15 Best Summer Jobs for Teachers: All You Need to Know 

If you are a teacher who wants to earn extra cash during the summer, then you should read this guide on the best summer jobs for teachers.

Summer holidays may be a fun time for students, but it can also be a period to earn extra cash for teachers. During summer, schools are on an extended break, and this creates an opportunity for exploration.

Most students travel to different places during the summer holidays. For teachers, the summer holiday is an opportunity to explore new possibilities.

Teachers search for temporary jobs during summer. 

So what are the best summer jobs for teachers and employers who want to hire teachers during this period?

To answer the questions above, check out our list of the best summer jobs for teachers.

Best Summer Jobs for Teachers

What Job Is Available for Teachers in the summer?

Summer is the period when schools are not in section and teachers don’t receive any paychecks during this time. Jobs are available in the summer for teachers who want to earn extra cash.

As a teacher, you can work seasonal jobs in the summer. These are temporary jobs for teachers during the summer before schools resume. Teaching summer courses, facilitating educational camps, and tutoring are some of the best summer jobs for teachers.

Teachers can also take up a job that is not related to education. For instance, summer camps, pools, and plant nurseries are jobs that are available during the summer. Employers will be looking for individuals to hire during the few months of summer.

This is an opportunity for teachers to work and earn money in the few months of summer. These jobs are open during this period and if you are interested, you can search for places suitable for you.

Other summer jobs available for teachers that are not related to education include Uber and Lyft diver, pet sitting/house sitting, babysitting, tour guide, etc.

Why Do Teachers Need Summer Jobs?

Summer jobs are temporary jobs available for teachers when schools are not in session. In most teaching positions, teachers don’t receive their salaries during the summer break.

Because of this, most teachers need temporary jobs in the summer. These jobs provide an opportunity for teachers to do what they love while they get paid for doing them. Teachers tutor in schools, teach summer courses and lecture students online during the summer break.

While schools are on break and the paychecks are not coming in, these temporary jobs are the option for teachers to earn extra cash.

What are Good Summer Jobs that Pay Well?

The temporary summer jobs with good paychecks include tutoring, delivery driving, retail, freelance writing, online English teaching, etc.

These are temporary jobs, so you won’t be making that much. But for the period you will be working, you will be paid well by employers.

The money will earn on the job depends on the organization or employer you are working for. To get high-paying summer jobs, you need to make an inquiry online to find the best positions.

Additionally, you may be able to find a paid internship in a specific field. As we said earlier, your pay depends on the organization you work for and it is the same here.

List of Best Summer Jobs for Teachers

  • Tutor
  • Camp Counsellor
  • Babysitter
  • TESL/TEFL Tutor
  • Online Course Instructor
  • Translator
  • Tour Guide
  • Freelance Writer
  • Pet Sitter or House Sitter
  • Blogger
  • Online English Teacher
  • College Instructor
  • Exam Prep Instructor
  • Uber and Lyft Driver
  • Sports Coach

There are many summer jobs for teachers out there and we have listed the best in this guide. Kindly check out our list to find out which temporary job is more suitable for you.

#1. Tutor

As a teacher, you already possess the knowledge needed to perform at the top level of education. Tutoring is what you are good at as a teacher, and you can use that as an advantage.

If you are a teacher who teaches a class full of pupils, you can also tutor students. Many high school students prepare for college, and they need academic assistance during the summer holidays.

The students need the best-experienced teachers to help them prepare for the next stage of academics. If you are a teacher who is good at science subjects or arts, the students will need your experience and knowledge.

Tutoring students in a specific subject you are good at will earn you money during the summer holidays. All you have to do is to specialize in a specific subject. When employers need a qualified teacher during the summer, you can present yourself as a worthy candidate.

As a tutor, you need to let the people and the community know about your services. You can advertise your services through social media and networking.

There are websites such as Tutor.com where you can advertise your services. Tutors earn about $40 or more per hour. Some companies pay tutors $15 to $50 per hour just to create textbook solution videos.

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#2. Camp Counsellor

A camp counsellor is next on our list of the best summer jobs for teachers.

Camps are always full when kids are no longer in school and parents are busy at work. In some cases, camps are short of staff during the summer holidays and need more employees.

In a situation like this, your education and mentoring skills will be needed. 

Camp counselling is a temporary summer job for teachers. Adults capable of handling groups of people are needed in camps during summer.

Some benefits are attached to the camp counselling job. For instance, you will experience outdoor adventures and fun field trips on the job.

Being a camp counsellor is exciting and fun. However, the income for the job may not be that exciting for employees. As a beginner, you may start at minimum wage or just above it.

Based on your experience on the job, you can negotiate with your employers about your wages. If you have been on the job for a longer period with a particular organization, you can negotiate for a better-paying position. 

#3. Babysitter

Babysitting is one of the best summer jobs for teachers who are good with kids. As a teacher who interacts with kids in the classroom five days a week, babysitting should not be a problem for you.

Your work day would normally fall within the hours of your employer’s work days or on weekend evenings.

It is important for the people and the community around you to know that you are searching for a babysitting job. Discuss more on how passionate you are to get a babysitting job.

If you wish to find a babysitting job real quick, there are websites where you can search for jobs. Some of the websites to find a babysitting job include Care.com, SlitterCity.com, etc.

Babysitters earn at least $15 per hour or more on the job. The money you will earn as a babysitter is dependent on the extent of your duties, the location of the job, etc.

#4. TESL/TEFL Tutor

Teaching English as a second/foreign language (TESL or TEFL) online is one of the most teaching positions and the best summer jobs available for teachers.

This is one of the best summer jobs for teachers, and most teachers only need to supply their computers. 

Online teaching websites like Alo7, Qkids, and VIPKID can only accept native English speakers who are citizens of the United States of America or Canada.

In some cases, some TESL employers require certification before employing teachers.

As an experienced English teacher, you can make up to $20 or more per hour working from a computer in any location across the world.

#5. Online Course Instructor

The world has become a global community, all thanks to technology. The internet makes it possible for people to interact with each other from different parts of the world.

If you are an individual who is passionate about presentations and technology, it is time you consider creating an online course through top websites like Udemy or Coursera.

The interesting part of this process is once you have created your online courses, you earn money all year round for your effort and dedication.

#6. Translator

This job is designed for those perfect at speaking two major languages. Let’s say you are a teacher who teaches the English language, and you are also fluent in Spanish or French. You can become a translator for an international client and earn money.

Due to the fast growth in international business, companies need translators.

Literacy translation involves and refers to the translation of technical communication specifically in technology, healthcare or academics.

If you prefer literacy translation, you should concentrate on a set of topics or a specific industry. Literacy translation is mostly written word translation.

Localization in translation is more about the informal or vernacular type of spoken language. Here, you should be familiar with lingo and expression in a specific culture before you translate to the required language.

You may also be converting the content of a website into a different language.

#7. Tour Guide

Tour guide is one of the best summer jobs for teachers to earn extra cash during the break. The job is more like teaching, but the difference is you are educating adults on a trip.

This job provides an opportunity to explore nature and the environment. As a tour guide, your job includes leading tourists around historical sites and providing answers to questions they may ask.

As a tour guide, you have the opportunity to interact with people of diverse backgrounds and ethnicity. While you make money as a tour guide, you also get to experience nature and lots more.

You can search for local tour companies, as well as check visitor centres close to you. A tour guide makes up to $19 to $20 or more per hour.

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#8. Freelance Writer

Freelance writers are among the top earners on the internet right now. Some freelance writers earn thousands of dollars every month.

This is one of the lucrative online jobs that only require the right skills and experience. As a teacher, you can earn good money as a freelance writer with your writing skills and knowledge.

Employers are searching for freelance writers who are experts in topics relating to education. This is where you come in as a teacher with broad knowledge in education and writing. Here, you have the advantage to succeed, and you can be employed by those who need your experience and skill.

If you are searching for top websites where you can find a job as a freelance writer, Upwork, Fiverr, Flexjobs, and Freelancewriting.com are available. Apply for jobs on any of these websites.

As a freelance writer, you can make up to $100 or more per hour on the job.

#9. Pet Sitter or House Sitter

During summer people travel out of town or go on vacation. Because of this, people need individuals to watch over their houses while they are out of town. They need people to take care of their homes and pet animals in their absence.

This job is for anyone who loves animals and can take care of homes and everything in it. The job includes watering plants, taking pet animals for a walk, watching over homes, keeping things in order, etc.

To get started, advertise your services to the people around you and the community. By doing so, everyone will be aware that you are a pet sitter or house sitter. 

#10. Blogger

Blogging is not just a summer job but a lucrative business for thousands of individuals across the world. Bloggers write content for business owners to promote their products and dominance in the internet space.

Once you choose a niche and commit yourself to learning the required skill, you can earn money as a blogger. However, do not expect instant results as it takes a while for a blog to start coming up on the front page of Google.

It also takes a while for a website to get organic traffic. If you continue writing good and quality content consistently, your website will get organic traffic from several visitors daily.

Blogging is one of the best summer jobs for teachers to earn cool cash.

#11. Online English Teacher

A teacher who uses English as the language of instruction is capable of becoming an online English teacher. Irrespective of the subject you teach in the classroom, you can be an online English teacher.

Most online English tutoring companies operate mainly in Asia. Some of the companies pay online English teachers $15 to $25 per hour.

To perform at the top level as an online English teacher, you must possess a positive character and a slow speaking speed. The requirement for this job is of high standard qualification.

Bear in mind that you may be teaching adult students who preparing for IELTS or TOEFL. They will need to pass these specific English tests as a requirement for a job or entry to a country.

#12. College Instructor

Universities, colleges, and community colleges are searching for qualified educators. These tertiary institutions need educators to fill adjunct instructor positions and as teaching assistants.

This is an opportunity for you to get a temporary job during the summer. You can lecture high schoolers taking college-level courses or college students repeating a class.

#13. Exam Prep Instructor

As an exam prep instructor, you will prep lessons and offer one on one tutoring sessions to several students preparing for the GMAT, GRE, MCAT, and SAT examinations.

Exam prep instructors can teach on a university campus depending on where they applied for work. In some cases, the job may require working on weekends or evening hours. This provides free time for employees to take care of personal matters.

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#14. Uber and Lyft Driver

This is a job for anyone who is good at driving and can interact with people just fine. This job allows you to work whenever you like.

So what do you need to start up as a uber and Lyft driver?

Firstly, you need a registered license and a good car. You will also need to provide proof of residence in the state you reside.

#15. Sports Coach

If you are a teacher who is passionate about sports, you can become an intramural team or a kid’s sports team coach during the summer. Your experience in managing a sports team will be needed by teams during the summer.

Coaching a sports team is one of the best summer jobs for teachers with experience in building a formidable sports team.


Earning extra cash when there is an opportunity is a smart way to grow financially. Summer holidays may be a time for road trips and vacations, but it’s also an opportunity to earn money outside the job as a teacher.

As a teacher, you can earn money doing what you love during the summer holidays. Your profession can also be an advantage for you to get a job with a nice paycheck. We hope this guide on the best summer jobs for teachers was helpful.



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