List of Good Persuasive Speech Topics

Have trouble finding compelling good persuasive speech topics? We know that coming up with an interesting topic can be difficult!

We’ve put a lot of effort into creating a list of Good persuasive speech topics for anyone interested in speaking publicly including students and teachers. They are organized into categories to make it easier for you to find the one you are really interested in.

Furthermore, we have also provided some tips on crafting your persuasive speech, as well as other tips that will help you deliver a powerful speech.

Good Persuasive Speech Topics

What is a good persuasive speech topic?

Before you can determine if a topic is a good persuasive speech topic, there are some questions you need to ask, and we have discussed them below to give you a holistic view of what you need to know.

Do you have an interest in the persuasive speech topic?

A big part of writing or giving a persuasive speech is doing thorough research on your chosen topic.

So the first question you should ask yourself when considering persuasive speech topics is, “Do I want to dive into this topic?” If you can’t answer the question with a resounding “Yes!” You may want to continue searching for the topic. You don’t want to spend hours researching topics you don’t like.

It’s also easy for the audience to get bored or disinterested in a convincing performance, which of course you don’t want.

On the other hand, if you’re explaining a topic you’re passionate about, your audience will be drawn to your enthusiasm, resulting in a more compelling and persuasive speech.

Here’s another tip. Some will advise you to choose a compelling presentation topic that you are already an expert in, and that is certainly one way.

While we’re not telling you that becoming an expert should be your main deciding factor, this approach does have its advantages—you’re already familiar with the jargon and basics of the subject.

This will help you speed up the research process considerably. However, if you have the time and are eager to tackle a completely unknown subject that fascinates you so much, we recommend doing it!

Is your audience interested in the persuasive speech topic?

So you’ve ended up getting some persuasive speech topics that interest you. But what about your audience? Are they interested in your chosen topic? Even if you argue your point passionately, will your topic bore them?

The best way to provide the best answer to this question is to understand your audience well. Research them and find out what will be of interest to them. What do they care about? What topics are related to their lives or communities? What topics would they be more emotionally involved with?

When you find interesting topics of conversation that interest you and your audience, you are set up for success.

Has the topic of the persuasive speech been brought up too many times?

This is the last question you should ask yourself before discussing a persuasive topic. Even if your audience is interested in a topic, they will quickly get bored if they had listened to or read ten speeches that look like the one you are presenting.

If your audience can predict every argument before you make it, you’re not persuasive.

Instead, look for interesting topics that are unique and new – your audience hasn’t heard them hundreds of times before.

Topics for a Good Persuasive Speech

  • Ethics
  • Sport
  • Science and Technology
  • Health
  • Social Media
  • Religion
  • Government and Politics
  • Education
  • Self Help
  • National Security


  • Should prostitution be legalized?
  • Should drivers with more than one DUI conviction have their license suspended?
  • Should people be required to clear snow from the sidewalk in front of their house?
  • Should minors have the right to drink alcohol at home with their parents’ permission?
  • Should guns be allowed on college campuses?
  • Is flag burning as a protest illegal?
  • Should a welfare recipient have to pass a drug test?
  • Should white supremacist groups be allowed to gather in public spaces?
  • Should assault weapons be illegal?
  • Should the death penalty be abolished?
  • Should children’s beauty contests be banned?
  • Can same-sex couples be denied benefits based on religious beliefs?
  • Should transgender people be allowed to join the military?
  • Is it better to live together before marriage or wait?
  • Should affirmative action be allowed?
  • Should prisoners vote?
  • Should Columbus Day be replaced by Indigenous Peoples Day?


  • Should college athletes be paid as for being on a sports team?
  • Should all athletes undergo regular drug tests?
  • Should professional female athletes be paid the same salary as male athletes in the same sport?
  • Are there situations in which athletes should be allowed to use steroids?
  • Should college sports teams receive less funding?
  • Should boxing be illegal?
  • Does the school have an obligation to teach swimming to all students?
  • Should cheerleading be considered a sport?
  • Should parents let their kids play tackle soccer?

Science and Technology

  • Should animal testing be banned?
  • Should organ donation be optional or mandatory for everyone?
  • Is artificial intelligence a threat?
  • Should parents be allowed to scientifically change their children’s genes?
  • What are the best options for renewable energy?
  • Should the military be allowed to use drones in combat?
  • Are self-driving cars illegal?
  • Do the benefits of the Internet outweigh the loss of privacy?
  • Should companies sell their consumer data illegally?
  • Should governments regulate the Internet more tightly?
  • How much screen time is too much?
  • Should everyone have free internet access?
  • Should we build a colony on the moon?


  • Can minors buy contraceptives without parental permission?
  • Is it illegal to hide or lie about your HIV status to someone you sleep with?
  • Should the government tax soft drinks and other sugar-sweetened beverages and use the proceeds for public health?
  • Should high schools offer free condoms to students?
  • Should the United States move to single-payer health care?
  • Should healthy people donate blood regularly?
  • Should euthanasia be legal?

Social Media

  • At what age can children use social media?
  • Should schools be responsible for teaching safe social media?
  • When should children be allowed to use cell phones?
  • How should cyberbullying be punished?
  • Does online dating have the same advantages as face-to-face dating?
  • Are social media influencers good or bad for society?
  • Does the popularity of selfies increase self-confidence or self-centeredness?
  • Is the cancel culture positive or negative?
  • What is the most reliable and unbiased source of news and information?


  • Should religious organizations be required to pay taxes?
  • Should priests be allowed to marry?
  • Should the religious slaughter of animals be banned?
  • Should the Church of Scientology be an exception in tax-paying?
  • Should women be allowed to serve as priests?
  • Should countries only accept refugees with certain religious beliefs?
  • Should schools allow public prayer?

Government and Politics

  • Should the government invest more in developing high-speed railways and less in building new roads?
  • Should governments be allowed to censor inappropriate content on the Internet?
  • Should Puerto Rico become the 51st state?
  • Should Scotland declare independence from the United Kingdom?
  • Whose face will appear on the next US currency?
  • Should those convicted of drug possession be sent to a rehabilitation program instead of prison?
  • Should voting be compulsory?
  • Who is the best US president?
  • Should military budgets be cut?
  • Should the president serve more than two terms?
  • Should a fence be built on the US-Mexico border?
  • Should countries pay ransoms to terrorist groups to release hostages?
  • Should states be able to secede from the United States?
  • Should Puerto Rico join the United States as a state?
  • How long must a judge serve on the Supreme Court?
  • Should the United States open its borders?
  • Should the United States intervene when other leaders violate the human rights of their own people?
  • Is the United States dependent on manufactured goods and imports from other countries?
  • Should the government focus on increasing revenue or cutting spending?

Education Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Should mental health and well-being be added to the school curriculum?
  • At what age or grade should school offer sex education?
  • How can sex education be made more effective?
  • Should school funding depend on regional taxes or should all schools receive equal public funding?
  • What are the advantages of a year-round school?
  • Do charter schools harm or help low-income groups?
  • Is home school good or bad for children?
  • Should autistic students be included in the regular curriculum?
  • What are the conditions for banning books in schools?
  • Should high school math classes be replaced with more practical finance and taxation learning courses?
  • Are grades an accurate reflection of learning?
  • Should we switch to the metric system?
  • What is the most important book that every high school student in America should read?
  • What are the advantages of teaching art and music in high school?
  • Should high school self-study offer a wider range of options?
  • How does free preschool benefit all families?

Self-Help Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Art can relieve stress and reduce depression.
  • Anyone can be successful with hard work and determination.
  • Why we must live spontaneously.
  • Improve your time management.
  • Awkward moments make you stronger.
  • Be honest with yourself.
  • Dress for success.
  • How to continue your personal growth.
  • The importance of self-confidence.
  • If you don’t give up, you can succeed.
  • Talking to yourself can be helpful.

National Security Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Do people who fly have to go through strict security checks?
  • Negotiations with terrorists are sometimes justified.
  • Do police officers have to carry guns?
  • Women benefit the military in many ways.
  • Should the police carry toy guns?

Crafting Your Persuasive Speech

Taking advantage of the good persuasive speech topics in this article is just one part of your duties in delivering a good speech as there are other things you need to do aside from choosing the best topic.

The tips below will help you create a great speech that engages and impresses your audience.

Do your research

There is nothing worse in a persuasive speech than receiving a question from your audience that shows you misunderstood the question or missed an important part. It makes your whole speech weak and unconvincing.

Before you start writing a single word of your speech, make sure you research all aspects of the topic.

Check out different sources and perspectives to make sure you get the full picture, and if you know experts on the subject, be sure to ask for their advice.

Consider all angles

Most times, good persuasive speech topics are not black and white, meaning that there will be multiple angles and perspectives on the topic.

By considering all aspects and questions pertaining to your speech and incorporating them into your speech, you will appear well-informed on the topic and improve the quality of your speech by addressing the different nuances of the issue.

Know your audience

When giving a speech, it’s important to consider your audience, especially in a persuasive speech where you’re trying to convince people of a certain point.

When writing your speech, consider what your audience may already know about the topic, what they may need you to explain, and what aspects of the topic interest them most.


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