15 Best Real Estate Classes Online: Free and Paid Courses

We will describe articulately in this article the most important 15 real estate classes online and how you can access them.

If you have always been interested in the real estate business and learning about it or you have always dreamed of becoming a real estate broker or agent, then this article was wholly meant for you.

We have made the necessary research on the very best real estate classes online and have presented them to suit your purpose.

It is however vital to note that a variety of online classes can give you the required knowledge and sometimes certification for a field of study.

There are also many other advantages of studying online which include flexible scheduling and learning at your own comfort.

There may be distractions, however, when curbed you can easily master your course.

Different real estate classes and schools may offer in general a number of courses which include; the pre-licensure classes, the post-licensing classes, and other continuing education courses.

These 15 real estate classes online that we have hand-picked for you in this article, will offer you the best courses in very interesting and easy teaching styles. A variety of experienced and well-grounded instructors would also be at your disposal to help you understand your courses better.

Furthermore, materials and coursework required for your studies will also be made available to you. Including well-detailed instructions on how to attain the renewal of a license as a broker or an agent.

Real Estate Classes Online

What is Real Estate?

Before we proceed to the aforementioned 15 real estate classes online, it is very important that we give a brief explanation of what real estate is all about.

The first question that we have to tackle is first, what real estate is all about.

Real estate can be seen as a form of real property. It is simply a piece or pieces of land along with

the permanent advancements linked to it, irrespective of whether these advancements are natural or artificial.

These permanent advancements include; minerals, trees, water, homes, fences, and bridges.

How can one Invest in Real Estate?

Real Estate can be invested in by buying either a rental property, a home, or other property OR through a real estate investment trust (REIT) which is an indirect method.

Is Real Estate Lucrative?

A renowned investor, Ali Safavid who is the founder of 5209 Investments has pointed out that the commercial real estate business is very lucrative and can rake in a lot of funds. However, on some occasions, real estate investments also require a lot of funding before a profit is to be expected.

15 real estate classes online

As promised we will describe the real estate classes online and how you can enrol and obtain your certification. Nonetheless, it is important to know that while a variety of these courses can be obtained freely, some require payments before the classes can be accessed and your certification obtained. We will have a brief look at some important things before we proceed with the classes.

What are the requirements for the 15 real estate classes online?

There are no special educational requirements for these classes it is expected that a person who has enrolled in the classes knows his/her way around the English language and can operate the computer well. If there are other important things to know, the instructors would always notify the students before proceeding with the classes.

How long do real estate classes online take?

A number of the real estate classes can take some hours, days, or even up to half a month and more to finish. This includes the 15 real estate classes online which we have handpicked for you. Nevertheless, it is also needful to know that these online classes are flexible and can be followed at one’s own pace.

You can easily fit your classes into a timetable or a schedule that fits your daily activities.

Why should one Enrol in Real Estate classes online?

Being knowledgeable in one’s field sets them apart from others and also certifications create higher chances of a person being chosen over their peers by potential customers.

These online classes will help you adjust and increase your knowledge of your course of study and further prepare your mind for larger projects. It also makes your resume more attractive and helps you improve the quality of service or work being rendered in your place of work.

15 Real Estate Classes online(Free and Affordable)

15 Free Real Estate Classes Online
Real Estate

Below, the 15 real estate classes online are categorized into two based on their affordability. We have divided them into the free classes and the affordable ones.

The real estate classes online that are free

These are some of the 15 real estate classes online that are free and they include

  • Application of AI, InsurTech, and Real Estate Technology
  • Socially-Responsible Real Estate Development
  • Introduction to Negotiation: A strategic palybook for becoming a principled and persuasive Negotiator
  • Managing Building Adaptation: A Sustainable Approach
  • Sustainable Cities
  • Social Media 101 – Social Media Quickstarter
  • A Quickstart Guide to Getting Clients with Cold Emails
  • Introduction to Personal Branding
  • Create Amazing Images Using Canva
  • Construction Finance

1. Application of AI, InsurTech, and Real Estate Technology

This course deals with the ongoing improvements or advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning which are employed in the Real Estate Tech and Insurtech for development in that sector.

This class is one of the most important 15 real estate classes online and is offered by the Wharton University of Pennsylvania because it broadens the minds of the students.

An able instructor or Teacher Mr Chris Geczy of the prestigious Wharton University guides students in understanding the important role FinTech plays in the fate of the business, as well as the discovery of how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning through its arm InsurTech is recategorizing protection business.

furthermore, the students are engaged in studying the characterizations of various InsurTech Organizations that will be taught and the growing size of AI markets, Real estate technology, etc.

At the end of the class, the students are expected to have been conversant with the fast-spreading advancements of Artificial Intelligence, Financial Technologies and how they affect speculations and money,

and also how new technologies in InsurTech are increasing the value of the Insurance market. This class can be found on Coursera

2. Socially Responsible Real Estate Development

This is also one of the 15 real estate classes online that is very much valuable and free, however, the certification unlike the class doesn’t come without a cost. The price for the verified certificate which also helps in your academic pursuits as it boosts your resume is $99.

In this class, the students are expected to learn and understand how to identify if a real estate development project is socially responsible. This entails being able to identify if a project can benefit society as well as investors, thereby ensuring that the developers have the environment and society at heart in their quest for development.

The class will last for about 1 month and a week, but afterwards, the students would have the necessary tools and knowledge on how to access development projects and ensure that they practice social responsibility.

In your quest for practising social responsibility, you can easily apply for the Strategic Impact Assessment and the Environmental Impact Assessment with other consultation practices.

This class is free but its certification costs $99. It is available on edX which offers accredited certificates after course completion and a 14-day refund policy.

3. Introduction to Negotiation: A Strategic Playbook for Becoming a Principled and Persuasive Negotiator

This is also one of the free classes on real estate online. It is targeted at assisting the students in being exceptional in haggling or negotiation. It is offered by yale university and is paramount in helping you understand how to make your case convincing to others.

Furthermore, it educates one on how to analyze and reveal the fundamental interests beneath clear contentions.

By the end of the class, the students are expected to be experienced and ready to work better with respect to being able to haggle and negotiate. However, you will be tasked with practicalities as students are expected to haggle with their fellow students, while the advanced level includes negotiations and haggling over emails. This class can be found on Coursera.

4. Managing and Building Adaptation

For the duration of 1 month and 2 weeks, this class is available to interested students for free. It is one of the 15 real estate classes online. The class deals with educating the students on how to contribute to a more sustainable environment through real estate and building.

It further helps the students to grow by introducing them to a better current management situation of reconstructing an existing building for future purposes instead of building from scratch.

Old constructions are given a facelift instead of sourcing out for new buildings and the various management tools used to achieve this are revealed to the students.

lastly, this course albeit fee has a certification that comes with a verified certification that will cost $50.

5. Sustainable Cities

This class is also very much free although it attracts a fee of $49 for a verified certification after the class is completed. It is however much at the pace of the student and seeks to teach them how the public(everyone) and the government can contribute in redefining the cities.

The duration is about 2 months and a week provided that the students learn for 4 to 6 hours every week.

6. Social Media 101

Social media is one of the most important marketing tools with regard to businesses and investments as of now. A piece of good knowledge on how to employ social media as a marketing tool, which involves studying social networking, growing social media presence and how to use social media to drive traffic.

This is strongly affiliated with digital marketing and also benefits the real estate niche, however, it is the digital marketing experts that will handle this class online.

7. A Quickstart Guide to Getting Clients with Cold Emails

This is also one of the important real estate classes online that is readily available and free. It teaches the students the craft of using emails to attract customers. These emails are referred to as cold emails as they target mostly strangers but are written to initiate a positive response from them.

The class seeks to educate you on how to write these emails as well as being able to write emails of the perfect length that communicates your message across. In addition, other important things are revealed that would help one attract real clients.

8. Introduction to personal branding

Also available to enthusiastic students at no cost, this class runs for just 6 hours on the Coursera platform.

This class teaches you how to be unique or exceptional in your niche which can easily be achieved through a process known as branding.

Here, you are expected to learn everything about brand creation, its maintenance and ownership. You will also be exposed to practical knowledge about the coursework which entails the benefits of personal branding, brand reputation and lots more.

A certification is only accorded in the paid version of this real estate class unlike the previously mentioned but it is only issued after completion.

9. How to Create Amazing Images Using Canva

Imagery is one of the most powerful tools of advertisement. It helps paint clearer pictures of certain wants to people. It is also very vital in real estate as it can be employed effectively in the listings that you are exhibiting.

This is because most times the eye is first fed before the mind and whatever pleases the mind often gets off the market.

And since enrolling in graphic design classes may not be feasible due to time factors or other constraints, this class can help teach you to use canvas to create graphics that can pass off as professional and promote them on your various social media handles.

10. Construction Finance

This class is aimed at teaching students about financial matters and cash calculation with respect to each development item identified for use. It is totally free and was generated by a Columbia University School employee and would last for 17 hours.

Certification comes at an extra charge however the class itself is at no cost.

The Real Estate Classes Online that are Paid Classes

They include:

  • Fundamentals of Analyzing Real Estate Investments
  • Multifamily Real Estate Investing Rules of Thumb
  • Brief intro to Commercial Real Estate
  • The Real Estate Development Modeling Masterclass
  • Real Estate Asset Manangement 101

11. Fundamentals of Analyzing Real Estate Investments

It is a real estate class online found in Udemy, which teaches you all you need to know about how to successfully evaluate numerous investment opportunities in real estate, using vital technical know-how.

This class at a meagre cost of $12 will educate you properly and actively elevate you from being an amateur realtor to a guru. The instructors are also very skilled and will make learning easy.

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12 Multifamily Real Estate Investing Rules of Thumb

Also, a vital but paid real estate class online, which educates you on the ideal principles of sealing real estate deals that will, in turn, empower you with an understanding of cash on cash returns in your grasp.

However, it is important to note that proper guidance is required from an expert on how to efficiently seal a deal.

13 Brief Intro to Commercial Real Estate

At the price of $14, this class gives you an overview and clear understanding of upcoming or emerging trends about commercial real estate and how they will invariably contribute to real estate development or growth.

The basics, introductory aspects of the course will be introduced before the students will be presented with a very much detailed coursework that empowers them.

14. The Real Estate Development Modeling MasterClass

An essential requirement for this class is Microsoft excel and a basic understanding of how to perform real estate calculations. It is available at the price of $18.99 and helps the students to be educated on how to bring together proficient, dynamic, institutional-quality land advancement models in the Microsoft Excel program.

This is a more practical class and would involve the use of an Excel exercise manual for practice.

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15. Real Estate Asset Management 101

As the name implies, it deals with the management of the assets which can either be performed as an asset management analyst or a land resource chief. The class aims at instructing you with the three important objectives of land resources and how they can be achieved.

You will be taught from scratch the various steps on how to deal with the procurement of lands as is the role of a resource director and how you can actually achieve the set goal of procurement.

You will also be enlightened with the most powerful 8 business land rent exchange focuses and how you can actively explore and implore all. You will also learn how effectively you can run resources analysis through the monetary investigation of the real estate company.

These analyses include, situation analysis, rent analysis, next buyer analysis and finally hold/sell analysis.

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with the information in this article, you now know that it is possible to learn real estate online. With the help of technology, you don’t really need to physically come to classes to learn real estate – you can do that in the comfort of your home with the courses listed in this article.

All you need to do is follow the official link which we have provided to get more information about your choice of courses and how you can apply.

We hope you found this article quite helpful, do not hesitate to drop comments.


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