Finish Line Student Discount | Up to $15 off

If you are a student and you are eager to know more about Finish Line, Finish Line student discount, Finish Line coupons and promo codes, and lots of other special deals the company has to offer.

Kindly read through this article to the very end to best understand how the above-mentioned offers function. We also added other interesting and helpful tips to aid you to navigate and procuring special deals, sales, or coupon codes.

It is usually understandable why enterprises choose to dispense more discount offers to students, as coping with tuition fees and making purchases of essential items can stretch students’ budgets thin.

Putting on a trendy outfit or your favourite Nike shoes should not be that difficult, hence the Finish Line student discount is still in existence.

Save $15 when you purchase items worth $100 or more. Take advantage of this special offer from Finish Line and give your wardrobe a new fashionable look with apparel, footwear, or accessories that complements your charisma.

Finish Line Student Discount

About Finish Line

Finish Line Inc is an American retail chain that sells classic footwear for men, women, and children. The company also produces a variety of athletic shoes, clothing, and accessories.

Established back in 1976, Finish Line presently operates 660 stores mainly in shopping malls across 47 states in the U.S and Puerto Rico. The iconic brand has expanded since inception in 1976 to generate a revenue of $1.44 billion and has over 10,000 employees.

The finest clothing, sleek footwear and accessories are all available via Finish Line online or in-store.

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How to Get Finish Line Student Discount

Finish Line has an ongoing exciting discount offer for students, where students can save up to $15 on purchases.

Are you looking for a casual sneaker, to complement your outfit? Finish Line got you covered on all kinds of footwear. There are sleek sneakers for the gym-goers, crocs to embrace the summer holidays, or perhaps taking a nice walk on the beach.

The list continues on endless footwear you can get at Finish Lines with $15 off your purchases of $100 or more. But how easy is it to get the Finish Line student discount offer?

 The basic requirement for any student to be eligible for this special discount offer is verification through a third-party website.

To get the Finish Line student discount and enjoy the benefits that come with it, you are required to sign up and verify your student status through Student Bean or UNiDAYS provided you have an official university email address. If the verification is successful, you automatically gain access to the discount offer.

The newly admitted students can also sign up and verify with Student Bean or UNiDAYS to partake in this special discount offer. 

More strategies to save at Finish Line

Apart from the Finish Line student discount, there are other strategies students can apply and save up money at Finish Line. These strategies might be as easy as following the brand on social media or purchasing items via other online websites.

Below are strategies to save at Finish line.

  • Follow the Finish Line on all its social media pages, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. More often Finish Line discloses special offers and deals to its followers on social media.
  • Visit Amazon to purchase Finish Line items. Finish Line items are sold on Amazon at discounted prices and Amazon Prime members get free shipping.
  • Search for used Finish Line items on eBay if getting used Finish Line items elsewhere proves abortive.
  • Click here to head to the clearance page at Finish Line and search for items up to 50% off
  • Win points on every purchase made when you become a member. As you earn more points, you also receive more rewards.
  • Sing up for the Finish Line Newsletter to stay updated and receive direct mails into your inbox on special deals, offers and coupons.

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Saving more at Finish Line

We have necessarily given out how you can get the Finish Line student discount and strategies to save. But, what if there is more than the above-mentioned.

Here are other interesting tips to you can add to saving at Finish Line.

  • Loyalty Program Birthday: The Finish Line loyalty program is open for anyone to join and a 20% discount.
  • Winner Circle Rewards: A $20 reward awaits anyone that joins the Finish Line winners circle when they accumulate up to 200 points in 12 months period. You can as well add a Finish Line coupon code together with a reward provided the chosen item is not limited by T&C appropriate for the coupon.
  • Free shipping: You can make an order above $30 and get free shipping.
  • Return: If a purchase is made and a customer dislikes the item, they can return it as Finish Line has a return policy that accepts returns of purchases made within 45 days.

Finish Line Military Discount

Despite providing a discount for students, Finish Line has also decided to appreciate the effort and services of the military.

By acknowledging the services of active-duty, retired, and veterans, Finish Line is currently offering $10 off on selected items worth over $100. If you are active-duty military personnel, retired, or a veteran, you are eligible for the Finish Line military discount once you provide a valid military employee ID badge.

To benefit from this special offer, you can visit the official website to shop online at Finish Line.

However, you can decide to get your military discount in stores when you locate and pick up items from any Finish Line store in your locality.

Finish Line Black Friday

The Finish Line Black Friday sales thrills customers with their favourite footwear brands. Exquisite brands like Nike, Reebok, Champion, and Jordan products will be drastically reduced in prices during the Black Friday sale.

You can utilize the Black Friday sale at Finish Line and purchase your favourite brand of footwear before the offer ends. Finish Line in-store savings kick starts late on Thanksgiving Day and online deals start early in the morning.

It is of great importance and highly recommended to grab as many items as you can before they are swiftly taken by someone else. Stay updated for the 30% off smartwatches, and 50% off on clothing.

Recent Available Coupons and Promo Codes at Finish Line

Coupons and promo codes are always available to present a delightful experience to customers when shopping.

Currently, there are 30 active Finish Line coupons and promo codes available for selection.

Below is the list of offers you can get with Finish Line coupon codes.

  • An Extra $15 off when you spend above $150
  • Get $10 off your order above $100
  • Additional Finish Line coupons for up to $15
  • Get 10 to 40% off on selected Puma shoes, clothing & accessories
  • Get free shipping on full-priced orders above $30
  • Jordans start at $40 (more than 20% off)
  • Get free shipping on 1000s of styles
  • Get 10 to 50% off Nike Air Max shoes from $40
  • Get 40% off on Adidas shoes, clothing, and accessories
  • Get up to 40% off on sneakers 
  • Receive 30 to 50% off on clothing and accessories 
  • Grab up to 40% off men’s top brand sneakers, clothing, and lots more
  • 40% off Kid’s shoes 
  • Get up to 40 % off on hats from iconic brands like Nike, Adidas, and lots more
  • 40% Sweatshirts and hoodies
  • Buy 2 Men’s t-shirts for $40
  • 60% off Women’s shoes and sportswear
  • 60% Slippers and slides
  • Get 40% off Boy’s shoes, activewear, and accessories
  • 50% off Sales on accessories under $20
  • More than 10%off Nike shoes and clothing
  • 40 % off Boys basketball shoes 
  • Free shipping for a year when you become a status member
  • Free mobile app download
  • Gift cards starting at %25
  • Pay for 3 items and receive the 4th for free on orders above $150

Click here to head to an online portal to access Finish Line coupons and promo codes.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Finish Line Student Discount

Below are the frequently asked questions about Finish Line student discounts.

Does Finish Line offer a student discount?

Absolutely yes, Finish Line has an ongoing student discount special offer of $10 off on orders of $100 and $15 off orders above $150.

To get the discount offer, students are required to provide an official university email address and sign up with a third-party website such as Student Beans or UNiDAYS to verify their status.

Does Finish Line have free returns?

You can return any item you dislike within 60 days of purchasing them. The item can be returned by mail, all you have to do is print a return shipping label and send the items back to Finish Line. After that, you will get a full refund when the items are received.

Does Finish Line have free shipping?

Finish Line offers tee shipping on fill-priced items the order is above $30. If you spend less than $30, there is a $7 flat rate shipping fee. Although you can locate coupons codes for a free shipping fee through any reliable online portal.

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To appear on the latest or trending outfits is mostly dependent on the brand providing these elegant apparel, footwear, and accessories. Whatever your preference chooses to be or what you desire to be recognized with, Finish Line has it all covered.

Nevertheless, your budget for clothing especially for the students, should not hinder your eagerness on looking good with classy attire.

Special deals at Finish Line are offered to ease your budget on clothing. The student discount at Finish Line offers college and university students $10 off on any $100 order.

Get verified by signing up with Student Beans or UNiDAYS and enjoy items from top classic brands such as Jordans, Nike, Champion, Reebok, and Adidas.



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