15 Architectural Competitions for Students 2023

If you’ve been searching for architectural competitions for students, then I tell you that you have come to the end of your search.

In this article, we have listed a good number of competitions open to students who are in the architecture field of studies. All you need to do is study each competition and know whether or not you should apply.

If you apply to any architectural contest you do not qualify for, that would be a waste of your time, and resources, as you will not be able to win it. You need to try as much as possible to meet the requirements of the competition you wish to apply to, and can also exceed the criteria.

We are not just listing these opportunities without their official link as that would not make any sense. Cognisance of that we have included the official competition website to help you go directly to the website of the sponsor of the competition and gain more information about the Architecture contest and competition and then apply if you so wish.

Note that you cannot apply for any of this context on Stay Informed Group (SIG), as we do not process an application for any competition sponsor. This article is just for informational purposes and the official link included in this article is to direct you to the official page where you can now apply or contact the officials responsible for any of the architectural competitions for students in this article.

Now before any further ado, we are going to start unveiling what this article is all about starting from an overview of what architectural contests is all about and what architectural competitions for students is all about.

We have also included some important tips that could help anyone win architectural competitions for students, you will have an upper hand against your opponent if you read this article well to the end.

Good luck.

What is Architecture?

Architectural Competitions for Students

Before we dive into what we are going to talk about today, I want to, first of all, bring to your knowledge what Architecture is all about.

There are many definitions given to architecture, but there is a simple accepted definition which is that it is the process of designing planning of buildings, including the construction of structures from the foundational level, which is the designing and drawing the building or structure on paper.

You can say that architecture is in form of building structures materially because before one can be able to put up any structure it must be designed on paper including all important details before carrying it out physically.

Architectural work is important in building structures or anything pertaining to buildings

You need to be creative and put up good designs for your clients.

All these big structures we see today are all started by putting them down on paper and designing every aspect of the building before they are built.

The architect knows where and how to place things in a designing way to make sure that when they are raised physically it will be a beaut

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What are Architectural Competitions?

It is of importance that before we continue with the list of the architectural competitions for students we need to talk about what architecture competitions are all about.

Many things may bring about architecture competitions. It may be because an organisation needs to construct a new complex and they will do publicity for an open competition where architectural designs would be submitted by contestants.

The type of design to be submitted would be decided by the panel of judges.

The submitted designs will be would be considered, vetted and by a team and the best design will become the winner of the competition and later the design may be constructed.

In some cases, architecture competition may be open to only students who are studying architecture in their respective universities.

The architectural design would be considered by the host organisation, and the winner may be offered a scholarship, a one-time monetary award, employment or a huge contract after graduation.

How do you win an Architecture Competition?

If you want to win architectural competitions for students there are many things you need to put in perspective for you to stand out.

The first thing is that you need to set your goals, and specifically know why you want to enter the competition.

In this article, we have listed 15 architectural competitions for students, but that does not mean you should apply to all 15 of them as that’ll be a waste of your time.

You need to choose the architectural competition that best suits you, considering their requirement and criteria.

To win any architectural competition you need to meet the requirements, but I suggest if you want to stand out among other competitors, you need to exceed the requirements that would increase your chances.

Now, the presentation is key, you need to present your work in the best way possible; make sure that during your presentation that you talk about the best part of the project while you display them for the judges to see.

Before your preparation, you need to get critics. Do your presentation before your friends, and family members, and get their opinion about your work, and how you can improve. This will help know the places you need improvements.

What does an architecture student need?

Apart from your certificate which shows that you have been certified as an architect, the tools you have can also tell people about what you do.

As an Architecture, or architectural student who’s planning to take part in architectural competitions for students you need to have some important tools.

These materials and tools are essential for a successful career in Architecture; its importance extends beyond a one-time competition, but you can make use of these tools throughout your career.

What does an architecture student need

Below are some of the vital tools an architect needs to be successful:

  • Sketchbook
  • Tracing paper
  • Laptop
  • Earphones /headphones
  • Pencils
  • Triangular scale
  • Adjustable set-square
  • Scotch tape
  • Mechanical pencil
  • Eraser

Importance of Architectural Competitions

Basically, the aim of any competition is to induce a competition mindset in the minds of the participants and make them stretch themselves even to the limit.

These architectural competitions for students in this article were all started in a bid to induce a competitive mindset and make the participants bring out their best.

The competition will also teach the participants to do their best and make them come up with ideas that are workable in the real world. This will ultimately help them to have more experience in the architectural field and ultimately add to their portfolio and make them more marketable and increase their future opportunities.

When you participate in architectural competitions for students like these you will build your confidence and make yourself appealing to the public, not to mention that you increase your reputation, get more recognition and make yourself ever valuable

You must apply for the Architectural Competitions for students in this article that appeal to you.

List of Architectural competitions for students

  • Architectural Competitions for Students
  • International VELUX Award for students of architecture
  • Berkeley Essay Prize competition
  • eVOLO – skyscraper competition
  • 120 hours Architectural Competitions for Students
  • Architecture at Zero Architectural Competitions for Students
  • What Design Can do Architectural Competitions for Students
  • INSPIRELI Awards and Competition
  • Asia Young Designer’s Award
  • Transparency and Archumen Architectural Competitions for Students
  • IGBC Green Design Competition
  • Young Architects Competition
  • RIBA Norman Foster Travelling
  • SOM Travelling Scholarship
  • Rotch Travelling Scholarship

This is the main aim of this article, to expose you to the architectural competitions available for any student; these competitions do not have deadlines, You can apply to any of the competitions anytime you so wish.

You can also inform your friends and relatives who are in the architectural field as these opportunities might be of help to them.

#1. Architectural Competitions for Students

Classified as number 1 in 2018 and 2019, the contest provides a platform to envision the private space of a home evolving with cultural practices and technological advances. The Design Challenge offers space, context and freedom of use and offers a leap of imagination to design a house that adapts to possible future circumstances.

#2. International VELUX Award for students of architecture

With a focus on the use of daylight in buildings with an innovative approach integrated into intensive research and experimentation, the competition seeks early solutions. It takes place every two years and takes place in different parts of the world. The Architectural competitions for students reward both students and teachers for guiding the design approach and methodology.

#3. Berkeley Essay Prize competition

The essay contest was initiated by the Department of Architecture at the University of California at Berkeley and features a question that deals with the realm of the built environment and its relationship with people, and requires 500-word emerging answers. It is open to students enrolling in a Bachelor of Architecture program worldwide. In two rounds, the winner receives a travel grant.

#4. eVOLO – skyscraper competition

The annual competition aims to create skyscraper designs that assess the relationship between skyscrapers and people, the city and the environment. The competition offers immense freedom in terms of scale, context, and program, but emphasizes consideration of the relationship that design will make to the social and cultural context, innovative use of technology, and appropriate sustainable approaches.

#5. 120 hours Architectural Competitions for Students

120 hours: 5 days is the period in which architecture students are asked to provide solutions for a conceptually complex and socially appealing design task. The solutions sought by the competition were developed by architecture students at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design themselves and are as unique as their format.

#6. Architecture at Zero Architectural Competitions for Students

The theme of this architectural competition for students is energy-efficient design, especially for public buildings. For a designated location, CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission) -compliant applications are invited each year. The contest is open to students and professionals in the field of architecture and sustainability.

#7. What Design Can do Architectural Competitions for Students

In the face of various social problems, we can encounter challenges that invite solutions, that invite reflection on growth, change and exemplary visions. By working with pioneers in the field of design and architecture, the platform even offers the opportunity to bring ideas to life.

#8. INSPIRELI Awards and Competition

The INSPIRELI prizes and architectural competitions for students evoke ideas and stories from students from around the world who study architecture, urban design and landscape. It is a unique opportunity to share your work on a global stage in pursuit of excellence. In addition, it runs a design competition as part of the program, which is also is considered for the award.

#9. Asia Young Designer’s Award

The Young Asian Designer Award offers young talent in the field of architecture and interior design the opportunity to recognize the work of students in 15 countries including Bangladesh, China and regions of China (Hong Kong and Taiwan), India, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Iran, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Thailand and Vietnam. Various criteria such as innovation, use of colour, durability, functionality and conceptualization are coordinated to determine the winning work.

#10. Transparency and Archumen Architectural Competitions for Students

Transparency is a stimulating theme and competition every year that encourages in-depth research and opens doors to creative design solutions for projects of various types and sizes. An architecture competition is being held in four different regions of India under the same banner of the organizers, Archumen. Both platforms have generated great interest among students across the country.

#11. IGBC Green Design Competition

The CIGB initiative calls for innovative designs for projects such as school, house, accommodation for construction workers with a focus on sustainability. The competition aims to encourage young designers to think outside the box and to implement strategies for environmentally friendly building.

#12. Young Architects Competition

The regular Architectural competitions for students is open to students and professionals and is an exciting experience that elicits research-based contributions to architectural and urban planning challenges. So far, the association has developed a wide range of complex design dossiers such as citadels, sanctuaries, a train station, etc., for which the winning submissions were equally stimulating.

#13. RIBA Norman Foster Travelling

The scholarship invites schools of architecture to nominate an enrolled student of exceptional calibre for critical reflection on the sustainable survival of cities and communities. In addition, applicants must suggest their intention and itinerary for the travel grant. It is sponsored by the Norman Foster Foundation in collaboration with RIBA.

#14. SOM Travelling Scholarship

The is one of the Architectural competitions for students that come in form of a scholarship. The scholarship aims to recognize a student’s work in intensive research in the field of architecture and urban design. It is also a prestigious opportunity to work with pioneers in the field as well as renowned professors to develop your work. The winner will receive $50,000 and the finalist will receive $20,000 as a travel grant.

#15. Rotch Travelling Scholarship

A two-stage design competition is held every year, in which a student is recognized as the winner of the prestigious scholarship. The winner will receive nearly $40,000 to continue a semester abroad and travel according to their will for six months.


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