25 Amazing High Paying Jobs with No Experience

If you have been searching for jobs that require little or no qualification, then you should read this article to discover amazing high paying jobs with no experience.

Everyone needs a job or must have a source of income to survive financially. Business owners employ qualified staff with skills to expand their enterprise. Standard qualifications and skills are required to get most jobs with a good paycheck.

However, this does not mean that people with no experience have no chance of getting a job. There are jobs with good paychecks, and you don’t need to have prior knowledge to be considered for such jobs.

In this article, we have listed the high paying jobs with no experience required, and the annual salary for these jobs is amazing. So sit back, relax and read this guide to find out what is on our list.

Amazing High Paying Jobs with No Experience

#1. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a job for anyone with the right skill and experience. Thousands of people around the world earn huge amounts in freelance writing. This is one of the amazing high paying jobs with no experience required.

You don’t have to obtain a degree to be a freelance writer. If you possess the skills and creativity to impress clients, you will earn good money working for them.

Freelance writers are hired to write articles, blog posts, as well as short ads. To become a successful freelance writer, you should choose a niche, and by doing so, it will be much easier to get jobs.

You can create a portfolio as a freelance writer and use websites such as FlexJobs and Fiverr to get to the right client.

Just so you know, the average annual salary of a freelance writer is $36,000.

#2. Bookkeeping

The job of a bookkeeper is similar to that of an accountant.

You can become a bookkeeper if you are good at maths and knows how to use a spreadsheet. This is the knowledge required to perform at the top level as a bookkeeper.

A bookkeeper’s job includes creating spreadsheets of accounts payable, ensuring invoices are paid and making reports based on financial data from clients.

A certified bookkeeper earns an average annual salary of $41.981. 

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#3. Blogger

Bloggers earn a huge amount by posting content online, and they also work for business owners. A blogger advertises and promotes the product of a company online.

You can earn money as a blogger through affiliate marketing or selling your products online. When someone purchases a product from any of the stores you advertise, you will earn a specific percentage of that sale.

Bloggers also earn money by creating an eBook or a video course. A blogger can create and sell an eBook that teaches others how to start a blog. Video courses are also sold to those who want to start blogging.

To become a blogger, you don’t need a degree or special qualification. Anyone with the right skill and knowledge can become a blogger.

All you need to become a blogger is a domain name with affordable hosting from a reliable site.

Bloggers earn a huge amount every month. Some bloggers earn up to a million annually.

#4. Survey Taker

Answering surveys online is a perfect way to earn cool cash. This is one of the amazing high paying jobs with no experience required.

All you need is a functional laptop or a phone that can play games, answer questions or watch videos to earn a little cash.

Survey sites where you can earn money include SwagBucks, Mypoints, Inbox Dollars or Survey Junkie.

Making $100 a week with extra effort and time is an easy way to put money in your pocket. In general, you can earn up to thousands of dollars in a year by doing this.

#5. Online Proofreader

You can be hired as a proofreader by Fiverr, Upwork, or FlexJobs. A proofreader’s job involves checking books for publishing errors, and they also check research papers for errors. The job also involves going through websites to ensure there are no misspellings.

Becoming an online proofreader is easy as there are no academic qualifications required for the job. Yes, you don’t need a degree to become a proofreader.

You will need to sign up for a proofreading workshop where you will acquire the skills for the job.

The average annual salary of a proofreader is about $37,000.

#6. Transcriptionist

A transcriptionist is someone who listens to recorded audio files and takes notes of valuable information. Transcriptionists transcribe interviews, business conferences and legal meetings among others. Being a transcriptionist is one of the amazing high paying jobs with no experience.

To earn money as a transcriptionist, you must possess the skills needed for the job. A transcriptionist must be fast in typing and also needs to take accurate information from any source material.

If you are quick in typing and have a high school diploma or GED, you can earn an average annual salary of $44,000 as a transcriptionist.

#7. Translator

Written information or language spoken is translated to a specific language by translators. Translators are known to specialize in two languages or more. For instance, a translator who is fluent in English, Spanish and Mandarin can earn money working for international clients from China, Spain and a large part of South America.

If you earn a degree in linguistics and you are fluent in Spanish, German French, or Chinese Mandarin, you can become a translator. Translators earn an average annual salary of $45,000. 

#8. Tutor

Next on our list of amazing high paying jobs with no experience is the tutor. If you are very good at a particular subject, you can earn money as a tutor.

You can organise classes with students and teach them all they need to know in math, arts, and other subjects. Tutors assist students to prepare for examinations, and they get paid for it.

Tutors are not required to present a degree before they can teach students. On average, a tutor earns about $31,000 as an annual salary.

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#9. Virtual Assistant

The job of a virtual assistant involves handling administrative tasks. Their job includes connecting clients, ordering supplies, and so much more. 

Virtual l assistants can work from the comfort of their homes. If you are interested in becoming a virtual assistant, you can even become a Pinterest virtual assistant.

There is more to this job and things you must learn to be perfect in it. For instance, you will need to know computer programs or systems based on what your clients want.

With a high school diploma or an associate degree in business, you will be employed by several companies searching for virtual assistants.

Virtual assistants earn an average annual salary of $46,000.

#10. Data Entry Clerk

The job of a data entry clerk is to enter or update valuable information from written documents into a system. Data entry clerks are hired by organizations and they could also be working for an enterprise.

Data entry clerks are mainly focused on detail as their job requires presenting accurate information.

Anyone can become a data entry clerk. Employers will hire individuals with high school diplomas, and some may not require a formal qualification.

On average, a data entry clerk earns about $35,000 as an annual salary.

#11. Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives assist customers by providing adequate service and information. The job of a customer service representative includes handling complaints and resolving customer billing issues. This is among the amazing high paying jobs with no experience.

You can be employed as a customer service representative with a high school diploma. Customer care representatives earn about #32,990 as an annual salary.

#12. Garden/Lawn Care Specialist

Gardeners are professionals who provide landscaping services to their clients. The job of a gardener includes planting trees and maintaining lawns and gardens.

Getting a job as a gardener is easy as there is no academic requirement for the job. All you need is to acquire the skills of a gardener. You can learn this skill through short courses or workshops that specifically teaches individuals to be a gardener.

On average, a gardener earns about $27,000 as an annual salary.

#13. Delivery/Commercial Driver

Next on the list of amazing high paying jobs with no experience is delivery/commercial driver. Delivery drivers are responsible for transporting passengers and cargo from one destination to another.

Anyone can become a commercial driver if they possess the driving skills required for the job. A commercial driver can be a trucker, bus driver, tractor-trailer driver, etc.

The average annual salary of a delivery/commercial driver is about $37,000.

#14. Meal Delivery Driver

A food delivery driver is someone who is employed by a restaurant to deliver foods ordered by customers. Just like commercial drivers, delivery drivers ensure that ordered packages are delivered to customers.

You can become a meal delivery driver for several companies and earn cool cash. To get this job, all you need is a high school diploma, a license and driving skills.

Meal delivery drivers make up to $24,000 as an annual salary.

#15. Web Developer

Web developers are skilled experts in creating websites. Business owners need web designers to expand their enterprise and promote their products online.

Employers will hire web designers with the right skill and knowledge. They do not require a specific standard of qualifications to get the right individual for the job.

If you have a bachelor’s degree in computer sciences and you are very good at your craft, you can earn about $70,000 as an annual salary.

#16. Medical Assistant

Next on the list of amazing high paying jobs with no experience is the medical assistant.

Medical assistants provide support to healthcare professionals. Their primary duty is to assist healthcare workers, and they also perform administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments, taking phone calls, restocking office supplies, etc.

Medical assistants also perform duties like sterilizing medical tools for surgery, and they can perform simple laboratory work.

The average annual salary of a medical assistant is estimated at $46,900.

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#17. Junior Graphic Designer

Junior graphic designers assist senior graphic designers. They assist senior designers by participating in design planning, brainstorming as well as artistic implementation.

A junior graphic designer can make up to $47,800 as an annual salary. 

#18. Auditor

The job of an auditor involves reviewing financial records to help ensure company compliance with every law concerning taxation and finance.

Auditors may review a company’s financial record for several reasons. They may review financial records for accuracy, level of financial risk with stakeholders and reliability.

Auditors earn an average annual salary of $48,000. 

#19. Administrative Assistant 

Administrative assistants are professionals who support company executives or managers. Their primary duty includes organizing trips, preparing reports, scheduling meetings, taking notes and phone calls and responding to emails.

Auditors make up to $50,000 as an annual salary.

#20. Junior Staff Accountant

Junior staff accountants are responsible for preparing financial documents in a firm. Their primary duty includes analysing balance sheets, managing payrolls, preparing financial reports and lots more.

Junior staff accountants can also collaborate with other financial professionals under the supervision of qualified senior staff accountants. The average annual salary of a junior staff accountant is estimated at over $50,000.

#21. IT Technician

Next on our list of amazing high paying jobs with no experience is IT technician. Who is an IT technician, and what is their primary duty?

An information technology (IT) technician is an individual with vast knowledge of information technology. IT technicians handle and manage computer hardware and software.

These technicians can install new components in a computer, and resolve software issues and repairs.

On average, an IT technician earns about $51,000 as an annual salary.

#22. Junior Financial Analyst

Junior financial analysts are professionals who interpret financial documents. They also assist and guide clients in making financial decisions.

In some cases, a junior financial analyst may work under the supervision of a senior financial analyst and advisor.

The annual income of a junior financial analyst is about $55,000. 

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#23. Radiation Therapist

Radiation therapists are responsible for delivering medically prescribed radiation to patients suffering from cancer. Their job involves operating machines for radiation delivery and imaging.

A radiation therapist earns about $70,000 as an annual salary.

#24. Claims Adjuster

Claims analysts are professionals who are also known as claims representatives or claims specialists. Claims specialist review insurance claims to help find out the appropriate response from the insurance company.

These professionals earn about $59,000 as an annual salary.

#25. Junior Recruiter

Last on our list of amazing high paying jobs with no experience is the junior recruiter. The primary duty of a junior recruiter involves recruiting new candidates for companies.

Junior recruiters read applications of job seekers and they also contact interesting candidates and schedule job interviews.

On average, junior recruiters earn up to $63,000 as an annual salary.


The best jobs are not only designed for qualified candidates. Those with little or no experience can also be hired by employers and enterprises.

When you acquire a specific skill that is needed in today’s world, business owners and clients will need your service and they will have to pay for it.

We hope this guide on amazing high paying jobs with no experience was helpful.



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