List of Top-Rated Universities in Korea for International Students

Korea is a good place for international students to study due to the abundance of Korean universities, schools and colleges of best repute.

Clicking on this article suggests that you want to in Korea but do not have a clue which university is the best. 

If that is correct, then you have an all-inclusive guide to help you make the best choice. 

Aside from the list of best schools, colleges and institutions of higher learning in Korea, we have also included why most international students seek to study in this East Asian country.

Also, we bring you the average cost of tuition for international students based on each of these Korean universities and colleges.

Once you’ve made a choice of institution based on our list, you can access the school’s website through a link beneath its description.

It’s that easy!!!

Without further ado, welcome to this educational rollercoaster ride!!!

best Universities in Korea for International Students

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What You Need to Know About Korea?

Have you heard of Samsung and Hyundai?

I bet you have no clue that they are Korean high-tech industries. 

Located in East Asia is a country famous for its high-tech cities and sub-tropical islands: Korea.

Besides its heritage in culture, Korea is a tech giant country and home to many tech innovations.

In addition to that, Korea is also a leading force in medical technology and medical tourism. 

This prowess makes it a great attraction for many international students, especially tech enthusiasts.

In a bid to welcome international students, Korea set up many universities that have today become some of the best colleges and schools in the world.

Is Korea Good For International Students to Study In?

First, you need to know that Korea is one of the most popular study destinations in Asia and the world at large.

Most Korean universities and colleges rank consistently in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

In 2021, seven Korean institutions made it to the top 200.

So, international students can count on getting the best education from world-class universities and colleges in Korea.

Also, Korean universities made it possible for students to study language programs, study-abroad semesters, or full degree programs. 

And yes, some courses are increasingly taught in English.

What’s the Tuition Cost for International Students in Korean Universities?

Unlike USA and UK universities, tuition fees are the same for international and domestic students in Korea.

Majorly, tuition costs about 4000 – 20,000 USD for all students.

However, the exact amount will depend on your course of study, school, program and other factors.

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10 Best Universities in Korea for International Students

Having known that Korea has good plans for you academically, you have to make that more possible by enrolling on any of the best schools for international students.

Here is a list we compiled from research;

Best Schools in Korea for International Students

#1. Seoul National University (SNU)

  • Number of International Students: 5,592
  • Tuition Cost: Undergraduate $5,330, Graduate $6,000

Seoul National University is one of the research universities in Korea that has been setting the standard of academics in the country since 1946. 

Via its 16 colleges, SNU offers over 700 courses across various disciplines such as humanities, medicine and engineering.

SNU is ideal for international students because all its courses are taught in English. 

Also, her professional graduate schools provide practical skills in data science and public administration. 

#2. Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

  • Number of International Students: 1,027
  • Tuition Cost: Not Specified

If you seek a Korean university at the cutting-edge of innovations, entrepreneurship, and science & technology, then the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology is what you seek.

Since its establishment in 1971, this public research institution is best known for science and engineering. 

KAIST offers her courses via its 5 colleges, 7 schools, and 13 graduate schools with the vision of creating global value. 

KAIST is one of the best colleges for international students because nearly 80% of its courses are taught in English.

#3. Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU)

  • Number of International Students: 3,839
  • Tuition Cost: Not Specified

If you’re looking to study in a private university in Korea then Sungkyunkwan University is a good consideration.

However, this school is best known for courses related to business and technology. 

It might interest you to know that SKKU research units are sponsored by Hyundai, Samsung, and many other government agencies.

Many students love SKKU because this school allows students to learn through 3D printers, laser cutters, etc., in the SKKU Learning Factory. 

#4. Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH)

  • Number of International Students: 88
  • Tuition Cost: Not Specified

Although Pohang University of Science and Technology welcomes international students, they only have a handful of them.

What this means is that you have a high chance of getting admission into the university.

POSTECH is a private research university that consistently ranks in world university rankings, especially in science and technology. 

Through its 11 Sci-Tech departments and 73 research centres, the institution trains specialist engineers using state-of-the-art facilities.

As one of the best universities in Korea for international students, POSTECH admits international students but majorly at master’s and doctorate levels. 

#5. Korea University (KU)

  • Number of International Students: 4,316
  • Tuition Cost: Undergraduate -, Graduate $7,280

Korea University is one of the oldest universities in Korea. 

And since its inception, it has had a track record of offering high-quality education in almost all study areas.

Through its 81 academic departments, KU offers courses in law education, medicine, business, social and natural sciences, management and engineering & technology. 

Besides good academia, KU instils humanitarian principles in all of its academic work.

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#6. Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST)

  • Number of International Students: 291
  • Tuition Cost: Not Specified

Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology is a young Korean university that has made its way into one of the best universities in Korea for international students.

In just a short time, UNIST has built an international reputation in many disciplines. 

Through its 13 departments and 4 specialized graduate schools, UNIST has fashioned academics from a new perspective in Korea.

As a research institution, its focus is on advanced materials and next-generation energy.

#7. Yonsei University

  • Number of International Students: 4,108
  • Tuition Cost: Undergraduate $5,890, Graduate $7,630

Yonsei University is one of the SKY university members with incredibly competitive admission rates.

Whether you’re interested in comprehensive graduate and undergraduate programs, Yonsei offers almost all the disciplines. 

Via its 153 research centres, Yonsei conducts interdisciplinary research relevant to current global issues such as climate change and inequality. 

#8. Kyung Hee University (KHU)

  • Number of International Students: 4,183
  • Tuition Cost: Not Specified

Kyung Hee University is one of the best universities in Korea for Korean citizens and international students.

Peculiar to this college is a kindergarten to graduate studies academic program.

Almost all KHU Colleges are leading institutions in their fields such as medicine, physical education, sports, coaching, and Taekwondo. 

International students love Kyung Hee University because of its extensive global collaborations. 

#9. Sejong University (SJU)

  • Number of International Students: 1,700
  • Tuition Cost: Not Specified

Sejong University is a private university highly recognized in hospitality and tourism management.

If you are interested in animation, dancing, and rhythmic gymnastics, SJU is the Korean university for you.

Through its 9 colleges, SJU offers varied disciplines such as liberal arts, electronics, & information engineering, and life sciences.

The research unit of SJU focuses on green energy, climate change science, and astrophysics. 

#10. Hanyang University (HYU)

  • Number of International Students: 2,749
  • Tuition Cost: Not Specified

Last on our list of best colleges and schools for higher education in Korea for international students is Hanyang University.

HYU is best known for STEM courses for both graduate and undergraduate programs in diverse study fields. 

In many university evaluations, its engineering programs rank the highest in Korea.

What makes this college the best is its over 700 global university partners.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Universities in Korea for International Students

Do Korean Universities offer Scholarships?

Yes, they do.

In fact, many universities, individuals and government institutions regularly provide research funds and scholarships to international students.

There are a handful of options for you, all you have to do is source it out. 

What’s the Average Cost of Living in Korea?

Depending on the city you live in, the cost of living can differ.

Basically, the living cost in Korea is relatively lower than in other developed countries.

You get inexpensive internet and mobile services, cheap accommodation, and vibrant culture. 

Can International Students Work in Korea While Studying?

As an international student having a D-2 visa (full study term) or a D-4 visa (6-months) visa, you can work part-time jobs.

However, you must receive permission from your institution before you can do so. 

To apply for part-time jobs, you can get a permit from the immigration office in their area.

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How Long Can an International Student Work in Korea?

Students running an associate or a bachelor’s program can work 10 – 20 hours a week.

Whereas master’s and doctoral students can work up to 30 hours a week. 

However, during weekends and breaks, students do not have a working hour limit

Can International Students Stay in Korea After Graduation?

Yes, you can.

But first, you have to change your visa to a D-10 or job-seeking visa after completing your program.

Also, you can get this visa if you’re participating in paid internships, activities related to intellectual property, and preparation for a start-up. 

However, know that a D-10 Visa lasts for just six months. 

If you’re lucky to get a job with the D-10 visa, you have to upgrade to an E-7 or Specific-Job Visa which is valid for two years.

How Many Foreign Students Are Enrolled in Korean universities?

Over 160,000 international students are studying in Korea.


Now you have a comprehensive list of the best universities in Korea for international students.

It’s ideal you look through the school’s website and identify if the college fits your taste.

Good luck!!!



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