DairyNZ Undergraduate Scholarships in New Zealand 2020

The DairyNZ Undergraduate Scholarships in New Zealand is one of the scholarships offered based on academic excellence. Therefore, if you are students from New Zealand and you have a record of academic prowess then you can apply for the DairyNZ Undergraduate Scholarships, and stand a chance of studying your undergraduate degree with less academic burden.The Dairy NZ undergraduate scholarship come with other benefits like professional guidelines to help you achieve your academic dreams. Do well to read to the end.

Core content focus includes:

  • About the Sponsor of Dairy NZ Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Brief DairyNZ Undergraduate Scholarships Description
  • General DairyNZ Undergraduate Scholarships Eligibility Requirements
  • DairyNZ Undergraduate Scholarships Benefits
  • Dairy NZ Undergraduate Scholarships Application Guidelines
  • Scholarship Link


About the Sponsor of Dairy NZ Undergraduate Scholarship

DairyNZ Undergraduate Scholarships

DairyNZ is the company organisation that is representing all dairy farmers in New Zealand. They invest in on-farm tools base on practical research, support, resources and advocacy.

The dairy sector has taken important steps to become more sustainable over the past 15 years and there is still a lot to do in the face of rapid change.

Farmers, industry leaders and stakeholders have worked together to update the dairy sector strategy, their framework to make the New Zealand dairy industry sustainable and responsible. It started operating in November 2017 and great progress is being made.

The next era of dairy strategy recognizes the importance of being transparent and open and continuing to provide the high quality natural products for which we are known and famous worldwide.

There are six commitments that drive the strategy forward, and DairyNZ is leading several that work closely with farmers and the sector in general to bring about change at this rate.

  • We will protect and nurture the environment for future generations
  • We will build the world’s most competitive and resilient dairy farming businesses
  • We will produce the highest quality and most valued dairy nutrition
  • We will be world leading in on-farm animal care
  • We will build great workplaces for NZ’s most talented workforce
  • We will help grow vibrant and prosperous communities


Brief DairyNZ Undergraduate Scholarships Description

DairyNZ Undergraduate Scholarships in New Zealand is awarded for Bachelors degree in the field of Food science, Agriculture, Dairy.

You can apply to this scholarship with the application links at the scholarship link section of this content.

The official deadline for the submission of  your application is set be 1 September and close 7 December on a yearly basis.

 Dairy NZ Scholarships
Dairy NZ Scholarships

This scholarship is sponsored by DairyNZ and the value of the scholarship is subjected to taking care of only tuition fees and up to NZ$6,325 is offered.

This scholarship is open to students of New Zealand.



Host Platform

The DairyNZ Undergraduate Scholarships is offered by DairyNZ in New Zealand

Eligible Study Level/Field

DairyNZ Scholarships for New Zealand Students was founded in bid to support outstanding Bachelor’s Degree New Zealand students who has interest in dairying.

The Dairy NZ undergraduate scholarships assist students to meet the costs of study at Lincoln University, Waikato and Massey Universities. All have a elastic range of undergraduate degrees programs in dairy-related areas, including:

Lincoln University

  • Bachelor of Agriculture
  • Bachelor of Agricultural Science
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Agriculture)
  • Bachelor of Science (Major Environmental Science)

Massey University

  • Bachelor of Agricultural Science
  • Bachelor of AgriCommerce
  • Bachelor of Science – Agricultural Science or Animal Science or Environmental Science
  • Bachelor of Applied Economics in Agricultural Economics
  • Bachelor of Animal Science (ruminant)

The University of Waikato

  • Bachelor of Science – Biological, Environmental
  • Bachelor of Business Analysis (Agribusiness)
  • Bachelor of Management Studies (Agribusiness)

Please note:

  • Veterinary Science
  • Veterinary Technology
  • Food Science and
  • Food Technology degree programmes are ineligible for Dairy NZ Undergraduate Scholarships.

Eligible Group

DairyNZ Undergraduate Scholarships is not an international student. It is open to only Newzealand Students

General DairyNZ Undergraduate Scholarships Eligibility Requirements

  • Candidates of DairyNZ Scholarships For New Zealand Students must be a citizen or a permanent resident of New Zealand.
  • Applicants who are applying should posses an NCEA Level 3 or higher.
  • Candidate should be studying in a full-time course at the Massey University or Lincoln University or The University of Waikato as the case maybe.
  • For students who are reapplying for the scholarship, the applicant must have had a satisfactory completion of the previous year course work.

DairyNZ Undergraduate Scholarships Benefits

The successful candidate of DairyNZ Undergraduate Scholarships in New Zealand will be awarded full, annual tuition fees – up to a $6,325 each year.

A Dairy NZ Undergraduate scholarship is more than just a course fee. The winners receive advice and support from professionals and can hopefully be employed in various positions, on the farm or in support areas of the dairy industry.

Dairy NZ Undergraduate Scholarships Application Guidelines

As an important part of the application process, you must upload the listed scanned original documents:

  • A letter that explains your reasons for applying for DairyNZ Undergraduate Scholarships in New Zealand
  • One reference or testimonial from your school or university to back your application
  • All university results to present date (applies to all applicants who are attending university or an NCEA summary – if you are a school leaver
  • Evidence that you’re a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.
  • Do well to consider the topics below before completing the application process, as you will be expected to write a short essay:
  • Outlining your expected future, and any present involvement with the New Zealand dairy sector showing your skills in leadership and/or your sole involvement with the community, sports or extra activities.
  • When applying, make sure you submit the most recent version of all your NCEA results and email address through Level 3 results when obtained in January.
  • Applicants who are applying for DairyNZ Scholarships for New Zealand Students are chosen based on excellent academic record.
  • Planned actions to bring support for the New Zealand dairy industry is considered.
  • For existing beneficiaries, the academic record of the previous year is closely monitored.
  • Potential skills in leadership and service to the community is considered, including extracurricular activities that are also taken into consideration.
  • Acceptance to contribute to the constant development and the promotion of the New Zealand dairy industry must be done.

DairyNZ Undergraduate Scholarships Application Closing Date

All the applications for the DairyNZ Undergraduate Scholarships in New Zealand are accepted only between 1 September and close 7 December.

Scholarship Link

For more information, contact

Susan Stokes, DairyNZ Education Facilitator

0800 4 DairyNZ (0800 4 324 7969), or 027 702 1263, [email protected]

Application Link 

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