30 Free Online Security Courses with Certificates 2023

Are you a security guard or officer looking for online certificates from a free course or courses or training with certification?

Do you want to know.the best cyber security courses on the internet you can take for free?

Are you interested in adding to your knowledge on security but don’t know where to start from?

Do you seek information on the courses you can take online that will add to your security job portfolio?

In this guide, we have made a list of free physical security guard courses and cyber security training that you can take online.

Some of these courses are totally free whereas others require you to pay a little token to get their certificate. 

With this certificate of completion, you are qualified to apply your knowledge in the security industry. Basically, it validates your training and makes your knowledge trustworthy.

Interestingly, most of these courses are offered by high profile schools in the world via learning sites such as Udemy, Edx and Coursera.

If this is what you intend to find, Sit tight and get informed!!!

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What are Security Courses?

When we consider security courses, we refer to those kinds of programs and courses that aim at educating students on how to keep items and places safe from unwanted intrusion.

By virtue of its design, it covers subject areas such as electronic security systems, locksmithing, fabrication, and how to deal with client relationships.

Furthermore, it includes course programs such as crime management, cybersecurity, and physical security guard courses. Also, some of these courses may help learn how to transact securely online.

Currently, there are much free security officer training online courses with certificates of completion. 

This has made it easier for these courses to be within reach. You will find a list of them below!!!

Free Online Security Courses with Certificates

Who is Eligible to Take Security Course Programs?

Basically, security courses are for security officers and guards who want to enhance their knowledge on the job. 

However, anyone who wants to heighten their security knowledge can as well take these courses for safety purposes.

Where Can I Work with My Free Security Certification?

Security officers with a free or paid certification have a place in the industry. If you have successfully completed even as much as a free security officer training online, you can work as;

  • A locksmith
  • A Security Analyst.
  • Cyber security technician.
  • Security system technician.
  • A Security consultant or specialist.
  • Advanced security system developer.
  • Security guards for governments and it’s officials, financial institutions, laboratories, automotive manufacturers, private individuals etc

Do I Have to Be a University Graduate to Earn a Security Certification?

Absolutely, not. 

You do not have to be within the four walls of the University to be a certified security guard. 

Of course, there is a place for studying in an accredited and approved institution, it is not the only available option.

Are there Free Online Courses For Security Guards With Certificates?

Yes, there are free security guard courses with certificates that you can take online. 

With the technological advancements in our age, you can have all kinds of courses at your fingertips if you know the right strings to pull.

Below you will find a list of courses you can take and get a security certification for free!!!

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30 Free Online Security Courses with Certificates.

If you want to take an online security course, the list below is detailed enough for you to choose one. 

And if you intend to get a certification of completion, there are some of the free online security courses that offer certificates.

To help you streamline your search, we have categorized these courses according to the security need;

Free Online Security Intelligence Courses.

#1. Cyber Threat Online Security Intelligence Course.

  • Offered by: IBM via Coursera.
  • Duration: 29 hours or 5 weeks stretch.

This course lays the foundation for cybersecurity skills that are needed to point out the major concepts and ideas around threat intelligence.

Furthermore, the students learn to use different data prevention tools, how to classify data in a database environment, and so on.

#2. Online Security Intelligence Course on Cyber Security Threat.

  • Offered by: CyberTraining365 via Udemy.
  • Duration: Not Specified.

This cyber security online course is a high-level cyber security threat course that exposes students to the 7 threat intelligence phases for free.

This includes; Hunting, features of extraction, behavior extraction, clustering and correlation, threat actor attribution, tracking, and taking down.

5 Free Online Security Guard Courses with Certificates.

This section has some free courses while others come at a cheap cost of about 10–50 Euros to get the certificate of completion. 

#3. Security Guard–Essential Skills.

  • Cost: 50 Euros

This is an online free security officer training that equips students with practical skills and techniques to keep people, buildings, and properties safe.

#4. Security Guard–Course.

  • Cost: 10 Euros.
  • Duration: 200 hours.

This course is only open to security officers, professional guards, and beginners in the field.

Here you learn how to raise your confidence and skills to handle emergencies and security issues swiftly.

Here’s another course in our list of free online security courses with certificates. This course is focused on knowledge about explosive devices.

If you want to fight terrorism, this is the ideal course for you.

#6. Fire Extinguisher Professional Security Guard Course.

  • Duration: 1 hour.

You get a certificate of completion once you complete these free online security courses. 

Ideally, this course is one of the most professional security courses you can take online because it is accredited and approved by RoSPA and certified by CPD.

#7. Online Security Guard Course on Working within the Private Security Industry.

  • Duration: 2 hours.

You will learn fundamental skills of customer care, HSE, emergency processes, detecting crimes, monitoring safety skills, etc.

Just like the name suggests, you stand to get security Jobs in private security industries once you have a certificate.

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4 Free Online Physical Security Guards Courses with Certificates.

If you’re not into cyber security and intelligence, then the courses in this section are for you. 

Also, this course is for security officers who want to work with government or financial institutions and personal guards.

Using the certificate you get from these security online courses, you can apply to security agencies who need your skill and services.

#8. Advanced Physical Security and Risk Assessment.

  • Certified By: Henley-Putnam School of Strategic Security, National American University.

This is one of the most popular free online security guard training courses you can take as a professional or an intending security officer.

This course exposes you to the elements of threat assessment as well as other critical issues, such as stalking and workplace violence.

#9. Physical Security Specialist Online Course.

  • Offered by: International Security Training agency.

Become a physical security specialist by learning all about physical security countermeasures, duress alarms, key control systems, intrusion detection systems, etc

#10. End User Physical Security Online Course.

  • Certified by: Cybrary.

This is one of the online courses for security personnels that comes with a certificate of completion.

Major course focuses are access control policies, internal security, surveillance and various physical security methods.

#11. IQ Level 5 Certificate in Physical Security.

  • Offered by: International Secure Minds Training Academy (iSMTA).

Here, you learn the modern security measures, upgrade your skills and become more recognized in the industry.

10 Free Online Security Courses with Certificate of Completion in India.

Although these are free online security courses with certificates in India, both Indians and other nationals can take these courses.

#12. Fundamentals of Internet Security | Secure Your Environment.

  • Offered by: Udemy

Here learners are taught skills on how to secure their online business , websites, social media pages, and other sites from cyber attacks and hacks.

#13. FinTech Security and Regulation.

  • Offered by: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology via Coursera.
  • Duration: 14 hours.

At the end of this course, students learn how to handle issues that arise from protecting cryptocurrencies and other ICO products.

The course language instruction is English or Chinese.

#14. Introduction to Cyber Security.

  • Offered by: Open University via the FutureLearn online.
  • Duration: 8 weeks

This is another course in our list of best free online security courses with certificates.

This course allows for learning how to foster internet safety and protection, cyber security skills, network security, cryptography, and risk management.

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#15. Enterprise and Infrastructure Security.

  • Offered by: Tandon School of Engineering, NYU via Coursera.
  • Duration: 4 weeks.

Here’s one of the highly advanced free security officer training courses you can get online but it’s not totally free.

You get to learn advanced and current topics on cyber security which on completion get you a certificate.

#16. Cyber Security Threat Intelligence Researcher.

  • Available on: Udemy.

This is one of the free courses on security guard training online that will make you a better officer.

You will be fashioned to take down  cyber attackers. However, certificates come with a token.

#17. Certified Security Analyst Training.

You can become a certified security analyst by taking this free online security officer training. Basically, you will learn how to rescue businesses when breached.

#18. Cyber Security Advanced Persistent Threat Defender.

This course teaches you how to intelligently detect and bring down advanced cyber threats.

#19. Industrial IoT Markets and Security.

  • Offered by: University of Colorado Boulder via Coursera.
  • Duration: 21 weeks

If you’re interested in the Internet of Things, this course will fashion you to be employable in the IoT space.

#20. Linux Server Management and Security.

  • Offered by: University of Colorado Boulder.
  • Duration: 5 weeks

Basically, you will learn how Linux works from an enterprise view.

#21. Internet Defense Against the Digital Dark Arts.

  • Offered by: Google, via Coursera.
  • Duration: 5 weeks

Who could have thought that the digital space will one day have dark arts, magic and vampires? 

Well, not literally!

This course will teach you how to defend any site from cybercrimes, hacking, and other forms of cyberattacks.

The major language instruction is English, Arabic, Spanish, and Portuguese.

#22. The Beginners 2020 Cyber security Awareness Training Course.

Here you will learn the different social engineering techniques used by hackers to hack individual security and devices. 

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#23. Introduction To Cyber security.

This is one of the free online security guard courses that come with certificates that teaches the various minor but pivotal and important components of cyber security.

#24. IT Fundamentals For Cyber Security Specialization.

Earn a free security certification by taking this IT course where you will be taught how to identify malicious software.

Also, this course covers key cyber security concepts such as the CIA Triad, access management, incident response, and common cyber security best practices.

Also, you get to learn how to use cyber security tools such as firewall, anti-virus, cryptography, penetration testing, and digital forensics.

#25. Introduction To Cyber security Specialization.

With this free online security course with a certificate of completion, you can become a pro in cybersecurity.

This gives you vast knowledge and training on the identification and authentication processes in cyber security.

#26. Introduction To Cyber Security Tools & Cyber Attacks.

Basically, this course focuses on the exact tools you will need to attack the malware, the history of cyber security, types, and motives of cyber-attacks.

#27. Introduction to Cyber security for Business.

  • Offered by: University of Colorado via edX.

This is one of the free online security guard courses that come with certificates.

Students will understand cyber security from a practical and novice point of view while learning the confidentiality, risk assessment, tools and protocols that can keep your business safe.

#28. 100W Cyber security Practices for Industrial Control Systems.

  • Offered by: US Department of Homeland Security.

If you’re interested in free security guard courses, this course comes with certification.

Basically, you will learn topics such as standard cyber security practices in ICS.

#29. Computer Systems Security.

  • Offered by: Massachusetts Institute of Technology..

Here’s one of the free online courses with a certificate of completion where students learn the design and implementation of secure systems.

#30. Building a Cyber security Toolkit.

  • Offered by: University of Washington via edX.

Earn a certification online for free by taking this free security course where you will learn the tips and tricks of successful cyber security experts.

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Are there Online Security Trainings for Beginners?

Yes, beginners who want to learn foundational principles of security can take advantage of these free online courses;

  • SANS cyber aces online
  • Essentials of cybersecurity from edX
  • Cybersecurity for beginners by Heimdal
  • Introduction to cybersecurity by Coursera
  • Cybrary introduction to IT and cybersecurity
  • Risk management in the information age by Harvard cybersecurity.

Are Free Online Security Courses with Certificates Recognised Internationally?

Yes, all free security guard or officer courses with certificates are valid and recognised internationally.


Whether you’re a security guard, officer, or physical security specialist or a beginner who wants to earn a certificate online for free, this piece brings these courses to your fingertips.

When you have a free security certification, it adds to your career and makes you highly sought after.

Beyond that, it makes you a valuable addition to any company you find yourself in.

If you found any of these courses interesting, leave a message in the comment section!!!


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