Free Christmas Play Scripts

We have discussed free Christmas play scripts in this article and more about other interesting Christmas plays.

Christmas is celebrated by millions of people across the world and it’s one of the most exciting moments for kids. During Christmas, gifts are shared among loved ones, especially kids expecting presents from Santa Claus.

In my opinion, I would say that Christmas is the best time of the year. It’s a time when kids dream to visit Santa at the North Pole. They expect to receive gifts from Santa Claus and his elves.

Christmas is also a time when different dramas are performed. The dramas performed during Christmas describe the birth of Jesus Christ and the three wise who came to visit Mary with gifts. These dramas can be performed on stage by various characters playing Joseph, Jesus, Mary, the three wise men, and an angel.

In this guide, we will be looking at free Christmas play scripts and how they are performed on stage. If you are interested in free Christmas play scripts, then you should stick around, we will get there in a bit.

Free Christmas Play Scripts

Printable Christmas Play Scripts for kids

  • Birth of Jesus (a simple nativity pageant)
  • Christmas Hope (small church script)

Birth of Jesus (a simple nativity pageant)

This is a traditional nativity script that is simple and easy to use for small churches. It combines classic Christmas carols with light storytelling. This theatrical performance has been used for 1-5-year-old Preschoolers and 2-5th grade in children’s churches.

The narrator (who can be played alone or shared between older children or young adults) does the speaking aspect. Here’s an easy way to celebrate the Christmas story.

Christmas Hope (small church script)

This is one of the great Christmas play script options for your kids. It contains traditional nativity scenes from modern family life. The cast requires only a few actors, but each has an important speaking role. Increasing scripture readings is an easy way to get more members

 You can combine this simple game scene with a children’s, teen or adult choir for a full Christmas performance.

List of the Free Christmas Play Scripts

  • Santa’s Cookie Problem
  • The Thirteenth Cookie
  • A Christmas Reunion
  • Someone is coming to Our House
  • Mr St Nicholas
  • Behind the Pageant
  • A Christmas Crisis

Firstly, we want to look at this Christmas comedy play. Santa’s cookie problem is a Christmas comedy play that features Santa and his elves. In this Christmas comedy play, Santa and his elves are known for one thing, and that is playing practical jokes.

But this time, the joke is definitely on Santa Claus. In this comedy play, the elves change Santa’s regular costume with a smaller one. This made Santa and Mrs Claus think he (Santa) was getting fat. Santa thinks his getting fat and has no idea that his costumes were made smaller by the elves.

This Christmas comedy play is filled with a lot of action. Santa and his elves were chasing each other, and the whole scenario was hilarious.

The characters in this Christmas comedy play include a narrator, Santa, Mrs Claus, Earl the Elf, Elf #2, and Elf #3. Santa Cookie Problem is one of the free Christmas play scripts. Children, adults or families can be the audience for this Christmas comedy play.

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The Thirteenth Cookie

This light-hearted play involves a stingy baker and a customer. This play is about a baker who deliberately refuses to hand a customer a baker’s dozen. The stingy baker is inconsiderate and will soon realise his mistakes and attitude towards customers. 

At some point, his business was about to collapse, then he realised his mistakes. It’s more important to establish a good relationship with customers or risk going out of business.

A Christmas Reunion

This Christmas play is about Father Christmas and Mother Goose. This is one of the best free Christmas play scripts, and you need musical instruments for this play.

The play consists of several songs, so you need a piano and other musical instruments for every song in the play. The audience will be thrilled if this Christmas play is performed with the needed musical instrument. Songs in the play should be performed by those who can play musical instruments very well.

Just so you know, this is one of the free Christmas play scripts that can be performed by school groups.

Someone is coming to Our House

This is a religious-based play performed with animal puppets. This religious-based play is one of the favourite plays for kids. It’s performed by animal puppets and kids find it funny.

During the performance of this religious-based play, the animal puppets talk about the birth of Jesus. When the puppets are talking about the birth of Jesus, the scenario is funny to kids. Yes, kids are the audience in this Christmas play.

This is a good play that can be performed in front of kids during Christmas. All that is needed to perform this Christmas play is an old sock puppet. You can make an old sock puppet with paper bags, or you can purchase animal puppets.

Mr St Nicholas

Mr St Nicholas is an entertaining Christmas play. This Christmas play can be performed by adults as the lines are too advanced for kids to handle. Although grade school kids can also enjoy this Christmas play performed by adults.

This Christmas play is about Santa trying to do what Santa does. In the play, Santa was trying to fill stockings and present gifts to kids.

Behind the Pageant

Behind the pageant is a short Christmas play. It’s a short play where characters find themselves in a confusing state. The characters in the play were in the wrong costumes, and this means things can go sideways.

This short Christmas play can be performed by adult actors.

A Christmas Crisis

Christmas crisis is one of the free Christmas play scripts. This Christmas play is about a group of individuals having a bad time on a trip. These people were on a bus at night when things didn’t go as planned.

Their bus broke down in the night, and they needed to get things moving again. At first, these people were not coming up with any solution to get out of their current situation.

To get the bus moving again, they must change their attitude and work together as a team. With the spirit and joy of Christmas in the air, they were able to get out of that situation.

The lines for this Christmas play are too advanced for grade school kids, so adult actors are preferable.

Requirements of Free Plays

The requirements for free play do not involve any investment. You don’t have to spend money to bring these free plays to the audience. All you need is a talented crew that can play different characters in Christmas plays.

You also need a costume for scenes, and just like that, these Christmas plays can be performed in front of an audience. Once you and your group are prepared to put up a show for the spectators, your works will be recognized by many, and they will also need your performance at some point.

Ensure the comedy included is appropriate both for the group and the audience. This must be done before the final selection. You must read the terms and conditions first, before downloading the work.

Now let us look at this play, Christmas Hope.

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Christmas Hope

Christmas Hope is a Christmas play with several characters. The stage characters for this Christmas are Mom, Son, Daughter, Mary, Joseph, Angel, Isaiah, Jesus and the three wise men. The three wise men are also called Shepherds.

This is one of the free Christmas play scripts with different scenes.

This Christmas play can be performed in your home. All you have to do is to organize the perfect scene for this Christmas play. You can use your living room with the Christmas tree and table for the manger scene.

You will also need a small chair and boxes of ornament.

So let’s start with the first scene.

Scene 1.

Mom: I don’t know how am going to cope with this year’s Christmas. This Christmas is very pricey for me. I don’t want to disappoint the kids this Christmas, they deserve better.

Mom: Lord, we all miss him so much and it’s difficult for me to carry on without him. Lord, please help all of us this Christmas.

She (Mom) drops her head. There is a sound of a door opening offstage and the kids rushing in. she wipes her tears and places the ornament on the Christmas tree.


Daughter: Hello! Mom, we are home. Did you know that Becky is getting a special Christmas gift this year? She is getting a cell phone as her Christmas gift and I wonder why I can’t get the same gift for Christmas.


Son: You want a cell phone so you can spend several hours talking to your friends. No one needs to hear you more than they do every day.

Mom: Be nice to your sister and you know Christmas is just around the corner. You are not ready to have a cell phone and am so sorry about that. 

The son and the daughter both agree with their Mom. They started decorating for Christmas, and at some point, Mom steps aside.

Mom: Am confused, and I don’t know what to do, Lord. I don’t know how I can afford the expensive gifts their friends are getting this year as Christmas gifts. Help me Lord, I need your strength and wisdom.

Then, she sets up the Manger scene at the table.

Mom: This is my favourite Christmas decoration.

Son: Mom, the statues and barns are your favourite Christmas decoration.

Mom: I want to tell you an interesting story about the birth of Jesus. Long ago in Bethlehem, there was a lady named Mary. She was a beautiful and respectful lady and a man named Joseph wanted to marry her.

One day, an angel appeared to Mary and told her that she will be the mother of Jesus, the son of God. Mary was concerned about her husband Joseph and how he would react. However, God had everything under control. (Lights fade).

In my opinion, this is one of the perfect free Christmas play scripts.

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Scene 2.

This scene starts with Mary kneeling to pray to God. The scene goes like this.


Mary: God, you told me that I will carry your child who is the saviour of the world, and I believe you. Although it’s difficult for me to understand, I believe and am ready to do your will. Lord am confused and my husband Joseph is going to be angry with me.

Then Mary drops her head as Joseph sits on the side of the bed.


Joseph: God, I thought Mary was your follower and she believed in you. I thought Mary was a virgin, but now she is pregnant. I am confused Lord help me. What did I do wrong to deserve this?

Joseph peacefully lies down and slept off.

Then, an angel appeared while Joseph was still asleep.

Angel: Joseph son of David, take Mary home as your wife without any fear. The child in Mary’s womb is from the Holy Spirit, not from mortal man. She was chosen as the vessel and will give birth to a son. You will name the child Jesus because he will be the saviour of the world.

The angel disappears as Joseph sits up to look around and then lays back down. This is one of the best free Christmas play scripts.

Scene 3.

Daughter: So, the angel that appeared to Joseph was sent by God to let him know that Mary was telling the truth.

Mom: Yes, Joseph was upset about Mary’s pregnancy and he was ready to end the marriage before the angel appeared and spoke to him. When Joseph woke up, he saw Mary, and he knew she was telling the truth. Mary was pregnant and Joseph accepted her as his wife.

Son: Back then, did they have hospitals to check the baby?

Mom: During that era, Joseph had a home and he was also a carpenter. Joseph and Mary had to travel to Bethlehem to be counted in a registry. When they arrive in Bethlehem, Mary was about to have the baby. When Joseph and Mary arrive in Bethlehem, they had no place to stay as there were many people in the town. 

An innkeeper allowed Mary and her husband Joseph to stay in a barn. This is why the manger scene is special, as it is where Jesus was born. 

If you are looking for free Christmas play scripts, you can put this into practice with a special touch.


Christmas is celebrated across the world by Christians. It is the time of the year when people remember the birth of Jesus Christ. It’s also a time when kids expect to receive gifts from Santa and family as well.

Free Christmas play scripts can be performed by adult actors in front of an audience that includes children. These Christmas plays are some of the events that make Christmas special.

We hope this article on free Christmas play scripts was helpful.



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