Radboud Scholarship for International Students 2020

Radboud University is delighted to offer Radboud Scholarship Programme for International Students. A 30 masters programmes to international students of very high academic ability for 2020 entry. All non-EEA International students are eligible to apply for these endowments.

The basic aim of the university in offering Radboud Scholarship Programme for International Students is to assist international students who need financial assistance with scholarships, particularly for international students.

The Radboud Scholarship programme is selective and open to talented and gifted students who posses outstanding study results and very motivated to pursue a Bachelors degree program at the Radboud University.

Radboud Scholarship for International Students

About Radboud University

The Radboud Scholarship Programme for International Students is offered by Radboud University, a state-funded Roman Catholic university with a strong research focus in Nijmegen, Netherlands Netherlands. It was founded on October 17, 1923 and is located in the oldest city in the Netherlands. Britain has seven faculties and enrolls over 22,000 students. The university has many student associations that promote participation in extracurricular activities.

The Radboud University of Nijmegen was chosen from four main rankings among the 150 best universities in the world.

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Brief Radboud Scholarship Programme for International Students Description

The Radboud Scholarship Programme for International Students afford a selected number of International students who are talented and very prospective and who are non-EEA students the rare opportunity to receive a full scholarship to pursue an English-taught master’s degree program at the university.

Host Platform

Radboud University in The Netherlands

Eligible Study Level/Field

The 30 master’s Radboud Scholarships will be offered to the eligible English-taught Master’s Degree Programme that is offered by any of the Faculties at the University:


Historical, Literary and Cultural StudiesFaculty of Arts
Linguistics and Communication SciencesFaculty of Arts
International and European LawFaculty of Law
Biomedical SciencesFaculty of Medical Sciences
Molecular Mechanisms of DiseaseFaculty of Medical Sciences
PhilosophyFaculty of Philosophy, Theology & Religious Studies
Biology *Faculty of Science
Computing ScienceFaculty of Science
MathematicsFaculty of Science
Medical BiologyFaculty of Science
Molecular SciencesFaculty of Science
Physics & AstronomyFaculty of Science
Artificial IntelligenceFaculty of Social Sciences
Behavioural ScienceFaculty of Social Sciences
Cognitive NeuroscienceFaculty of Social Sciences
Social and Cultural ScienceFaculty of Social Sciences


See the complete list of supported programmes at the official website.

Eligible Group

  • Non-EU/EEA International Students
  • General Eligibility Requirements
  • You are eligible to obtain Radboud Scholarship only if you:
  • hold a non-EU/EEA passport
  • are not eligible to receive lower EEA tuition fee for other reasons
  • have a Bachelor’s degree obtained outside the Netherlands, and have no degrees obtained in the Netherlands and did not study previously in the Netherlands
  • have been admitted fully to the English-taught Masters degree programme at the University starting 1st September 2020 as expressed in the formal admission letter
  • are able to adhere to the conditions for getting a visa for the Netherlands
  • are admitted at Radboud University as a regular student for the current academic year including the program (Master’s degree) for which the scholarship award will be offered.

Radboud Scholarship Programme for International Students Benefits

The Radboud Scholarship Programme for International Students is used to reduce your tuition fees to € 2,143 and to pay the visa and insurance costs. For example: A scholarship holder in 2020/2021 only pays tuition fees of € 2,143 instead of € 11,471 or € 12,645. In addition, the Radboud scholarship also covers costs such as a visa, residence permit, health insurance and liability insurance for your stay in the Netherlands (Aon Student Insurance). The Radboud scholarship is not a full scholarship and does not include living expenses. On the university official website  you will find an indication of what international students can expect in their lives and should study in the Netherlands.

If you have been selected as a scholarship holder and are admitted to a two-year master’s program: To qualify for the second year scholarship again, you must have successfully completed and passed all courses in the first year.

Radboud Scholarship Programme for International Students Application Guidelines

The application for admission and the Radboud Scholarship Programme for International Students application are fully integrated, there is no separate application procedure for the scholarship. However, the selection for the RSP and the admission to the master’s degree are two separate processes. Admission to the program does not mean selection of the RSP.

You apply for a Radboud Scholarship for International Students by stating in your application for admission to the OSIRIS application system that you would like to apply for Radboud Scholarship Programme for International Students. You will then be asked to download three additional documents: two letters of reference and a resume.

You should have completed your application for admission through the online application for admission system OSIRIS before March 2020

The official website have been made available at the scholarship links section. It will help you access the online application and provide you with detailed information on how to apply for the scholarship.

Selection Criteria

The Radboud Scholarship for International Students recipient are selected from the qualified candidates according to the following criteria:

  1. Talent: This means that you have to achieve excellent academic results in your current field of study
  2. You must be a promising student in your chosen field of study at Radboud University in Netherlands
  3. Proven academic quality and good results from your previous studies, for example via grades, test results and publications
  4. Quality of the recommendations shown the two letters of reference.
  5. Motivation: according to your letter of motivation for the master’s program

The Radboud Scholarship cannot be combined with the Orange Tulip Scholarship or the Holland Scholarship. You can apply for two grants, but only one will be awarded.

Radboud Scholarship for International Students Application Closing Date

You should have completed your application in the OSIRIS online application system before March 1, 2020. Please note that an application that is incomplete for the RER will not be considered. An application that is incomplete means that information or documents are missing or illegible. Therefore, review your application and submit it by March 1st so that the admissions office has enough time to review your application and notify you if it is incomplete. It is recommended that you show your English proficiency evidence before March 1st.

The faculty selects the beneficiaries of the Radboud Scholarship for International Students. The International Office will inform you of the final decision regarding your Radboud scholarship application before mid-April 2020. (Subject to change)

Scholarship Link

Official Scholarship Website: http://www.ru.nl/english/education/master’s-programmes/financial-matters/scholarships-grants/read_more/rsprogramme/

Other Scholarships offered at the Radboud University

There are other prestigious scholarships offered at the Radboud University. below is a brief list of the some other good scholarships offered Radboud University:

The Orange Tulip Scholarship Programme

The Orange Tulip Scholarship Program offers excellent students from Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Russia Korea, Mexico, and Vietnam the opportunity to receive a scholarship. Instead of institutional tuition fees, students outside the EEA pay lower fees. In addition, the costs for visas and residence permits, liability insurance and health insurance are covered.

Holland Scholarship Programme

The Holland Scholarship (HS) offers excellent students the opportunity to study at Radboud University. The HS is open to students of the following nationalities: Taiwanese and Turks, Canadians, Americans (USA only), Colombians. Most of the master’s courses taught in English are eligible for HS, including Radboud Scholarship for International Students

Fulbright-Radboud Scholarships

For American students

The Fulbright Center, sponsored by Radboud University, offers talented American students scholarships to study at Radboud University. It like the Radboud Scholarship Programme for International Students, but only opened for international student from the US.

StuNed scholarship programme

For Indonesian students

StuNed is a scholarship program for excellent graduates and young professionals. It is available for master’s programs that relate to your focus areas.

Radboud University Medical Center Study Fund

For Molecular Mechanisms of Disease programmes and Biomedical Sciences.
A full scholarship for all excellent students who are applying for the Master’s programmes in the Biomedical Sciences or in the Molecular Mechanisms of Disease.

Radboud Faculty of Arts Study Fund

The study fund of the Radboud Faculty of Arts is a supplementary scholarship in addition to the Radboud Scholarship Program (RSP) or the Orange Tulip Scholarship (OTS) for outstanding students who apply to the faculty for a master (research) art.

Faculty Scholarships for the MA in Theology (60EC & 180EC)

The Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies offers excellent foreign students scholarships for one- and three-year masters in theology. It is one of the Radboud Scholarship Programme for International Students

Faculty Scholarship for the Research Master’s in Philosophy

The faculty offers scholarships for excellent foreign students who want to start their master’s degree in philosophical research. Each scholarship amounts to € 10,000 for the first year of the Research Master program and can be extended to the penultimate year if the study results are good.

Google Europe Scholarship for Students with Disabilities – Master’s programme in Computing Science

Google is committed to helping future innovators get the most out of their talents by awarding grants to IT students with disabilities. This one of the Radboud Scholarship for International Students

NN Future Matters Scholarship

The NN Future Matters grant is funded by NN and administered by EP-Nuffic. At the University of Radboud, this scholarship applies to students from selected countries who are admitted to a master’s degree in economics or data science.

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