Claudio) realizes that his life is in danger and tries to make his sister understand how he feels.

#2. The Tempest by William Shakespeare- Act 2, Scene 2

In this William Shakespeare’s play titled “The Tempest”, a mature individual with a sense of humour should try Trinculo’s speech. It all started when he was looking for shelter in the storm, but he came upon a surprise in that situation.

In the monologue, there are some very hilarious lines and descriptions. The Trinculo spoke these funny lines and gave the descriptions as he is disgusted at what he feels, sees, and smells.

#3. Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare- Act 2, Scene 2

Twelfth Night is a romantic comedy written by William Shakespeare in the 1600s. This is one of his finest works and also one of the best audition monologues for actors.

Young actors or actresses will be interested to play the character Viola in the Twelfth Night. As a young actor, how often do you get to play the role of being disguised as a boy and have a beautiful lady fall in love with you?

Playing these characters is very exciting and important as they are not always available for young actors.

#4. The Seagull by Anton Chekhov- Konstantin’s Mothers Monologues

Anton Chekhov was a Russian short story writer and playwright. The Russian is considered one of the greatest writers of all time. As a playwright, Anton Chekhov produced four classics and his works are still admired to this day.

In this play, Konstantin is complaining to his uncle about his mother’s selfishness and negligence. Konstantin proves that his mother has no love for him, and he is afraid of how things may turn out.

As an actor, if you are doing a monologue from a play written in a foreign language, it’s highly recommendable that you choose a suitable translation. Also, ensure you sound natural on your tongue while speaking the language.

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#5. The Seagull by Anton Chekhov- Masha’s Husband Monologue

In this play written by Anton Chekhov, Masha is in a difficult situation of making decisions. She is one of the most fascinating characters in modern drama. However, Masha has a terrible monologue about her suitor.

He is a school teacher who loves Masha so dearly. Masha cannot stand her future husband and she has her reasons for doing so.

#6. Dream Girl by Elmer Rice- Georgina’s Morning Monologues

As a young actor, this is one of the best audition monologues for actors and actresses. 

Dream Girl is a play written by American playwright Elmer Rice. In this play, Georgina is the title character. She wakes up and performs her morning ritual in front of a mirror. This is what Georgina normally does every morning before she goes to work.

The ritual is considered funny, charming and very true. Georgina who is the title character in this play can be regarded as a superstitious woman because of the ritual she performs every morning before going to work.

#7. Invitation to a March by Arthur Laurents- Camilla’s Intro Monologue

Invitation to a march was written by American playwright Arthur Laurents. In this play, Arthur Laurents begins with a middle-aged lady named Camilla Jablonski. She was addressing the audience with information about herself.

Camilla Jablonski told the audience where she lives, the things she wants and how she is going to get them. The entire storyline was real and very hilarious.

#8. The Dairy of a Scoundrel by Alexander Ostrovsky- Gloumov

Alexander Ostrovsky was one of the greatest Russian playwrights. He is considered the greatest representative of the Russian realistic period.

The Dairy of a Scoundrel is one of the finest works of Alexander Ostrovsky and also one of the best audition monologues for actors. In the play, there is a character named Gloumov. Kloepatra is Gloumov’s love interest.

Gloumov is a young man who falls in love with a wealthy woman, Kleopatra.

The monologue begins with “Can’t you see in my eyes that I’ll rather die than cause you a minute’s pain? The Dairy of a Scoundrel is a Russian play that requires translation. The best translation is Rodney Ackland’s translation.

The translation of this play is available for actors.

#9. Fear and Misery of the Third Reich by Bertolt Brecht- The Jewish Wife

Fear and Misery of the Third Reich was written by German playwright, theatre practitioner, and poet Eugene Berthold Friedrich Brecht. The play is also known as The Private Life of the Master Race. It’s one of the most famous plays written by Eugene Berthold Friedrich Brecht.

It’s a very long monologue that probably lasts for twenty minutes. The play was translated by Eric Bentley and can be divided into various terrific parts.

In the play, a Jewish woman wants to leave her husband. The Jewish woman is talking to herself as she arranges and packs her suitcase. She also speaks with her while packing her suitcase.

In the end, she leaves her gentle husband for good. The Jewish woman chose to leave her husband because of her religion. She believes it will ruin her husband’s life if she stayed.

Her gentle husband makes no effort to convince or try to stop her.

#10. Cleo, Camping, Emmanuelle and Dick by Terry Johnson- Imogen

Cleo, Camping, Emmanuelle and Dick is a play written by English dramatist Terry Johnson. The main characters in this include Sid James, Kenneth Williams, Barbara Windsor and Imogen Hassall.

This play portrays the filming of the “Carry On” series and it’s also about the off-screen love affair between “Carry On” films stalwarts, Sid James and Barbara Windsor.

In the play, Imogen who is a sexy actor had too much to drink. Imogen Hassall talks to anyone ready to listen to her. She talks about how she wants to be remembered as an iconic artist and not just as a voluptuous woman.

So the monologue begins with “I’ m surprised you even remembered me”.

This is one of the best audition monologues for young actors.

Why are Auditions Important?

Auditioning is important as it gives the casting team and directors the information they need to assign actors to the best roles. A director knows what he or she wants when it comes to selecting actors for roles.

Directors visualize how they want a character to be, and anyone auditioning for a role must meet the standard. For actors to get a role, they must possess the charisma to portray a character on screen.

Let us look at some actors who auditioned for a role but portrayed a different character in a movie.

In the movie Thor, English actor Tom Hiddleston auditioned for the role of Thor Odinson. Tom Hiddleston was not accepted to play the role of Thor Odison rather he was given the role to play Loki.

The casting team and directors accepted Chris Hemsworth to play the role of Thor Odinson. Despite not getting the role he wanted, Tom Hiddleson is the best actor to play Loki in the movie.

Through auditions, directors discover and select the best actors suitable for specific roles in movies. There are actors born to play a character and they can be hardly replaced by other actors.

Australian actor Hugh Jackman was born to play wolverine, and he has done that for many years. It will be difficult for people to see another actor playing wolverine on screen.

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The monologue should fit the actor and the actor must fit the monologue as well. It’s unwise to play a character you don’t like and should not take them up.

A good audition monologue is all about knowing what to do when to do it, and how to do it. Try to engage your audience with an interesting storyline and performance.

We hope this guide on the best Audition monologues for actors was helpful.



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